A Trick for Challenges and Other Things

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Challenges, challenges, challenges!  Expect them! 

My loves, for as long as we continue to ramble around on this big blue beautiful ball, we will have to deal with challenges.  For the most part, we know exactly how to manage our challenges; but then other times we are stumped.  Challenges that we know how to handle are obviously much easier to deal with.  However, challenges that leave us wondering how to proceed are another story.  In cases like these, it is quite tempting to simply sit back and do nothing.   Granted, there are occasions when doing nothing is the appropriate response; at least for a little while anyway.  Then there are times when immediate action is necessary.  So what then?

I learned a trick many years ago that has helped me with my tendency to sit on the fence and analyze the hell out of a challenging situation before taking action. Whew! So what’s the trick?  In a nutshell, I ‘steal’ or ‘channel’ the persona of someone I know or admire and then I do/say whatever I think they would do/say at that time.

Here, you give it a try:

First, imagine a scenario where you must make a quick decision.  Then, take a moment to think of someone you know or know of who is very decisive.  Finally, pretend to be that person then let ‘him’ or ‘her’ make the decision for you. Seriously it works!

Personally, I do this all the time.  For example, whenever I need to make a swift decision, I usually ‘channel’ Tack; he’s my baby brother.  To me, Tack is an excellent choice for this kind of job because he doesn’t suffer fools.  In other words, he maintains a strict ‘no BS’ zone.  Dude cuts right to the chase!  Baby, if you are thin-skinned, he ain’t the one for ya!  Anyway, don’t get me wrong about my brother; he gathers, considers and weighs all of his options carefully.  However, he refuses to spend an eternity to make a decision.  God knows how many times I’ve had to channel my ‘inner Tack.’  No, seriously, your girl can sit on a decision like a hen waiting for an egg to hatch—that’s about 21 days y’all. Fortunately, my son has inherited my brother’s decisiveness. His father ain’t no joke either, but that’s another story for another day 🙂

By the way, as I said earlier, sometimes it makes sense to do nothing–just chill! In cases like these, I like to channel my cousin Ron.  Why?  Because that brother is so cool and composed! Baby, he got a commemorative plaque for being “Most Unflappable” from some Airmen when he was in the U.S. Airforce. I usually laugh my ass off whenever I think about that!  Oops!  Anyway, if you are a regular reader of my blog then you will recognize Ron as the author of the “Ron’s Time Tunnel” series.

Let me get back to the point…

To be clear, you don’t have to use someone you know, you can use someone that you know of and admire; alive or dead.  I sometimes channel ‘Dorothy’ or ‘Sophia’ of “Golden Girls” fame for shock value.  Warning, if you ever decide to use today’s trick, be sure to choose the proper persona for the appropriate situation. Don’t be channeling Martha Stewart if you really need Mike Tyson!

So here’s your assignment for today.  Oh yeah baby, Ms. Gwin gives assignments:

Fill in the Blanks:

I will channel my inner______________________________ in order to ______________________________________________________


Submit your answers via comments!  🙂

**Coming up on Thursday:  My Jams ’68-‘69!





6 thoughts on “A Trick for Challenges and Other Things

  1. Jet

    The person that I would like to channel is my Dad! I often thought of him as I reared my children. He was the most dedicated, family oriented, person I’ve known. He worked so very hard at menial jobs to support his family. He went to those jobs as faithful as if he was the CEO. He was always loving and kind to his children, as well as others. He was always thoughtful and concerned about the feelings of others and he thought cautiously about what would best benefit his family, never exhibiting anger or frustration. I could go on and on but not here at this time. I dedicate this to him on his birthday!! March 1st. RIP Dad!

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  2. The guy that I learned the most from, I met during a tour in Comiso, Sicily, while in the Air Force. A lot of my “style” comes from this man. This man was the coolest that I’d ever met, or have met since. He is the original, “Most Unflappable”. His easy-going style and a knack for being able to charm the socks off of ANYONE, were always points of envy and objects of emulation.

    So, in response to your challenge. I will channel my inner Albert G. Statewright, in order to be able to deal more effectively with people.

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