My Jams ’78


my jams 78
Diva of Soul paying bills

This post is the latest in the ‘My Jams’ series which chronicles my favorite soul hits beginning with the years 1966 and 1967.  If you haven’t already, please go check out previous years under the category ‘Music’-‘My Jams’


“Hey Ba, my check came, I’m gon’ run down to the bank and cash it–

I’ll be back to get y’all shortly.”

Yaay it’s payday!!!

I love paydays ’cause that’s the day when Daddy gets his check and we get to go out to eat and maybe even buy something new from the mall.

Everybody’s happy on payday!

Except for when they can’t get what they want. You’ll see what I mean if you keep reading.

Ok, so today when Daddy got back from cashing his check, we went to Sears Cafeteria for lunch. I like Sears’s cafeteria alright but I really wanted to go to Bahama Joes and eat some popcorn shrimp.

Only we couldn’t go there.

You wanna know why?

Well see the last time we went to Bahama Joes, Tack started crying because they don’t cook nothing but shrimp, fish and stuff like that. They don’t have hamburgers and that’s what he ALWAYS wants.

You shoulda seen Mama trying to find something on the menu for him to eat but he didn’t want nothin’ they had.

Mama didn’t whip his butt ‘cause I think she didn’t want the people at the restaurant to call the police on her for child abuse.

Anyway, you wanna know what happened next?

Well Daddy got mad and he gritted his teeth and said, “Every time I try to take you somewhere to teach you some class all you want is a damn hamburger! Hamburger! Hamburger!

Tack didn’t care what Daddy said. He just kept right on crying.

After we left Bahama Joes, Daddy had to stop by Burger King so Tack would shut up…

🙂 🙂 🙂


Yass honey, Daddy was trying to show us some class by taking us to BAHAMA JOES!  You gotta give it up to Pretty Chico–that’s what they called him! (Nod to Martin)

And a Pretty Chico he was ‘cause chile that thang know he was handsome in his day.  He is one of them good looking redbones with the curly hair!  Yeah, I said it!  By the way, please don’t come stepping on my blog talkin’ no politically correct mess!  They didn’t have that in the ‘70’s.

Y’all, I’m just describing him the way the people described him back in the day!  Now personally, my taste leans a little more toward the mocha chocolate side— but we ain’t gon’ talk about that right now.

Anywhats, as I was saying, Pretty Chico went over and above to take care of his wife and kids!  Baby he was doing EXACTLY what he saw his Daddy do!  Ain’t that right Ron?  Our Granddaddy was the man!

And so…

Check in and Roll call!

How are you kind Sirs and Madams in this year of our Lord 1978?  You know they say the world is supposed to end in 1980.  I heard it had something to do with ‘planet alignment’– whatever the hell that is.  Sorry, but I simply cannot be bothered with that B-S.

Well, if you’re worried about it, have fun now because you ain’t got but two more years left! HA!

Hey look!  There goes little smart Tikeetha! That child always got a book in her hand.  Hey Tikeetha!

I see my people Ron, T.Wayne, Geo and San!  But where’s my folks down there in LA (Lower Alabama)?  Yeah, I heard even cousins Ray and Tish been checking out these jams!  What’s up cousins?

Just so you know, big cousin Gail hollered at me in comments one time!  Yass!

I’m shouting out my Chi Town family crew:  Pie, Squirt, Kim, African and my baby Brian (RIP!).  Where is Lil Sam the Bama graduate? Sonya?  How ‘bout Bay, Mike and Ronnie?  How ‘bout my baby cousins Cass and Jes?  How ‘bout them baby cousins on the other side, Kim, Shawn, Dena, Janae, Ben?

Where’s my girl Glo?  How’s the weather up there in the Pacific Northwest Glo?  Are there ANY other black folks up there ‘sides you?  How ‘bout Steph in the ATL?

Ok, enough of the roll call!  Sexy Lady G just had to let it be known that I know you followin’ me and I see you!

 Oh yeah let me acknowledge and thank my readers in North America, the UK and all over the rest of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.  I even got folks checking me out down under!  Yessir, Ms. Sexy Lady G is internationally known. 

