My Jams ’87


My Jams 87


“I know exactly what we need to get this party started!”

I can’t tell you who said that but one of my friends did say these very words.

But, the party almost ended before it could start. Why? Because of an unexpected ‘guest.’

Here’s what happened…

One night, my friends and I decided that we would all get together with our dates and have a ‘taco party.’

Everybody was responsible for bringing a side item.  I volunteered to bring tomatoes and lettuce.  The hostess, one of my best friends, provided the taco meat.  The remaining attendees chipped in to buy the jalapeno peppers, taco shells, cheese, etc.

Well, one of us had another ‘side’ item in mind–and that’s the person who said, “I know exactly what we need to get this party started.”

You know s/he was talking about alcohol, right?

Again, I still can’t tell you who this person was; he or she will have to remain nameless.

Just know that it wasn’t me.  Really, it wasn’t.

Anyway, as a group, we agreed to ride with ‘Nameless’ to Kroger to buy some wine coolers.  Nameless said all we needed to do was find an old wino, give him two or three dollars and ask him to make our purchase.

Remember, none of us are old enough to buy that stuff.

Once we got to the store, Nameless found a wino to buy the goods.  Just after the wino went into the store, Nameless rejoined the rest of us as we stood by the car waiting.

But then, the unexpected happened!

Somebody yelled, “There go Gwin Daddy comin’ out the store, everybody duck!”

I thought to myself, “Holy crap, what’s he doing here?  He gon’ catch us–I just know it!”

Oh, but here’s the crazy part, instead of Daddy going to his car and leaving, he just stood, as if he were planted, right there by the doors; I mean that joker wouldn’t move!  Dude just stood there and stood there and stood there.

I kept thinking, “What is he waiting for?”

Well, it didn’t look like he was waiting for anything in particular–he was just standing there sweeping the entire parking lot with a steely stare.

By now, our dear wino friend, who had just made our purchase, was about to walk out of the door.

I said to myself, “Oh hell, we cold busted.”

But before the wino could come out of the store, Daddy walked to his car, got in, and drove off!

Whew!  That was close!

It’s on now!

🙂 🙂 🙂


YAASSSS!  Daddy had a weird habit of showing up at the most inopportune times!  Baby, that was NOT the first or last of these mysterious occurrences!

I don’t know; he had some kind of parental telepathy or something!

And on that note, Lady G got one thing to say to all the young babies that read this blog; and especially my dear Ric, “Me, your mammy and your pappy done already ran EV-E-RY game you trying to run now!”

Every last one–and I mean ALL of ‘em!

So please don’t get it twisted!  We already know what you’re up to BEFORE you start! You’ll never be smart enough to OUTsmart your elders!

My Daddy used to tell me, “Girl, I done FORGOT more than you know!”

Elders, can I get an AMEN?

Now don’t get me wrong, just like Martin, Lady G love you kids and I want you guys to be smart and safe.  Don’t be afraid to speak up when something ain’t right!  If you get into a situation that puzzles you, call an adult.  We’ll have your back!

Oh yeah, by the way, Daddy swore that he saw us all hiding in the parking lot!  Fortunately for us, our little party ended without incident.  That said, that’s not always the case.

And so,

Welcome to 1987! This is the figurative line of demarcation for Miss Time Machine.  She’s threatening to quit.

Homegirl said that if we want to make it to 1988 we gotta walk.  LOL!

Something tells me that I can convince her otherwise.

Are you ready for these jams?  Just remember this is a random sampling. I ain’t got time to tell you about all of ‘em. Also, an asterisk means The Tracy-Gwin Doctrine applies (for more info on that just hit me up in comments.)

So, let’s get it:

My Jams ‘87

Casanova by Levert

Yes, honey!  Levert brought it again with this bad boy!

I want to hold I want to squeeze ya too

I want to make sweet love to you

I want to be there when ya feel alone

Never letcha go, no

Gerald really was a big sweet Teddy Bear.

Chile Lady G still mourning that loss!

Don’t disturb this groove by The System

“All I want is just me and you (grooving baby, grooving baby)”

Them boys kilt it!  By the way, ‘kilt’ is past tense for ‘killed’ in Black Southern Vernacular!

Very heavy on the synthesizers but still my jam!

Let me be the one by Exposé

Have you ever had a song that you only like parts of? Or is Lady G just strange that way?

