My Jams ’75


My Jams '75



Ain’t she sweet?

See her walking down the street

Now I ask you very confidentially

Ain’t she sweet?

Mrs. Scott is my teacher and she has a ukulele.  Every day she sings “Ain’t She Sweet” when it’s time for us to leave school and go home.  I love Mrs. Scott! She is very pretty and she has the longest hair you ever saw!  Most times she keeps it in a bun but sometimes she takes it down so we can see how long it is.

Besides being pretty, she is very nice!  She always lets us do all kinds of fun things! One time she let us make applesauce and homemade whipped cream.  It tasted so good!

Oh yeah, today was a little bit different.  When Mrs. Scott sang “Ain’t She Sweet,” her voice wasn’t the same.  We could barely hear her.   Guess what?  When me and my friends were leaving our classroom, Mrs. Scott started crying.  It was the last day of school and we never saw her again…

What’s up sisters and brothers?  Can you believe that it’s already 1975?  I just be damned!  Where does the time go?

By the way dear ones please believe that Mrs. Scott did her job and she did it well!  Go ‘head on Mrs. Scott, you did the damn thang!  You are at the top of the heap when it comes to elementary school teachers!  Don’t cry; let the little birdies fly!

Thanks to her, that’s exactly what we did!

And so…

Now, y’all already know that I run on a platform of honesty and transparency.  So BAYbee when I tell you 1975 was a challenge for me, I mean it!  I almost had to rename this post “My Jammy Jam Jams ‘75” after having filtered the list down to my absolute favorites.

Imagine if I had included my favorite rock jams? Whaaaa?  I simply cannot fathom such!

Y’all, in 1975, the Gods and Goddesses of Soul offered way too many goodies to choose from! Tearfully, I had to leave so many off.

So folks don’t kill me if you don’t see your jam (ahem, cough, cough… Write me in the comments section)!

And away we go:

My Jams ‘75

Lovin’ You by Minnie Riperton

Can you say “whistle register?”  Yes baby, when this Queen Diva hits the high note it registers as high as you or I could whistle!

I see you young’uns— Mariah and them—but baby, when it comes to Ms. Minnie, all of ’em need to bow down!

That’s The Way I Like It by KC and The Sunshine Band

Yass!  KC had everybody claiming he was half black and everything else.  Y’all just let it go, the brother is white!  Ever heard of “blue-eye”soul?

All I gotta say is that brothers and sisters come in all colors and this brother had soul on lock.  Did you hear them blasting horns in this jam?  I simply cannot…and that’s a good thing!

You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

Yessuh, the UK is in the house! This brother killed it!  The hair on the back of my neck stands up when I hear Errol Brown’s voice dancing around and on top of them damn violins!

Tack was running around the house singing, “I believe in Malcos!”

Baby… the man said, “I believe in miracles!”

European countries have always shown much love to the blues and soul genres.  We sendin’ it right back my loves!

Right Back Where We Started From Maxine Nightingale

What the hell did I just tell you about the UK?  Yass honey, Ms. Queen Diva Nightingale was bringing it!

Flat out, this was just a fun ass song!  Please somebody listen to this jam and teach our kids how to play real instruments!

England was rocking this one in 1975; we didn’t catch on until 1976.  I decided to stay true to the ‘actuals and factuals!’

“OOOOOhhhh and it’s alright…”

Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band

The white black boy does it again childrens!

“Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!”

Peep the brass!

I Love Music by The O’Jays


‘The Sound of Philly BABY!’  Gamble and Huff y’all!

Just wait!  From this point onward, “My Jams” will be ate up with ‘The Sound of Philadelphia!’

Brass! Strings! Percussion! OOOWEEEE!!!!

Speaking of percussion, the freaking percussion at the beginning of this jam!  What?

And the harmonies!  To say anything else about the composition of this song is stating the obvious!

This is a ‘fair’ song.  I’ll tell you what a fair song is in October!  Just stick with me!

“Get it on, get it on funky funky music!”

Rockin’ Chair by Gwen McCrae

I don’t think you ready!  Did you hear that Queen Diva on this track?  Naw, y’all ain’t ready!

Sounds like her then hubby, singer George McCrae, was a lucky man! This sista answered him back after he called for her to “rock your baby.”

George, consider yourself ROCKED!

 L-O-V-E by Al Green

I just can’t say anything else that hasn’t been said about Mr. Green as a singer.

What I will say is that this is a spiritual kind of jam!  Can’t you tell he’s talking about something bigger than romantic love?

