My Jams ’82

Gwin for 1982


Warning:  This post contains adult language and adult situations.  Oh and it’s long as hell too!  So get comfortable before you start! Remember this list focuses on Soul/R&B and is not in any order nor is it exhaustive.

August 13, 1982          He talked to Mama

 Eva, she brought that joker to our kid’s school!  Now what kind of bullshit is that? Why would she bring a man to our kid’s school function—knowing that I was gon’ be there too? I was humiliated!

I just don’t know what went wrong!  I tried to be a good husband to my wife; I took care of all the bills like a good man should.

I thought we were gonna work it out and be a family again-then she go and do this shit here!  I’m just so damn hurt!

Eva, if I’m hurt, how you think our kids feel?  What do you think they think?

You know, after she left me I just didn’t know what to do with myself.  So, I went and talked to her sisters and her mama and they didn’t know what to tell me.

Eva, I’m just beside myself.  My kids keep asking me when they mama gonna come back home and I just don’t know what to tell ‘em.  I mean, I been calling and calling and calling.  She won’t answer me!  She won’t even answer the kids unless she know they are calling from her mama or her sister house.

I just need somebody to talk to her.

Eva, would you talk to her for me?  Would you tell her what a good husband and father I am?  Could you tell her that she need to leave that motherfucker alone and come on back home?

He stopped talking… and started crying.

Mama looked at him and said, “It’s gon’ be alright, I will try to talk to her but I can’t promise you nothing.”

“Eva, that’s all I ask, just talk to her.  I know she’ll listen to you.”


August 14, 1982          She talked to Mama

Eva you just don’t know the hell I went through with that man.  Yeah he paid all the bills but he wouldn’t quit messing around on me.   I had women calling my house asking me to speak to MY husband.  I had one heffa try to tell me all about EVERYHTING they had done in bed.

Girl, I put up with that mess for a long time ‘cause we had the kids and I really didn’t have nowhere to go.  You have no idea how many nights I cried myself to sleep.  Some mornings I wouldn’t even look directly at my babies ‘cause my eyes was so swole from crying.

Then one day I realized that I couldn’t live like that no more so I got me a job and I started working.  I worked like hell and as soon as I got enough money saved up, I left his ass.

Yeah, I’ll admit that when I left him I started dating a manager at my job.  Eva, he is just so kind and gentle to me.  He was there when I really needed somebody.  He helped me get on my feet and get a divorce attorney.

Eva, for years I tried talking to my husband.  I pleaded with him to change his ways.  Girl you know we got good insurance so I called a counselor but my husband said we didn’t need help—he said that we could work things out ourselves. Eva he told me that counseling is for crazy folks and that black people don’t do no shit like that.

Girl, he didn’t change!  I even called our preacher but my husband said he didn’t want our business all over the church.  I got so pissed that I just hollered, “Everybody already know you fucking around on me—so we ain’t got no business!”

‘Scuse my language Eva, you know I don’t talk like this but the whole thing just really pisses me off!  I am still hurting about it!

Girl, I tried and I tried- You hear me?

Now I’m tired and I’ve had enough.

She stopped talking… and looked down.

Mama looked at her and said, “You know he asked me to talk to you about going back home right?”

“Eva, no disrespect to you but you can tell his ass I said to call one of them bitches he was screwing!”

She gave mama a big hug, said her goodbyes and left.

We never saw her again.  Last I heard, she took the kids and moved up North somewhere.

I didn’t want to get in trouble for listening snooping but I think mama already knows that I heard everything.

After She left, I felt kinda awkward.  I didn’t know what to think so I went on in the living room to sit with mama.  I told her that I had heard the whole thing and I asked her if she thought that He and She would get back together.

Mama lowered her head, looked at me and said, “No, because when a person has had enough– they gon’ have enough– and they ain’t gon’ want no more!”

At that very moment, the DJ started playing “If you think you’re lonely now” by Bobby Womack.

Talk about mystery and bubble gum?

What?  You never heard nobody say that before?  Don’t worry!  My French friend taught me to say those words whenever something really strange happens!  I say it in English– but for real, it goes:  Mystere et boule de gom-or something like that.

Anyway, all this husband and wife stuff is too deep for me!  I shoulda just went with my friends to see Friday the 13th Part III.

This probably gon’ be the last one.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Yessir…all that really did happen and my nosey ass was lurking around listening to the whole thing. And of course mama knew I was listening.  But y’all it was almost as if she allowed me to listen and hoped that I might learn something from what I had heard.