My favorite part is:

Only you can make me feel this way

I’ll give you all, come on, let’s get away

This love I feel will never ever fade

I’ll give you more and more so…

No shade to the rest of the song but Lady G just listens for this part.

*The Pleasure Principle by Janet Jackson

The video of Janet dancing.  Period.

Nothing else need be said.

Lies by Jonathan Butler

This is my girl Chevvy’s homeboy right here.  Coming to you straight from South Africa!

This joker was the jam.  Too bad it’s about a cheating ass woman!

“You cheated on me, you cheated on me

With a white lie, with a wicked lie…”

Chile bye, ain’t nobody got time for that- especially not Jonathan- with his good looking self!

*Jam Tonight by Freddie Jackson

Freddie took them damn lyrics and OWNED them!

He worked the hell outta that jam.

“Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you, don’t you wanna

Ooh, oh, oh don’t you wanna jam?”

Making love in the rain by Herb Alpert featuring Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith

I am guessing that Herb chose Janet to sing on this jam because she was a popular artist on his label.  No shade to Janet, but Herb probably figured he should add another vocalist for good measure.

Now we cooking!

No one in the world by Anita Baker

Anita was in a category all her own.  But…sometimes it sounds like she’s crying.

No matter, that Queen Diva could SING and she nailed this one.

Just call me  Sherrick

This is the onliest song I ever heard by Sherrick.

But wait, before I start to lying, he did do a helluva cover of The Originals’ “Baby I’m for real.”

That said, let’s add that joker to these jams!

Anyway, I just loved Sherrick’s voice.  He could blow!  When he sang in his upper register he reminded me a little of Phil Perry.  Seriously!  Go google it!

“You can call me what you wanna…anything you want to….Baby just call…call me, darling, call me.”

Show yo’ right by Barry White

Y’all ain’t ready!!  Honey, the Maestro is BACK!

Sho you right!

Love is a house by The Force MD’s

“You got the key!”


Y’all don’t know nothing ‘bout that!

I want your sex by George Michael

Chile, the Genie is out of the bottle!  Baby, in the words of Little Richard, “And he ain’t never goin’ back!”

Georgie done started talking about sex!

Front and center!

But as he said, “Sex is best when it’s one on one!”


I feel good by Stephanie Mills

This Queen Diva sang the hell out of this jam–DO YOU HEAR ME?

Case closed!

Loving You by The O’Jays

What the hell did I tell you before?  The O’Jays ain’t never goin’ out of style!

And that’s as it should be when the music is good and the vocals are on point!

*Curiosity by The Jets

“I’ve got to know, is she just a plaything?”

Yes, baby she’s just a plaything and so are you my love!

Hold me by Sheila E

Sheila getting all sultry and thangs!

If you don’t remember this one, I’d advise that you get to googling ‘cause it was the shit!

I’m Bad by LL Cool J

I had to throw this one in as a dedication to my high school sweetheart!

You gotta give it to LL!  He wrecked the joint with this one.

“…I’m too bad for ya…understand?”

How many times has Lady G had to say that?

All in the name of love by Atlantic Starr

I’ll tell you upfront that I’m a diehard Sharon Bryant fan but the pretty Queen Diva singing this song did an excellent  job with ole handsome what’s his name!

You of them Lewis boys with the pretty eyes.

Anyway, get this jam in your life!


“All in the name of love between me and you.”

“You and me, we’re overdue for getting together baby…”

Don’t be lonely by Cameo

“Don’t be lonely you’re not the only one who feels the way you do.”

Larry and his pared down Cameo is still on fire.

Go on without you by Shirley Murdock

Never again, will I let you go, now that you’re home
I missed you so, I love you forever
‘Cause you’ve earned my love
And I just wanna say it’s because of you, I’m wiser now

BAYBEE! When Queen Diva Shirley hit that “because of you,” she shut it down!



Google it!

But wait until you finish this!

Baby be mine by Miki Howard

“You never really got to know me!”

I just simply CANNOT with Queen Diva Miki!

NOPE! She KILT it!

I’m ‘bout to log off!

See y’all in paradise



I need you tonight by INXS

INXS! YAAASSS, the white boys are in the house.

Lady G and the white boys always got along well.

Just ask some of her old classmates!

Hell, that should come as no surprise.  Your girl got friends all over the damn rainbow!

Anyway, this was one of my pop jams right ‘chere!