My blogging friends have really been showing me love!

 And I love every last one of y’all back!

And with that…

My Jams ‘78

Three times a lady by The Commodores

Lawd, Lionel’nem made the brothers look mighty bad when they released this jam.

Think about it, how can you top a man who is telling a woman that she is once, twice, three times a lady?

Some of y’all still strugglin’ to do the math!

Attention young’uns:  This is what’s known as a ‘love song’.  In a ‘love song,’ romance comes first!

Ladies, stop dropping your panties so quick!  Let these dudes wonder and wish!  Make ’em romance you!

 Do ya think I’m sexy? By Rod Stewart

Uh oh!  The irony, the irony!

I just told you ladies to stop dropping them panties so quick and then I turn around and pick this jam from our blue-eyed soul brother Rod! How ironic is that? Or am I looking for the word ‘hypocritical?’

Yass!  This is a panty dropper baby!  Listen to that sax at the break!  What about them sweet little violins plucking along that track?

Aw hell, he was gonna get it at some point anyway.

Use ta be my girl by the O’Jays

For all you suckas who let a good woman go!  This one is for you!

Jokers always looking for greener grass!  Well my cousin Ron said that your grass would be green if you watered it!  Yass!  Get to watering!

Brothers, a word of advice, don’t let a good woman slip away from you over minor shit!  If you do you’ll be sitting up there sayin, “If I had the chance, I’d take her back as a matter of fact right away-like today!”

Please don’t be no fool!

By the way, y’all don’t know nothing ‘bout Gamble and Huff!


Grooveline by Heatwave

Thank you UK brother Rod Temperton for another badass composition!  The UK been down with soul music.  They are all about it!

Y’all, when you get you some time, I want you to go listen to that whole damn song!  Baby any real musician will have to tip his hat to this jam!

My ‘play cousins,’ the Wilder brothers, ripped it!

I like listening to this one whenever I am about to take a long trip; especially when I have to fly. Chile, Sexy Lady G is claustrophobic so tight spaces tend to mess me up!  But when I puts on this jam!  I can fly to the damn moon!

Well what about the fear of heights, you ask?  Well hell, even I can’t fool myself about that so I just don’t even go there. How you gon’ get in something that you know is gonna fly–then start worrying about heights- that’s just crazy!

“Leave your worries behind cause rain shine, don’t mind, we’re riding on the Grooveline tonight!”

Shame by Evelyn Champagne King

Chile, Aunt Jet was the one who hipped Mama to this jam!  I remember her saying, “Can you believe that little girl is singing that song like that?”  HA!

“What you do to me is a shame!”

Get Off by Foxy

The kids will remember this from the movie “Roll Bounce.”  It is one of the jams that Sweetness skated to in the contest finale.

Baby, in 1978, there were no asses in seats when this jam came on!  From the minute them jokers hollered “ooh ooh ooh ooh!” Everybody hit the floor!  Even folks who had to remain seated for age or health reasons were chair rocking to that nasty monster!

Listen to this jam and sit still!  I double dog dare you!

I’m every woman by Chaka Khan

Yass!  For all of you who are CONFUSED!

Honey, Ashford and Simpson wrote it, but CHAKA took that freaking song to that next level!

“Anything you want done baby, I do it naturally, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Chaka’s riffs are so damn original!  That Queen Diva puts her foot down on anything she sings!

We are NOT worthy!

One nation under a groove by Parliament and Funkadelic

That damn George Clinton……I JUST CAN’T but I’m damn shole gonna try!

I remember everybody’s mouth dropping when they heard this jam!  It was doing its own thang I tell ya!

Of course we all know that George Clinton and some shape, form or fashion of the groups Parliament and Funkadelic had been around for a long ass time.  But baby when they joined forces, with Master George at the helm, a wonderful, crazy, mad, funky, nasty, gritty spectacle emerged!

All hail King George!  He took us somewhere altogether else baby!

