My Jams ’76

jams 76

“Gwin, your mother is here to pick you up early don’t forget your signed papers and have a happy birthday!”

What?  Did the teacher just say that mama was here already?  OOOWWEEE!  She must have something good planned.

Anyway, once I saw mama, I said, “Why you picking me up so early?”

Mama smiled but she didn’t say anything; she just walked me to the car.  Once we got inside, she cranked it up and turned on the radio.

I bet you can’t guess what happened next!

Ok, I’ll tell you!

The DJ started talking and he said, “This song is dedicated to Gwin!  I hope you enjoy yourself on your birthday today!”

Then he played one of my favorite songs, “Enjoy yourself” by The Jacksons.

How did he know it was my birthday?  Mama must be magic!

Great day in the mornin’!!!

Miss Time Machine has successfully delivered us right into 1976!  Honey that sister is tired from having to drop Gwin’s son off at school this morning.  Please believe that she hates making pit stops in the 21st century.  Home girl swears that she burns more gas whenever she has to stop anywhere in the 2000’s.

Hell, she once told me that a trip back in time isn’t cost effective until she passes over 1987.

Yass!  Don’t be giving me the side eye, I’m just telling you what she told me!

So how are you kids doing in 1976?  I see T. Wayne, Geo Gee and Cousin Ron over there shooting the breeze! Where in the hell are the rest of y’all?  Come on and holler at me in the comment section.

And so…

Let’s get this thang started!

My Jams ‘76

 You’ll never find another love like mine:  Lou Rawls

I think I shook my damn head for  35 seconds before I could type anything about this song!

Do you hear that piano playfully responding to Lou’s vocals?  Where do we hear genius like that in today’s R&B?   Submit your essay response via comments.

I shole hate it for whoever Lou was talking to!  Dear brother Lou told that chick that she would be missing him “late in the midnight hour…”  Hot damn!  That lovin’ must be miraculous!

‘Cause if it’s not, my ass is going to sleep!

“You’re gonna miss my lovin’…”


 More, More, More:  Andrea True Connection

Yes Gawd!  The White people have arrived!  This blonde porno queen purred her way right on over to the soul charts in 1976.

I don’t give a damn if you don’t like it!  I liked it!

 Keep it coming love:  KC and the Sunshine Band

Let’s just be honest, KC ain’t exactly no Luther Vandross when it comes to vocals but in the ‘70’s that joker was always good for a catchy jam!

Two thumbs up brah!

Now during one of the choruses I could have sworn I heard him say “Keep me comin’ love…”

Now what is that supposed to mean?


“Don’t stop it now…Don’t stop it no…”

 Low down:  Boz Skaggs

Another brother with a melanin challenge!

Well I don’t give a tinker’s damn about the fact that he didn’t look like my folks, this sucker was banging!

There is no listening to this jam without playing air guitar!  Yass!!

“Dirty, dirty low down!”

Dazz:  Brick

The South is here y’all!  These boys are out of Atlanta, Jawja!

Brick brought something new to the game!

These jokers flipped the script all the way around.  One of the members of Brick described Dazz as a fusion of Disco and Jazz.

Baby they DID that!

Free:  Deneice Williams

If you wanna know what an Angel sounds like, listen to this jam!

Who gives a damn that she is requesting her freedom from love’s bondage; that’s beside the point!

I just can’t with Neicy on this jam!

I remember playing this song over and over while I thought about that special boy—What’s his face?

Heaven must be missing an angel:  Tavares

Such handsome brothers!  I just love this jam!

They say that there is something special about the harmonies created by family members; especially siblings!

Don’t believe it?  Check these brothers out.

 Young hearts run free: Candi Staton

Kids, this is real talk right here!

BAYbee, the music is nice but the lyrics are serious!  This beautiful woman, and do believe me when I tell you that Queen Diva Candi is gorgeous, is telling you youngsters:

“…Young hearts, to yourself be true, don’t be no fool when love really don’t love you!”

Where in the hell are my QUEENS??  YASSS!!

 “Young hearts, run free, never be hung up, hung up like my man and me.”

 I’ll be good to ya:  Brothers Johnson

All the ladies loved this jam!  But I have one question for you:  Can you say: “Lightnin’ Licks?”