Well baby, let me tell you right now, I most definitely learned something and here it is:  Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear!  Oh yes, Brother Marvin had been telling me that for years via the lyrics of ‘Heard it through the Grapevine.”  Well, rest assured that it sunk in on August 14, 1982 when I learned that there is always more than one side to a story.

Baby, I had seen that family a million times and I thought everything was cool!

But apparently,




Anyway!  What’s good in 1982? I see y’all made it here safe and in good spirits!  I just got back from Cousin Ron’s 21st birthday party in Texas!  Chile all I gotta say is Airmen know how to have a damn good time!  Ooh la la! My French friend taught me that one too!

That’s what’s up with me.  Are you ready to spill your tea?  Now y’all know I want all the details right?  Why don’t you give ‘em up at the after party in the comments section!

I’m ready to get it started!

And so…

My Jams ‘82

Call me by Skyy

YAASSSS Ladies!  This one is all about stealing your friend’s man!

The dickens you say?  Well hell a jam is a jam!  We can’t be bothered with morals and stuff!

“…Though your girlfriend is a friend of mine, here’s my number and a dime call me anytime!”

Hell if you gotta spot that joker a dime then he need to stay where he is!

“Satisfaction guaranteed!”

I’m a wonderful thing baby by Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Yeah it was a novelty song but I was a  pre-teen back then and I lived for this jam!

Never give up on a good thing by George Benson

I guess it all depends on whose “good thing” he’s talking about.

As we saw in the lead in story, what was good for He damn shole was NOT good for She!

No matter, George DID that with this jam!

Tell me tomorrow by Smokey Robinson

Baby this jam right here is so sweet.  The melody is so enticing and romantic.

I guess it has to be if you are trying to convince someone to have one last romp with you before they dump your ass tomorrow!

“…If you can’t be mine forevermore then let’s make it like I never knew …”

Yaaasss, tell me tomorrow Denzel!

Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa


What in the hell is that?  Kids, you gotta understand that our v.82 ears were unaccustomed to the kinds of sounds that we heard coming from this jam!

But baby most of us got used to it!

Mama, however, did NOT!

Circles by Atlantic Starr

Chile, Sharon Bryant, the original lead for Atlantic Starr was the business—DO YOU HEAR ME?

That Queen Diva had her own way of working a jam.  That Sista was unique like Chaka Khan!

Just go play this one and listen to her say “…you got me so confused baby, baby, baby!”   SHiiiTTTT!!  I can’t call it!

The Gigolo by O’Bryan

Boy that rhythm guitar made a quick ass introduction in this jam!

It said, “Hello, I am the rhythm and I plan to rock your ass out!”

Hell I thought it was Ray Parker, Jr!

Again, it might be but I’ll let you check 🙂

O’Bryan?  Yaaassss!

Y’all act like y’all done forgot about this boy right here!

“He’s just a gigolo…I don’t think she really know!”

Don’t sleep on this one!  It had PLENTY of brass action too!

Are you serious by Tyrone Davis

Aw hell, back to that eternal question:  Should I get with this old ass man?

Again, I say, he coulda got it!  I don’t give a damn if he was 88; Ty was sexy as hell!

Shine on By  George Duke

Yeah, you forgot this one didn’t you!

It has all the sweet sentimentality that a gal like me needs in her life!

George ain’t no joke so please be clear that all of his musical compositions are coming correct!

Don’t get it twisted!

777-9311 by The Time


If the rhythm guitar in “Gigolo” was saying “Hello,” the bass guitar in this jam is saying “WHATZUP!!!!!!”

I simply cannot with this jam!

But I must try!

First, here is a quick dance tip for you newcomers, if you want to dance to this song DO NOT FOLLOW THE DRUMMER!

The drummer is keeping his own damn time and this is NOT a play on words!

Some people swear that Prince played the drums on the original recording—not Jellybean.  Frankly, we may never really know….unless we ask Mr. Day and Jellybean’nem.

Anyway, to dance to this jam, start by following the rhythm guitar then rock out to the BASS!

But here comes the killin’ part:

After Morris talks plenty of trash he calls out “Terrrrrrrry!

And baby Terry Lewis then commences to go to WORK on that bass!


Please, somebody go get me some water!

Apache by The SugarHill Gang

The kid’s will remember this from “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air” when Carlton and Will dance to this jam!

That damn Master Gee had my heart baby!

Don’t get me wrong, they all had skills!

Do it…Let me see you shake by the Bar Kays

Yeah, these boys totally revamped after the plane crash that killed all but about two of them;  Of course Otis Redding died in that crash too. Like I said in older “My Jams” posts, I can’t talk about it too much or I will cry.

