New Orleans: My Home Away From Home



Tennessee Williams said it, I didn’t!  However, I will say, after having been to New Orleans several times, Mr. Williams was definitely on to something!  No shade to Cleveland.  Really, I have family there. Hell, I’ve even partied there; the Flats were swinging!  But with that said, New Orleans has a special quality that is very hard to express in words.  To me, it is a place that you just have to experience.  Once you do, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

As I’ve said, I have been to New Orleans multiple times.  My most recent trip was in 2013.  As soon as I arrived, I remember experiencing a distinct feeling of contented familiarity that had nothing to do with the fact that I had been there before.  I mean, it wasn’t because the food was so freaking good or because the people were so friendly; although both of those things were true.  It was something altogether different. I just couldn’t call it.

One night while I was attending, of all things, a haunted tour of the French Quarter, I got the solution!  It literally walked right up to me in the form of a guide who asked the group to raise their hand if this was their first visit to New Orleans.  Everybody raised his hand -except for me.  In response to the raised hands, the guide said, “Welcome to New Orleans!”  He then looked squarely at me, knowing that I was the only person who had not already raised his hand, and said, “Is there anybody here who has been to New Orleans before?”  Of course, I raised my hand high!  He then said, “Welcome home!”  Boom! That was it!  The feeling that I couldn’t identify was the feeling of being at home!

So, today’s post is a pictorial of some of my favorite places in New Orleans!  But, before we start, I must offer a caveat:  Some of the restaurants that I am going to highlight will likely be considered pedestrian to the average native New Orleanian.   However, let me assure you that even the most pedestrian restaurant in New Orleans is light years better than many dining establishments! Yeah, I said it! Also, I didn’t include many pictures of the French Quarter  because it’s a given.

Now, Enjoy:

Muriel’s Jackson Square

Muriel’s is in Jackson Square.  If you like creole cooking, you’ll love this place.  By the way, Muriel’s has a resident ghost! That fact alone tickles the shit out of me!  Anyway, the food there, like the ghost, is out of this world! Damned Cliches! PS:  Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure you got yourself some money before you go!

The Coffee Pot

This is another jewel!  There is an older lady there that is world renowned for her bread pudding.  I got a picture of her but I can’t locate it.

The Gumbo Shop

If you ever get a chance to eat Shrimp Etouffee here… Do it!!!

Cafe Du Monde

A must for beignets and coffee!  However, Cafe Beignet, which is within the French Quarter, is also an excellent choice, and it’s not quite as busy as Cafe Du Monde.


What the hell else can I say about Brennan’s!  It gets no better!


*Warning:  Finger alert!  Anyway, when we ate crawfish at Deanies my NOLA friends told me not to forget to suck the head!  Sorry kids!

OK…Let’s talk about places!

Audubon Park

You gotta go to Audubon Park!  The trees, the duck pond, the surrounding homes and the zoo are breathtaking! Hell, you can get a cheap tour of beautiful homes simply by taking the trolley car up there!

Golfers at Audubon Park

My Dad and Brother would love golfing there!

Jackson Square

I don’t know what I did with my shot of Andrew Jackson reared back on his horse!  He’s something to see if you are fan. Me, not so much!


Beautiful Antebellum Home

Can’t remember where I took this shot! Maybe because I was probably on cocktail #2 Maybe it was also at Audubon Park.

The Mighty Mississippi!

Another must see!  Why? Because at this point, ‘Old Man River’ is getting ready to disappear into the Gulf of Mexico!



Lake Pontchartrain


Effects from Hurricane Katrina

Sadly, Katrina was still very ‘present’ in NOLA, even in 2013.  I just can’t help wondering what happened to all of those people who survived but were displaced from their lifelong homes.

Not sure

Since I am not a New Orleans native, I can’t accurately identify this site but I can tell you that it was either near or in the lower ninth ward.  NOLA fans help me out!

Much respect to those who lost their lives, family and homes during Katrina.