Side note: I pray that Mr. Clinton was able to secure the publishing rights to his songs.  I heard that the folks who own them are/were not cooperating to help him get them back—not even via purchase.  Word on the street is that Mr. Clinton, who is well into his 70’s, can only make money by performing.  He gets no royalties from his own work. To me, that’s unthinkable!

Wouldn’t it be cool if the richest entertainers came together and somehow made them folks an offer they couldn’t refuse so they could buy those rights back and gift them to George?  I’m just sayin’ as I step off my soapbox!

If you want to learn more about this issue, start with this recent article and then follow up with this article from 2015.

Flat out! That whole thing troubles the hell out of me!

Dance Disco Heat by Sylvester

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, A Queen and a mononym!  Yass!

What more can you ask for?

Always and Forever by Heatwave

Somebody call the coroner because it’s too freaking late for a doctor!

I just cannot!

“Loving you is a thing that I planned for a very long time…me and you, you and me together…”

When my ‘cousin’ hit that freaking falsetto with “you, you, you, you” on the long version—I died!

I’m dead!  You are now reading a post written by a corpse, a haint  or somethin’!

By the way class, the term ‘haint’ is a Southern colloquialism for the word ‘GHOST!’

Yass!  And you thought I was ignorant didn’t you?  Well it ain’t your fault!  Most people have a hard time believing that somebody this sexy can be smart too! HA!


I’m just kidding; but not really 😉

Bustin’ Loose by Chuck Brown

“Gimme da bridge now,  gimme da bridge now!”  Yass!

The Godfather of go-go, out of DC via North Carolina, The one, the only…..Chuck Brown!

See y’all don’t know nuthin bout that go-go do you?

Hey! Hey! Come on!

I know this jam is not really go-go per se—- so I’ll let  T. Wayne school us! Start the process by  checking this out

Take that to the bank by Shalamar

Don’t be looking for no Howard Hewitt on this jam ‘cause he ain’t here! That’s Gerald Brown y’all!

SOLAR is coming and they will NOT be bullshitting when they get here. Yass!

“Open your account on me ‘cause I’ll give you security my love…My interest is strong I got a love you can count on, baby love.”

Stay by Rufus-featuring Chaka Khan

Chile, Heatwave done killed me but Chaka done brought me back!


This damn song so smoooove!  My condolences to you if you don’t know it!  You are missing something.

And I mean that!  Listen to this jam and get your life!

Flying High by The Commodores

This is another ‘fair song.’  I promised to tell you about those in October and I will!

Anyway, this!  This.  This right here….

This jam is another one that takes me to all the places that I love the best!  And I ain’t EVEN gotta leave my couch!

There’ll never be by Switch

Sh—iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii—ttttttttttttttttt !

That damn Debarge boy killed it with that falsetto.  Yass! BOBBY!!!  If you don’t know Bobby Debarge,  just imagine El Debarge’s voice then take it HIGHER!!!!!

Honey, Bobby, Phillip Bailey of EWF and Wayne Cooper of Cameo set off a huge falsetto debate between me, Ron and T. Wayne.  Oh it got ugly!  Them two jokers tried to double team me because I was down with Wayne Cooper!

Ok really, who can question Phillip?  But, having said that,  I implore you to listen to the long version of “Why have I lost you” by Cameo so you can see what I mean about Wayne!

Either way, we all agreed on Bobby!

“There’ll never be…la la la la la la…a better love…”

Mary Jane by Rick James

Baby, I loved me some Rick! Still do!

And this was one of my absolute faves!

“Do you love me Mary Jane? YEAH”

But was he talking about weed?  Hell I thought  Mary was a woman.

You by The McCrarys

“Because it’s you, yeah, I know it’s you, you, you, you!”

Yass! That sista is killing it baby!

We was all dancing and erythang until somebody told us she was talking about The Lordt!  Chile, the damage had been done though, no turning back! Jesus had to forgive us.

I usually keep my jams and gospel music separate but The McCrarys pulled a fast one on me baby. Who am I fooling?  I don’t really keep gospel music at all. Does that make me a heathen?  I think not!

Anyway, I guess the McCrary’s wanted to take the message to the people!