Yessuh!  Them Johnson Brothers stormed on the scene in ’76.  I chose the word ‘stormed’ because they were collectively known as Lightnin’ Licks and Thunder Thumbs on rhythm guitar and bass guitar respectively.

Well on this jam, it was all about the “lightnin!”

“I’ll be good to ya, good to ya, good to ya!”

 Turn the beat around:  Vicki Sue Robinson

FLUTE!!! To be honest, this was one of my first encounters with that beautiful instrument!

Did you hear that freaking flute player on this jam?  You gotta listen close because it’s quick!

Now don’t get me wrong, Queen Diva Vicki gave every musician some love on this monster but that damn flute did it for me!

“…I know that you want to get your thang on!”

Love ballad:  LTD

Jeffrey?  What?  Yasss!

“I have never been so much, in love, before….what a difference a true love made in my life…”


I simply cannot…tears….tears…somebody come get me…my ass is on the floor in a fetal position!

 Sophisticated Lady: Natalie Cole

WHERE ARE MY DAMN QUEENS!  Ya’ll should be all over this jam!

God rest Queen Diva Natalie’s soul!!!  This sista brought it with this track!

You oughta see me walking around here with my big legs rocking these “high heel steppers!”

Yes, yes y’all! To da beat y’all! (I retain the right to jump decades and/or genres when talking sh!t)

Harvest for the world: The Isley brothers

 “When will there be?”

“I wanna know!”

Ron, sadly, we all want to know!  Chris is pounding on them black and whites baby!

 Something he can feel: Aretha Franklin

Mama once asked me what I wanted to ‘give’ him when I was singing this jam.

I knew better than to answer that question. Moving on!

 Message in our music: The O ‘Jays

NOPE!!!  I just can’t!

Please go listen to it!


 I don’t want to lose your love: The Emotions

‘Cause if you tell me to go baby/ I will leave you alone/ don’t ask me to stay then do me wrong! YEAH!

What the hell else can I say to that????

I got nothing!

You must check this jam out!  The Queen Diva Wanda and her Queen Diva sisters are straight killing it on this one!

 After the dance:  Marvin Gaye

“I’m walking out of here with you baby!”

Marvin I know, but baby I am already two steps ahead of you!  I knew the moment that I saw you that I was gonna let you…

Oops, I better keep it clean!


Darn!  That’s the end!  (Nod to Schoolhouse Rock)

Looks like we are at the top of the hour so I gotta be out!  Remember, this list is in no particular order and it is not exhaustive.

Why don’t you tell me your faves from 1976.  I had to leave off a ton of them and it hurts me to the bone!

God Bless you and keep you 1976—WE GONE, BYE BYE!



50 thoughts on “My Jams ’76

  1. Lady G – I’ve said a mouthful in my previous comment about my passage into R&B. So all Im gonna say here is that I’m one of the Queens that was missing on this post. I love your stories, your music choices and the aftermath of hilarious comments especially from brother Geo there. Just to add some pictures to go with the banter, here are two songs to enjoy.

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  3. KC is One of the baddest cats. kept it simple and yet was on point. Keep it coming love was his take against racism. a strong cut.

    as for Lou rawls, almost a decade before tina turner talk about comeback storys? you don’t see that nowaddays.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Like you said KC had that thing on lock. Remember how black folks kept trying to claim him and Teena Marie as being half black? LOL!
      I guess we just couldn’t believe that a white brother and sister could be that funky! Not to mention AWB and the late Rod Temperton.


  4. LOL and Wow! I’m honored, amazed, joyous, awed, inspired, hopeful, excited, entertained, enthralled and feeling so many good vibes from you guys! I can’t even complain that it took me several minutes to reach the comment box, because I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery along the way.

    G! that was wonderful imagery. I was there, sitting on that album crate and sipping that Kool Aide. I could feel the sun beaming down on the back of my neck. I could hear myself thinking, “Thank Gawd we’re somewhere north of the “gnat line”. And my Cuz! What can I say…I love you to the Crab Nebula and back!!

