My Jams ’86

Me and Rod at door

“My Jams” posts include adult language and situations. Note: This blog follows the Tracy-Gwin Jams Doctrine.  

“Wow Gwin, I’ve never seen Boomer respond to anyone like that before.  Do you think it could be a sign?”

My Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Walden’s son, Boomer, is so cute!  He has the brightest and bluest eyes that I have ever seen. It was so funny how he kept reaching for me and giggling.

I hope that’s a good omen.

By the way, it’s Homecoming and I am one of the candidates.

Since it’s halftime, Daddy and I were directed to line up on the field with the other hopefuls.  As we marched out, they gave each girl a yellow balloon.

I think I have a good chance of winning but you never know with these things.

Just so you know, one of the other candidates comes from two generations of Homecoming Queens at our school– so there’s that.  She’ll probably win because of tradition.

My best friend Sandra is also a candidate.

Let me tell you it’s not really fun competing against your best friend, but the football team selected the candidates so there was nothing that she or I could do but wish each other the best.

In the end, the student body will make the final decision.

I just saw my boyfriend, R, waving from the stands.  He escorted me earlier this week at the Homecoming assembly.  I love him so much!  Maybe we’ll get married and have children someday.  He’s a really smart dude so I’ll bet that our kids will be smart too.

SNAP OUT OF IT GIRL!  Come back to reality!

Oh yeah…OK.

Holy crap, Mr. Neal, our Principal, was just about to announce the winner but the microphone isn’t working.  Now he’s standing there with last year’s Homecoming Queen trying to figure out what to do next.

Who won?  Good grief!  I think I’m gonna croak!  My nerves are shot!  My hands are shaking so bad that my balloon is bobbing like a fishing cork on a lake with a massive bite!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Y’all wanna know who won don’t you?  Who won? Who won?  HA!  I think I’ll hold you in suspense until the end!  And don’t you dare skip your ass ahead to try to see who won before you finish reading this post!

On a serious note, y’all if I could talk to Young Lady G, I’d say, “Enjoy it all–even if you don’t win, don’t sweat it, no matter what, have a blast!”

I’d also say, “Have fun while it lasts!”

I think I’d resist the temptation to reveal that there were two people at the game that night that will be GONE by this time that next year.

And so,

How are all my people doing on this mild evening in 1986?  It is beautiful indeed!

Baby, let me tell you, these are the kinds of trips that our dear Miss Time Machine hates because, as you know, she thinks that they are not cost effective.

Never mind that sista ‘cause ain’t nobody got time to deal with a temperamental time machine. I say we just move away from her and all of her madness!

Let’s launch into these jams:

My Jams ‘86

Kiss by Prince

“Ain’t no particular sign I’m compatible with…”

Baby when Prince hollered that there!  I died!


I can’t wait by Nu Shooz

They say that the chick singing this jam couldn’t dance so she is depicted in the video repairing ‘what nots.’

Be that as it may, this song was fire!

C’est la vie by Robbie Nevil

“That’s just the way it goes…oh yeah”

Just a happy, happy joy kinda song

Bet y’all ain’t know that Lady G speaks French.  You’ll see in just a bit!

When I think of you by Janet Jackson

YAAASSS honey, this is when Ms. Jackson got musically turned out by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  

Vocals still leave a little to be desired but better than before!  Music is slamming!

Funny how time flies by Janet Jackson


This jam right here was my junk!  Do you hear me?

That French spoken intro?  Whaaaa?

Baby, I took a little bit of French in high school so I understood that sister when she parles le francais.  Your girl comprends!

Allow me to interpret what she said:

“Something, something, something, today, something else, another word, blah…I love you my dear!”

YAAASSSS, I still got it!  

Maybe I should ask my pretty French speaking follower, Voulaah, from Madagascar to do the real interpreting. Get it girl!

The Rain by Oran Juice Jones

Holy shit! Did you see Oran Juice Jones stalk his cheating woman in the video of this jam?

Talk about hilarious!  In one scene, he is shown casually smoking a cigarette as his lady and her secret beau walk by.  Homeboy never says a word; he just watches the whole thing!

I hollered when I saw that.

Watch the video for a good laugh!

Sweet Love by Anita Baker

So this was me and my high school sweetheart, R’s, jam!

