True Railroad Stories: The Passengers

The Passengers

Back by popular demand 🙂  

Here is another one of my Daddy’s stories from his years working on the Railroad.  


-Lady G.


In my 31 year career as a mainline conductor on freight trains operating between major cities in the South, I have so many memories and stories to tell.  Some warm and funny; some cold and tragic.

Recently, I decided to relate a few of these stories to my daughter.

For years, these ‘feel good’ stories have been kept between me and my beautiful wife who God called back to heaven a few years back.

Today’s story is totally true and it occurred late one evening after I stopped at a small rural yard to drop off several cars from my train.  Since this was the last stop before our final destination I knew that my wife and two children would be waiting to pick me up and I looked forward to sitting down for a good hot meal and playing with my kids before they went to bed.

Anyway, as I was saying, after stopping the train, I got down and began walking back to separate the cars that I was to leave from the cars that would continue on to our destination.  After strolling a short distance, I noticed what appeared to be two figures unsuccessfully attempting to climb into one of our train’s empty boxcars.

As I came closer I could see that it was a young teenager and a very elderly man–both wearing worn and dirty clothes.

I immediately identified myself and began engaging them in a short chat about what they were trying to accomplish.  To my surprise, they admitted they had planned to ride the train to South Georgia to pick peaches. I advised them that the boxcar that they were trying to enter would NOT be continuing on with the train.  I went on to suggest that they follow me so that I could lead them to a car that they could ride in order to get to our destination; which they did.

After we reached the car that I have chosen, the older man attempted to enter first but he was so weak that both the teenager and I had to lift him through the door.  As the two of us lifted the older man, the younger man admitted that neither of them had eaten in days and they were hoping to get to a food shelter.

Having had some experience with hobos, I knew that the food shelter would be closed before we could reach our destination.  At this point, I began to worry about their survival.

As a young husband and father,  I lived on a tight budget.  My first priority was to make sure that my wife and kids had the things they needed.  With that being the case,  I had very little money to spare and on this particular day, I only had three dollars in my pocket. However, I knew that these guys were in a very desperate situation so I decided to give them the money.

Honestly, I really didn’t give it a second thought since I already had lunch and it would not be much longer before I would be going home to enjoy a good meal with my wife and kids.

By the way, I did tell the two men that I was NOT authorized to permit them to ride on the train so I urged them to stay out of sight 😉

After I left these ‘passengers’ huddled in the corner of the boxcar, I felt a slight bounce in my step and a little smile on my face as I went about working– knowing that they would not be stranded and hungry in a cold dark yard that night.

-The Conductor


YAAASSSS!  Daddy DID that!  LOL ❤  



MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award

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My blogging buddies, Lisa A. from Life Of An El Paso Woman and Lennon Carlyle from Fabulous with Glitches have both nominated me for a new award.

The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award was created at the MakeItUltra blog and I feel so blessed that Lisa and Lennon, both of whom are established bloggers, were kind enough to remember me for this wonderful honor . If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to check them out. Both of these chicks are real firecrackers!  So if you like me, you’ll love them 🙂


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And so….

What is your name? Gwin, aka ‘Lady G’

Where are you from? Augusta, Georgia- Good Gawd YAAASSS!  Home of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown y’all!  

By the way, golfers know Augusta as the home of The Masters.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start? I’ve been seriously blogging for about 7 months.  I tried it in 2008 but failed miserably. I decided to start because I’m getting older and I don’t want to leave this realm without sharing my stories; I’m hoping to leave something of myself for my children and their children and so on and so forth….

What are you most proud of? My son and daughter.

What are your blogging goals? To create a welcoming environment for folks to come, sit back, pontificate, shoot the breeze, kick a little game, learn a little something, teach a little something, share a little something, party a little bit and just vibe.

How do you spend your free time? I like to daydream.

Nominate 1-8 blogs that you feel deserve the award and provide links.

I’ve learned that a lot of bloggers shy away from awards so, like my dear T. Wayne, I will pass on this one. If you wish to participate, just help yourself. Make sure you follow the rules though!  

Did I just commit plagiarism with that last sentence?  HA!

Provide 5 random facts about yourself (optional):

  1. I once dated Ernie from Sesame Street; you can read all about that and more here
  2. I used to do some modeling.
  3. In my Senior year of college, I won the Tom Herndon Award for Excellence in Political Science.
  4. I was narrator of “Little Red Riding Hood” in the 3rd grade Spring Play.  Afterwards, I had an old dude walk up to me and say, “Lil gul you sounded jus’ like one of them folks on the radio.”  HA!
  5. I am the daughter of a former dancer on a local teen dance show. Now you know why I love music so much 😉  YAAASSS, Ms. Eva was the Queen of Swing!  Rest in peace Ma! I love you ❤


Thanks again Lisa and Lennon!

