It’s My Party…



***Today’s entry was inspired by one of my previous posts entitled “High Drama! Yassss!”

Many years ago during a job interview I was asked, “If you could invite anybody over for dinner, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?”  Friends, after hearing this,  I immediately thought to myself, “surely this guy is not asking me that played out question.”  But, because I was fresh out of graduate school and anxious to get a job, I played along.

Here’s how it all went down!  After listening carefully to the question (well– kinda), I offered a dramatic paused- then I quickly blurted out, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Justice Thurgood Marshall, Redd Foxx, my Grandma Mary and Granddaddy!” Boom!  Please know that I stay prepared for this sort of thing.

Now I was pretty sure that this gentleman knew who the first few folks were, but I would have been gob smacked if he had said that he knew my Grandma and Granddaddy 🙂

No matter, it was my party and I could invite whomever I wanted to.

Anyway, after a quick chortle, the interviewer proceeded to ask me about my selections.  Without so much as a stammer, I stated that I chose Dr. Martin Luther King for his bravery, Justice Thurgood Marshall for his sharp legal mind, Redd Foxx for his humor and my Grandma and Granddaddy because they had passed away and I missed them.

No doubt, a good psychiatrist would have had a field day analyzing those choices– hell the fact that I invited mostly men is telling enough.  At any rate, I guess my answers weren’t that bad because I got the job.

Let’s fast forward to 2016!

After reading my “High Drama…” post, one of my friends posed a similar question.  However, her question revolved around dead celebrities and a cocktail party!

Baby you best to believe that this party would need a slightly different list 🙂

And now, I submit for your review, a random sampling of attendees at this imaginary cocktail party:

Redd Foxx:  His off-the-cuff humor is unparalleled.

Vincent Price:  I talked about my love for him in “High Drama…”

Eartha Kitt:  I gotsta have some fabulousness!

Elizabeth Montgomery:  What’s not to like, she’s my imaginary mom.

George Harrison:  I just LOVE the quiet Beatle.

Luther Vandross:  Whoooo hoooo hoooo!  ‘Nuff said!

Gerald Levert:  What? Have you ever heard his G-Spot CD?

Sylvester:  A Queen and a mononym! Yass!

David Bowie:  He stood MTV down for not playing black artists.

Again, I realize and acknowledge that this cocktail party is rather male heavy but, thankfully, most of my favorite female celebrities are still alive.  Note, there are many more attendees at this imaginary party but I can’t include them all here.  Also, I am planning a different type of party for famous academics, scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders- alive or dead on a different post; lest you think I can’t go deep!

Nevertheless, I am sure that you must have pondered this type of question before.  Who, alive or dead, would you invite to dinner or for cocktails?







5 thoughts on “It’s My Party…

  1. I love your list. That’s a party that I’d give my right n….I mean nares to attend. Shoot, the jam session that would be sure to ensue would be awesome enough in itself: Redd Foxx on the washtub; Eartha’s sexy growls in the background; George doing background vocals and strings; Luther and Gerald sharing the lead ala the O’Jays duo; Sylvester singing the top; David on background and lead vocals; Vincent Price on the spooky rap; and Bewitched adding a little magic of her own. That would be killer!

    My group is of a more metaphysical nature:

    Jesus Christ: The greatest teacher of all time. I’ve got a couple of questions though.

    Buddha: Teach me the way to a perfect oneness with the cosmos. Enlightenment

    Confucius: Did you really say all that they say, “Confucius say….”?

    Albert Einstein: Now repeat those theories again! E= what? Quantum what?

    Sir Isaac Newton: Could you repeat that stuff about entropy and gravity? Jesus has some questions and Buddha won’t believe anything I tell him.

    Prince: Music please!

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