There is nothing like young love right?

Candy by Cameo

Another one for me and R!

We used to ‘dance’ and play pool in the recreation room at his house

YAASSS baby that’s how them joker’s rolled! They was living large!

Do know that we damn shole didn’t have no recreation room at my house.

Go ‘head on Black middle class!

I see you Queen Diva Shavone !  YAASSSS!

I think it’s Love by Jermaine Jackson

This one doesn’t really remind me much of anything in particular.  But I love it just the same 🙂

Maureen by Sade (1985)

A beautiful song!  It has a personal and special meaning to me!

Let’s keep it moving!

War of the Hearts by Sade (1985)

R and I would groove to this jam in his family’s recreation room!

So let me describe this place:

Imagine a large dimly lit room with a full length fully stocked bar.  Add to that visual a large music system with shelves of albums and tapes! YAASSSS!  Now imagine a couple of nice seating areas which included a booth on one side and a couch and loveseat on another side.

The pool table, that I mentioned before, was a few feet away from the booth.

I think you got the picture right?

Anyway, back then I had no use for liquor so the bar was just an obstruction to the music system. But with that said, I was all about those albums.

R and I had so much fun in the recreation room listening to jams, eating pizza, and fooling around…..with our coloring books 😉

But wait, it gets better!

Eva would come over to visit R’s mom.  Chile those two sisters  would kick our asses out of the recreation room so they could jam Marvin Sease’s “Ghetto man” and “Candy licker.”

Them chicks would have cocktails and laugh all night long!

Hell Eva and my Aunt Bob continued to jam Marvin Sease for years after that!

Good times!


Tasty Love by Freddie Jackson

“Work my love around…make it all come down, give me that tasty love.”

Alright now!

Another lover hole in yo head by Prince

Prince was just showing out on this jam!  It just gets no better!

Peep the intro, it has an Indian vibe to it.

Closer Than Close by Jean Carne (A Badass Georgia Peach)

“Hold me clooooooooooserrrr.”

Baby Queen Diva  Jean DID that on this jam!

Do NOT be fooled, this Queen still sounds as good as ever!

Go google it!

Do you get enough love by Shirley Jones

Ain’t nobody talking about The Partridge Family’s mammy!

Which, by the way, I love The Cowsills; they are the group that The Partridge Family is based on!

I am crazy about “The rain, the park & other things.”  I change the lyrics a little bit to fit me-people who know me in the real world will immediately know why!

Oh hell, I’m sorry–I just got distracted like a mofo!

Anyway, this here is one of them Jones girls!  Get your love life with this one!

Pop, pop, pop Goes my mind by Levert

YAAAASSSSSS!  Gerald is on the SCENE!!!!  Here we find him with the group Levert which was comprised of his brother Sean and friend Marc Gordon.

Chile, Gerald had everybody saying, “He sound JUST like his daddy!”

Yep, that would be the one and only legend Eddie Levert of the O’Jays!

One Love by Whodini

“One love, one love, you’re lucky just to have just one love.”

Damn straight!

Heaven in Your Arms by RJ’s Latest Arrival

Just too sweet!

Stay by The Controllers

Baby I have been known to pull this joker right here out in the middle of a work day!

Despite the canned nature of the music, the vocals cannot be denied.

If I am not mistaken these are my Alabama homeboys.

“…it’s always a pleasure when I am making love with yoooooou, you’re so fine, baby please staaaaay with me..”

Kiss away the pain by Patti LaBelle


I mean it!  Bow down right damn now!

I JUST cannot with Patti on this jam!

If you don’t like this one you have not one soul bone in your body!

“Please come back baby, please come back baby—kiss it away…we don’t even have to explain..”

OKAAAAAAY???  Alright then!

Let’s go out tonight by Levert


When I heard this, I died!

Y’all music has murdered me so many times!


See y’all later in the upper room! LOL!

Off to the cemetary for my burial!  Tout suite!

Say la la by Pieces of a Dream


Baby all the HBCU bands are playing this joker right now TODAY!  Do you hear me?  I guess the band directors are reaching back and pulling jams that old heads like me remember!  

Well all I gotta say is hell to da yeah!!!!

This was my shit right here! Whaaaa??  A funky little go-go vibe!   

In 1986, if you saw me, you heard this!

