Foxy Lady…Maybe?

Young me 2

This post is dedicated to all foxy ladies everywhere; if you are a woman that means you!

“Yes honey, I was a fox back in my day!”

This is a picture of me from 20 something years ago.  I have a good handle on the year because I was a couple of months pregnant with my son.  You might remember him from one of my Sunday shout out posts.

Anyway, from time to time, I find myself telling the young’uns about how much of a fox I used to be.  Oh yeah, then I usually have to define ‘fox’ –lest they think I’m talking about a small woodland creature.

But just to be on the safe side, let me be clear, a “fox” is a good looking woman.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, I was telling you about my tendency to talk about having once been a fox.  Well baby one day after bragging about my former fox status, I caught myself thinking, “Why in the hell am I saying that?”

Or in other words, what matter does it make?  Or better yet, WHO GIVES A DAMN!

So what if I  ‘used’ to be a fox!  Whether that was the case or not, it is of absolutely no consequence at this point in time.

And so…

What about now?  Well,  I’d argue that all you former foxes need to unite with me and together we can work on accepting this whole aging thing. Come on!  We need to redefine what it means to be a “fox.” Let’s start by learning to love our graying hair and puffy eyes.  And while we’re at it, let’s start to treasure that eternal belly roll that many of us received from giving birth.  Don’t get me wrong, we should get and stay in shape for wellness purposes-first and foremost!

Hell that pudge ain’t going nowhere so long as folks believe in the myth of spot reducing-But I digress!

By the way, this isn’t all about looks!  It is my belief that our new ‘foxiness’ REQUIRES us to cultivate important traits like kindness, warmth, joy, wisdom, tenderness, generosity, loyalty and reverence for God (how ever God looks to you),mankind, and nature.

Once we are done accepting and cultivating all of the above, we must envelope our new selves with  LOVE.  I am not kidding !  This is real talk!

And now…let us go forth foxy ladies!  We’ve got a new generation of real foxes to raise!

Older Gwin
Foxy lady now:  Me laid bare-No makeup and no filters




16 thoughts on “Foxy Lady…Maybe?

  1. Looks and sounds like that fox at some point transformed into a classy, refined, resplendent beautiful Diva that has embraced the years with sustained beauty, grace and poise.

    I agree with Ron – I see some Halley and Janet in that visual. I also see some LenaHorne in that smile- that kinda smile that lights up rooms.

    I love your definition of fox in regards to it’s reference to women. Foxes knew how carry their assets with class and were always ladies of style, beauty, and charisma.. They were the total package.

    These young whippersnappers, and jitty bugs could learn a thing or two from this post and women like you.

    Foxy lady maybe? Lady there was never a doubt – one then and one now.

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    1. What a lovely response! you got me smiling like a school girl! LOL!
      My friend, I’ve been working hard to let go of the “good ole days” so that I can live happily in the present. I really do appreciate everything that you have said here and I thank you so much.

      Now, you know I nearly keeled over when you started talking about them ‘jitty bugs.’ As usual, you made a very salient point about how important it is for our young ladies to learn the way of the old school fox.

      That said, we need to teach them how to step it up a little bit. Sadly, we dropped the ball with some of these babies years ago. I am calling on my cohorts to work with me and pick that ball back up!

      We can start right now by having those little sisters read your post:

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  2. That photo of you has a mix of Halley and Janet; a kind of, Hanet or maybe Jalley!

    No one can put brakes on time but you’ve managed to throw that sucker into low gear! Ya creeping along now.

    Oh, and thanks for setting the record straight on that, “spot reducing thing. I have tried to explain that to a passel of folks. Maybe they’ll believe the mother of a certified Personal Trainer!

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    1. Awww Thanks!!!
      Now see Ron, I’ve been trying to convince everybody for years that I look like a mixture of them!!! ROTFLMAO!!!
      No one was buying that! And here you go today telling the truth!
      Anyway, as for spot reducing, you, sir, are correct!
      Love you cous!


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