“It’s all in the heavens…can’t you see?”

Go watch Al perform this jam on an old ‘Soul Train’ episode.   Now I warn you–you might cry; but in a good way!  The brotha is clearly testifyin.’

By the way, he’s rockin’ a perm and a brown and white plaid jacket!  Yasss!!!


Slippery When Wet by The Commodores

 Ah yes!  My Alabama homeboys brought the natural funk with this one!  Yessuh!  You’ll definitely see these brothers again on future ‘My Jams.’

Bertha Butt Boogie by The Jimmy Castor Bunch

“I said no questions!”

Ain’t gonna lie!  They used to call my mama and her sistas the “Butt Sistas” because they all had junk in the trunk! In the South, that’s not a bad thing!

What kid didn’t like this song?  I loved it back then…but I gotta leave it in 1975!


Dreaming a Dream by Crown Heights Affair

Disco is coming baby and it’s coming strong!  This is a jam that you can chill to!

I put this one on when I want to go back in time and zone out!  You really owe it to yourself to listen to it! If you love ‘70’s disco rhythms then it’s got everything you need!

Valentine Love by Norman Connors featuring Queen Diva Jean Carne and Funk master Michael Henderson

You haven’t lived if you don’t know this jam.  They played it every Valentine’s Day.  I simply cannot!

Much too much smoothness in one place!

By the way, Jean Carne sounds as good TODAY as she did then!  Go check her out! Brush up on them old school Divas.  Can you say:  “Don’t let it go to your head?”

K-Jee by MFSB

I told y’all back in the early ‘70’s that I would talk about this joker again!  Well the time is nigh!

Do you remember the Latino couple that technically spanked John Travolta’s character (Tony) in the “Saturday Night Fever” dance contest?  Guess what?  They were dancing to this jam!

Hell even Tony knew that they were better than he was!

I might not be a ‘70’s dance champ but I still gets busy with this Philly jam!

Rolling Down A Mountainside by The Main Ingredient

Just go listen to this one!  That’s ALL I have to say about that!

Sun Goddess by Ramsey Lewis-Earth Wind and Fire

There are no words!

Let Me Make Love To You by The O’Jays

“I won’t stop ‘til you ask me to…beg me to!”  WHAT?????

I simply cannot!

Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang

It looks like this is one of those jams that was released one year and then did some kinda magic return thingy in another year.  Either way, I am including it in 1975.

To me, you must listen to ‘Summer Madness’ while riding in your car on a sultry summer night! Try it this year and tell me what you think 🙂

Uh oh!  The clock is about to strike 12:00 midnight!  Ms. Sexy Lady G has got to get up outta here!  By the way, you do realize that I, Ms. Sexy Lady G, am the one who dictates these posts to Gwin.  She is nothing more than a, whatchamacallit?  Typist!  Oh yeah that’s the word!


Bye, bye 1975!

Respectfully and tearfully dedicated to the Late Great Prince Rogers Nelson 😥

RIP my love!




















































20 thoughts on “My Jams ’75

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  2. T. Wayne

    This is what happens when you hear a song and you go and check to see if it was mentioned in one of your My Jams posts. Well I happened to hear this song (and am planning to write about it tomorrow), and noticed that it wasn’t. even. mentioned.

    Anita, Bonnie, June and Ruth! Get on out here now!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. T. Wayne

    Oh, what a list this is. Throw in the suggestions in the comments-and y’all gonna make me keep this post in my Pocket (aka read it later) so I can get these songs in a playlist!

    The only songs I would add are “Shakey Ground” by the Temptations, and that’s only because the album it was on (A Song For You) was on repeat around my house in 1975. I could probably include the whole thing, that’s how often we heard it! I would also add “Sadie” by the Spinners, because Phillippe Wynne is doing is ad-lib thing that nobody could match.

    Another fine post, so sorry I got to it so late. Had a busy day, and just finished trying to write something about Prince.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Twin! I was telling Ron that I learned about Prince just as I was putting the last emoticons on this post. I immediately added a dedication because Prince was a HUGE supporter of old school soul. Not to mention the fact that he was nothing less than a genius in his own right.
      I don’t think I could have done this post had I learned of his passing before I started.
      No doubt, I will be over on your blog soon.
      Peace Brah!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You did it again. Took me back through time and gave me admission to another wonderful journey through another legendary musical era – 1975.