And thanks to you for reading and/or participating.


Lady G. ❤


Ron’s Time Tunnel: The Panther Truck



“They say they’s a panther truck going around town!” Bot exclaimed excitedly to my father. Bot was a small, dark man who appeared to be slightly older than Dad. My dad told me later that he was slightly “retarded”. I know that the word “retarded” is not “politically correct”, but it was a perfectly good term in the ‘60’s. As it were, although young, I was more than observant enough to know that the man wasn’t dealing with a full deck; that his elevator didn’t go all the way to the top etc. But that fact, in no way, curtailed his enthusiasm nor his consternation.

“They’s a panther truck ‘round yuh! They sez them panthers is dangerous critters” he continued, frantically swinging his arms like a weathervane caught in a sudden gust of wind; fingers pointing here, there and yon, tracing an uncertain path in the air; illustrating that he knew not the exact location of the alleged “panther truck” but sure beyond a reasonable doubt, that it represented a “clear and present danger” to the townspeople.

“Them panthers is wild beast. They is black as coal and they eyes is red as fie!” he pointed to his own eyes which by the way, were too, blood shot as red as fire! “They say at night you can hear them screamin’ like a woman birthin’ a baby!” Dad gave Bot a couple of perfunctory, “Oh yea?’s” and “Really Bot?’s” with a “Do tell?” thrown in for good measure. Bot, feeling that his work as a sort of dilettante “town crier”, was at least partially done, strode off down the street to warn others.

“What is a ‘panther truck’?” was the logical question for anyone to ask. I was no different. “Bot has it wrong. He is referring to a “Panel Truck” Dad answered. “Well then, what the fiery hell is a ‘Panel Truck’?” would have been the next most logical question for anyone to ask EXCEPT, one of Fletcher Brown’s kids. So, I edited my question accordingly. Dad put on his deep “school teacher voice” and explained it thusly; “A panel truck is similar in function to its smaller cousin the sedan delivery, a station wagon with no backseat and no side windows aft of the front doors. Both types of vehicles are frequently used as delivery vehicles. Panel trucks are often used by construction and maintenance contractors and were sometimes configured for ambulance and hearse roles”. “Oh”, I said.

“Ya’ll boys don’t make fun of Mr. Bot, he doesn’t know any better. Listen! While I tell ya’ll a short story about MY encounter with a panther” my father both, chastised and commanded simultaneously. “I was once stalked by a panther while hunting squirrels and rabbits” he began. One of my father’s nicknames was “Pro”. He was called that for a couple of reasons, for one; he was a teacher and “Pro” was short for “Professor”. “Pro” was also short for “Professional” due to his apparent adeptness at almost every form of sportsman and outdoor activity. He was a prize fighter, a baseball player named ‘Lefty’, a fisherman and a hunter. I have a picture around here somewhere, of him holding up a freshly killed bobcat in each hand.

“It was getting late in the evening” my father began. “I’d had a particularly good day hunting rabbits and squirrels. My hunting sack was full, and its weight was heavy on my back and shoulders. My freshest kills lay warmly against my back. Their waning heat was comforting in the cool, duskish air.

Just ahead, standing black against the orange sky, was the largest, crookedest old oak tree I’d seen in an age. Even from a distance, I could see, what seemed like a dozen squirrels playing cheerfully in the ancient, gnarled branches of the oak. A second later, I could hear them barking boldly as they brazenly played an arboreal game of tag. ‘One or two more for the pot wouldn’t hurt’. So I changed direction, and headed for that tree.

Suddenly, the loudest, most blood-curdling scream I’d ever heard, pierced the evening air. The hairs on the back of my neck, stood on end. Of course, I knew it was the scream of a panther. I’d never heard one before, but I’d read about them many times. Squirrels forgotten, I hurriedly headed in the direction of the highway and the safety of my car.

Again! The “woman’s” anguished scream sliced through the woods, only this time, much closer.

I began to trot, checking my shotgun to ensure that it was fully loaded. It was. I glanced over my shoulder, but saw nothing but the darkness of the forest’s underbrush. However, I could feel the presence of the beast closing the distance between him and me.

I broke into a full gallop, but still the presence closed the distance. Just as I sensed the black presence of the creature about to pounce, I broke out of the brush, into the highway. I could see my car, dark, and tiny in the distance. I could also see the bright eyes of another vehicle’s headlights approaching post hastily.