    G and T, you guys rock!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. And T and Ron y’all brothers rock. Y’all alright with me and this world needs more brothers like you. Gwin – she awesome in every context! And all of y’all are talented as hell. Ron I haven’t seen anybody, ANYBODY, stare down Mark Twain like you my brother- your writing is classic- don’t let up.

      Liked by 3 people

  5. I’m happy that you found my response to your awesome post to your liking. I apologize for the longevity as I usually try to keep my comments to blogger’s posts short as to not appear to hi-jack the comment forum . But your work is so awesome it’s near impossible not to elaborate on the wonderful jewels you plant.

    Yes it is awesome that we have this place this space where we can freely express ourselves, re-live music, and events that are a part of who we are and talk smack without hurting a feeling, fearing a violent backlash, or some other modern day craziness.

    You and Ron are good people doing a good thing- I automatically gotta love a sister and brother doing it like you two are. You’ve created an environment that kicks the knowledge while entertaining and engaging – no simple feat.

    And you both continue to throw love my way so you both know I’m gonna love ya right back.

    You already know – anytime your name comes out of my mouth or keyboard – it ‘s gone have much love and Respec”K” on it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Of course I love your long responses and I’m gonna need you to continue doing just that. I love it when we can illicit such a detailed and thoughtful response from an intelligent brother like yourself.
      Thanks again, and do know that I think that your blog also kicks knowledge while keeping us all in stitches!
      Oh yeah, I started to hit you with the “respeck” first but I was so enthralled with your response that I forgot!!! LOL!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Now you know I had to come in here for My Jams 76. Seventy-six was a very good year for me!

    And it was an awesome year for music that was part of life’s highs and lows – music that when played today triggers sweet memories of that year.

    Y’all done did something when y’all brought up Rock Creek Park. That one never dies in D.C. seeing as to how it’s the perfect musical backdrop for an evening in the famous park it’s named after. Romance 101 from D.C. University. Pack a picnic basket full of both of your favorites – put some beer and wine on chill in a cooler. Load into Deuce and a Quarter. Drive out to Rock Creek just before sunset. Spread out blanket – indulge in contents of cooler and basket while watching the big jets take-off and land at Regan with “Rock Creek Park leading a playlist loaded with Marvin Gaye, Commodores, the Ojays, playing in the background.

    You know your bands for sure – Lighting Licks and Thunder Thumbs – George & Louis Johnson. I knew the boys were bad to the bone when they busted out with The Beatles Hey Jude and worked it like they owned it. My favorite Johnson jam was “I’ll Be Good to You”. That one had the lyrics and the music that could take a mood to the next level.

    Speaking of White boys whose “whiteness” was highly suspect – How about Wild Cherry. Now you a bold ass white boy to bust out a jam called “Play That Funky Music White Boy” with all kinds of Rock And Roll notes going on and sell that mother to every Black Person that walked into the record store. That jam, while never making the all time cookout jam list sure was one of the big ones in 76. It drove a lot of my “Old English 800” trips.

    Now about Marvin Gaye.
    ….Geo, T.Wayne, Ron sitting under the Apple tree on album crates drinking red cool aide out of those red plastic cups on hot lazy Saturday afternoon.

    “Fellas y’all know something?”
    “What G?” Ron asked before taking a big sip of Kool -Aide
    “What’s up G?” T. swatted away a fly trying to get at his cup.
    “Ain’t none of these women walkin’ round heah got no “draws” on”
    “WHAT? What’s really in your cup man?” Ron almost dropped his cup.
    “And you know this how?” T. demanded an answer.
    “They ain’t got no “draws” on cause Marvin Gaye and Lou Rawls done sung ’em all off. And ain’t too many of them wearing bras either cause Eddie Levert got most of those”.
    Ron shook his head ‘ “Only you would come up with something like that G – you crazy”.
    T. just looked at G then burst out laughing. “I’ma load me some Marvin on a cassette when I get home”…….

    Marvin and Lou along with the Ojays (Stairway To Heaven) had the romance / relationship/ man and woman angle on lock. If Marvin Lou or Eddie could help you get or fix it – it wasn’t yours in the first damn place – stick a fork in – it’s done – with you. Marvin even got our girl Gwin – He was and still is one of the baddest R&B Black Male Crooners to ever stare down a mic.