With that said, I’d like to pay homage to them with this final shot:













40 thoughts on “New Orleans: My Home Away From Home

  1. Oh my kindred spirit…I have missed you! It will take me forever to get caught up on all the fabulous things you’ve written! But NOLA…what can I say? I am right there with you! I love spiritual feel of the city…the food and the history. The first time i visited, I went for a conference (it was a small class with the man who created the “Love-Subaru” commercials) and I arrived on ASH WEDNESDAY! The place was a mess, but you know what, Lady G? It was all good…it was like visiting that close friend who doesn’t have to clean her house before your come over, because y’all are just that close.
    Great post…good times!

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    1. TESSA! GIRL!
      That’s it! There is a spiritual vibe there that I cannot explain. It is something you either get or you don’t.

      Yep, you were probably at Morial Convention Center–I’ve been to conferences there 3 times!
      The last time, I ditched the entire first day to hang out in Audubon Park! LOL!!!
      BTW, I love the analogy you used about the the old friend and the clean house! That’s exactly it!
      No pretension, just good times!
      Lassez les bon temps roulez chère!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Toi aussi, chère!
        I really wanted to venture over to Myrtle’s Plantation for a ghost tour, but none of my conference-mates were game…and I didn’t want to drive the rental solo through the bayou at night…since it was about 2 hours away. But I still want to go there! You game, mon amie?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. OUUUUUUUUIIIII!!!
          (That’s my best french equivalent for YAAASSSS!) LOL!!!!
          Moi aussi!
          TESSA! GIRL! we would have so much fun! Them folks would run us smooth the hell out of Louisiana!
          But, don’t worry, my folks in ‘Bama got our backs!


  2. Lol, let’s take a step back Lady G!!! How do we figure San Francisco is a main city?! 😂 San Fran ain’t been cool since the late 80s when they filmed Full House there lol. San Fran is a lame city with only ONE bridge 😂😂 San Fran can talk to me when they get another bridge lol.

    And New Orleans?!?! When was the last time New Orleans did anything respectable!? The acronym for the city is “NO”! Lol. And their sports teams are garbage Lady G! They got a team called the New Orleans Pelicans! Wtf is a pelican 😂😂😂😂😂

    You better recognize and start showing Boston the respect it deserves! Nahmsaying.. lol.

    I’m kidding lol. Great pictures! I would love to go to New Orleans, as it is the birth place of jazz and there is a rich history there. Great piece 😀

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    1. As we say in the South: I ain’t studin’ (studying) you! ROTFLMBAO!!!
      Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Boston before but I’m told that I would love it!
      What do you think? Would I love it?
      You had me rolling with this one! Especially the “NO.”
      Seriously, outside of all of dat!
      N’awlins is a beautiful place and, as you said, it has a lot of rich history 🙂

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      1. Lmaooo – you’re cool peoples Lady G. Good sense of humor!

        Would you like Boston? To be honest, I don’t even like the city. It is gentrifying, impersonal, and it is too fast paced for my liking. Its only claim to fame is the freedom trail – a bunch of historical places and their raggedy gift shops. Other than that, my favorite place in Boston is the airport: because that is where you board a plane and fly to a much better city! lol.

        Speaking of cryptic memories: I literally just remembered something. I went to a psychic a few years ago, and she told me that I would take a trip to New Orleans in the near future. For real. It was so weird to me, and it still is, because I cannot think of a solid reason to go down there. Maybe I don’t need one and I can just go?

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        1. Darryl, you are something else ! LOL!!! I rolled off the bed when you said the best thing about Boston was the airport so you can fly the hell out! LOL!!!
          Anyway, young lion, sometimes you don’t need a solid reason to visit a place…just go! Let magic happen!
          Real talk from Lady G!

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  3. Tareau Barron

    Man I wanna go. New Orleans does have a great familiarity with roots, don’t it? Now I’ve never been but everyone says that.
    Lmfao at San Francisco. It used to be a cracking city before the color got washed out.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. A cousin of mine has been but she doesn’t share all the gossip or maybe she’s not as adventurous as me. Yesterday, I told you that I don’t walk around at night, but interestingly I did walk around by my self and get lost in the dark in Germany and other such adventures. So yes – if ever, I’d want to explore New Orlean’s finest. A good friend of mine once told me about his trip to New Orleans and he told me about this band playing in the middle of the street as if just for him – and what were they playing?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Not at all surprised about what your friend said. It’s not unusual to see a mini jazz band just break out in song. It’s really cool like that.
          But one thing is for sure NOLA ain’t the place to go wandering in the dark. They have a huge crime rate there. You just gotta know where to go and when. Oh, and If you are sensitive to the spirit world, which I can be, you’ll pick up on some of that too.
          BTW, as I get to ‘know’ you I feel like you getting lost at night in Germany is such a Chevvy thing to do. LOL!! And you know I love all things Chevvy !!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Oh the spirit moves me for sure, don’t know much about what happens in New Orleans but I would certainly go looking. So a few things about me – I can be very impulsive, maybe somewhat reckless and… in fact I’ll send you a link to a poem I wrote that I think says a lot about the paradox I am just like my star sign. Maybe my angels are just looking out for me:-)