Thinking quickly, I laid my hunting sack in the middle of the highway, hoping that the black behemoth would accept my sacrifice of squirrels and rabbits instead of insisting on a blood offering of MY blood!

Suddenly, glowing red eyes burst from the dark thicket separating the road from the forest. But instead of plunging towards me, sinking its yellow fangs and claws into my shivering flesh, it stopped, sniffed the hunting sack and immediately ripped into to it.

As I breathed in, attempting a sigh of relief, there was a sudden flash of light, CURUMMP! When I opened my eyes. The panel truck was loudly screeching to a halt as the black and red carcass of the panther skidded, spinning down the blacktop, followed obediently by my hunting sack and a scattering of dead squirrels and rabbits. The beast was dead; killed by a ‘Panel Truck’, or in this case, Mr. Bot’s

My Jams ’89

My Jams '89

My Jams posts contain adult language, situations and controversial observations.

“Do you mind trying this one on too?”

Alright this makes the fourth damn outfit that I have tried on for this man in an hour.

I’m trying to do him a favor because he said his wife is about my size and he wants to see how the clothes will fit before he buys them.  So, here we go again; yet another thing to try on.  This time it’s a short skirt suit.

Nobody tells you that this is one of the hazards of selling ladies clothes.

Anyway, after I put on the suit, our dear shopping husband wants me to model it for him.  He asks me to walk this way, turn that way, walk over there and back, turn around in a circle.  All the while I’m hoping that he settles on a purchase so I can get back to my other customers.

After the last outfit, he tells me that he’s going to purchase everything that I tried on.  I’m thinking, “Yippee for you and your wife! Now go to the counter so you can get the hell on!”

Best believe that in no time flat, I had gathered all of his merchandise and took it to the cash register.  We’re short staffed so I have to ring all this stuff up and there is a long line beginning to form.  Folks are getting a bit irritated.  To make matters worse, our dear shopping husband is asking me 10 zillion irrelevant questions.

No matter, I politely answer; after all he just purchased $250.00 worth of clothes.

Oh yeah, before you ask, we DON’T get paid on commission but they do track our sales productivity.  Anyway, after dear shopping husband and I completed his transaction, he smiled, thanked me for all of my help, asked about my schedule and bid me farewell.

In my mind, I’m still thinking, “Get the hell on now man!”—But my mouth says, “Thank you for shopping with us and have a great day!”

I do NOT tell him my schedule.

I hope you don’t think it ended there.

The VERY next day, dear shopping husband walked in with his dear—not buying shit–wife.  Trust me when I tell you that she returned everything he had purchased.  All $250.00 worth!  Wifey didn’t even want to exchange.  I’m glad I wasn’t working the register at the time because she had a terrible attitude.

Somehow I knew to keep my distance.

Funny thing, I noticed that she kept looking at me–but not in a good way.

What the hell?

🙂 🙂 🙂

Poor Young Lady G.  I had no idea that the freaks don’t just come out at night!  Baybee, they can come out in the middle of the day just as well.  Not once did it strike me that ol’ boy was getting his jollies off watching a young girl model short, tight clothes!  LOL!  Oh but wifey dear was on to his sneaky ass–that’s why she was mean muggin’ me.

Consider this story a cautionary tale to all of my sweet young ladies that work in women’s retail.

Be careful salesgirls!  I had so many stalkers posing as shoppers and passersby that it was ridiculous!  Sadly, it’s not uncommon, I can assure you that this happens to young girls all the time.

Anyway, what’s good with you in 1989?

My, my, my! We have already come to the end of yet another decade.  Remember “My Jams” ‘69? And ‘79?  Can you believe that we are already at the end of the ‘80’s? Yaassss!  We bout to fall over into the ‘90’s when shit really starts popping off! LOL!

Shall we proceed?  Yes, indeed!  Just remember that these jams are in no particular order and the list is not exhaustive.  Asterisks indicate that the jam was released in a different calendar year.

My Jams ‘89

Back to life &

Keep on movin’ by Soul II Soul

Uh oh!  The UK is coming hard!

Soul II Soul followed Loose Ends on the scene and reintroduced Black folks in the US to our own soul music!  

Does this mean that there is a new subgenre on the horizon?  Could it be acid jazz?  Neo-soul?

What say you?

Hmmmm!  We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

“Oooohhh ah ha!”–Sounds like a “Three Degrees” TSOP kinda riff to me!

“Steady, are you ready?  What’s going on?”

