Sunday Fun!



Hello Friends!

I hope today finds you doing extraordinarily well!

As we prepare to embark on a new week, I thought it would be nice to shift our focus toward something fun! Therefore, I decided to share a video that does a magnificent job of shattering stereotypes related to gender, age and race. More importantly, it accomplishes this goal in a delightful, charming, pleasant and gut-busting manner 🙂

Before I proceed, let me acknowledge that this little gem has been circulating for a few years, so there is a good chance that you’ve already seen it.  But, in light of both national and international events, I’d urge you to watch it again; I can assure you, it will bring a touch of light your way.

And so….

Please enjoy watching this 70 year old white dude dance circles around these sistas!


Mind you, this is NOT my video; I found it on Youtube.  But baby let me tell you,  I done watched this thang fifty-eleventeen million times!


Enjoy the rest of your day my dears!

Lady G




26 thoughts on “Sunday Fun!

      1. Just showing some love to all the bloggers who take the time to read and comment. We want the experience at Inner Ramblings Boulevard to be a fun well-rounded experience. Without all of you there would be no ‘us’. It’s all about reciprocity! ☺

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    1. Yaaay!
      I am so glad that this video gave you a smile.
      I agree, dude’s movements are so fluid. Honestly, I think he is the instructor –which makes it that much more hilarious and out of the ordinary.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Hope to see you back soon:)

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