          Liked by 1 person

        3. You sound like me in so many ways. I have done some very unexpected things that other people would be like WTF? When I engage in those impulses, I just say to myself, “Hey, you only go ’round once.”

          As for NOLA, if you like history, that place has a very interesting story. Especially the whole creole (African, French, some Native American and some Spanish) culture. Physically speaking, I think that they look similar to what you guys refer to as coloured. I apologize, in advance, if you all don’t use that term anymore.

          Creoles in NOLA had a whole society and it was steeped in Catholicism and mysticism (voodoo or voudon). Very interesting!

          What’s funny is after I left NOLA, I learned through DNA ancestry, that I have a whole lot of family connections to several areas of Southern Louisiana/NOLA area–including Cajuns (Say what?).

          Anyway, no wonder it felt like home.

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        4. It sounds like a really interesting place and if I look like them, I’ll fit right in. I don’t think we’ve all quite figured out what to call ourselves. I see myself as Black but when you are of mixed background the forms we fill in still require me to say that I am Coloured – I’m not so worried about the word as when it is used to discriminate against me in our current world.

          Liked by 1 person

        5. Gotcha! That’s very enlightening! I wonder how they determine if you have a mixed background? Some people clearly do but there is no designated person in the family of another race.
          In the US there are families that are all very fair with fine hair but they don’t have any one person who was white. I wonder how they would be counted in SA?
          By the way, it may be controversial but I too prefer the term Black because when we say African American it tends to split us apart from other descendants of the diaspora all over the world.

          Liked by 1 person

        6. I read your post the other day about tracing your ancestry. I think for us it’s not been that difficult because we were classified according to race until recently – relatively speaking. If they weren’t sure during those dark days, they did the pencil test with your hair, if it got stuck, you had to move over to the other side (isn’t that the funniest thing) Many of us are third generation so I know that three generations back I am of English and Zulu stock. Interesting thing is that even with democracy, people haven’t all rushed to marry outside of their racial groups. I’m of the view though that if EVERYBODY went for those DNA tests they would find traces of other groups. I’m not sure we will ever rid ourselves completely of racial prejudice and bias or any other ism for that matter.

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        7. Now that’s interesting! That said, I would have been in a separate group from my own dad if we lived in SA. Ron would have been in a group different from his mom (my aunt) as well.

          Chile, I had the biggest thickest hair of all time growing up! It was long and I looked like Chaka Khan when I wore it loose! LOL!!!
          No way a pencil was going through all that madness!

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  5. Jet

    Awrite, Dawlin, I see ya ben havin fun up and down da roads in da Orleans Parish. Maybe I can pass by dere one day and buy me a Muffullettas with mynez. On the other hand, maybe I’d just skip dem muffulettas and just roday around, taking in da sites!! Judging from your pictures, they are something to behold!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What choo say Cher! 🙂
      I am loving that drawl! Thanks for the compliment about the pictures. Let me share another story, one time my friend and I were walking the trail at Audubon Park. Before long, we noticed a little boy walking a puppy with his parents. After some time passed, the puppy stopped walking so the little boy, who was about 3 years old, started pulling the puppy along. As soon as we saw this, my friend and I yelled to the family that the dog had stopped walking. In response, the father turned around and said: “Thank yawl for telling us….I reckon the dog say: “Hell you say!” My friend and I fell out laughing! That was almost 15 years ago and we still joke about it.

      But seriously, that’s the kind of thing that I love so much about New Orleanians! They don’t take themselves too seriously and they love a good time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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