Go head on Caron and Jazzie!  YAAASSSS!!!

Buddy/Me Myself & I by De La Soul

These fellas brought the fun back to rap!  Rap had started getting kinda serious!  

Cough, cough…Public Enemy!

Don’t get it twisted, Lady G was down with P.E.!  I had a major crush on Professor Griff!  LOL!

Heaven Help Me by Deon Estus and George Michael

Very ethereal sounding jam; I guess that’s how Heaven is supposed to sound.

They say Satan was the minister of music before he became Lord of the flies.

I’m just sayin’!

No matter, I loved this jam!  But I wish Deon had gone further.

Spend the night /My Fantasy /I like /Piece of My Love  by Guy

More New Jack Swing Baby!  Let me address each of these one by one!

Spend the night:  Hubert Hall, Morehouse College—’nuff said!

My Fantasy:  “…Image in a magazine”

I like:  A certain blogger is starting a serious two step right about now!

Piece of My Love:  Did Aaron Hall call that girl a dumb bitch?  You might wanna go check for yourself.  Sounded like he called her one to me!  What do you think?

Dum, dum ditty my FOOT!  Anyway, this controversy has been debated since they released this jam.  Don’t believe me?  Go google it!

24/7 by Dino

Chile this pretty ass White boy with the deep dark eyes and the curly mullet done killed Lady G.  With a name like Dino he must be one of them sexy Italian Stallions.



That joker was working the hell out of his shoulders in the video for this jam!  All the other parts were pretty stiff but them shoulders was working!

“24 hours 7 days a week, your love is mine…”


*This Time by Kiara and Shanice Wilson

Don’t get it twisted, “Kiara” was actually a male duo that really could sing.  But baybee, when them jokers partnered with Shanice it was fire!


“I just wanna let you know, I never should have let you go!”

If you can, catch the extended version—it will give you your life! I think Al B. Sure remixed that one.

Just Coolin’ by LeVert

Chile Gerald’nem done cut them damn California curls off!  Now they sporting fades.  Back then, ya girl had a crush on Marc Gordon!  YAASSSSS!

But did you hear “The Overweight Lover” spit fire on that jam?  Yessuh, I’m talking about Heavy D!

*Girl I got my eyes on you by Today

When I first heard this I was like, “Who done snatched my jam by Carrie Lucas?”

That’s a no no!  Just don’t do that! Don’t mess with “Show me where you coming from.”

Eh..but it grew on me so I forgave; but I refuse to forget!

Show and Tell by Peabo Bryson

And then there was the time that Peabo remade Al Wilson’s “Show and Tell.”

Oh he DID that!  Yes he did baby!

Remember the first time by Eric Gable

What the hell happened to Eric?  He killed this one! We should have gotten more from him ‘cause ya boy could sing.

Home by Stephanie Mills

Tears, tears, tears!!!


Somebody go get King Jesus!

Help me Lordt!

Did y’all see her sing this on that Sinbad summer festival?

If you did then you prolly need the Lordt too!

I simply cannot!  

“…I can hear my friends telling me Stephanie PLEASE sing our song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Whew!!! I think I’ll park the video in comments; watch the whole thing now!

Spend the Night (Ce Soir) by The Isley Brothers

Just like The O’Jays, The Isley Brothers kept us going all the way from the ‘50’s through the new Millennium.  Alright?????

Taste Of Your Love by EU (Experience Unlimited)

YAAASSSS baby go-go can do love songs too!  

Quite well I might add!

Let love rule by Lenny Kravitz

Did I forget to mention that in the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s we all had a thing for the 1960’s?

Chile Lenny was giving us flower power!

“You got to let love rule!”  

That groove sounded like it was straight out of “My Jams ‘68”

Your Sweetness by The Good Girls

Here come Motown with some little light skinded Supremes knock-offs!

Regardless, I love this jam and those pretty girls could dance too.

By the way, they did a very nice job on the late MC Trouble’s jam -“Make you mine.” Don’t fret, that’s coming up in another year or so.

Somebody for me by Heavy D and the Boys

“I want somebody to love me for me.”

YAAASSS that’s Al B. Sure singing that hook! Just don’t ask him to sing it live…you see….er..uh..I saw him singing at the NE Heartbreak Tour and ….well…

Honey, there was no shortage in the supply of women that wanted to get with our dear Dwight aka Heavy D!  But ya boy wanted somebody to love him for him!  

Well Lady G loves you for you Heavy D!

RIP my sweet!

Oh yeah, I’ll try not to cry in the next year or so when we talk about Trouble T-Roy. 

