Everyday Randomness

I don’t know about y’all but I needs ME a break from the anger, outrage and sadness that we have all experienced this past weekend, so I decided to share some pictures of everyday randomness.  WHEW!!!!

The first of these pictures is from 1998 but the others are current.

I am grateful to God for the many blessings that I have in my life.


Batman circa 1998
caricature of brah
Caricature of Tack!  Did you have to ask?
Chilean Sea Bass
Friday’s lunch at PF Chang’s
Cous doing yoga
My Cousin Rasul doing yoga–Now it’s your turn. I’ll pass!
THE END…of these shoes!
hairwash day
The answer to your question is yes and I have to detangle and wash all this stuff! I’m scared to dye it but the gray is driving me nuts. Hopefully I’ll learn to embrace it!
homemade guac
Black girls do Mexican–My Guac is fire!
PF chang's sign
Bringers of DAMN good Chilean Sea Bass in Oolong Tea with Spinach
rosa regale
Cocktails anyone?  Hell yeah!
I love Pho but I HATE cilantro!


Is that random enough?  Hope you enjoyed sharing a slice of my life!  Questions?  Hit me up in comments!

31 thoughts on “Everyday Randomness

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  2. Love the photos – especially the one of you. I have some crazy hair too, used to be red and super curly, now it has turned some weird platinum blonde, which seems to be a family trait I have been blessed (no, cursed) with. Tried to dye it, but it won’t take the dye. I had a little girl tell me I looked just like Elsa (from Frozen) the other day, but then she said, “Elsa isn’t fat” and I said, “Well, Elsa isn’t real either.” I couldn’t help myself.
    Thanks for the random photos.
    If you hate Cilantro, you would hate eating at the restaurants around here, everything in California has Cilantro and avocados on it.
    Have a great day!!!!!

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    1. OMG!!! I am on the floor laughing at your response to that little cherub 😉
      I have a friend who has strawberry blonde curly hair and hers is doing the same thing that yours is doing but it actually looks quite nice-which I imagine yours does too.
      Yeah, I have to pass on cilantro but I love avocado! I heard that people are hardwired by DNA to either love cilantro or hate it–don’t know how true that is.
      You have a great day too my friend 🙂

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Gwin.
    This is tonic; lovely set of snap shots.
    What a cool Batman!
    Grey can be quite ‘fetching’ (brit-speak for ‘nice’) on a lady; but I stay out of detailed conversation on hair (way out of my comfort zone).
    Yeh, I’ll try that yoga sometime (and put it on YouTube, lol)
    Enjoy your eats

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  4. Yeah – this was a nice piece into your life. Yeah- the hair girl – the hair. We have regular discussions among my girlfriends about to grey or not to grey. In the end you’ve got to be comfortable with your choice. I have two daughters and I know about the tangles😀

    But you’re right to reflect on the little things in life we take for granted. We had a power outage the other day that lasted almost 24 hours. The good thing out of it was that we all huddled together in the kitchen cooking on our gas stove, lit up with a solar lamp and warming our winter chills with a gas heater and lots of story-telling, chatting and laughter – something we tend to do less of when everybody has access and freedom to their electronic devices.

    Might just do a similar exercise one of these days😀

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    1. I would love to see your take on ‘everyday randomness.’

      You know, one time Oprah issued a challenge to families to turn off all non-essential electronic items for a week.
      At first, the kids in these families that accepted the challenge had no idea what to do with themselves. But guess what? It made the parents recall the things that they did back in..say…1982, when folks didn’t have cellphones, and the interweb.

      It was interesting to see them start doing things like playing board games, reading, cooking and gardening together.
      No doubt, there was a whole lot more talking and communicating going on.
      I might try that with my folks.

      But seriously, I hope you all are back to to normal on the power front.

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      1. I guess if we look hard enough, there is a positive to everything. There are definite positives to technology otherwise I would I be talking to a Soul Sista like you. However, as they say – everything in moderation. I’ve made up my mind to give back years I’ve lost with my children and they’re watching that I stay true to my promise. So we definitely have to do the Oprah thing in my house 😀

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        1. That’s right mama’s little Superman!
          I loved you as Batman then and I love you as Superman now! Fact is, you’re my baby and I love you!


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