    I with ya on Aretha Franklin and Giving Him Something He Can Feel. That was vintage neckbone, collard green, blackeye pea eating Aretha right there.Since she been messin’ round with pies she ain ‘t done much. Any woman that sent a dude to listen to that in 76 was locked and loaded with lovin for his ass when he got home – and he’d GET home quick!

    I love all of your selections and have memories attached to them all. I’m not going to hi-jack the comment area by re-living them here.

    Do know your “My Jams” series is kick-ass cool and I love it. I’ma tell ya right now I already got my white suit ready for “My Jams 77”

    Keep this up – please!

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    1. Good Lord G! You put together something crazy cool right here! I am just about ready to print and frame this response! This is classic!!!!!

      The scene between you, Ron and T. Wayne is freaking AWESOME! I could see it so clearly! I felt like it was a real memory!

      You know, I love the way that we can get on here and talk a little bit of smack and have so much fun. That’s what it means to be brothers and sisters.

      BTW G, I have never been to Rock Creek Park in reality but I have definitely been there in my mind. Every time I hear that jam I can see myself doing it in the park after dark. Thanks for the strong visual; now my imaginary “Rock Creek Park” is much more robust.

      As I said to T. Wayne, I got nothing but much love and respect for you and I just thank you so much for supporting me and Ron.

      Don’t forget your white suit for ’77! Baby it’s going down this Thursday!

      Liked by 4 people

        1. T. Wayne

          It’s a good kind of crazy though. That tale of us sipping red Kool-aid was funny! And I probably would be swatting a fly away from that sugared-up juice of joy lol

          Liked by 2 people

        2. By the way, what are you wearing to ‘My Jams 77’ this Thursday? I am asking because Geo Gee is wearing his white suit. Make sure you come dressed to impress!

          ***Warning: If you holler P.J.s I just might delete this whole entire blog! LOL!

          Liked by 2 people

        3. LMAO!!
          That’s cool; just make sure you keep that shirt unbuttoned all the way down to da belly!

          Oh and also make sure to have a graphic of a lion’s head or something like that on da back! LOL

          T. my dad had a shirt like that! Honey that joker rocked that thang everywhere. As the brother’s say, he is a redbone with pretty hair-you know, that pretty Chico kinda dude! I am dying laughing just thinking about that!
          Ask Ron, that’s his mama’s baby brother–he’ll cosign 😉

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  7. Dang it all girl! You have me laughing out loud down here. Now that was a very funny lead in to your 1976 Jams. I know that my Aunt Eva was a sweetheart but she must have been an angel too. I say that because, for most kids, an unexpected visit from mom at the schoolhouse, usually did not bode well for the child. Somebody was probably fixing to get a whooping.

    And Miss Time Machine! Hilarious, for real!!!!! I need to meet this chick.

    Right off the bat, you got me with that Lou Rawls song. I loved that guy and I can almost hear that piano you mentioned, echoing Lou’s sentiments. Great choice as lead-off batter.

    KC and the Sunshine Band with “Keep me comin’” is rather suggestive, isn’t it. Your reflection reminded me of a Johnnie Gill song that I was listening to, in which the lyrics go, “There you go again, and her I come”. I heard it on the radio the other day and only then caught the double entendre.

    Dazz Band and the album “Brick” was one of only two “authentic” 8 track cassettes I owned. We played it constantly. The other “tapes” we had were legal bootlegs of original hits.

    “Free” was indeed a beautiful song and Deneice Williams had one of the most beautiful voices of that time.

    You hit a grand slam with that “Young Hearts Run Free” very heavy lyrics. Good advice to the young’uns.

    LTD and Jeffery on that “Love Ballad”. That song spoke to my heart from the day it hit the airwaves to this very day. Every time I thought I was in love, I had to listen to that song. A true classic for the 70’s.

    Nice choices Cuz. I love em.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Thank you couz! I am so glad you liked it! I aims to please. Chile after all of the running around I been doing I feel like Miss Time Machine.

      Babe you brought up a good one when you mentioned Johnny Gill’s song! I always loved that one but I have to say that I never thought about it in the way that you just expressed it. I guess I started something when I mentioned KC and all his coming and carrying on!