Anyway, I love this jam even though it does NOT highlight any of the instrumentalists; in fact, it sounds like it was totally composed and performed on a synthesizer.

No matter, I liked it anyway!  But I did start to worry about the future of music when I first heard it!

Play at your own risk by Planet Patrol

“…If you think that you’re too hot to trot, I’ll take you to the top and then I’ll let you drop.”

Play at your own risk!

‘Nuff said!

Do Wa Ditty by Zapp


“Said I wanna blow… Do Wah…just let me blow…Do Wah Ditty…blow my thang…Do Whah Ditty”

Go ‘head on Roger!

It shoulda been you by Gwen Guthrie

This Queen Diva left us way too soon but baby she gave us some gifts before she did and this jam was one of them.

Here, Gwen laments over a love that just wasn’t meant to be.

With my back to the wind

I face a new horizon

Believe me when I say that it’s true

Even though our love is through

Gwen…girl… it be like that sometime!  But I say if you gotta walk out at least you walked out to a kicking ass bassline. YAAASSS!

Wait for me by Slave

Who in the hell wouldn’t wait when Steve Arrington says, “ohhh baby wait for me!”

I don’t know ‘bout you but I’m waiting for Steve!

God I love this song!

Favorite Person by The O’Jays

That’s my jam! (But aren’t they all?)  Anyway, I don’t just listen to this, I perform it!

Great music and singers never really go away!

That said, baby the O’Jays were still kicking it in 1982!

Don’t believe me?  Go check out this jam!

Oh yeah and while you’re at it go holler at “Satisfy you” and everything else on that Album!

“Out of all the women in the world, you’re my favorite girl!”

Something about that woman By Lakeside

I know Lakeside!  Don’t you worry — the fellas say that about me all the damn time!


Another good SOLAR jam!

Show me where you coming from By Carrie Lucas

Aw shit now!  This right here!  What???


I love this song.  This very pretty Queen Diva, Carrie Lucas, is working the hell out of this jam and she does it over a funky ass bassline that is reminiscent of Taana Gardner’s “Heartbeat!” Could that have been Leon Sylvers on bass?  I wouldn’t put it past him.

I TOLD y’all back in the late ‘70’s that SOLAR was NOT gon’ be bullshitting! Now I guess you believe me!

I am adding the video in comments! But remember it’s from ’82 so don’t expect too much!  Peep the pop lockers in the background!  Pop locking was the shit back then!

High Hopes by SOS Band

This is dedicated to She from He

Now go peep the into!!!




Just plain dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“… I’ll never, ever, ever come around to see you again….I had high hopes for you and me…thought we’d stay together eternally…!

“This can’t be…you with another and girl it’s killing me.”

AWWW Damn!!!!

Nights over Egypt by The Jones Girls

Talk about a smooth ass jam!  You’ll not find one smoother—I can promise you that!

The Walk by The Time

I fell in love with this song from the first freaking note!  Musically it just does it for me!

Oh but when you add a showdog like Morris Day to a bad ass beat you get some other kinda animal.

Your boy, Morris, was funny as hell.

Check out my favorite verses:

Damn, I’m ’bout to walk a hole in my Stacy Adams

What time is it?

Little cute guitar player, make your mama proud

I want all of Detroit City to stand up, clap your hands

Alright you Polaroids, stay in time with the drummer

Jellybean, don’t be so mean

Mr. Jellybean, turn it around, bass man walk downtown

Go on and walk, Terry!

Then there’s the hilarious dialogue between Morris and Vanity:


Say, hey baby, where you goin’?
I’m going home, I can’t dance like that
Well baby, that’s because you got those jeans on too tight
Now let’s just take ’em off

What do you mean, “Let’s just take ’em off?”
Come on, take ’em off, I got something for you to wear, here, put this on
Uh, you always keep lingerie in your glove compartment?
None of my women wear gloves, now put this on

But my ass, hey, a play on words
But all the girls will stare at me
All the girls in this neighborhood already wear camisoles…

Damn baby, how’d you get all that in them jeans?

It wasn’t easy
I know that’s right, well, I think you’d be more comfortable in this
I’m sure I would, I don’t know

Hurry up Grace, song’s almost over
My name’s not Grace
I know that, but hurry up—- Grace…

Okay baby, now check this out. We gonna walk ’til the song’s over
In other words, meet me at the bar in 32 measures, cool?
And if you’re good, I’ll let you work the stick in my ride

Talkin’ cash shit!  (Lyrics updated, source for lyrics had a few typos)
Alligator Woman by Cameo


I freaking loved this jam!  It had that whole new-wave thing that we were all trying to adjust our ears to! Y’all the drummer showed his ass a time or two on this one!  Listen close!  Maybe it was Larry!   Remember he was the drummer before he threw all the damn instruments away!

