The Magic of Music

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I have always believed that music is magical!  Seriously, take a moment to think about how it can overtake your body and immediately transform your thoughts and mood.  According to Merriam-Webster, magic is “an extraordinary power of influence seemingly from a supernatural source.”  To me, this same definition could, just as easily, describe music.

In any case, I learned about the magical influence of music at a very early age.  Actually, my mother said that I used to sit in my crib and rock back and forth– keeping perfect time with all of the songs that were played on the radio.  She used to say that I really started rocking when the disc jockey played Marvin Gaye’s “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” Now, let’s take a second to pause right here!  I realize that I am dating myself by using words like “radio” and “disc jockey” –I can’t help the fact that I am in the midst of my fourth set of teens.  You should be so lucky!  Back to the story! I can assure you that the baby me had not studied dance prior to rocking out in my crib.  So where did I learn this?  Hmm… You might say that I learned it by watching my mother.  My response to that notion — RUBBISH! I learned it from the music fairies that lived in a nearby forest.  No seriously, the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.  No laughing-you can’t prove me wrong 🙂

Anyway, as I grew older, I learned that I could use the magic of music to process my feelings. To do this, I would ramble through my mother’s record collection (there we go again with those ancient references) to find the perfect song to match or change my mood.  Whenever I felt sad I would play “I Love Music” by the O’Jays.  Boy when those bongos started playing at the beginning of that song it was ON!!!  And when the O’Jays began harmonizing “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh …Oh Oh…I love music” it was OVER!  I was flying! Depression GONE!  Don’t get me wrong, music didn’t solve all of my ills, but it did assist me with creating a more positive mindset for managing difficult situations.  With that said, music and I were now lifelong partners; traveling through space and time.   Together, we dealt with relationship issues, friendship issues, money issues, spiritual issues, issues of loss and anything else you might imagine.  In each case, I simply let music work its magic and all was well.

At any rate, when my children were born, I taught them to enjoy and appreciate all kinds of music.  I hoped that they would learn for themselves how it could magically dissipate or transmute negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  I secretly wished that they might also develop a lifelong partnership with music.

As for me, music and I are still together!  Rest assured, I will continue to take it with me everywhere I go.  So, if you see a forty-something year old lady dancing and singing The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” in the frozen aisle at Publix, smile and join me her; she just might be casting a magical spell!




11 thoughts on “The Magic of Music

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  2. Well, I can totally relate to your description of what music means and does for you. I can’t recall when I developed my passion for music – it seems it was always just there. In my home, it was my father that collected “records” and in my earlier years I grew up on pop music. So I’m familiar with lots of the golden oldies of the Eagles, Bread, Simon and Garfunkel and many more. It was only when I was at university that I started finding my own identity with music – my first purchase being Randy Crawford’s Wind Song album with its Rainy nights in Georgia. After that there was no stopping me in searching all archives of music I had missed. I’ve been a firm believer that music presents soundtracks to your life. Often when I hear an old song, I can tell you where I was and what I was doing when that song was playing.

    But hey – it’s been great to meet a crowd where we can talk about the good old days 😀

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    1. Absolutely! BTW, in one of my posts I explain that I have just as many pop/rock favorites but My Jams focuses only on soul/R&B. I do see myself doing some kinda post to acknowledge other genres though.


  3. LOL! Okay… got me!

    The writing here is wonderful. I’m following and will be a regular visitor and commenter (is that even a word? Well, it is now! Lol!). I shared this one on my FB page. I have quite a few music loving friends there. You quickly and elegantly got to the heart of what music is all about and how it lives outside of the framework of “bars”, cleft, whole notes, and half notes and becomes a part of our lives and memories!

    I’d be honored to “guest” on your blog if ever the opportunity presents. I created a WordPress site for one of my college classes last spring, but I haven’t developed it any farther, as of yet, but you inspire me!!!!

    I totally get where you’re going with your blog and I, for one, am along for the ride!😀


    1. Wow! This is the highest compliment that I have received so far. I am so happy to know that you shared my music post with friends. I really am beaming! By the way, the offer stands for you to guest blog here. I would also encourage you to more fully develop your WordPress blog. You really are an excellent writer. Can’t wait to read more of your work. I sent an e- mail to you in hopes that we can connect and hash out the logistics.

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      1. Okay, great! One of my cousins commented. “I lived it! “In the midst of my fourth set of teens…” Lol! I suppose that describes me too. I cut my teeth, literally, on records! The Manhattan’s speak to me.”

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        1. I know exactly who you are my dear heart. Isley Brother fans always recognize one another. Maybe you could do a guest post on my blog. By the way did you read the “About”page? It gives some background on what I trying to do with the blog.

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