Serious Hold On Me by The O’Jays

Aw shit!  This is one of them jams that snatches you up by the throat the minute you hear the intro!  Chile them jokers went all falsetto and crooned “oooh oooooooooh oooh!”


*Kisses Don’t Lie by Evelyn Champagne King

I don’t know about y’all but I think that this jam was so underrated!

“If you wanna know the answer, kiss and then decided ‘cause kisses don’t lie–they never lie..”

Queen Diva Evelyn KILT this jam!  You hear me?  





Kilt it dead!



It’s the witching hour my loves!  Another decade gone.

Time to bid 1989 adieu!

Now you know the afterparty is just getting started in comments.  Meet me there and don’t forget to bring your commentary, memories and your jams from 1989!  Also, if you got cocktails tell me what you drinking on.

Farewell 1989– may you find rest in the annals of history.

Next Thursday:  My Jams ‘90


Questions of Spirit


Without the spiritual world the material world is a disheartening enigma.

– Attributed to Joseph Joubert

What is spiritually true about you?

Does your spiritual truth differ from your worldly truth?  

Do you have the capacity to recognize any dissonance?

If so, should you reconcile?








Sunday Fun!



Hello Friends!

I hope today finds you doing extraordinarily well!

As we prepare to embark on a new week, I thought it would be nice to shift our focus toward something fun! Therefore, I decided to share a video that does a magnificent job of shattering stereotypes related to gender, age and race. More importantly, it accomplishes this goal in a delightful, charming, pleasant and gut-busting manner 🙂

Before I proceed, let me acknowledge that this little gem has been circulating for a few years, so there is a good chance that you’ve already seen it.  But, in light of both national and international events, I’d urge you to watch it again; I can assure you, it will bring a touch of light your way.

And so….

Please enjoy watching this 70 year old white dude dance circles around these sistas!


Mind you, this is NOT my video; I found it on Youtube.  But baby let me tell you,  I done watched this thang fifty-eleventeen million times!


Enjoy the rest of your day my dears!

Lady G



Ron’s Time Tunnel: A Ghost Story


My father—Son of Comet—was a History teacher who was particularly adept at the retelling of old stories from the African American Folklore genre. I think that, at one time or another over the course of his teaching career, he must have brought home every book on Black Folklore that his school library possessed.

Once he’d mastered a story, he’d put his own spin on it then either; retell it to me, my brother and sister or, for the more risqué ones, to the guys sitting around the town square.

The square was actually a “squircle” but, that’s part of another story.

My favorite were the “Ghost Stories”. In addition to the stories, he had the “Shaking Hand” routine. When executing the “Shaking Hand” routine, the room would be darkened. We would lie in bed with the covers pulled up to our chins, anxiously peeking into the dark.

Then silently, the much anticipated, “Shaking Hand” would begin its stealthy advance from the next room preceded by a spooky moan that slowly rose in eerie volume and spooky intensity until suddenly! It was would be upon us; “The Shaking Hand”. In its claw-like embodiment, it reached; searching then pouncing into our abdomens; tickling us until we laughed ourselves into convulsions. Such was the advent “The Shaking Hand”.

The following is one of the ghostly tales my father would spin on those dark nights, after the “Shaking Hand” had eaten all of the childish laughter it could hold. I’ve taken his recipe and liberally added my own spices.


One dark, cold, winter night, he told this story: “’A weary jongleur and his equally weary horse were traveling a lonely road one dark and dreary night. The massive black thunderheads of an impending, violent storm lurked on the horizon, and the only shelter in sight, was an old, “abandoned” shack. The jongleur petted his trusty steed and prayed feverishly, “Dear God please watch over me tonight”.

He put his horse into the barn and made his way to the house, just before the storm broke. The door creaked open even before his hand touched it. Inside was a fireplace. There was wood laid for a fire. He put a match to it then sat down next to the fire,  pulled out his old guitar and began to play it; humming to himself.

Gradually, the fire burned down to smoldering coals as the wind whipped around the shack, rattling the shutters, and whistling through the cracks in the walls rotting boards. The troubadour was suddenly jostled from his reverie by the door slamming open.

In walked a very large black cat, who sat down in the midst of the red hot coals. It picked a coal up in its paw and licked it slowly. The red hot coal sizzled as the cat’s wet, red tongue, slid roughly across it. Steam from the coal, slipped silently upward. The cat got up, shook off the ashes, and walked to where the jongleur sat transfixed.  It stared at him with blazing red eyes; its long black tail silently slashing the air. Then, unexpectedly, it spoke, ‘you’d better not be here when John comes’ it hissed.