Every drop of your love by Stacy Lattisaw

Yes ma’am Queen Diva Stacy!

She DID that on this jam!

Just gets better with time by The Whispers

Another group that kept it coming through all of the decades!


But do you really think that both Walter and Scottie are singing at the same time?

They sound like ONE phenomenal dude to me!

Just want to tell you how I’m feeling inside

like I’ve been walking (cloud number 9)

Your love is rare and like the finest of wine

It just gets better with time

Said, it just gets better with time

Falling in love by The Fat Boys

At first, Lady G was a bit apprehensive about listening to a love song by some rappers, but the beat and the melody just cannot be denied!

Fallin’ in love is a serious thing to do…before you fall in love make sure that love is true!”

I’d rock it right now TODAY–If it were an instrumental.

Just sayin.’

Rainy night by Chico DeBarge 

Lawd!  Tommy on “Martin” had me dying when he said, “Pretty Chico what dey called him!”

Well Chile this is one of Pretty Bobby DeBarge’s baby brothers!

He had longer hair than most women and this joker did NOT disappoint!  He could sing just like the rest of them DeBarge kids!  Queen Mother Etterlene DeBarge blessed them babies with some major TALENT!

Chico cut up with this one!

Sid and Oscar Productions

Side B

Track 7

Anyway, Lady G ain’t gon’ address the whole DeBarge story.  Just suffice it to say, Chico had to cut that hair before he sat down for them couple, two or three years.

“I wanna kiss the spot that makes you hot.”

Aww damn Chico!

Again, the witching hour is approaching!  We running up on twelve o’clock kids!

Well, 1987, let me say that I love you; you taught me a whole lot!  Peace to you!

Friends, be sure to meet me in comments to share your favorite memories and jams from 1987!

Next Thursday:  My Jams ’88


72 thoughts on “My Jams ’87

  1. Ooh my gosh!!! They all were bangers back then. You really took me back with INXS. I cannot believe I never of Sherrick until today. Asher heading it, his style was the sound of that time. Again, an amazing list and thanks for the memories.

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    1. Hello Again DJ KennyMan!
      Thanks for checking me out! I am glad that I was able to take you back to some good memories.
      BTW, “My Jams” goes all the way back to 1966!
      YAAASSSSS! We been jamming for years! LOL!

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  2. YAAAAASSS! I was so glad to see you girl when you walked up to the campfire. We missed you but we knew that you had a lot of good things going on.

    So the Shebeen huh? Chile, in the deep South, the closest that we came to a Shebeen was a “Shot House!” LOL!!
    Actually, a shot house is a place where neighborhood folks go to purchase a small “shot” of liquor from the resident/proprietor! LOL!
    The difference is that your ‘Shebeen’ sounds a wee bit more legitimate. Baby it wasn’t nothing even slightly legitimate about a ‘shot house.’ That said, we never would have been brave enough to go to one.

    It sounds like you guys had a real ball in ’87. Girl a party with unknown guests? Y’all were really in good spirits! I suppose that you were probably familiar with most of them –even if you guys were not friends per se.

    I absolutely CAN understand why you opted to return to our old faves. The ’80’s had some good music but a lot of it was just too much-especially with the synthesizers. That wouldn’t correct itself for a long span of time. Remember, we gotta get through Teddy Riley and all of his New Jack Swing. Not that it was bad, but it didn’t always have enough real instruments for me. However, I liked most of it at the time.

    I have a question, under the Group Areas act, how were schools handled? Were you able to go to University with White people? How about the school where you taught?
    Oh and yes! I guarantee that those 1987 kids look older than you Doll.
    Anyway, I’ll patiently await your reply!
    Much love, as always!


  3. Hey Lady G – looks like I missed out on lots of fun around the fire. As usual, it’s always great reading your stories. Your story about alcohol amuses me. While we have age restrictions at liquor stores, we have what are called “Shebeens” in the neighborhoods. They do informal trading at anytime of the day or night. If you were having a party and ran out of booze at 2 a.m. you’d be sure to restock at the local Shebeen. I recall most children being sent to the Shebeen to get a “half” or “nip” (depending on cashflow) from the Shebeen. So I guess, if we wanted to sneak some alcohol, it would have been fairly easy. I guess it explains alcoholism in some cases and on the other hand, any misbehaviour would have been rewarded with a major whipping.

