Questions of Spirit


Without the spiritual world the material world is a disheartening enigma.

– Attributed to Joseph Joubert

What is spiritually true about you?

Does your spiritual truth differ from your worldly truth?  

Do you have the capacity to recognize any dissonance?

If so, should you reconcile?








12 thoughts on “Questions of Spirit

  1. Geo Gee said everything I was going to say! So I’ll just reiterate. The two should go hand in hand. Who you are spiritually should not be so vastly different than who you are physically/worldly. It’s challenging, but it can be done. It just takes a bit of conscious living.

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    1. Thanks K.E.! It’s very interesting getting everybody’s take on this topic.
      Thanks so much for offering your perspective.
      Please come back later for the ‘My Jams ’89’ after party 🙂

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Good challenging question Gwin.
    Makes me stop in mid-bubrble…which is very valuable.
    Being Roman Catholic, I hope (and pray) I have a true spiritual side. This much is certain the spiritual side is constantly being assailed by the worldly side.
    The spiritual is whispering the way to go, the one which is self-evident as being the truly rewarding path. The worldly shouts and flashes its garish banners and so hides fact its path is rocky, potholed and leads over a cliff; and looks so much fun…
    But its message is distorted and spasmodic, the constant steady comforting whispering is always there, not often in words, but feelings, instincts.
    The challenge is to attune to the steady, sure, whispers; then find they are actually not whispers but breezes from another place of peace, ease, true value and love.
    And the struggle goes on to listen and seek out.

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    1. Thank you Roger!
      What a thoughtful answer. I am glad that you took the challenge 🙂
      I was just telling Geo Gee that I decided to pose these questions because these are the things that I think about as I evaluate my own life.
      By the way, I too am Roman Catholic! Surprise!
      {Confessional: I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been to Mass in awhile.}
      Anyway, I totally agree with your point about how the worldly path can be deceptively attractive; it slowly pulls you away from your true spiritual inclination toward love, peace and generosity. And, as you have said, we have to pay attention to those whispers 🙂 because they are constantly being drowned out 😦
      I think the problem arises when people mistake their worldly nature for their true identity; they aren’t even aware that they have a spiritual nature.
      Maybe this post will prompt folks to begin contemplate a bit more on this topic.
      Thanks again for stopping by!

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Well there we go, Catholics together!!
        My dear lady, Sheila was born to catholic parents and about 20 years ago ‘returned’ ; after a few years I began to think ‘me too please’, and 10 years on…still here.
        It was a very good and worthy idea of your Gwin to put out these posts as it will have people stop and think and then reflect; which is always profitable. (certainly made me stop and evaluate)
        Keep them coming
        All the best

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  3. Posts and into the corner challenges like this is why I love this blog.

    I’m of the belief that if one’s spiritual truth is not concurrent with their worldly truth they are shackling themselves with self-inflicted conflict and hypocorism.

    Spirit is born and thrives from within us. Spirit is the defacto energy that moves us to what we want deserve, and are entitled to.

    When spiritual truths run afoul of one’s terrestrial affirmations I believe inner torment is the result.

    One can feel and believe differently as one does and says for so long before the contexts win out over the individual leaving the individual in a sordid state of disarray.

    Just my two cents.

    Lady G – You went deep – deep with this one. I love it lady!

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    1. Wow G! Looks like you’ve given this one some deep thought.
      Actually, these are questions that I have been thinking about.
      I really do try to challenge myself so that I remain in check.
      I am so glad that you liked it and I totally agree with your point about how we are tormented when our worldly nature strays so far away from our spiritual nature.
      You’ve given much more than two cents my friend!
      As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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