“You’re a mess I must confess….”

I know you got another by The Reddings (Yes those Reddings!)

Here come them Jawja boys again y’all!

This shit right here was funky as hell!  I don’t care what NOBODY say!

Dexter had that bass going EVER-Y-WHERE!

Peep these lyrics:

I just give up, I just give up on you

Everything I try to do

I just give up, I just give up on you

You always turn around and abuse

I just give up, I just give up on you

Time and time again

I just give up, I just give up on you

You sneak around all over town with your bad news. Girl pleez!

I just give up, I just give up on you

But it…don’t matter, don’t matter, don’t matter

Don’t matter, don’t matter ‘bout nuthin no mo!

YASSSS…The Reddings straight outta Macon, GA!  Just some good ole country boys with a whole lotta money!

Word to the wise, don’t let country boys fool you! They might talk slow but them jokers already 4 steps ahead of your ass!  Yessuh!

My daddy tried to warn me about them slow talking Jawja boys!  Your girl didn’t listen and let’s just say that things didn’t always bode well for me!

Ask Cousin Ron ‘bout them Jawja boys!

We don’t have to talk about love by Peabo Bryson

Alright, it’s time to slow it down!

I ain’t heard this one in a long time!  How ‘bout you?

Well baby, let me warn you, it will make your nature rise!

Hope you got somebody to work that out with! Or something…


Jamie by Ray Parker Jr

Guitar extraordinaire!  Yes baby!  This joker is a beast on guitar.

Well this one was a nice little mid-tempo jam and Lil Lady G wore the grooves off it!

And now….Let’s see what Eva was bumping!

Love come down by Evelyn Champagne King

Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye

Let it whip by the Dazz band

The other woman Ray Parker Jr.

Muscles and Mirror, Mirror by Diana Ross

Mama used to say by Junior

Forget me nots by Patrice Rushen

A night to remember by Shalamar

Early in the morning by The Gap band

1999 by Prince

There it is by Shalamar

You dropped a bomb by The Gap band

I’m so excited by The Pointer sisters

So fine by Howard Johnson

My latest my greatest inspiration by Teddy Pendergrass

Dance wit’ me by Rick James

Ribbon in the sky by Stevie wonder

Cutie pie by One Way

Street Corner by Ashford and Simpson

I’ll try something new by A Taste of Honey

I really don’t need no light by Jeffrey Osborne

Dance floor by Zapp

If this world were mine by Cheryl Lynn and Luther Vandross

Keep on by D-train

Young love by Janet Jackson

I want to hold your hand by Lakeside

In the raw and Emergency by The whispers

Let’s celebrate by Skyy

Be yourself by Cameo

Knockout by Margie Joseph

The Smurf by Tyrone Brunson

Wanna be with you by EWF

Since I lost my baby by Luther Vandross

Yo’ mama by Wuf ticket

Who sticking it By sunrise

Keep it Live by Dazz band

Still water by O’Bryan

Gigolos get lonely too by The Time

Must be the music by Secret Weapon

Girl by Time

Imaginary Playmates by Rene and Angela

Goodbye 1982!  I love you!

Whew!  That should keep y’all occupied for a minute!  Meet me in comments so we can talk about the year that was, the memories and the music!




























51 thoughts on “My Jams ’82

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  2. Well Cuz! I think I was married to my first wife during this time. We used to spend almost every weekend and holidays at my in-laws. Those people knew how to have a good time. Pops had converted his garage into a bar, the main feature of which was the elegant, polished bar he’d brought back with him from the Philippines. He kept that bar fully stocked with whatsenever kinda likker you wanted. He had a fridge specifically for holding beer. The had all of these tunes that you’ve named here. There were always good times to be had; drinking, listening to music and playing every type of card game and dominoes you can imagine. Good Times.
    That was one serious story you led off with. Very poignant, on so many different levels. So many messages and lessons swimming around in those words. That was huge! And great. As for the music. I think that, between you and Auntie, ya’ll got all of the good ones that I can remember. Ditto on your list. Very thorough.

    The Time was hot in my neck of the woods. I just have one question though, “Can Morris Day Sing?