    So Lady G I’m stumped with many of the 87 songs. Perhaps it’s as I said last week, I was listening to my own favourites most of the time. So any of the Ojays and Whispers would have been on my list. I never stopped listening to the classic soul groups. Still, I’ve selected two of the songs from your list that I really liked and will attach below.

    In 87 we moved to a bigger apartment in the heart of where life was happening in the city. Remember that these were still the Apartheid years so in terms of the Group Areas Act we were not supposed to be living where we were living but I guess things were falling apart so life was very cosmopolitan. It was my second year teaching and I was given my first set of Seniors and a group that I would stick with for their three years until they graduated from high school. In some instances I wasn’t that much older than my students so it’s funny when I meet this generation of students now and find that they don’t look that much younger than me.

    87 was good for me and what stands out for me is our impromptu New Year’s Eve the end of 86. After all the fireworks on the streets, My husband and I threw an impromptu party. Apart from a few friends, our apartment was filled with people we didn’t know.It was one of those parties that carried over to the next day. I recall waking a strange person up at 6a.m. who had fallen asleep on the couch. One of the albums that was on repeat that night was Eddy Grant with songs like I don’t wanna dance, Give me hope Joanna and I recall us playing this one at midnight :

    Before I say goodbye to 87, here are the two songs I wanted to highlight from your list:


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  4. Hey Sweetie – just dropping in to let you know that I’m back in town😀 I can see that I’ve got a lot of reading to do. I’ll be back later in the day (my day) to join in the comments. Missed you Girl!- Chevvy😀

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    1. Hey Love! We missed you, but I remembered that you had to get your studies on!
      I know that you gained many positive insights.
      Can’t wait to catch up!
      See you at the campfire💋🌹🍷😘

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  5. Ricky Sto

    To be honest… I only know one of these songs, which is Levert’s Casanova…Guess I need to listen to more music from ’87 to expand my musical pallet. :/

    That story reminds me of that one time (that you know of….just kidding!…. or Am I?) a few years back I totally tried to sneak out with my friends to go to Atlanta. I told my Dad and Granddad that I was going to go just in case anything were to happen, but I knew you’d say no…so I told you that I was going to have a sleep over at *Name and Address Withheld*’s house… But somehow….SOME FREAKING WAY, you and your Super-Mom powers caught on REEAAAAL quick. You even warned me that very day that “whatever happens in the dark eventually comes to the light.” When you said that I was all like “”Yeah, yeah whatever. She’ll never find out. I planned this too darn well for me to get busted” and so I totally ignored you. But when you called me when I was walking downtown in Atlanta telling me that you knew everything all along, needless to say I felt like a total idiot. I learned a very important lesson that day: Moms totally have superpowers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uh hmmm! Mama be knowing erything💋😘
      I hope you go back and listen to some of these songs. You have heard several of them but you just don’t know them by name.
      Once you check them out let me know what you think.
      Oh by the way, mama’s telepathy works from ANY location.


  6. Here I am suited and booted, “G’d” up from the street up on Thursday night all pumped to get into my favorite spot – and the bouncers at WordPress wouldn’t let my ass in. I’m telling them THIS IS ME (spreading my arms widely) – they looking at me all crazy and asking me “Who is me?” Tried as I might I couldn’t get in – until I threatened to get LadyG on the phone.Then they started to look scared – cause they knew if she had to break her party groove to come to this door behind some foolishness – well it was going to be some loud noises, furniture moving, and some folks seeking work elsewhere the next day. They let me in.

    Thanks for waiting on me Lady – I got the tab babe.

    And all is well in my world now.

    My Jams 87 – This party was right on time. Greeted by the Lady and treated to another wonderful lead in story full of wit, drenched in wisdom, and oh so true.
    “Lady G got one thing to say to all the young babies that read this blog; and especially my dear Ric, “Me, your mammy and your pappy done already ran EV-E-RY game you trying to run now!”

    Golden! And true! Parents and old folk already know what most young “whippersnappers” are about to do before they actually do it..

    .And you lead off this version of My Jams with my favorite (seriously) jam of 87 “Casanova” by LeVert. Dance floor fuel this one was and I feel the one that proved LeVert could stand alone musically apart from the two brother’s famous Father Eddie. Yes indeed, I love everything about this.

    1987 was the year I warmed up to Janet Jackson and Pleasure Principle is what did it. I like Janet-I just don’t know what I like her for LOL.

