The Professor

Today I am celebrating Seekthebestblog’s own Ron Brown. Around here we call Ron “The Professor.”

As many of you already know, Ron recently graduated and received his B.S. degree. Guys this was no small feat– especially if, like Ron, you are juggling a business, a full time job and the co-parenting of three beautiful and strong young black men. Go ‘head on Ron! You DID that!

This post explains why we call him the professor.

Stay tuned for more details about Ron and this momentous occasion later on today.

In the meantime enjoy “The Professor.” I encourage you to share your best wishes, memories or thoughts about Ron in the comment section!

We love you Prof!

Seek The Best Blog

Ron pic Ron, aka, “The Professor”

I believe that each of us plays a specific role in our family.  In my family, my role is ‘entertainer/storyteller.’  Even as a toddler, I would stand in the midst of a room full of people and babble incessantly!  My uncle, the ‘bon vivant’ (life of the party), would cheerfully egg me on. My parents, who were relatively quiet, would watch in horror as I danced and sang my way all over the house.  Now if you were to ask my mom and dad where I got this ‘talent’, they would say “Oh she got that from Leroy!” Surprise! Leroy is the uncle who was egging me on.

Anyway, let’s move our attention away from me, Uncle Leroy and all of our foolishness so that I can tell you about my cousin Ron, aka ‘The Professor.’ As a child, Ron was that cat who sat in the…

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