High Tech Travel via ET3

This morning I happened across an article on Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3).  According to the article, which I will link below, ET3 is one of the newest entries into the realm of high tech travel.  If you are having trouble visualizing this, think about those ‘vacuum like’ canisters and tubes that you use at a bank drive through.  With ET3, riders can travel in a similar manner through tubes at a rate of more than 350 miles per hour.  The article goes on to say that travel speeds can run exponentially higher with intercontinental travel.  Side note:  You had better believe that I am simplifying the details because I simply cannot begin to study, comprehend and lecture on how it really works.  Nevertheless, China is currently working to bring this technology into our everyday reality.

Frankly speaking, traveling in such a manner both intrigues and nauseates me.  I just cannot see myself being launched through a tube for any amount of time without an IV sedative. My issues aside, if China is right, ET3 is going to be the next big thing in travel.  Are you ready?

Article link:  http://www.et3.com/



9 thoughts on “High Tech Travel via ET3

  1. I think it depends on the grandma. One of my grannies would have probably loved it, but the one who boldly flew into the unknown those many years ago would probably say, “Lord no! That thing will chunk the ‘bacco (tobacco) spit outta ya mouth!” LOL!


  2. I agree with SC, it’s relative. I flew in an airplane, for the first time, in 1979. However, my grandmother, who saw me off that day, was the true pioneer, for she’d been the first in my family to fly (on a plane, that is); ever. Previous to my grand adventure, she’d flown to “Philly” for her brothers funeral. Orville and Wilbur, watch out! 🙂


    1. Don’t you just love Grandmamas? My Grandmama nearly had a heart attack when she learned that she would have to fly to Ohio for a wedding. What’s funny is that throughout the whole process the airline treated her like royalty. They escorted her by wheelchair to the concourses/ gates. When she returned from her first flight, she said: “The only way to go is to fly!”
      Granny was sold! I wonder what she’d think about being shot through a tube? What would your grandmother think?


  3. Joseph

    This sounds like a great idea. I am ready. like the idea and it should make travel less costly. It may be the answer to our current highway system. I could be possibly go from Byron to Atlanta in maybe 5 minutes. Sounds intriguing. bring it on.


    1. Thanks for reading and responding to my post Joseph! It sounds like you are eager to take on this new form of transportation! I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Feel free to return to my blog at any time.


  4. SC

    I am not ready and preferred the traditional mode of travel. I am sure that when horse and buggy was a normal transport mode people had the same response about motor vehicles .


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