    Now the other Jackson – Michael (RIP) I loved Micheal for his music and showmanship. 1987 ushered in one of his hottest works ever (to me anyway) “BAD”. Five years after Thriller folks were feigning for some Micheal – Bad got off to a great 1987 start and will forever be a part of my 1987.

    The Whispers left their mark on the year and you noted the song that did it. “It Just Gets Better With Time”. The jam was a favorite cooldown transition for DJs after wearing the crowd down with a couple of back to back 12 inchers from the likes of Jody Wately (Looking for a New Love) or Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (Head to Toe).

    Hey, do you remember Col Abrams? He kept knocking at the door of blowing up big but never quite tipped the scales. His “How Soon We Forget” is one that got a lot of play during the winter of 87.

    Barry White made your list. YASSSS! As a member of the Baritone voice fraternity – I was always a Barry fan. Not many brothers could pull off lead singing with baritone voices . Barry was the best at it. One thing I learned from the man is a voice can make some folks weak in the knees.

    Now about these Fat Boys . I feel ya when you say “At first, Lady G was a bit apprehensive about listening to a love song by some rappers, but the beat and the melody just cannot be denied!”. At that time I would’ve never figured some B level rappers could or cared to pull this off. But the Fat Boys did it a certainly earned their place on your stellar list. I thought Falling in Love was going to be a joke – I was wrong – It was quite serious.

    My Jams 87 – another delightful visit to a year full of great music from some great artists and you lady nailed it.

    Thanks again for waiting at the table – I just got the tab. You know I Got you covered – Enjoyed the party!

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    1. YAASSS honey my Big Homey G better be able to get in this joint or to copy Lil Kim, I’ll blow them jokers up like the Army Brigade. Naw, all jokes aside, I have been having trouble loading certain blogs. I actually had this ‘discussion’ with T. Wayne earlier this week because I couldn’t get his site to load for shit. I keep wondering if there is something going on with the browser that I am using. That makes a difference sometimes.
      Anyway, I am glad that you made it my friend!
      To your point about the kids, yes honey, I have to tell my babies that I know what they are thinking before they think it! My little one looks at me in awe everytime I say that.
      Ok, so let’s talk about these jams. I totally agree with you that “Casanova” was the jam that told everybody that Gerald’nem got they own thing going on. I can’t think of anything that Levert made that I didn’t like.
      As for Janet, I am like you, and my Twin, T. Wayne is kinda the same, I like her but I recognize her vocal shortcomings. I guess we love the showmanship ’cause one thing is for sure, Janet gon’ give you your money’s worth when it comes to performance.
      Now G., you know your girl remember Col. Abrams. I distinctly remember, “Not gonna let you get the best of me.”
      But here is something funny. If you ever watch Martin Lawrence, look for the episode where Shenehneh and LaQuita get accepted into an exclusive ladies club and Gina and Pam are arguing with them about it. In this one scene, Pam is wearing a military style jacket and Shenehneh begins to go in on her; her last comment to Pam was, “…Standing up there looking like Colonel Abrams!” I thought I was gonna die G!
      So glad you made it!
      Oh yeah, how bout that Sherrick, Miki and Shirley? YAAASSSS!

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  7. Woebegone but Hopeful

    My eldest (also the tallest of her group) was the one who went into get wine etc one night, just as a policeman was walking by.
    He confiscated it and brought it around to our house.
    About 30 mins later she came home and tried to brazen it out, like nothing had happened….
    I’m sure you can fill the rest in Gwin
    (We can lol……now)

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    1. That is hilarious! I think that the Angels watch out for us crazy kids. That cop walked by at the perfect time!
      LOL! Me and my Dad laugh about this now too.
      By the way, one of the attendees at this ’87 party and I laughed about this all last night.

