Ron’s Time Tunnel: The Great Raytakka!


“I AM the GREAT RAYTAKKA!” Declared the woman with the jet-black skin and the long flowing black hair; both of which contrasted vividly with her white dress, in the glaring summer sun. She bolted over the green hill and through the golden meadow; leaving a cloud of fluttering, frightened butterflies and the floating, white umbrellas of the dandelions, in her wake. She leaned forward into the wind, grasping the streaming mane of the great white horse striving beneath her. She spurred the powerful beast forward without benefit of saddle or reins. The occasional “kick” of her moccasin clad feet into his flanks was the only urging the great white stallion needed to streak along at a breakneck speed. The glorious sight of Grandma Nancy and her steed was crowned by the white eagle’s feather that she wore in her cascading, ebony tresses; spurring someone to say once, “There goes Nancy on her horse with that feather arguing with the wind!”  Indeed, that “head feather” of Nancy Brown’s, “argued with the wind” whenever she rode her horse.

As she reached the crest of the next hill she shouted “Whoa Horse!” and pulled back on his mane, causing the great mount to come to a stuttering halt, rear up on his muscular hind legs and jab at the air with his raised front hooves. He then planted all four hooves; spinning around restlessly three or four times before coming to an uneasy halt. He loved to run; stand still, not so much. At the top of the hill, Nancy and the horse were a regal sight. “I AM, the Great Raytakka!” she shouted once more.

No doubt Mrs. Nancy Brown, you are the “GREATEST Raytakka!” with your feather “arguing with the wind!” The obvious question, however, is; “What is a Raytakka?” To be frank with you, neither I nor my kin knows what it is, except that whatever it was; it was first and foremost, “GREAT”. I’ve researched every variation of the word that I could phonetically derive. The closest “real” word that I could find was a French surname spelled, “Rataka”. I realize that my description of Grandma Nancy suggests a Native American or at least, someone influenced by those great People, but genetically, our ancestry is more French than Indian.

The next thing you are most likely wondering is, “Was she a little OFF? You know, Was she NUTS?” I don’t know the answer to that either. She referred to my grandfather; her short, stocky, dark-skinned and only son; who’d worked on the farm and in later years, at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company; her “Rich Black Millionaire”, or as she pronounced it, “Millonare”. He was Black but he wasn’t a millionaire! So was she delusional? I don’t know but I do know that she was “GREAT” and she was “THE RAYTAKKA” and her feather “argued with the wind”!

What about your feather, does it “argue with the wind” or does it just lie flaccidly? Nancy’s feather “argued with the wind”. There are those of us whose feathers are, “in the wind,” but that’s not the same thing. A feather “in the wind” goes where the wind goes. It is tossed to-and-fro, and hither-and-tither, but Nancy’s feather had somewhere to go! It had a destination and was determined to get there even if it had to go against the wind, or “argue with the wind.”  What about your feather? Is it a “feather in the wind” or does it, “argue with the wind” like the one belonging to the “GREAT RAYTAKKA?”



2 thoughts on “Ron’s Time Tunnel: The Great Raytakka!

  1. Jet

    I relish in saying my feathers are as smooth as silk (of course the fact that you all often spoke of me as the Wrath of Khan would lead others to think differently) but after reading the tale you spun, THE GREAT RAYTAKKA, you sir…….have succeeded in RUFFLING my feathers! (In a good way)

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  2. Now this is a very interesting question that you pose my dear cousin! I think that I prefer for my feather to lay back for the most part but when necessary I can certainly see it fighting with the wind.

    Even though my feather is mostly laying back, best believe I’m still keeping a watch! That way, I know when to ask King Jesus to command that wind to act right!

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