I heard they are related to that dude Darius.  You know, the kid from Family Matters or whatever the name of that show was.  You know he can sang too!

Shake and dance with me by Con funk shun

Baby this was one of mama’s records right here!  She loved this jam!

Another one for us brass junkies!

RIP Ma!  This one’s for you!

Get Down by Gene Chandler

Baby somebody went and pulled The Duke of Earl from outta the ‘60’s to come back and anoint us with a damn good jam!

“Get down baby bubba baby get down!”


Now if you’re an analytical thinker like Sexy Lady G then you might wonder how in the hell a person can hold a title that hails from another title.  Duke of Earl?  Hell, ain’t an Earl a title too? Why couldn’t he have been called the Duke of Chicago?  That would have made a wee bit more sense-notwithstanding the fact that Chicago falls under the whole local, state, federal set up!

Damn, there I go showing off my smarts again!  LOL!

Soft and Wet by Prince

Yass!  BABY! When we saw this joker we were freaking GOBSMACKED!

This gorgeous and ethereal androgynous thingy stormed on the scene out of nowhere!  Was he a man or a woman or what?


This creature had such big beautiful eyes with long hair and he was riding a pony!  Did you hear me?  That thang was on a pony! Hell I think it was Pegasus!

Magical, just plain magical!

Well just so you know, this Phenom was Prince and he was very much a man!

He mostly sang high but he always spoke low.  He played all of the instruments on this jam and countless others.  He kept us entertained and enlightened for years.

Then, just like that, he was gone!

I had to throw out a little creative writing for Prince because so many of us loved him so much.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can check it out here.

We won’t fully understand who he was or what he was doing for years to come-if ever!


Uh oh!  The witching hour is upon us!  So you know what that means.  But before I go, let me say that this list is in no particular order and it is not exhaustive.  Also, I wanted to show you what’s in Mama’s record collection:

Le Freak by Chic

Fire by The Pointer Sisters

I just wanna stop by Gino Vanelli

Dance with me by Peter Brown

What you won’t do for love by Bobby Caldwell

Stuff like that by Quincy Jones

Don’t hold back by Chanson

Wishing on a star by Rose Royce

Living it up by Bell and James

Now that we’ve found love by Third World

I’m so into you by Peabo Bryson

Victim by Candi Staton

Smile/ Whole lotta shaking by the Emotions

Anna Mae by Natalie Cole

Tonight is the night by Betty Wright

Ain’t we funkin now by The Brother’s Johnson

Groove with you by The Isley Brothers

Sun is here by Sun

Golden time of Day by Frankie Beverly

Unlock your mind by The Staple Singers


I love you dearest 1978, you know I do, but I gotta go my sweet!  Peace to you!

What are your jams from 1978?

What are your favorite memories from 1978?


Next Thursday:  My Jams ‘79






















42 thoughts on “My Jams ’78

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  2. Love this series! You know your soul and R&B, and I would surmise lots of other great music, too. Great picks and I love being reminded to re-hear wonderful songs I haven’t listened to in years…and look forward to checking out the ones I am not familiar with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to like and comment!

      It feels good to know that you enjoy this series. I am also happy to hear that you are revisiting some of these great songs/artists.
      Please be sure to come back anytime!

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  3. Oh this was an excellent post for me to start with. Gee – what memories are captured here. My first dance was with a boy who would give up on me playing hard to get when he asked me to dance (they did that once) So he finally got his way when he made a special request for the DJ to play this song. I went to see Lionel Richie a few weak’s ago and I did a post under my music category.

    Owe, I’ve been reading your introduction aloud to my family in my version of a Southern drawl and it’s had us in stitches. There are so many favorites on your list from 78 that I’m spoilt for choice. I thought I’d just pick out the one that I know brought the house down everytime it played. Here goes:

    Liked by 3 people

    1. YASSSS Chevvy! This one always brought da house DOWN! I love it! I have it listed as one of mama’s records because she played the grooves off!

      Isn’t it amazing how music brings us together without respect to gender, race, class or location? I mean, we jammed this here in the States and there you were in South Africa on the same note.