    I was glad to see Evelyn come backLove come down by Evelyn Champagne King

    Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye; I was glad to see Marvin’s resurgence. I loved the remix.

    Teddy Pendergrass was a sentimental favorite of mine, felt kinda sorry for him at this juncture though.


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    1. RONALD!!!!

      There go my baby right there! MY RONNIE!

      Glad you made it to the party, albeit late! I understand why tho and I hope that you enjoyed your special day!

      You know sometimes when you talk about your in-laws I think that you really kinda miss those folks! Like I said, I remember briefly meeting Wifey#1 and it was probably around this time period –now that I think about it. Wasn’t it something like the 4th of July in ’82. I was at that awkward stage and when I saw you I didn’t know how to take you because you were all grown up and had a wife so no more wrestling and tickling. I am sure I felt some type of way about that! LOL!

      Yeah, I was telling G that the story that I told at the beginning was VERY true and sad because I knew the kids; they were the same age as me and Tack— so we were all friends. But as Mama said, “When you done had enough, you’ll have enough, and you won’t want no more.

      You know your question about Morris Day’s singing skills is a good one. I think that he could hold a tune. He wasn’t no Prince, by any stretch of the imagination but I think he did ok. I loved Gigolos get lonely too. That one shows his skills as a balladeer. Another one that I REALLY loved by them that I left off was “I don’t wanna leave you.” I loved that jam!

      Anyway, I am sure that we will talk later. By the way, Tammy said to tell you hello! LOL!

      PS. Let me ask you the same question that I am asking everybody else; were there any gotchas on this list; meaning songs that you forgot about or surprised you? If so, what were they?

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      1. Yeah Cuz. One always misses the truly good people they meet on life’s path. They were/are good folks; mirthful, loving, etc. Their house was that house that everybody comes to. All of the neighborhood kids flocked to.

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  3. Hey Lady G – this is it!! – another great post for sure. I’m out of action this week but came especially looking for you. Your introductory story interesting as usual and reminiscent of so many relationships of the times. There are so many songs I like on your list and Eva’s too. This was a year of love for me and the song that as like Sound track for a couple of years is on your list :

    And this one:

    I also remember this period a good clubbing days so getting down to Shalamar and Kool and the Gang was my thing. As a reminder – here we go:

    Then this song which always seemed elusive in trying to find it and remember why it was special to me but it still tugs at my heartstrings is this one:

    I gotta go now but will be back.

    Thanks for yet another great taste of nostalgia 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I see you you sweetheart. I grabbing another hour of sleep – attending lectures this week but hope to check in again later – my evening. Classes are tiring and intense but great. Sweet dreams Babe 🙂

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    1. Good Afternoon Chevvy! I hope that you are near successful completion of your coursework. Chile it’s always a good idea to invest in yourself 🙂

      Anyway, thanks for posting these videos. Especially for “Shine On” because I think that a lot of people forgot that jam. Oh and you know how much I love Tavares.

      Now here is something interesting, I really didn’t follow Lionel Ritchie after he left the Commodores. I don’t know, I guess I was looking for that funk/soul that I was accustomed to from him; but alas, he went in a totally different direction. No shade; he is a brilliant singer, writer composer and he is my Alabama homeboy. Let me clarify that. Though I was born and raised in GA, my folks come from Alabama which is why I always shout out to those two states.

      Oh yeah, so if ’82 was a year of love for you, it was a year of crushes for me. I was still digging on Mr. Carribeanish but then I also had a crush on the older brother of one of my brother’s football team-mates. I was about 4 or 5 years younger so, while he thought I was a cute little girl, he was NOT interested in starting anything. I remember going to my brother’s football games walking back and forth to the concession stands hoping that he would look at me. He played golf for his high school and was VERY popular. I better hush just incase he sees this-LOL! I don’t want to betray a 34 year old triple secret crush!

      Like I said, I really have been missing you girl! Let’s talk more when you get back to your home and to your regular schedule.

      PS: I asked T. Wayne to tell me the songs that caught him by surprise from this list, let me pose the same question to you. Which songs were gotchas for you?

      Take care my love!

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      1. Hey Girlfriend

        I love to find such long messages waiting for me – reminds me of those pen-pal days I was talking about the other day except this is in my inbox not my post box😀
        I’m sorry that I had to just disappear – I didn’t realise how tired I would be. I’ve got another day of the course tomorrow and then another week in July. Yes, as you say it is an investment in myself and whatever new career I’m headed towards – still getting my head around that though time is not on my side.
        Now, I must tell you that you’ve managed to get a lot more out of me than I was willing to tell Girlfriend so I know you are piecing things together and here I am trying to retain a bit of mystery 😀 So I’ll just have to keep the suspense going. But to answer the question you didn’t ask, I am older than you but a girl can keep her age to herself especially in this public place😀
        From your jam list – other songs that resonate with me are Nights over Egypt, the Ojays “Favourite person” but Shine stands out for me because I had the whole album and loved all of it. That Album just reminds me of happy carefree days and that period in your life when you have stars in your eyes.