The cat slinked over to the far corner of the room and curled up on the floor, blazing red eyes fixed on the man. Nervously the man began to play his tune again. However this time striking a few sour chords.

Two minutes later, a midnight black bobcat skulked through the open door. It too lay down among the smoldering coals. It grabbed two of the hot coals and threw them into its mouth. Then, slowly chewing on the hot coals, it meandered over to the corner where the other cat lay. When he had finished his meal, he growled to the man, ‘You’d better not be here when John comes’ then it lay down and stared at the man; all the while flashing its glistening white teeth at the jongleur.

Suddenly! A high pitch scream, like the scream of a woman in pain, arose from outside the door. The man, frozen in fear, warily glanced towards the door as a jet-black panther cat stalked into the room. He walked over to the coals and blew on them until the flames were resurrected. He snorted the flames into his right nostril. He then snorted the flames into his left nostril. He breathed heavily; leaned back on his haunches and purred, ‘You better not be here when John comes’.

With that, the man quietly got to his feet, gathered his belongings and tipping his hat in the general direction the cats said, ‘While I certainly enjoyed the company of you cats, I must be going. When John comes, tell him I’m sorry I missed him but I had to go’.  Then he lit out like a bat out of hades.””


Since we’re on the subject of panthers and the like. Join me next week for another of SON of COMET’S tales, “THE PANTHER TRUCK”.


My Jams ’88

My jams-88

Contains adult language and situations as well as controversial observations.


“Oh hell naw! This ain’t enough money!  How in the world am I gonna make it off this?”

I see right now I need another job. There’s no way I can pay all my bills with this.  My boss just handed me a damn check for $33.00!

What am I supposed to do with that?

I’ll bet the bank teller is gon’ pay me out of her purse.  They probably don’t even open the cashier drawer for this little bit of chump change!

Oh well, I hope that the lady I talked to yesterday in the lobby comes through with that job offer over at the mall.  I’d make two more quarters an hour and I’d be able to get more consistent work than I get over here.

Besides, I’m tired of coming home smelling like garlic and parmesan cheese.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some cool friends, but I’m tired of saying, “Welcome to Olive Garden!  How many in your party?”  Not to mention all the grouchy ass folks you have to deal with when you work in a restaurant.

“Grouchy Joker party of one, your table is now available!”

Oh yeah, then you get the servers pissed at you because you’re either giving them too many tables or not enough.

I get it.  They’re frustrated.

They get paid waaaaay less than minimum wage and they have to tip the busboy and the bartender if a table orders alcohol.  I understand their issues most of the time.

But not all of the time.

One night this hateful server pissed me off so bad that I triple seated his ass with three big parties.

I bet he won’t mess with me no more!

Anyway, I hope I won’t have to worry about that type of stuff too much longer.

🙂 🙂 🙂

YAASSSS!  Restaurant work ain’t no joke.  But I really couldn’t complain because young Lady G was a hostess.  That said, I didn’t catch nearly as much hell as the servers did; at least I got paid minimum wage 🙂

Poor babies!  Guests would run them jokers to death and then leave little to no tip.

Back then, the servers that I worked with hated for you to give them a party of black folks because, according to them, black people don’t tip.

Anyway, do you remember the beef that I just mentioned having with a server? Well that’s what it was all about.  He told me he was tired of getting black guests.  I guess he forgot I was a sista too!  LOL!!!!  Ya girl might have a biracial family history but her racial identity does not usually give people pause.  My Daddy?  Yes.  Me?  Not never!  LOL!

Back to my story…

Since that joker wanted to work, I worked him.  I gave him three tables full of white folks!  His ass was running like a Mississippi slave.

He learned a lesson that night. Hell hath no fury like a hostess scorned.

Lady G sometimes has a real treacherous streak!  So if I happen to let you slide….well you know the rest!

Either way, as they say, all’s well that ends well.  Me and our dear server made up and we were good ever since.

By the way, the job offer that I told you about came through and I moved on ‘up’ to the mall.

Ya girl started making some money!  I was working and going to school trying to get me a degree.

And so…

How are you fine folks on this crispy day in 1988?  I hope that life finds you doing well!

Honey, I was late posting this because I just left ‘My Jams ‘71.”  YAAASSSS!  I was kicking it with the Nite liters—“K-Jee”  Baybee!

Having said that, are you game for these jams from ‘88?  Remember, an asterisk indicates that the song was released in a different year.  Also remember, these jams are not exhaustive and they are not in order of importance.