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  8. Hey Cous! Unc knew ya’ll were out there. I don’t know if he saw ya, heard ya, or smelled ya, but he knew! BLEEVE THAT! My best friend had a beard from the time we were in the eighth grade. He always bought our alcohol. We were fortunate (NOT). LOL…Great story, as always Cousin the Beautiful. I look as much forward to the tales as to the tunes. Tell the Time Machine Lady to keep on chugging.
    Just a couple of songs that I liked that year.
    • Keith Sweat – The whole dang album
    • Surface – “Happy”- I Loved this guy cause he looks like my Cousin Derrell who’s also a great singer and musician
    • Janet Jackson – “The Pleasure Principle” –Couldn’t not like Janet
    • The Whispers – “Rock Steady”
    • Alexander O’Neal – “Fake”- I like this one, especially in retrospect, because what was talked about as “fake” back then—weaves, eyelashes, contacts etc. is acceptable and commonplace now.
    • Jody Whatley – “Looking for a New Love”- I had a little crush on Jody too.
    • Anita Baker – Her whole danged album.
    • Prince – “U Got the Look”-“Yo body hecka slammin”? What was that about?
    • Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”- Michael went Jethro Clampett on this one.
    • Roger – “I Want to Be Your Man”- Roger always came through. Miss him.
    • Pebbles – “Girlfriend”- I had a little crush on Pebbles too. I wanted to be her Bam Bam!
    • Stevie Wonder – “Skeletons”-It’s getting ready to blow! Hey Stevie and Bobby must have gotten together about them closet bones!

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    1. Cuz now that I am a parent, I know that you are right on the money. Daddy KNEW I was in the vicinity and that I was up to NO GOOD. I was just telling Roger that the Angels be watching out for us crazy kids. Maybe we would have bought more than we did had Daddy not spooked us!
      Now, to these jams, yessir, 1987 is the beginning of the New Jack Swing era with Keith Sweat. I tell you what…when I first heard “I want her” I thought I was gonna lose my mind! That and “Make it last forever.”
      One of our cousins used to play “Make it Last Forever” on keyboards. He changed the chords just a touch to lighten them up and it gave the song an even sweeter sound–as if that were possible.
      Pebbles? Yeah, you and everybody had a crush on Pebbles; hell I ain’t gay but….
      Anyway, Alexander O’Neal hit the mark with fake. It was hard out there for a sister like me ’cause I had to compete with them perpetrators (That’s what we called ’em). They had all the add-ons and I had to work with what The Lordt, Mama, and Daddy gave me. LOL!!!

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  9. T. Wayne

    1987. I’d just as soon skip to 1988, but there were some good things about it. Mostly the music. Also, the ability to find out that I could be resilient, though it took me the summer after my junior year ended to figure that out.

    Your list is really, really good. I liked all these songs…the last two though—I got to get to Googling. Or Bing-ing. Or something. Don’t remember those two at all.

    There’s a whole lot of YASSSS! from me on this list. But I will make a few notes:

    “Don’t Disturb This Groove”: Absolutely YASSS. “Let Me Be The One”: Gioia Bruno on lead for Expose, I may have had a crush on her.

    “Making Love In The Rain”: Yeah, Janet sings, but Lisa Keith makes that joint. She’s on the lead. Janet just sings that hook. I think it works better that way.

    Sherrick and “Just Call.”: Rest in peace.

    You know how I feel about Stephanie Mills. So underrated, but oh she can sing. One of my favorites.

    “All In The Name Of Love”: That Queen Diva is Barbara Weathers, who took the female vocalist chair after Sharon Bryant left. Sang on two Atlantic Starr albums, including “Silver Shadow,” and “Secret Lovers.” On this one, she is dueting with Wayne Lewis, as opposed to David, his brother who sang on “Secret Lovers” and “Always.” But she got her own on this album too, on this wonderful song that I love to this day:

    “Go On Without You”: I may have been one of the few who actually liked this one better than “As We Lay,” and that song was great.

    That’s all I got, Twin. Another great throwback party…one question though: do I have to sign any paperwork for the Gwin-Tracy Jams Doctrine?

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    1. Twin you are soooooooo crazy! I laughed my ass off, all the way from start to finish reading your response. 1987 was an important year (All the way to Heaven c/o 87) but it was brutal.
      Two of my very closest friends were killed in separate car accidents that year; I mentioned it in comments to somebody last week. By the way, neither of them were part of the lead in story.

      So in that way, I’d just as soon skip to ’88 too.

      But honey if I did that I would have missed these jams! I am all the way with you on all of the ones that you pulled out. Sherrick, may he rest in peace, was really good. I hate that he never went that far. Seems like I read that he had some kinda health problem. Whatever it was it wasn’t because he couldn’t sing. That joker could blow!

      ‘Don’t disturb this Groove?” Shut your mouth! That was the shit!

      I really, really, really liked “All in the name of love!” I have always been a sucker for a beautiful melody! The Lewis Brothers always knew how to do that!

