Foodie or Downright Greedy?

Linguine for 1-15-2016 post
Pasta and Clams  from Carrabba’s

I am obsessed with eating good food!  This is not news to anyone who knows me personally.  In essence, one might say that I possess a significant gastronomic appreciation for every morsel of food that I gulp down.  Some folks might take offense at the thought of watching me gulp down a plate of food.  If you fall into that category, you probably should avoid inviting me to breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Now, if you do choose to invite me for a meal please know that I am just as comfortable at a roadside rib shack, a working class diner (I see you Waffle House!), casual restaurant (I see you too Carrabbas!) or a fine dining establishment that specializes in haute cuisine.  You should also know that I take the multicultural approach when it comes to my eating proclivities.  In other words, I am equally happy eating good ole Southern cooking or Italian cooking or Asian cooking or French cooking and so on and so forth.  In short, I can find something to enjoy on just about any menu.

Bearing this in mind, I must ask you:  Am I a foodie or just downright greedy?  Please note that the word ‘greedy,’ for the purposes of this post, is exclusively applicable to a person’s behaviors relative to food.  Black families often refer to anyone who is overly interested in eating as ‘greedy’.  For example, you might hear us say something like: “Don’t forget to buy extra chickens because Gwin is coming… with her greedy self.” If this example doesn’t make grammatical sense to you, please grab a couple of Black folks and listen to them talk for a while; trust me, you’ll soon grow accustomed to the particulars of our vernacular.  I apologize for the digression!  Let’s get back to the story!  I would submit that our dearest Gwin might not describe herself as being greedy.  In fact, she might refer to herself as a foodie simply because she revels at the idea of savoring good food in a visually appealing environment.

Secretly, I can’t help wondering if both of these descriptions are possibly opposite sides of the same gluttonous coin. By the way, in case you haven’t read the ‘about’ page of this blog, Gwin and I are one and the same!

Okay, by now it should be abundantly clear that I have a great affection for good food.  So if I were to ask you something like “Whatcha got good to eat?” Please believe that this is NOT a rhetorical question!  I really expect you to answer me by following up with something good to eat!  In fact, if anyone from my family asks you this question, he or she is looking for a similar response.

All jokes aside, the question of foodie or greedy remains unanswered.  No worries, I’ll just sit back and let you answer the question.  Am I a foodie or just downright greedy?

Hell for that matter, are you a foodie or just downright greedy? Do tell.



21 thoughts on “Foodie or Downright Greedy?

  1. DJ KennyMan

    You are definitely a foodie. Me, myself, I am greedy. I eat until I am stuffed, but that is only with food that I really enjoy. Hmmmm, maybe I am a foodie instead. All I know, if the food is good, I will surely let you know by how much I consume. Thanks for the discussion.

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    1. DJ KennyMan I totally get what you’re saying 🙂
      If the food is good I can eat it all day.
      Someone said that makes me a greedy foodie! LOL!
      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back 🙂


  2. Okay. It’s solidified. You and I are definitely hanging out at some point. From one “greedy” chick to another, I choose to use #foodie when I post all of my magnificent meals (home cooked or restaurant enjoyed) and reserve “greedy” for my grandmomma and them. Just like you, I do not discriminate. I can be found at Church’s chicken for lunch and Capital Grille for dinner lol One time for us greedy foodies lol

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      I knew you wuz my girl!!!!
      I’ll eat a piece of Church’s chicken in a minute–pass me them jalepeno peppers!!!!
      But did you have to throw Grandma’nem under the bus like that? LOL!!!!

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  3. It can be a nutritional problem. In a movie, Will Smith asks women out by saying “I want to feed you”.

    It can be a germ but it doesn’t seem contagious.

    Maybe Gwin got an alien creature in her so keep a watch on her!

    I have this problem and can’t watch cooking shows because they make me feel die of hunger.

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  4. Well.I’ve finally made it here, it’s been a busy day. Let me start by wishing you and Ron -“Happy Memorial Day” So you have a holiday today – hope you’ve had a good day. I assume that there would be lots of food being passed around on this special day. I’m inclined to think you are a “Foodie” from your description of your relationship with food. I think good food is one of the essential pleasures of life and it’s a necessary part of having a good time. I like food – not so sure I like cooking that much but if liking good food and having a good time with friends and family qualifies – then I’m a foodie 🙂

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  5. Ricky Sto

    I just have one question for you, Gwin: Must they be mutually exclusive? Lol

    I’d say that I’m both a foodie and a greedy person. I LOVE to cook but I also love to eat. My mom always complains about how much I eat, and how I leave the kitchen in shambles trying to replicate one of those fancy-shmancy Alton Brown recipes…

    Anyways, another great article! Keep it up! 😀


    1. Hello again Ricky! You appear to be my first fan! Your question is valid. I’m just not sure that I have a good answer. However, I am sure that I can relate to your mom! My son does the exact same thing to me. I really can’t blame him though. You see, he wears glasses and if he cooks without them, he doesn’t see every tiny thing that he messes up in the kitchen. You should see us go back and forth about it. It’s hilarious! Thanks again for reading my stuff Ricky. Please come back soon.


  6. Joseph

    Hello Gwin,

    The article was great. I really liked it. I have no intention of offending you but I think that you may be a foodie and a little greedy. I think that a typical foodie may try different cultural cuisines without over consumption. If you live to eat then you might be considered greedy. If you are full and continue to eat then you are definitely greedy. Only you can answer that question.

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