“…she makes my heart skip a beat, her love is so sweet, she really knocks me off my feet and I gotta say la la la la la la la la la la…..means I love you!  

Fellas, think of me when you play this jam!

Sexy by Klymaxx

“Sexy that’s what they call me, ‘cause I’m so sexy…yeah…whoooa whoooa whoooa!”


That’s your girl Lady G!

Stay a little while Child by Loose Ends

Another one that kills me!

“Why don’t you…stay a little while child!”

Baby, me and my people would be bumping that album, Zagora, for the foreseeable future!

“Who are you” —Whaaaa? I loved that jam too!

“Nights of Pleasure”–Huh?  Another hot one!  Gotdamn!

We gotta stop meeting like this by Teena Marie ft Ronnie McNeir (1984)

Go back and listen to this!  You will NOT be disappointed!

My Dear Mr. Gaye by Teena Marie (1984)

And while you’re at it, listen to this one too!

Hot wild unrestricted crazy love by Millie Jackson

Hell I had to throw in some Millie for kicks and giggles!

All jokes aside, that Queen can sing and this was a very nice jam.  Too bad it’s one of the only jams she did that we could listen to on the radio!  LOL!!

Millie Jackson bad as hell!  Y’all don’t want narry day of Millie! The State of Georgia is in the house!

🙂 🙂 🙂

MEANWHILE, back at that 1986 Homecoming Football Game:

Holy crap, Mr. Neal, our Principal, was just about to announce the winner but the microphone isn’t working.  Now he’s standing there with last year’s Homecoming Queen trying to figure out what to do next.

Who won?  Good grief!  I think I’m gonna croak.  My nerves are shot!  My hands are shaking so bad that my balloon is bobbing like a fishing cork on a lake with a massive bite!

“Daddy, it looks like he’s walking towards us!”

Drum roll pleeeeeeeeese!!!!!  AWWWWW  Yeah!!!!!!


1987 Homecoming Queen

Well 1986, we must, once again, part!  I love you but I got to go!

Friends, be sure and meet me in comments to share your favorite memories or thoughts about the year that was 1986.  Be sure to bring your jams to the afterparty!



For Darrin and Doreen

❤ ❤ ❤




57 thoughts on “My Jams ’86

  1. BobRnb

    Nice read. Yeah 1986 was a really good year in music in general. I love the Jermaine Jackson song called Our Love Story. I wish he was talking about more than sex….but do love the song regardless

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: Happy Anniversary My Jams! – seekthebestblog

  3. Ricky Sto

    Whoa. I couldn’t help but notice…People say that I’m a pretty smart guy, too….And I happen to look a lot like both you and that “R” fellow… And my name also starts with an R… and I’m a junior…Hmmmm….What a co-inky-dinky! 🙂

    I remember listening to a lot of these songs with you as kid. Especially Prince’s “Kiss.” (I freaking love that song…but who doesn’t, Am I right?!) I actually have some of these songs in my Favorites playlist on my iPod. I guess I know where my good taste in music come’s from!

    P.S. It’s really weird seeing Granddaddy being slim with black hair… and seeing Dad with any hair at all LOL

    – Love, Ricky

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey,Hey Girl – now you’ve exposed another talent – that you can keep us all in suspense. Congratulations and well done on becoming the Homecoming Queen. Lovely photos. The picture with you and your dad, reminds me of holding onto my father’s arm on my wedding day.
    Ah Lady G, I love to read all the comments. Mr G there is especially impressive in all the great things he says and of course he is right!. I’m sorry though that 86 was also going to be a turning point to tragedy.

    For me, 86 was an eventful year for sure. I promised you a wedding and so 8 February 86 was the year I got married. It was a relatively small wedding – about 70 people more friends than family. Felt almost like we were eloping since two days later we were on our way to our new home 600kms away from home. Btw, I had sold off my yellow beetle and my brother escorted us in his white beetle ( not sure what was up with this beetle thing) Anyway, by the time we arrived at my new home, I one bedroomed apartment in the city, all of my wedding trousseau was soaked in petrol (gas) which had seeped through somehow.

    But hey, though we didn’t have lots of money and a fairly humble home, I loved my independence and playing the new wife – this was probably the only time I really cooked up a storm from all kinds of recipe books.

