Never The Same Girl

Not the same girl


My dear followers,

I felt the need to write this post after a ‘conversation’ with another blogger about my blog’s focus. During this ‘chat’ I explained that I can be a bit enigmatic; moving from one voice and perspective to another –from post to post.

Fortunately for me, my dear blogging friend understood.  However, I do realize that some readers will find my tendency to shape-shift confusing at best and off-putting at worst.

So, in an effort to set things right with my followers, I have decided to offer an apology of sorts 😉


To all of the readers of this blog I apologize to you if you came here looking for social or political commentary, but instead found a random story about my mama, my brother, my dad, a balloon man, scalloped potatoes, my kids, dogs, Germany, Vincent Price, knock-off treehouses, and/ or anybody and anything else that came to my mind that day; not to mention pictures of broken flip-flops.

I also apologize to you if you came here looking for a message of inspiration, but instead found yourself in 1985 with a 10th grader recalling memories along with a list of Soul/R&B classics that include observations from a sexy, sweet, spicy and saucy, no-holds-barred dame.  WHEW!!!


I hope that my apology will be accepted by any follower/visitor who has left my blog feeling slighted due to any of the aforementioned!

But don’t expect me to change anything 😉

Why?  Because, just like everybody else, I am a complicated human being; I am not always the same girl. Therefore, I think that my blog should reflect a similar level of complexity.

Thankfully my core followers know this. In fact, they are accustomed to me executing a script flip.

I pray that my new followers will get this too 🙂

Anyway, before I log off, please know that I am very grateful for all of my visitors and followers, new and old, who have stopped by and supported my spot.

Thank you and I hope that you will continue to come back. Holler at me in comments; I’ll always respond 🙂

But remember to brace yourself and expect an eclectic assortment of God knows what 🙂


Gwin, aka, Lady G


29 thoughts on “Never The Same Girl

      1. A @ moylomenterprises

        No worries. It’s why we’re all here — to share a bit of who we are; to find validation; to write as therapy; to be heard; to feel loved; to network etc, etc.
        Whatever your reason authenticity is always a good starting point. Trying to be who you’re not only makes you unhappy. Blogging is supposed to be ‘your happy place’… Love who you are and just be your wonderful, unique self. Hugs 🌷


        1. Wow! I thank you for your sweet and encouraging words.
          Even your comments are poetic 🙂
          I love that!
          I totally agree with your point about authenticity. Hopefully, the reader will walk away for this blog with a strong understanding of my values; regardless to the manner in which I opt to express them. In addition, I hope that they leave with good vibes 🙂
          By the way, I can’t agree with you more on the therapeutic nature of blogging. That said, it’s been very good for me and I am so glad that I chose to do it.
          Thank you so much for stopping by, commenting and following.
          Hugs right back to you my friend🍀

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    1. Big cous got my back! LOL!
      Naw baby it’s all good.
      Just giving folks a heads up that I might talk about one thing, one way, one day, and a different thing, a different way the next day.

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  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hey you be who you want to be Gwin, it’s all good!!
    Your blog is a variety of thoughts, insights, stories and snap shots of Life; what’s there not to like??
    (I can go from crusty grumpy old ‘Bah Hum-Bug’ to retro ‘Hey man. Like Far-out. Dig?’ to anguished introspective dispirited British socialist, via undisciplined purveyor of Fantasy all in the space of one page if I put my mind to it)

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    1. You’re my Twin….

      So you can’t leave me Anna Mae Bullock! You can’t get way from me…you hear me? You hear what I say?

      God I hope you know Larry Fishburne’s Ike lines from “What’s Love got to do with it,” because if you don’t, I have wasted a whole lot of time and space 🙂


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