Mama and the Balloon Man


***This post is dedicated to parents who are working tirelessly to advocate for their children’s well-being.  God bless you!

When I was a kid, the month of October bore two special gifts.  First, it brought much needed respite from Georgia’s 200° ‘hell hot’ summer days.

And, best of all, it brought the fair!

My friends, I can’t begin to tell you how much my baby brother and I loved going to the fair!  While there, we faced down Ferris wheels, haunted houses, bumper cars, and ‘flying pirate’ ships.  One of our favorite rides was the Himalayas!  Baby, that thing flung us around and around, forwards and backwards!  We lived for the music, flashing lights and the carny/DJ yelling “Do you want to go faster?”

Yes my dear hearts, it was ALL good in October at the fair…until it wasn’t!

You see, one time, while we were at the fair, my brother Tack, a fearless and curious kid, walked over to a balloon stand.  My mother, her friend and I were standing nearby chatting.  All of a sudden, we heard a harsh voice bark: “Get your hands off that!”  Well…it seems that my brother, who was about five years old, had touched one of the balloons- much to the chagrin of the ‘balloon man.’  To top it off, the ‘balloon man’ pushed my brother’s hand back!

Clearly he didn’t know whose child he was messing with!

Before I could fully process what was happening, my mother had jumped -20 feet- right into the ‘balloon’ man’s face and yelled “Who the hell do you think you messin’ with, you don’t put your damn hands on my child!”

Yes, it got UGLY!!

Soon after that, a small crowd began to gather; some of whom had already witnessed the events.  In fact, a lady who had been standing near the balloon stand said, “the child barely touched the balloon and that bastard yelled and hit at him.”  Baby, by now, every mother at the fair was gunning for the ‘balloon man.’  Please believe that this poor guy quickly learned about the superhuman powers of a mother who has gone into protective attack mode for her child.

Anyway, my friends, you’ll be happy to know that in the end, everything worked out fine.  As a matter of fact, my brother ended up getting a bigger and better looking balloon from a different stand.

So, there is a point to this story and it is two-fold:

-We all need to be protective of any and every child.

-If you (man, woman or child) have a dream, you should nurture and defend your dream as a mother would her child.  Be sure to quickly recognize the cranky ‘balloon man’ and stop him before he harms your ‘baby.’

What are you fiercely protective of?













12 thoughts on “Mama and the Balloon Man

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  2. Eeeek! Not the dreaded “protective attack mode”!!! Ha, a mother in such a mode rivals those much-maligned pit bulls; everyone knows that!! Good for her for seeing to it that no harm came to her little boy!!!

    A fun piece – I felt like I was right there!


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  4. Funny story! I think that almost all parents will feel empathy for your Mom. Parents, especially the mothers of almost every species demonstrate that instinctive protective trait.

    I’ve had a few harrowing experiences with children and fairs also. I lost my oldest at the fair in Columbus, Ga. I was holding onto the youngest one because he was kind of wild. The oldest one was usually more cooperative; not needing as much attention. This time, however, as he tagged along behind us, he got distracted by the balloons as we were exiting the fair and lost sight of us. When I looked back, he was gone!

    I left the youngest with my friend and went back to find the oldest one. I finally found him with the security personnel. They said that he had just sat down on the ground and started crying, Poor baby!

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    1. Oh no! Now I am crying! Thank God he was okay.
      You know, back in the day, any mama who saw a child alone would have immediately went into protective mode to make sure that he was taken care of until his parents were found.
      Nowadays, you have to wonder 😦
      Anyway, thanks for telling us that story. Daddys don’t play either do they?

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