    I had of course had to shift jobs. I lasted about three months working in a job I hated. I had by this time received my second degree to be a teacher. At that time, there was such a shortage of teachers, that with one phone call, I secured myself a position to start in April that year – teaching adolescents that were just a few years younger than me. Btw this was also the big shoulder pad era (Dynasty style)

    Living in the city and facing a beautiful city park, everything was within walking distance. One of our favourite pastimes was walking to a very large music store on a Sunday afternoon and shopping for the old Vinyl records.There was a great buzz in city living similar to being in the centre of New York.

    Then with a great bunch of friends we were clubbing most weekends. From your list, C’est la vie
    and Rain by Oran Juice Jones and the Midas Touch were songs we were bumping to. That was also the time of Shake you down by Gregory Abbot and Rumours – Colonel Abrahams and Gwen Guthrie’s Ain’t nothing going on but the rent.
    So Girl, this was the first major fork in my road! We also had a major radio station launch that spring and I remember listening lots of greta smooth jams from people like Angela Bofill, Anita Baker, Peabo Bryson. I remember this song also gliding over the airwaves at the time.

    Catch you on the other side Sweetheart!💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I can really relate to your life because you married nearly the same month and year that my cousin did. People say that we look alike. We are very similar in a lot of ways. She was a role model for me because she was finishing up college and getting ready to start her life. It was very exciting for me to witness someone make that transition.
      Sounds like you were living the life girlfriend. I remember those big shoulder pads and the big hair. By the way, I remembered you posting Oran Juice Jones on one of our spots–We joked about it then.
      Chile “Shake you down “was Eva’s! Honey, she was a sucker for them redbones…and he green eyes! Whaaaa?
      And of course Queen Diva Gwen brought it with “Ain’t nothing going on but the rent you gotta have a J-O-B if you wanna be with me.” A sista said it was too much going on for her NOT to be secure! YAAASSS you better work Ms. Guthrie!
      You know T. Wayne and I had to come up with a consensus about jams and years-known as the Tracy-Gwin Jams Doctrine. Basically it says that it does not matter when the jam was released if you, indeed, bumped it that year. That said, I know that you subscribe to that same doctrine based on your mention of the greats!
      Can’t wait to see which jam you posted!
      Thanks for acknowledging my heartbreaks. They were deep. Also thank you, as always, for your warm compliments!
      Holler back when you get time 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Lady G. Definitely subscribe to the Tracy-Gwin Doctrine. Sometimes, I get the songs and years confused and in some cases, I only heard the songs for the first time. You mentioned Millie – Hey I still have my Vinyls. Btw the songs we played at our wedding were When a man loves a women (Percy Sledge) and Whiter Shade of Pale (I think it was a Sonny Stitt version)
        Hey girl, I don’t mine sharing Eva’s jams. I just liked the song.

        Yeah Ms Guthrie was cheeky wasn’t she?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Thanks Gwin for another visit to another time.
    (I really am going to have to get around to printing out these Jams posts, visit YouTube and thus extract my angst ridden head out of my lower body orifice)
    Tale care & best wishes to you and yours

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Woebegone but Hopeful

          Hi Gwin.
          I can understand that, with the tragic news which has come out over the last week, so close to the news out of Orlando.
          Being outside looking in I get to see all sorts of views and comments and not being directly involved can step back a bit, although the news is driving me to write a post, but I have to think deeply about it; tried a few times and the words just looked wrong.
          This much I do know, there are families and friends grieving.
          I do like the USA’s peoples (yeh you have your allocation of fools..who doesn’t?) and I am so sorry for you the ordinary folk who just want to get on in their lives.
          Take care Gwin and best wishes to you & yours.
          (I’ll trying to keep the sillies and crazies coming)

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Thank you Roger for your kind words. They really are soothing. It means a lot to know that other folks can feel our pain.
          I know what you mean about posting something. I have thought about it but, as you have said, I couldn’t find the right words.
          But I guess if I had to say anything, I’d have to say that it is not wrong to want law enforcement to be held accountable when they murder people (in cold blood) that they are sworn to protect.
          It IS crazy for someone to point to black on black crime and say, “Hey go look at that…go run down that bunny trail…watch the birdie!”
          Yes there is black on black crime and that is a big problem but that is not the argument at hand. We can talk about that too; just not right this minute.
          What people fail to realize is that most violent crimes are committed by someone against someone that they know–that being the case blacks kill more blacks and whites kill more whites and indians kill more indians and asians kill more asians.
          Anyway, all of those folks who are so concerned about black on black crime need to get to work and help us fix it; but other than that, as Jesse Williams said, they need to shut up and stay on task.
          Anyway, sorry for that rant but I think you get my point. I feel safe sharing with you.
          By the way, you must keep up the sillies and crazies…I need that! I really do!
          Peace to you and yours Roger !

