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Charlie Brown for post on 2-23-2016
My Friend Charlie

I hate to admit it, but I love poking around on the internet. I usually like searching for ‘how to’ articles; best believe you can learn how to clone a wombat if you troll the interwebs long enough.

At any rate, every so often, while surfing the net, I’ll find myself landing on one of those ‘five facts’ articles.  You know the ones where the writer reveals new and intriguing tidbits about someone famous. Well I don’t know about you, but whenever I read one of those things, I have to catch myself before I start following the article’s hyperlinks to virtual web hell.

Either way, ‘five facts’ articles are usually quite interesting; therefore, I have decided to post my own version here.  As a bonus, I have also included a few applicable lessons with each fact.  Rest assured my loves, you don’t need to worry about getting lost as there are no hyperlinks to maneuver–embedded or otherwise. I simply refuse to connect you to the history of all of my years, my tears and my fears (Nod to Jerome from Martin Lawrence). Trust me; you don’t want to go there! So, without further delay, I present:

Five Facts about Me

I used to date Ernie from Sesame Street

Okay, let me explain! When I was in second grade, Ernie and his friend Bert came to our school to perform.  During the performance, Ernie revealed that his girlfriend, Gwin, was in the audience and he asked that I  stand up.  When I stood up you could hear all of the kids yell “Ooh-wee, Gwin goes with Ernie!” Yeah I was completely surprised myself.  Suffice it to say I was the envy of the playground set! Sorry, but out of respect for Ernie I cannot comment any further on our relationship.

 Lesson:  Expect good things to catch you by surprise!

I once was a budding violinist

As a youngster, I took violin lessons for about two years and I briefly played in the All County Orchestra.  However, being the wise young lady that I was, I quit playing violin so that I could be a majorette in the marching band. Who says that I didn’t have my priorities straight?

Friends, I know that there are thousands of professional violinists in this world but I got no idea how many professional majorettes there are. Imagine the doors that might have opened for me had I continued playing violin?

 Lesson: Don’t quit shit so fast; you never know where it could lead. Other lesson, there are no mistakes- so let it go Gwin!

 I am a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo

When I was in my early 30’s, my son and I became 1st Degree Black Belts in Taekwondo. Friends, from the moment that I put on the White Belt, I knew that I would become a Black Belt. You see, by now, I had learned my lesson on quitting and I was hell-bent on sticking with it!  By the way, the 1st Degree Black Belt is really just the beginning of another longer journey.  I didn’t quit, I simply opted not to continue 🙂

Lesson:  Even you can break a board if you practice and do not QUIT!

I am addicted to 1960’s and 1970’s Sitcoms and Cartoons

I can spend hours on end watching “Bewitched,” “Twilight Zone,” “The Peanuts,” and “Sanford and Son.”  Please don’t challenge my knowledge on any of these because it could get ugly!  By the way, as a die-hard Bewitched fan, I must affirm my devotion to the original Darrin, Dick York!

In addition, please note that if it is Halloween, I AM watching Linus as he waits in vain for that damn Great Pumpkin! Like Sally, I plan to wait with him until one of us dies!

As for the Twilight Zone, Mr. Garrity and the Graves is a MUST!

Lesson:  Fred G. Sanford is a freaking genius!  Listen to him carefully and learn!

I make a mean chili!

There’s no way that I can convince you that this is true so you’ll just have to come to dinner and see for yourself.  By the way, if you do come over, BRING COCKTAILS!

Lesson:  Always bring something good to the table!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading five facts about me.  Why don’t you tell me something interesting about you?








6 thoughts on “Five Facts

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  2. Jet

    “Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains” Although I was not really asleep and I did not actually move mountains, I did something that I think was quite phenomenal. I was what some would call ” a late bloomer.” When I graduated from high school I wanted to attend college. For some reason, that did not materialize. More than likely because of finance. Pell Grants and other forms of financial assistance were not as popular back then. So, I went on a live-in job as a maid. I was told by the “madam” that I was not what she was looking for in a maid. In her words, “I am looking for the Aunt Jemima type.” Well, I suppose you know that was the end of that career. Lol. I decided to get married and start a family. That decision was one of which I have no regrets. The next 25-30 years alternated between the birth of 5 children, many college courses and different cities. Eventually, I received a BS in resource management, two years later, a M.A.Ed in education and ALL at the ripe young age of fifty years old. Phenomenal Woman or nah?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually, you are not only phenomenal, you are straight BADASS! By the way, Grandma told me that story about your failed attempt to become a maid. In fact, she said, “I reckon that lady didn’t want anybody as pretty as Jet in her house!” I’ve told my friends that story many times before. I also tell them about your determination to further your educational pursuits in your middle years.
      You are an inspiration to women everywhere!


  3. Anonymous

    The memory of my “interesting” thing was sparked by one of yours. I am a frustrated musician. I have innate “ear” for music. I can sit down at a piano or keyboard and “play” anything (no chords just the melody). My sister got an “organ” one Christmas but I spent more time on it than she did. Eventually I could play “songs” and wrote a couple (Girl, I really love you girl and I hope that you really love me too etc etc etc). But, what I REALLY wanted were lessons, but I guess it wasn’t instilled the family budget.


    1. Thanks for reading my post and commenting. I loved reading your interesting fact. Believe it or not, I can relate because I was only able to take violin lessons because they were free at school. Nowadays, most school districts have cut those kinds of programs but I know a lot of talented musicians just like you who got their start with free lessons at school. By the way, after I quit, my dad couldn’t wait to sell my violin because our family probably needed the money for something more pressing.
      Keep coming back, you are welcome anytime 🙂

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