      Music is definitely the universal language!

      Hey, even the young man in your story knew that if he could request the perfect song that you might relent! God knows he probably didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting you to dance otherwise!

      Please come back Chevvy! Oh, I’d love for you to go back and check out earlier posts in the My Jams series. It all started with a post called That’s My Jam. All of them are in the music category.

      By the way, I’d pay money to hear you recite my posts in your South African version of a Southern U.S. accent! LMAO! Actually, I feel flattered!

      Warmest Regards Sis!

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      1. Oh I’ll definitely be back. I have heaps of music – in record/vinyls(modern word) CDs and now my IPOD and collections of quite a few songs you had on your list. So, I will most certainly check you out.
        When I saw your Rod Stewart song, I was reminded of a song called Sailing. As little children it was a big thing to go Christmas shopping (only time you got clothes) Anyway, my brother and I woke up early, filled with excitement and there was Rod Stewart singing “Sailing” on the radio. Such is nostalgia!
        My accent – don’t think I did too badly – we are very Americanised in terms of television and music. Interesting thing is because we’re so diverse here, I’ve often been asked if I’m American (accent on depth of voice). Was once at an international conference in New York adopted by a table of South Americans who thought I was Columbian – so it sounds like I can blend right in. Glad to meet you Gwin. Thanks for the compliments. I started out wanted to blog about Music but the poets grabbed me instead ha!ha! Cheers until later!

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  4. Great list Cuz. I was feeling my oats in ’78. Junior year in High School and I had written, “Three times a lady by The Commodores” down on my “favorites” page of my “memory book”. Great love song. Yes indeed, you better be watering your grass on this one.

    One hot summer, a couple of years ago, we were going through a drought here in the Big C. The city was asking everyone to cut back on watering the grass, but my neighbor, who rented, watered his grass day and night, despite the drought. We were all on wells for our water, so I got to worrying about the level of the water table. It turned out that the neighbor could afford to water his grass day and night because his water hose was connected to MY well system. That joker was watering his grass with my water.

    GUYS! You can’t do that. You have to use your OWN water. Be original. Don’t use your neighbor’s water.

    Anyways, I enjoyed riding on the Grooveline by Heatwave, also.
    Also loved “Shame” by Evelyn “Champagne” King.
    Get Off by Foxy—Got us rocking. I mean literally rocking. We was doing that “Rock” and the “Skate”. There’s one guy that STILL does the “Rock”.
    Parliament and George kept it Funky

    Always and Forever, was the first song that I “thought” I could sing. I knew all of the words but I could not get that last part. The notes were just too dang high. “Loving you is a thing that I planned for a very long time…me and you, you and me together…”

    Yeah, that boy Bobby could sang. I saw on “Unsung” that El was reluctant to sing in the falsetto even though his family kept urging him too. He would say, “Ya’ll just trying to make me sound like Bobby”.

    Mary Jane by Rick James, loved it. Rick said, Cocaine is a helluva drug, but Mary Jane wasn’t no slouch.

    Great list Cuz. I have numerous favs in 1978. Like I said, that was my Junior Year. I was “conscious” that year.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ron I will pay you money to call me and sing Always and Forever! I am trying with all of my brain cells to imagine that. You have such a nice speaking voice that it makes sense that you can SANG!
      Yeah in ’78 you were a Junior. ’79 will see you leaving us behind in the big GA. As you have alluded, you will go dark (when it comes to good music) for a good portion of the ’80’s.
      No worries though, cuz gone catch you up! LOL!!!

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  5. “My Jams” has come to define my Thursdays. It’s on my phone’s calendar as a reoccurring event. Yes it’s that good to me.

    And here I am at My Jams 78.

    The opening monologue of this post sets the perfect ambiance for the feature. I can relate to Dad’s pay days and being loaded into the car for grocery, clothes shopping, and the one day out of the week where we ate anything other than Mom’s cooking. It was always take out or Sonic eat in car as Dad had a thing about eating in restaraunts. So again your intro into your latest “My Jams” took me back to a time that was real to me and memorable to this day.