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Woebegone but Hopeful

          Thank you for sharing Gwin.
          You’ve made the good & important point that very often perpetrator and victim are known or linked in some way.
          Broadly, as I see this week in two cases someone really screwed up; as a result some folk who were saying ‘goodnight’ & ‘you take care’ to a group of peaceable protestors were gunned down. None of it can be right.
          Again ordinary people are dying and their families and friends hurting. (I’ll have to write this out of me, sometime).
          I don’t normally go about advertising my stuff, but feel free to amble over to the site and read my history of the Isles (it started out as a salve to the Post-referendum antics, now it’s taking on a life all of its own; full of Crazy and Silly).
          God Bless and Watch over you and yours Gwin

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations on winning Ms Homecoming Queen. If your wonderful story had ended any other way I was gonna find Cole from Martin gas up the Pacer and go back in time find out what that student body was drinking or smoking – but they got it right so it’s all good.

    I’d started to slow my party roll and get serious about photography. I spent most of that year working on a documentary about the homeless in D.C.

    Music was my escape from the harsh reality I faced after giving up a cushy corporate life for one of sleeping in cheap rooms and eating bologna made from mule meat as a main staple in order to pursue my dream.

    As always Lady G you have archived the best of the best right here in this post.

    My boyee – RJ made the cut! Awesome! Heaven in Your Arms was very instrumental in taking the edge off some of the hard edge encounters I had with women hardened by the streets and the situations those streets heaped on them.

    There was a run down strip club in Anacostia that me a few friends used to go to every weekend not for the view but for the conversation and the cheap beer. The DJ always had on tap many of the jams on your list and one sticks out – Candy by Cameo. I was seeking that woman they sang about in that song. Every time the DJ played that one it gave me awesome feelings. Then after the strippers had done their show they were always available to talk. Folks have a misconception about most strippers – off stage they’re real people and very sweet and far from being dumb and purveyors of sex. They, like me were simply trying to make their way.- pursuing a dream the only way they knew how working with what they had. I later in life would date a stripper – but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post

    Strippers became a part of the 86 music memories for me because of their work and time spent under the backdrop of tunes like Say la la by Pieces of a Dream, Heaven in Your Arms, Candy, Give Me A Reason, The Finest, and the list goes on.

    Thank you so much for MyJams 86 – the year may sound like it was hard one for me – to that I say education is usually hard – but necessary. Thank God for the wonderful music of 1986 that made that education an unforgettable one.

    Oh BTW Lovely Homecoming Pics. – You look now like you did then – Beautiful – youthful – resplendent.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey G! What’s up Brah?
      So you worked on a documentary? Now that is interesting as hell to me! Is it available anywhere? I’d love to see it. I can imagine that it was not easy like you said, but there is something about doing work that you really enjoy that makes all the struggle worthwhile.

      But mule meat? LOL! You got that right! You don’t know what the hell they put in bologna. When I was an undergraduate I took a course that discussed Food Policy and I learned that everything in the world left on the pig/cow is in bologna including hooves, eyeballs and udders! Hot dogs too. I stopped eating hotdogs 30 damn years ago because of that. LOL!

      Ok, let’s talk about strippers. I have known two strippers. Here we called them shake dancers back in the day. There’s no way in the hell that you would have known that if they didn’t tell you. Both of them were smart girls. They did tell me that it is easy to get caught up with drugs and alcohol because a lot of girls need that to go on stage. You know Lady G lives a nonjudgmental lifestyle so I didn’t knock the hustle.

      These years were not particularly easy for me. The party had already started to come to an end by 1986. But 1987 shook the shit out of me. I lost two close friends in car accidents–one in January and the other in October. I was messed up. Long story go away it still affects me today.