        In some ways I would have loved to have replayed 1982. I guess I still like the anticipation of anything – so that was what 1982 was – a year of the prelude to a number of things. Sorry – Girl, I can’t say more in front of an audience.
        Of course I noticed that you left some songs off the list, I would love to know what they were but I also understand that some songs hold memories that are best left to rest.

        Wow! a 34 year old crush! – now if you were near me I’d offer to work through that with you ha!ha!ha! If I think about the number of crushes I’ve had where the poor “jokers” didn’t ever know. See I was very shy at school and the guys misinterpreted it as me being a snob.
        As we proceed with the years, you’ll know which were my heartbreak songs.

        I really do find your home states intriguing places from what I know of your history. If only one day I count find myself in that part of the world. Anyway, I’ve got to go for now but I’ll keep an eye out for to you. You take care too Girlfriend and thanks for sharing the great picture -even the food I’ll eat with you one day😀

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        1. Hey Doll!
          I am back home now.

          Sounds like you are as busy as a little beaver with your coursework.

          Anyway, it is so nice to learn a little more about my friend Chevvy. As for the whole age thing, I think it’s a moot point since we are all grown and sexy so you keeping that part secret is alright with me.

          By the way, Lady G would never be so gauche as to ask another lady her age. LOL!

          “Nights over Egypt” and “Favorite Person” are two smooth ones aren’t they? I can put both of them on repeat and be good! Oh yeah, I am convinced that we will somehow meet in person —and oh the stories we will tell!

          “Shine” was just so sweet! I loved that one.

          As for the crush, I left that in the fall of ’82 so the origin and demise of that non existent love affair all occurred wtihin a matter of months. As you know, at that age, girls would go from crush to crush. Well I went from Mr. Golfer to another dude. Of course, I will tell you more about that joker in 1983! LOL!

          Chevvy, this is so much fun! Listening to these songs, writing these posts and reading the responses where everybody shares experiences is so therapeutic for me.

          Something has awakened in me and all of you guys are my support and witnesses. I hope that I am the same for you.

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        2. Soon, very soon, I’ll catch you in real time and we can have a “conversation” but as I said before – it feels like returning home and you’ve done that – you’ve created that space and thank you for that.
          As for the age thing, I will soon get over myself on that one since my view is that it’s what’s in your head and heart that matters. Having said that though – it’s unavoidable to feel some of the wear and tear on your bones.
          Don’t lose sight of short story thing – we are all weaving them in here and I think as we move along, I’d like to bring in a bit of the atmosphere of the song or time.
          The course I am busy with is “Neurolinguistic Programming” – you may be familiar with it. I’m doing it as part of a Master’s in Behavioural Change and Coaching which I started in 2014. The Business school I am doing it with integrates theory and practice very well so in terms of the practice parts, it’s been both an emotional and empowering week. It feels like it was the right time for me to do this to let go of things that were holding me back in order to face my new horizons – so you might see it creeping into my writing/poetry.
          Gwin, to your last point – I feel you through the screen, through the distance, through the words so to you your last point I feel you. We are meant to be on this train together and I’ve added your neck of the woods onto my bucket list of places to go. I just have to keep working on my envisioning exercises. Hope to catch up with you in real time tomorrow 😀 Stay Sweet girl!!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. I just love you to pieces Chevvy!

          NLP? OMG! I just can’t! I simply cannot!
          Chevvy, I studied a bit of that (independently) when I was thinking about becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor about 7 or 8 years ago. All I needed was 4 classes to add to the Master’s that I already have. But during that time my mother became ill and my focus had to shift. But I do remember incorporating some of the techniques like the one where you place a scenario on a screen and watching it get smaller and smaller….
          I think that was NLP. I studied so many different theories and techniques that I might be mixing it all up! LOL.

          Girl this whole thing really is making me think “mystery and bubblegum!”

          I also want to thank you so much for all of your encouragement and for you challenging me to stretch!

          I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we ‘met.’