      Of course, your Twin is in agreement about “Go on without you” vs “As we lay.” That is why you didn’t see “As we lay” on the list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful song and Shirley kills it but I just love the way she sings the former.

      As for the Tracy-Gwin Doctrine-you may not need to sign it. But, should that become necessary, I will have one of my staff members reach out to one of your staff members for further instruction 🙂 LOL.

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    2. There you go with your crushes…Janet Jackson, the Expose girl, Lisa Lisa. Lol. Ohh no Atlantic Starr! Lol.Great list, Gwin. I like several of the songs you picked. I still like Expose in 2016. Lol. Anita Baker and Janet Jackson are also good picks. Your story was also funny. I can kind of relate to it but there usually weren’t tacos involved. I take that back there were!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. LOL! Tacos are always involved in something fun!
        You got my Twin pegged just right. He always got a crush on somebody.
        I am so glad that you liked the list.
        Expose has some strong vocalists so I can see why you still like them.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. LOL yes for tacos! Lol look at me talking about tacos at 10 minutes until 9 a.m. I still like Expose these days because of their beats. Like you said, they also have some strong vocals.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. LOL!!!!
          Tacos for lunch?
          I bet you guys got some hella good tacos in El Paso. I’ll have to hit you up for some new ideas because my daughter and I love to make them but I’d love to do something different.
          She’s an adventurous one for her age. That little sista likes it hot and spicy.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Yes! Tacos for lunch sounds like a great idea! There’s this taco place called Don Taco nearby. It’s too hot to turn on the stove here. I think it’s hitting 107 today. The food is the bomb there! I can ask my grandma for her green chile recipe for you. It’s delicious on top of tacos! Maybe I’ll even do a post on it. I usually make tacos with corn tortillas. The shells are alright too though. I like ground beef or asada (steak meat) the most for tacos. I use garlic powder and/or taco seasoning to give the meat flavor. I use lime and onion in the asada for flavor. You can use onion and/or potatoes in the ground beef. I use big chunks of onion because I don’t really care for them. I’ve even used beer to marinade asada or fajita meat for a BBQ. I fry the corn tortillas in oil. I then put in the cooked meat inside. If they come out too greasy, I rub the taco with a napkin. It’s an easy meal after work. I’ve also made pinto beans in the crock pot. If I’m lazy, we eat the tacos with a baked potato or rice.

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Oh good grief Lisa that all sounds soooo freaking good! Thanks for those tips!
          I think that you might need to do a post with those recipes. I bet any amount of money you’ll get 200K hits!
          I remember seeing some food that you posted that either your mom or your grandma made and it all looked so delicious!
          Now if you ask me, if you haven’t already, you could also do a post with nothing but pics of your mama and your grandma cooking with lots of pictures of the end result.
          Lisa, I am telling you this because my mom and both grandmothers are all deceased and I wish I had a pic of them cooking together in order to share that with my kids.
          A lot of what I am doing with this blog is creating a repository of pictures and thoughts for my children to go back to after I am gone. Kinda like my personal legacy.

          Liked by 1 person

        5. These are awesome ideas, Gwin. Thanks! Back in December I did a post of us making tamales. I help my grandma and mom make them every year for Christmas. It’s funny because my grandma doesn’t really have actual recipes. She just puts in whatever and doesn’t measure anything! Lol. I need to include more recipes though! Thanks!

          Liked by 1 person

        6. Oh no worries! I will go over to your blog to check that out.
          I know what you mean about recipes. My mom and neither of my Grandmas had recipes; they knew them all by heart!
          Before my mother died, I got her to tell me the ‘recipes’ and I wrote them down.
          You could start recording those “recipes” on paper; not for you, because you probably already know them too, but for your kids and their kids.

          Liked by 1 person

        7. Girl do NOT get me started! LOL!
          One of the recipes I wanted to make sure to get was for sweet potato pies. But I also watched them make:
          Cornbread dressing
          Mac and cheese
          Greens with pork (Collards, turnips, mustards)
          Mama used to make something called a “Porky pot” it’s kinda like a hot spicy soup or stew cooked used different cuts of pork Somebody told me that it is comparable to menudo. It is really good during winters months. I haven’t had any for years.
          Girl I could go on and on! I love to eat good food.
          I am about to go look at that the link you sent.

          Liked by 2 people

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