Now let’s kick it!

My Jams ‘88

*I want her by Keith Sweat

As I was saying to my girl Lisa A and T. Wayne just yesterday and I quote:

“I want, I want, I want, I want, I want her uhm hm!”

YAAASSS!  Keith rocked the joint with that one!  Everybody was jamming it!

Just don’t ask him to sing it live!

I’m only saying this because I saw him sing it at the

NE Heartbreak Concert Tour and….well…er.

*Make it last forever by Keith Sweat featuring Jacci McGhee

I just simply CANNOT!

This has everything I need.  The music is just divine.

But then Ms. Jacci picked up that mic and slew!


*Monkey by George Michael

“Why can’t you do it? Why can’t you set your monkey free?”

George wants to know why his lover can’t get that monkey off his back!

Baby, he decided to ask this question just as funky as he could.  Do you hear me?

I’ll always love you by Taylor Dayne

Y’all, there is a recent live video of Queen Diva Taylor singing this song!  I’d advise you to holla at it!

By the way, Lady G gets her life to the long version!

Roni by Bobby Brown

“The truth about a roni…”

But you see Bobby can’t take all the credit because the brothers been talking about a ‘Tenderoni’ since the days of yore!

Ok, I’m exaggerating but Leon Haywood talked about ‘em in ‘84 and O’Bryan talked about ‘em again in ‘86.

Nite and Day by Al B. Sure

Al B made Lady G start looking at the redbones a little bit harder!

“And we’ll take off into another world….ooh..uh huh…uh huh… uh huh…giiiiiirl…ooh…making’ love in the rain is fine”


Just don’t ask him to sing it live!

I’m only saying this because I saw him sing it at the

NE Heartbreak Concert Tour and….well…er.

*Two Occasions and Shoot ‘em up movies  The Deele

The pretty boy with the baby face!  What’s his name?

Anyway, them jokers killed on these two jams!

And you CAN ask them to sing live!

Say it Again by Jermaine Stewart


“Action speaks louder than words…”

Jermaine is just so damn cute to me.  He actually looks like a girl I went to school with!

That’s not an insult either; I’m being very serious.  He was a beautiful man!

“Hold me, tell me what’s on your mind…”

Lady G gets her life when Jermaine sings that part!

The right stuff by Vanessa Williams

How did the former Miss America sneak this jam upon us?

Chile, they just started playing the song and didn’t make a big deal about the fact that it was Vanessa Williams.


Didn’t she throw in a sample of “I want her” by Keith Sweat?

Now that was a gangster move right there!

Static by James Brown (Full Force)

“When I was younger, used to be trouble makers, they don’t bother me.”

My people in Augusta used to run with JB!

Honestly, I think that Full Force did a nice job working with him on this one!

“Let everybody know Godfather run the joint”

Damn straight! Godfather is ALWAYS running the joint—even today!

“No static, no static, no static, don’t start none, won’t be none!”

RIP Godfather!

Oh la la la by Teena Marie

That’s my baby right there!  Lady G is hopelessly devoted to Lady T

Watching you by Loose Ends

Honey, Loose Ends ruled all the R&B stations since they hit the scene in ‘85!


You’re Not My Kind of Girl  by New Edition

Love this song but cannot get over Ralph saying “There’s sum-pa-thing-a wrong, I don’t know what it is.”

Well, let’s start with the way you decided to pronounce the word “something.”

Naw, Lady G just kidding!

This was one of my joints.

Saw them at the NE Heartbreak Concert Tour and….well…er…Johnny Gill can blow!

2AM by Teddy Pendergrass

But then Teddy came back and




TP brought us back to romance baby!

Groove Me by Guy

Y’all, when Teddy Riley and brothers Aaron and Damion Hall hit the scene, we learned that there was a new subgenre in our midst and it was called “New Jack Swing.”

We had already heard it when we fell in love with Keith Sweat.  We just didn’t know, at that time, that a whole new thing was coming.

Teddy Riley originated that baby!


I loved it then!  Now, not as much!

Wait until next year when I tell you about the whole “Piece of my love” rumor……

Take me where you want to by Gerald Alston

Can you say “The Manhattans?”

Oh yes!  Gerald Alston, the lead singer of The Manhattans, decided to come and kill all of us with this MONSTER slow jam right here!

Imma need a drank to calm down!

Aw hell Gerald!

“Here is my love, take me where you want to…”

“Loving you so much…so much.. I want your love, need your love, gotta have your love!”

By the way, when I was trying to listen to this on Youtube the name Fetty Wap came up!  Needless to say, I was HOR-RI-FIED!