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Now Honey – it’s just so sweet to have my mail lined up for me but I think a real time conversation is due. I’ll keep a look out for you later today. Yes, I was talking about the same NLP you are talking about. One of my textbooks written by the originator of of NLP is called: “The structure of Magic” It seems an odd title for a book based on studying successful Psychology practice a neuroscience. But the way it works as I experienced it and tested it – “It is like magic” and in the right hands, takes away years of therapy. I was fortunate enough to be with a great bunch of people so that you learn as much from each other as the lecturer.

          I started out as a social worker – my first career when I graduated (20 years old) but went on to do a multitude of things far removed from this field. I am a certified coach and this just adds further depth to what I can offer. More importantly though was the potency of seeing people let go of things they had held onto for over 30 years. While I’m in a transition mode myself, this was particularly useful to sort my own priorities.

          Sounds to me like you should pick up where you left off. Now since this discussion has deviated from your jams, feel free to drop me a mail if you want to pursue the topic further.

          Chile – you’ll have to explain the “Mystery and bubblegum reference” Interestingly though – when I googled it, I discovered that a group called Mystery Jets with a song called Bubblegum. I found this piece of lyrics very relevant to our discussion:

          “I swear someone is leaving messages for me
          Under my feet
          In bubblegum on the sidewalks of my street
          On the sidewalks of my street”

          Yep – I share your sentiments – I am super glad we met and that mystery is yet to unfold like “Magic” 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        5. Hello my dear friend!

          Sorry it took me so long to respond but I’ve been spellbound by yet another mass shooting here in the US. I usually try not to focus on this stuff but I am just getting so sick of it!

          Anyway, I’ll leave that along for now.

          Yes, I know that NLP is very powerful-in the right hands as you have said.
          I am just so amazed at our similar life paths. While I am not certified, I was a health coach for an insurance company for a brief while. I was very good at it and my clients loved me but the schedule did not work well with my family obligations. They kept assigning me clients on the West Coast who could not talk until 11:00pm-12:00 midnight EST. At the time my youngest was 2 and she would not get to sleep until I could get to her. So I had to quit.

          I liked that work but it was telephonic which I felt was restrictive in nature.

          I think that I would go back the coaching route before I’d do the counseling route. But, I am still deciding what I want to do myself.

          Mystery and bubblegum! Are you puzzled?

          Well that’s exactly what that phrase means (puzzling; strange). In actuality it is a French idiom: “Mystere et boule de gomme.” meaning mystery and gumballs. I always say Mystery and Bubblegum in English because it flows better than Mystery and gumballs!

          If you look up the French phrase you’ll find it!

          But that said, I like your take much better!

          You are just a joy girl! A sheer delight!

          Liked by 1 person

        6. Yes, Missy – I’ve been waiting for your “call”. I did hear about the shooting and I’m really sorry. Sometimes, it seems that the world has gone mad.

          I think in my class, we agreed that now more than ever before, our society is needing our skills.
          It sounds like we are similarly challenged in figuring out our next steps. I think the NLP was useful for me personally before even considering how to apply it in respect of somebody else. I’m hoping to just spend this week on some clear reflection. Unlike you, I’ve been away from my children for most of their growing life doing some big stuff which I can’t say I regret but now is an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important for me and my family. I haven’t settled on coaching yet but rather how I can link it to my more recent working experience where my networks are. What confuses me is that at the same time, I feel like I need to do something very different.
          I am vocationally driven – I believe that every road I have taken has been a calling and to hear that calling needs a certain heightened level of awareness. But drawing from the NLP and the Law of attraction that you and I have spoken about – the answers will come without me needing to stress. This time though I want to be a lot more “present” in what I am doing. Soon Girlfriend, soon – we’ll get out of the Mystery and bubblegum space 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        7. Damn I wish I knew more about that “big stuff!” Girl you so mysterious! If I was a dude I’d be downright intrigued by you! LOL! What’s funny is that I am NOT a dude but I am still intrigued by the lovely Chevvy!

          Liked by 2 people

        8. ha!ha!ha! I actually enjoy being incognito. I guess I’m well known in some quarters and as public as this is, this is a kind of private space for me. (Irony I know). Otherwise – I am real. I know you won’t rest on this 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        9. LOL!!! You know what? I am glad that I met the private you. Surprising as that may sound, I think it allows for the emergence of a more authentic relationship. Don’t you?