    As always I’m up for the latest edition of ” My Jams” by my favorite blogger. I’m falling through these doors with a freshly processed “Nick Asford Look”. (Yes I really did wear that look for about 9 months back then) sporting a one piece lavender dress jumper with a u shaped chest opening that is filled with the ruffles of a black shirt with gold trimming. The shoes – black dress boots – the cologne – Georgio Special Reserve.

    And the music you have selected for My Jams 78 is the creme of a very lofty echelon crop of artists and bands. I don’t envy you at all for being tasked with delivering the selections for this post – but as usual you’ve delivered the heavy hitters, the movers, and the shakers that left their musical autographs on the year 1978.

    Three Times a Lady – The Commodores – Now that’s how one paid homage to that special woman. In a world where ladies are “slapped, smashed. “dusted off”, and few other ill eurephisms I won’t soil this comment with this song is a timeless piece of fused dialogue and music that stands as an exemplary example of how to respectfully speak of the lady of meaning.

    T. Wayne made mention of the late George Duke’s “Dukey Stick”. I feel that – gotts “walk the water ” up in heah”.

    Shame By Evelyn Champage King – I wore this one out in the car and wore some shoes out on the dance floor getting down to it. There was this called Horizons that me and my freshly minted via of new jobs buddies used to go in on the weekends and have the best of times and this jma was part of it. Got so good one night I left outta there with this chick that had summer teeth and didn’t realize it until I stopped at the gas station and tha light hit her face. Oh Summer teeth?
    Some were here some were there. She had this broken picket fence thing she was working I guess.

    Get Off By Foxy – You called it right babe. ” there were no asses in seats when this jam came on! From the minute them jokers hollered “ooh ooh ooh ooh!” Everybody hit the floor! Even folks who had to remain seated for age or health reasons were chair rocking to that nasty monster!” Mofos out on the floor with walkers and canes. Good music can cure an ill.

    I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan – Thank Thank You Thank You! for giving props to Chaka on this one. I love Ashford and Simpson and as yout said, they wrote it, but Chaka knocked it out of the park.

    I fully expected George Clinton to Show up at the My Jams 78 party and I’ll be damned if you didn’t get him in here. I worked as a DJ for a while in 78 and One Nation was often the lead off jam.

    Aww snap! My gurl “G” done came to D.C. and snagged the jam that rocked The Nation’s Capitol in 78. The late Chuck Brown’s Bustin Loose takes me back to hot DC summers drinking cheap beer in Southeast in Anacostia during “The Murder Capitol of The World” time in DC. Folks can say what they want – but the women were honest, the men accomodating and respectful, and “Bustin Loose” was one of those jams that took out the bad and left you with the good.

    I’m risking turning my comment into a post and that’s not my intention so I’ma slow my roll here and tell you Gwin, you’ve done another magnificent job in selecting music that evokes memories, smiles, and good feelings from the year that music took its stake. AWESOME JOB!

    Before I get out of here though I will say that anybody that read my response to My Jams 77 knows I’m chasing a dance with the divalicous “Lady G”. Lady G and Gee “what up wit dat?” Don’t ya’ll asses start rumors now.

    Anyhow here’s what I propose. I propose from Lady G’s selection of My Jams tunes I select one jam to dance with her on.

    Don’t worry I’ll keep it repectful cause we both believe in putting respe”k” (if you don’t know read our blogs) on each other’s names.

    So from My Jams 78 I select The Commordores Three Times A Lady for what will be a disco ball spinning, spotlight on resplendent lady dance.

    Old Uncle Eugene that work on cars told me just how to do it.

    “Hold huh respeckable
    Hold huh unda the arms and round huh back wich ya hand open to huh back
    Leave room round de belt fo air to circulate – you don’t want huh to thank you some dawng
    Now huh nose prolly gone be laying somewhere round yo collar bone so you gon feel her breafs

    It’s good to feel the breafs betta than smell em if she been eatin garlic shrimps
    If the breafs git going real fast like make mo space tween the the belts
    Affa the song stop walk her back to where you got huh from and buy huh a drank to cool huh off.
    Give huh a fresh hankecheif from yo suit pocket to dap huh sweat wit – let huh keep it fo a keepsake I think dey call it.
    Thank the woman for sharing de moment.