      Anyway, thanks so much for always stopping by. And thank you very much for those sweet compliments! You are good for my ego! LOL!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. We’re gonna have to collaborate on a joint post on this heah mule meat bologna thang. I too have skirted hot dogs over the years because of my suspicions of what they’re made of.

        Gwin – you’re good people. You’re an excellent writer – one that knows her readers and isn’t afraid to interact with them.

        Your My Jams series is genius. Sharing your personal stories spark memories of the same experiences in your readers.

        You’re good lady. Very good – keep working this gift God blessed you with.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Twin! What’s up?
    Glad to see you! Yes baby you better find out “what’s missing.” Alexander DID that! Thanks for adding it here. Midnight Starr is always gonna bring it.

    Now you know I couldn’t leave ’86 without talking about “Candy.” I know I dog on Larry for ‘throwing out the instruments,’ but he did keep a little sax and some guitar in there–I guess I got so spoiled with the brass from the ’70’s and early 1980’s.

    I also could not leave without talking about “Stay a little while child.”

    You know, I was looking back at old videos from the ’80’s and it was hilarious how they would use odd imagery. I was a big Duran Duran fan and I loved “New Moon on Monday,” “Union of the Snake,” and “The Reflex” but the videos were sometimes flat out crazy.

    I really am thinking about doing something on my rock jams. The one thing that I do know is that it will NOT be a long series–maybe it will be a weeklong thing and I’m done.
    I got lots I could say about those jams too.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. T. Wayne

    Hmmm, let’s see. 1986. I was still in college, things were about to get bumpy. Romance, classes, mental stuff as an RA at a predominantly white college. But I would negotiate it but not without some issues.

    The music though? Jam & Lewis was ruling things. S.O.S. Band, Janet, Cherrelle, Human League (wha?) and this little kicker from Alexander O’Neal:

    Can’t think of anything I would drop. And though this next one was a halfway-disguised rewrite of “Wet My Whistle” (which I loved), I’d add this one too:

    I was had when you threw “Candy” and “Stay A Little While Child” on here. Another great list, my dear Twin!

    Liked by 3 people

  9. I knew you was gonna win? Beautiful! 1986 found me in Comiso, Sicily. Beautiful time, beautiful place, great people. It’s where and when I first met Statewright. My favorite song of that year was “Forbidden Fruit Is The Sweetest” written and recorded by MSgt. John Sessions, one if my roommates at El Paryso #6. He also did a great rendition of “KISS” the Prince song and my second favorite of ’86.

    3. Anita’s whole album
    4. Saturday Love, Alex and Cherell
    5. The Finest, S.O.S. Band
    6. The Woo Woo Song, Jeffrey
    7. Love Will Conquer All, Lionel
    8. Go Home, Stevie
    9. Sade, whole album.
    10. Give Me The Reason, Luther

    This was a vintage year. I see some light. Lol

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hey Cous!
      That whole Sade album was FIRE! You hear me?
      Did MSgt John Sessions write that song for you? LOL!
      Man anybody that can do even an average rendition of anything by Prince gets a hat tip from me! That said, he must have been able to saaaang!

      Oh yes, Anita was hot too but for some reason I can’t really listen to her now. I guess I had enough of it. No shade; she can sing, I guess it was just overkill during the ’80’s and ’90’s. But I did love “No one in world.”
      Everything else on your list was on my big list! But, I have to save something for y’all to add!
      I’d love to hear more about Comiso, Sicily. I hear they have quite a few sisters and brothers over there since it’s not far from the Mother Land! LOL!!
      I bet the food was off the chain!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Tack

    I find it rathe r (od)d that you wouldn’t say “R”‘s name lol! Congratulations on becoming homecoming queen. I recall not giving a damn as a kid. Didn’t even know what a homecoming queen was. I remember wondering why the football team sucked and why I wasn’t playing varsity even though I was in the eight grade. I damn sure wouldn’t have hurt the teams chances. I do have to say that I am extremely proud of how good your blog is. My sister is the truth! Love your little brother Tack!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s mama baby right there y’all!
        Thanks for checking this out son! Yeah, ‘Granddaddy’ looks like he might have some swag on that one! Daddy has hair! LOL!


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