‘Real’ Good Food: March 13, 2016

Last Sunday, I started a conversation on the topic of ‘real’ good food. In that post, I issued a ‘real good food’ challenge to encourage readers to join me on my path toward eating mostly whole foods as opposed to processed stuff.  You’ll remember from last week’s post that ‘real,’ in this context, means genuine- not manufactured.

I am happy to report that several readers have decided to accept the challenge.  In addition, they have asked me to share pictures of meals that I have prepared from ‘scratch’ -using whole ingredients.  It is my hope that these pictures will inspire others to get out of the box and start cooking ‘real’ food.

Now, before I proceed, let me offer a quick caveat.  I am not a nutritionist or a chef, so I won’t be including recipes and caloric breakdowns.  However, it’s important to note that I use lean cuts of meat and I tend to keep added fats and sugars to a minimum.

In any case, my goal with this series is to offer a few meal ideas that can be used as a ‘template’ of sorts.  In other words, take the basic idea of my meal and modify it to meet your own personal, social, religious, moral, or ethical preferences.  NOTE:  If you have specific dietary needs due to a medical condition, you should consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet.

And with that…

Today’s ‘real good meal’:

Smothered pork chops served with rice, onion gravy, stewed summer squash, fresh green beans and sliced tomatoes on a paper plate because I simply cannot be bothered to wash dishes after cooking all this….Whew!

pic for post 3-13-2016


Alright, I’ll admit that this meal cannot be nuked in five minutes.  In fact, it takes about an hour to cook if you include the prep time (cutting, washing, etc.).  Now before you dismiss the idea, consider asking family members and/or friends to assist.  As one of my readers commented, some of the best conversations occur over a cutting board.  Of course, if you are preparing a meal for one, as many of us are, use this time to be present and engage in bit of mindful cooking- followed by mindful eating.

Remember, you are not expected to cook meals like this every day, but you can strive to do this whenever possible. Oh, by the way, I will also be showcasing some ‘real good meals’ that can be prepared in thirty minutes or less.

While I am on the subject of food, family, friends and mindfulness, allow me to offer a different kind of nourishment to accompany this meal.

This week, let’s supplement our sustenance by elevating our conversations.  In essence, when engaging others, let’s steer clear of snark and mean spirited jabs.  I think that this is especially important when we consider the current political climate or when we encounter folks with whom we do not agree.  By doing this, we can move towards a state of mutual understanding.  My loves, this is important on both an individual as well as a global level.  No doubt, our existence as a healthy society depends on it.

So, as you begin your effort to elevate, remember these words:

You can have no influence over those for whom you have underlying contempt.

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I think that’s enough on your plate.  Enjoy 🙂











4 thoughts on “‘Real’ Good Food: March 13, 2016

  1. Jet

    Gwin, as you post about “real food”, all you have to do is think of your Mom. She was always a server and preparer of real food! Ha! Her food may not have had the caloric content that is sought by our calorie-conscious society, and as it should be, but I can guarantee you it did not come from a prepared box. Most of all, she was so generous with offerings of a place at her table. At no time have I heard anything but overwhelmingly great compliments about her food. Once tasted, you can believe there was a taste for more!!

    Liked by 1 person

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