The Miranda Sings Award

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Allow me to thank Lisa A. over at Life of an El Paso Woman for nominating me for this award.  I really enjoy reading Lisa’s blog! There you’ll find some great posts that include interviews, pictures and music.  She’s my kinda girl!  YAAASSSS!

Anyway, this award requires me to share seven things that I like about myself.

Here goes:

I love that I was blessed with two marvelously awesome kids. 

I love that I was also blessed with such a cool family and a terrific bunch of friends.  

I love the fact that I live in an age where I have information at my finger tips.  That said, I also love the fact that I still know how to pull those Dewey Decimal cards in the library.  

HA! Don’t trip.

I love the fact that blogging has brought me in contact with some very talented and interesting people. 

I love my odd sense of humor-but sometimes people can’t tell when I’m joking because I can keep a straight face while dying laughing on the inside.

I love the fact that I love animals—I don’t like snakes and other creepy crawling things but I respect their existence—I just don’t mess with them.

I love the fact that I am a work in progress; always seeking the best that life has to offer!


And so…

This award requires that I nominate seven bloggers.


I’d prefer to open this award to all of my readers and/or followers who are interested in participating.  Go for it guys!  I’d love to see your responses!

Love and light to all!

Thanks again Lisa!


13 thoughts on “The Miranda Sings Award

  1. T. Wayne

    Congratulations on the award! I’m so glad there’s somebody out here who can do the Dewey…

    Actually it’s good to see more information about the bloggers I follow!


  2. Congrats Gwin! See your stacking these awards up like pancakes only proves what I already knew. You’re good. Damn good. Keep writing babe keep writing – acknowledgements don’t lie honey.

    Liked by 3 people

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