    I had an afro, rocked three-inch platforms, and got my “pimp”style threads via of mail order from Flagg Bros. Black folks were still holding on to the last of the big azz “Duece & a Quarters” while I was cruising the back roads of NC in a ’68 Cougar with hideaway head lights. Well, one hideaway headlight one was stuck down giving oncoming vehicles the car was “winking” at them.

    And your “My Jams 75” playlist consist of the songs that help cement all the wonderful memories 1975 afforded me.

    Summer Madness was the backdrop for a first date with a girl that went on to be my 1-year girl friend.

    In the discos – Let me Make Love To You, was the go to jam when the DJ slowed his roll and it was time to get up close and personal on the floor.

    No you didn’t dig up Jimmy Castor. “”Gurl you done went got one that really rocked me and made laugh at the same time. Fetty Wap talks about pressing rewind to see asses one more time- He wouldn’t have to do that with Bertha Butt cause she had an ongoing ass. That was one song that always lighten the mood.

    I would get a cassette tape – put it in my cheap portable recorder – put the jams on your list on the record player and record them by holding a mike to the record player’s speakers. Voila I had the “playlist” for the Cougar. Yes mamm!

    Thanks for another well-crafted feel good post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Not the winking Cougar! LOL! Now how many of those “one eyed jacks” have I seen in the 70’s!

      So you are a Southern Gent like my cousin Ron huh? Yeah I peeped that comment about creeping around North Cackylacky!

      You, Bertha and her “ongoing ass!” got me screaming in here!

      Oh yeah, Fetty who?
      That’s how I feel about some of these young’uns! I only recently heard of him.

      I just have to say that I love it when I hear back from you, Ron and T. Wayne. The things that you guys say are funnier than my posts! Plus it helps to add some context to the jams- especially for the babies!

      As always, much love to you!
      Again, you must keep commenting and keeping us posted on what was going on in your life for each year of the ‘jams’ posts! I love it!

      Liked by 2 people

  5. I JUST LOVE YOUR POST: You inform us and entertain us and sometimes almost make us cry. Not many can do that. Thanks for the trip “Back Down Memory Lane”. 1975 was one of those “lost years”, the years just before High School. Those “Middle School Years”, but we didn’t really have a “Middle School”. We were just the “little kids” who attended class in the “modular” buildings (another name for trailer—yes we were the trailer trash of the High School) at the High School! So much fun (NOT).

    I liked your bit about your school and your ukulele playing teacher. I immediately thought of Tiny Tim. Do you remember Tiny? He was a big ugly guy with long hair who played the ukulele and sang, “Tip Toe Through The Tulips”; got rich off of that (God’s ways are not our ways). Lol. But I can understand why your teacher cried. She cried because you were leaving her class and you were, after all, “THAT GIRL”.

    I loved your list: Minnie was another one gone too soon.
    Lord a Mercy, the Bertha Butt Boogie. That song went viral before there was a viral
    Let Me Make Love To You by The O’Jays
    Isley Brother’s , “Fight the Power” was rocking.
    Love won’t let me wait by Major Harris was awesome.
    The Ohio Players: Fire! Love Roller Coaster were and are iconic.
    EWF and Shining Star was part of the soundtrack for my life.
    Barry White did it again with, “You’re My First, You’re My Last, You’re my Everything”
    Hey Hey Mr. Dream Merchant by New Birth was a favorite. There was something about that New Birth gang that spoke to my heart.
    Low Rider by War was another iconic tune.
    I totally agree with your choice of “Sun Goddess”. Another great one.

    Great post and awesome list. You did it again Cuz!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ron, I was just telling Geo Gee how much I love reading you guys comments! Keep telling me what you all were doing through the years! Somebody might actually start reading this stuff! LOL!

      By the way, I’ve seen Tiny Tim! Lawd chile, Mrs. Scott was bout 180 degrees opposite of that joker!
      And I love “Dream Merchant” I wanted to include it and some of the other ones that you mentioned but I didn’t want the post to run so long! It broke my heart to leave off “Living for The Love of You” by the Isley Brothers but I have been showing them a lot of love in prior years so I wanted to highlight some others artists.

      Some of these jams are unfamiliar to many; most of my friends did not know Dreaming a Dream or Rolling Down a Mountainside. If you don’t know them, please go listen to them. Start with Dreaming a Dream.

      Oh yeah, Michael Henderson did a solo version of Valentine Love in 1976; the biggest difference is that he includes the beautifully repetitive lyric “Sending a Valentine, Sending a Valentine!” To be honest, his version was the first one that I ever heard.

      Thanks again for staying with me cousin!

      Liked by 2 people

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