          Now if you reveal yourself to be Denzel Washington I cannot be help responsible for the stalking that will, indeed, ensue! LOL!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes you do get a playlist named after you – you deserve it. And don’t apologize for writing a piece that mirrored a readers experience.Skillful writers do that – and gurl you’re skilled at the writing craft.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Lady G ahh Lady G. The opening monologue to your My Jams 82 extravaganza is a page right out of my life. I thought I was reading about myself there for a moment. The whole ex bringing the new boyfriend to the child’s schools function – been there done that – didn’t see it coming. The shit kinda catches you off guard – and there I sat with – nobody. And yeah I did the whole talking to somebody with “my how could she ?” spill. But that’s fodder for a blog post.

    Kudos on another well-written intro that I really enjoyed. 82 was a party year for me. Single, making decent money, and a lot of free time found me taking no prisoners after the sun went down. Night time was the right time and when December 31st 1982 showed up the party scene and the streets didn’t owe me anything. It wouldn’t have been the year it was without the awesome music of 82 – music that as usual you have collected and presented in this wonderful weekly walk back in time of yours.

    You’ve snared my favorites of which the biggest for me was “Let it Whip” Disco was almost at full ramp and this one never failed to fire up things under the glass ball.

    DTrain – I love them. They were one of the first to shun conventional music instruments for technology but they were so good at it I for one couldn’t get enough of their “Keep On!” A song that fired up the footwork with a powerful motivational hook and message- Golden. That one is on my playlist right now.

    Check this: Rene and Angela’s “Imaginary Playmates” was one of my “up close and personal “hit the mouth with a mint” jams. That song is applicable to so many social media contexts today. To those that cross into intimate boundaries on their phone’s texting client and call it “sexting” to them I would say “You’re Imaginary Playmates”.

    Lady G- again I love what you’re doing here – and you do it well.

    What I’m going to do now is pull from your stellar list of 82 music to compile a playlist called – you already know – “Lady G’s My Jams 82 hits.

    Love ya Lady! But you know that.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Awww man! You mean I get a play list named after me? Now that’s the bomb! I’m like Woody on Sanford and Son when he said, “Now what does that tell you!”

      I am so sorry that I hit a nerve with the lead in but that is a true story about some family friends. I had no idea that they were having those kinda problems; but of course I was just a pre-teen so I wasn’t really up on that. However, word on the street was that the husband was notorious for messing around. He was a really goodlooking dude–much like yourself.
      I learned something very valuable from that whole situation and I often wonder how those guys are doing now.

      By the way, I was telling T. Wayne that I put some pics of Eva up in the slide show with a few other pics on the homepage. I’d love for you to be able to put a face with the name.
      Anyway, I pray that this day finds you doing well and you need to always know you got a home here with us!

      Liked by 4 people

  6. T. Wayne


    I had to stop making my playlist…I’d be doing that all night and wouldn’t get to comment.
    I’m glad to see the classic hip hop in there…”Planet Rock” stayed on repeat that summer. Every damn where you went that song was boomin’. “Apache” and even “Play At Your Own Risk”! Ain’t too many that know about that one…but I knew you would!

    You say this list isn’t exhaustive? Girl…I can’t think of one song that was left out. I mean I would have to dig really, really deep. I mean, Secret Weapon’s “Must Be The Music” is in here! Bonus points for that one!

    I have to add what Eva was listening to on my playlist. Awesome post. It’s always a Throwback Thursday party here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Twin!
      I am so glad that you’re digging it.
      How bout them Reddings? Dexter on bass? That joker don’t want it!

      BTW, believe it or not, I intentionally withhold certain songs that are personal or have a sentimental meaning relative to relationships that I have had.

      Your girl can’t give’em erythang!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. T. Wayne

        Uh huh. I can dig it!

        And I did come up with a couple songs: “The Very Best In You” by Change, “Love Me Down” by Atlantic Starr, “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder and “Just An Illusion” by Imagination.

        Wonder how many of those were left out by you? LOL

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Imagine how much fun I have writing this thing! When I write these I think about all of you guys and I wonder which ones will be gotchas!
          Which one of these caught you most by surprise?

          Liked by 3 people

        2. T. Wayne

          Well, I already mentioned “Must Be The Music” by Secret Weapon. The Reddings joint too. Haven’t heard that one in forever…

          The funniest line was the one about Larry Blackmon throwing the instruments away! Oh I fell out laughing!

          Liked by 2 people

        3. T. Wayne

          That’s about it! Everything else is a synthesizer. But it rocks though! I’d have to say that 1982 was the beginning of the end for R&B bands.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Never mind me Twin. I just wanted to add one of my ’82 favorites that I didn’t mention and since no one else did, I will park it right here:

      Have fun y’all–at least until Prince’s estate takes it down! Watch quick

      Liked by 1 person

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