      LTD hit it out the park with “Love Ballad,” Honestly, I was way too young to really ‘get it’ when it first came out. But as I aged, so did my understanding so naturally it became one of my favorites. Neicy was the business with that light and airy voice of hers.

      I am so glad you loved the post.

      By the way, as for LTD, “Where did we go wrong” is my all time favorite! “Where did we go wrong? Now won’t you tell what went wrong with love and maybe we can fix it!”

      Aw sh!t now! I’m on the freaking floor again!!!

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  8. T. Wayne

    Time to get long-winded….that is one good, no great list Twin!

    Some comments: You can have your air guitar on “Lowdown,” I wanna know who is plucking that bassline out! I’d pay him $5 for every pluck at the end of each bar! And while I’m at it, whoever plays the bass on “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross can have my money too! (Yes, I’d add that one to your list)! When that song picks up the tempo…just get out of my way! A two-step is going to happen! It just is!

    You did my heart some good including Tavares and Vicki Sue Robinson! I’ll give you your Lightnin’ too….because Thunder Thumbs was a bad man on the bass! (Apparently I’m all about the bass in ’76)! Oh, and I almost forgot the Emotions! YES! And I’ll add Flowers to your list too! What a beautiful song that is!

    Love these choices, Twin! Besides the two I added I would go and get “Can’t Hide Love” by EWF, “Sara Smile” Hall & Oates, “Stretchin’ Out (In A Rubber Band)” by Bootsy’s Rubber Band”, “Getaway” by EWF (the first album I ever had of my own had that song on it), “Rock Creek Park” by the Blackbyrds and “Gloria” by Enchantment. If I add too many more, it might be a takeover! This is your house!!!!

    Thanks for sharing! Love this series!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. See! I told y’all T. Wayne was in the house!!!

      Hey Twin! Thank you so much for your additions.

      First let me say that when I play air guitar I alternate between plucking and slap/thumping—Baby thats how I do it! LOL 🙂

      Also, you know how much I love bass thumping so you better believe that I am listening out for that in every jam. That said, in the scheme of things, I prefer Thunder Thumbs but on “I’ll be good to ya,” he was relatively quiet—well about as quiet as he was capable of being ’cause, God rest his soul, he was a bad MOFO! As I said in ’75, He liked to tore that bass up on “Ain’t we funkin’ now.” But again, I am getting ahead of myself.

      Chile, “Love hangover!!” Stop Twin! I just can’t! That was a gorgeous song Brah. But when you pulled in “Rock Creek Park” I hollered! Prof. Donald Byrd and his students-the Blackbyrds!!! Yass! I should have known that you or Geo Gee would pull out that monster jam. Hell I was banking on it! “Doing it in the park, doing it after dark! Oh yeah..Rock Creek Park!” Help me Lawd! Somebody get me some liquor!

      You put the thang down Twin! Thank you so much for always supporting this blog! I send nothing but respect, peace and love to you!

      Liked by 4 people

      1. T. Wayne

        You’re welcome!

        “Rock Creek Park” doesn’t really go anywhere, but where it goes, I want to follow along! That’s DC all the way!

        And as far as respect, peace and love, all go right backatcha! Love this blog, so glad I found it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yessir! D.C. That’s why I knew either you or GeoGee would really be all about “Rock Creek Park.”
          Baby, in the Deep South, we might not have Rock Creek Park but we damn shole be doing it in the park after dark! That’s why we LOVE “Rock Creek Park!”

          Liked by 2 people

        2. Pssst…Twin….

          I know you on hiatus and evythang but you done made me start listening to some old Donald Byrd and The Blackbyrds.

          Me and Miss Time Machine went back to 1981 and pulled out “Love has come around!”

          “I’m so glad that love has come around!!!!” I played this damn song to death back in the day!

          That bass gets straight nasty! Do the two step, do the two step, do the two step…….

          Liked by 1 person

        3. T. Wayne

          Love Has Come Around! YASSS! Oh Twin… I LOVE that song. If I’m not mistaken, Isaac Hayes did the arrangement and may have produced that song.

          That’s one of my favorites from that time! Thanks for reminding me of it!

          Liked by 1 person

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