These two are not even KINDA the same!  Totally different levels!

Oh yeah, Gerald Alston also did a very nice cover of “Send for me” by Atlantic Starr.

There’s one born every minute (Sucker for you) Jonathan Butler

“Your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s looking for her too.”

My darlings, if you gonna lie, make sure everybody tells the same story! LOL!

Very nice jam!

*I’ve been a fool for you by Miles Jaye

Did you hear him sneak in that electric violin sounding thingy?


Miles kilt this!

The way that you love me by Paula Abdul

This chick got off on this jam!  YAAASSSSS!

Love is stronger than pride by Sade

There is a video of me lip-synching this song, pretending to be a broke ass Sade!

Tell no one!

My friend April and her brother CJ taped it!  If I ever make it big I’ll need to confiscate that mess!

Can’t nobody do Sade BUT Sade!

Where is the Love by Robert Brookins ft. Stephanie Mills

Very nice jam!  Go check it out!  Of course, it’s a cover of two masters,  Donnie Hathaway and Roberta Flack.

These two did them proud!

Ain’t no way by Jean Carne

Another cover!

But did she kill it?


*Dinner for 2 by Michael Cooper

Stop the presses!  I mean it! Stop ‘em right now!

Mr. Cooper done stepped away from Con Funk Shun and gave us a work of art!

I really just can’t with Michael on this jam!

Oh yes I can!

I love it when that joker sings, “Hey girl…”

Hide and seek by Tracie Spencer

Little Queen Diva Tracie could not have been 13 on this jam!

Just kidding.  I don’t know exactly how old she was but she was very young.

Did that stop her from belting out a jam?

Hell to the naw, to the naw, naw naw!

Do me right by Peebles

All I gotta say is pretty girls can sing too.

Don’t sleep “Mercedes boy” was off the chain!

Rising to the top by Pieces of a Dream

“Give it all you got, give it all you got!”


‘nuff said! This is the original-not the sample. Or maybe not-peep the video posted in comments by my musical twin and fellow blogger T. Wayne.

Well it’s 12:00 midnight somewhere!  That said, I gotta bid 1988 farewell!  But you know we ain’t finished yet right?  Meet me in comments at the afterparty.  Tell me all about your memories and jams from 1988 🙂




The Miranda Sings Award

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.30.32 PM

Allow me to thank Lisa A. over at Life of an El Paso Woman for nominating me for this award.  I really enjoy reading Lisa’s blog! There you’ll find some great posts that include interviews, pictures and music.  She’s my kinda girl!  YAAASSSS!

Anyway, this award requires me to share seven things that I like about myself.

Here goes:

I love that I was blessed with two marvelously awesome kids. 

I love that I was also blessed with such a cool family and a terrific bunch of friends.  

I love the fact that I live in an age where I have information at my finger tips.  That said, I also love the fact that I still know how to pull those Dewey Decimal cards in the library.  

HA! Don’t trip.

I love the fact that blogging has brought me in contact with some very talented and interesting people. 

I love my odd sense of humor-but sometimes people can’t tell when I’m joking because I can keep a straight face while dying laughing on the inside.

I love the fact that I love animals—I don’t like snakes and other creepy crawling things but I respect their existence—I just don’t mess with them.

I love the fact that I am a work in progress; always seeking the best that life has to offer!


And so…

This award requires that I nominate seven bloggers.


I’d prefer to open this award to all of my readers and/or followers who are interested in participating.  Go for it guys!  I’d love to see your responses!

Love and light to all!

Thanks again Lisa!


True Railroad Stories: The Coal Toss

I don’t typically reblog stuff but I feel that this little gem from the STBB archives got overlooked! It is a true story that my Daddy wrote.
Sadly, it was posted when I had two followers, including me and Ron! LOL!
I hope you guys enjoy this one from Dad!

Seek The Best Blog

RR track photo

Greetings Readers!

If you read my ‘about’ page you may remember me mentioning that my father would be making contributions to my blog.

Today, he decided to share a ‘feel good’ story from his time as a conductor on the railroad.  It is important to note that this is a true story; and frankly, it is my favorite.


– Gwin

The Coal Toss

     Many years ago, I was a young railroad conductor who was in charge of a train running between two major cities in the South. At that time, I had a beautiful wife and together we had two healthy children.  I felt very fortunate to be able to provide a comfortable living for myself and my family.
     Anyway, I had been working the same train route for several years so I was very familiar with the surrounding areas.  Oftentimes, I would get to know the…

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