    Send huh some flowers to huh table fo you leave.

    Thanks for the dance and the post Lady G.

    Keep writing – I Love it!

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    1. I am outdone G! I believe you dropped the daggum mic!
      I am loving Uncle Eugene’s advice! He is telling your right. Reminds me of my Uncle Bubba!
      It’s such a compliment to know that you have ‘my jams’ listed as an event on your calendar. I am so humbled. By the way, I gotta check out your pre-amble to ’77. I don’t know how I missed that. Charge it to my head and not my heart.
      Anyway, you got that dance G!
      I look forward to reading your responses because you can give us such a nice historical reference for many of these jams. You gotta remember, when these first came out I was still a kid but each jam grew up with me so I claim them all!
      Again, thanks so much for reading and thank you so much for your beautiful responses.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much my friend!

          That really does mean a lot because I have wanted to share my stuff for years but never had time or I worried that no one would like it–even though people said that I was good. I was just scared.

          But something happens when you reach that age where you realize that you got more years behind you than you do before you. That something said, “Girl, if you are a writer then write!” If folks like it that’s good. If they don’t—oh well!

          So when someone whose writing I really enjoy, admire and respeck (I’m sorry I had to do it) says that they enjoy my stuff, I go over the moon!

          It makes me very glad that I took a chance on myself. By the way, can you believe Ron was just putting those masterpieces that he writes on Facebook? Whaaa?

          Anyway, Ron takes this site to that next level! I think that our Grandparents are happy with the fact that we just put it out there and that we keep their legacies alive!

          Always sending light and love your way!

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  6. T. Wayne

    And…about that Chuck Brown; “Bustin’ Loose” is part of the foundation of go-go; it has the call and response and the conga break, but it was a bit more of an R&B record than what go-go began to sound like after this song. So it’s like a building block.

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  7. T. Wayne

    Oh Lordt!

    Welp. (clears throat)

    Every Thursday I live for this. These jams are fire. Every one. There’s so much here, I was thinking about songs I FORGOT to mention last week for 1977! (those would be Brainstorm’s “Lovin’ Is Really My Game” and “This Must Be Heaven” if you were asking!)

    Anyway…I’ll add “Flashlight” by Parliament; “September” by EWF, “It’s Serious” by Cameo (for you young folks, this was Cameo the band, back before them “Word Up” days; same group, just more members back in ’78. I wrote something about the shrinkage of R&B bands in the 80s a while back; maybe I’ll reblog it one day, or just write it again so you can see what you missed); “Dukey Stick” by George Duke; “L-O-V-E-U” by Brass Construction; “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody” by Brick and “Close The Door” by Teddy Pendergrass…I could go on, but I’ll stop here.

    Sexy Lady G has got this party smokin’!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you my Twin! I am always waiting to see what you’re gonna say! I love it!
      OMG, I gotta read that ‘band shrinkage’ post because when Cameo dumped all of the musicians I damn near freaked out!
      I stayed with them though but I was none too happy! RIP Wayne Cooper–still my man for falsetto! Sorry T. I had to get that in! ROTFLMAO!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Thanks for the link and bring it on! Actually you don’t have to look too hard to find good ones that I left off. Start here:
          Riding High- Faze-O
          In the nighttime and take me I’m yours by Michael Henderson
          Let’s go all the way by the Whispers….
          Just to name a few!

          Liked by 2 people

        2. T. Wayne

          OOOOOOOHHHH! In The Night-Time! Hot Damn!(Funny…just seems kind of funny….that every time it’s sunny….can’t get along with my honey…)

          And I forgot to give some dap for including the Commodores’ Flying High!

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Holy hell! TP, the Teddy Bear was on my list! How in da hell did I forget “Close the door.” Another freaking “Rock Creek Park” debacle!
      I would have been one of them chicks throwing Teddy my panties had I been old enough.

      Liked by 2 people

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