My Jams ’89

My Jams '89

My Jams posts contain adult language, situations and controversial observations.

“Do you mind trying this one on too?”

Alright this makes the fourth damn outfit that I have tried on for this man in an hour.

I’m trying to do him a favor because he said his wife is about my size and he wants to see how the clothes will fit before he buys them.  So, here we go again; yet another thing to try on.  This time it’s a short skirt suit.

Nobody tells you that this is one of the hazards of selling ladies clothes.

Anyway, after I put on the suit, our dear shopping husband wants me to model it for him.  He asks me to walk this way, turn that way, walk over there and back, turn around in a circle.  All the while I’m hoping that he settles on a purchase so I can get back to my other customers.

After the last outfit, he tells me that he’s going to purchase everything that I tried on.  I’m thinking, “Yippee for you and your wife! Now go to the counter so you can get the hell on!”

Best believe that in no time flat, I had gathered all of his merchandise and took it to the cash register.  We’re short staffed so I have to ring all this stuff up and there is a long line beginning to form.  Folks are getting a bit irritated.  To make matters worse, our dear shopping husband is asking me 10 zillion irrelevant questions.

No matter, I politely answer; after all he just purchased $250.00 worth of clothes.

Oh yeah, before you ask, we DON’T get paid on commission but they do track our sales productivity.  Anyway, after dear shopping husband and I completed his transaction, he smiled, thanked me for all of my help, asked about my schedule and bid me farewell.

In my mind, I’m still thinking, “Get the hell on now man!”—But my mouth says, “Thank you for shopping with us and have a great day!”

I do NOT tell him my schedule.

I hope you don’t think it ended there.

The VERY next day, dear shopping husband walked in with his dear—not buying shit–wife.  Trust me when I tell you that she returned everything he had purchased.  All $250.00 worth!  Wifey didn’t even want to exchange.  I’m glad I wasn’t working the register at the time because she had a terrible attitude.

Somehow I knew to keep my distance.

Funny thing, I noticed that she kept looking at me–but not in a good way.

What the hell?

🙂 🙂 🙂

Poor Young Lady G.  I had no idea that the freaks don’t just come out at night!  Baybee, they can come out in the middle of the day just as well.  Not once did it strike me that ol’ boy was getting his jollies off watching a young girl model short, tight clothes!  LOL!  Oh but wifey dear was on to his sneaky ass–that’s why she was mean muggin’ me.

Consider this story a cautionary tale to all of my sweet young ladies that work in women’s retail.

Be careful salesgirls!  I had so many stalkers posing as shoppers and passersby that it was ridiculous!  Sadly, it’s not uncommon, I can assure you that this happens to young girls all the time.

Anyway, what’s good with you in 1989?

My, my, my! We have already come to the end of yet another decade.  Remember “My Jams” ‘69? And ‘79?  Can you believe that we are already at the end of the ‘80’s? Yaassss!  We bout to fall over into the ‘90’s when shit really starts popping off! LOL!

Shall we proceed?  Yes, indeed!  Just remember that these jams are in no particular order and the list is not exhaustive.  Asterisks indicate that the jam was released in a different calendar year.

My Jams ‘89

Back to life &

Keep on movin’ by Soul II Soul

Uh oh!  The UK is coming hard!

Soul II Soul followed Loose Ends on the scene and reintroduced Black folks in the US to our own soul music!  

Does this mean that there is a new subgenre on the horizon?  Could it be acid jazz?  Neo-soul?

What say you?

Hmmmm!  We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

“Oooohhh ah ha!”–Sounds like a “Three Degrees” TSOP kinda riff to me!

“Steady, are you ready?  What’s going on?”

Go head on Caron and Jazzie!  YAAASSSS!!!

Buddy/Me Myself & I by De La Soul

These fellas brought the fun back to rap!  Rap had started getting kinda serious!  

Cough, cough…Public Enemy!

Don’t get it twisted, Lady G was down with P.E.!  I had a major crush on Professor Griff!  LOL!

Heaven Help Me by Deon Estus and George Michael

Very ethereal sounding jam; I guess that’s how Heaven is supposed to sound.

They say Satan was the minister of music before he became Lord of the flies.

I’m just sayin’!

No matter, I loved this jam!  But I wish Deon had gone further.

Spend the night /My Fantasy /I like /Piece of My Love  by Guy

More New Jack Swing Baby!  Let me address each of these one by one!

Spend the night:  Hubert Hall, Morehouse College—’nuff said!

My Fantasy:  “…Image in a magazine”

I like:  A certain blogger is starting a serious two step right about now!

Piece of My Love:  Did Aaron Hall call that girl a dumb bitch?  You might wanna go check for yourself.  Sounded like he called her one to me!  What do you think?

Dum, dum ditty my FOOT!  Anyway, this controversy has been debated since they released this jam.  Don’t believe me?  Go google it!

24/7 by Dino

Chile this pretty ass White boy with the deep dark eyes and the curly mullet done killed Lady G.  With a name like Dino he must be one of them sexy Italian Stallions.



That joker was working the hell out of his shoulders in the video for this jam!  All the other parts were pretty stiff but them shoulders was working!

“24 hours 7 days a week, your love is mine…”


*This Time by Kiara and Shanice Wilson

Don’t get it twisted, “Kiara” was actually a male duo that really could sing.  But baybee, when them jokers partnered with Shanice it was fire!


“I just wanna let you know, I never should have let you go!”

If you can, catch the extended version—it will give you your life! I think Al B. Sure remixed that one.

Just Coolin’ by LeVert

Chile Gerald’nem done cut them damn California curls off!  Now they sporting fades.  Back then, ya girl had a crush on Marc Gordon!  YAASSSSS!

But did you hear “The Overweight Lover” spit fire on that jam?  Yessuh, I’m talking about Heavy D!

*Girl I got my eyes on you by Today

When I first heard this I was like, “Who done snatched my jam by Carrie Lucas?”

That’s a no no!  Just don’t do that! Don’t mess with “Show me where you coming from.”

Eh..but it grew on me so I forgave; but I refuse to forget!

Show and Tell by Peabo Bryson

And then there was the time that Peabo remade Al Wilson’s “Show and Tell.”

Oh he DID that!  Yes he did baby!

Remember the first time by Eric Gable

What the hell happened to Eric?  He killed this one! We should have gotten more from him ‘cause ya boy could sing.

Home by Stephanie Mills

Tears, tears, tears!!!


Somebody go get King Jesus!

Help me Lordt!

Did y’all see her sing this on that Sinbad summer festival?

If you did then you prolly need the Lordt too!

I simply cannot!  

“…I can hear my friends telling me Stephanie PLEASE sing our song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Whew!!! I think I’ll park the video in comments; watch the whole thing now!

Spend the Night (Ce Soir) by The Isley Brothers

Just like The O’Jays, The Isley Brothers kept us going all the way from the ‘50’s through the new Millennium.  Alright?????

Taste Of Your Love by EU (Experience Unlimited)

YAAASSSS baby go-go can do love songs too!  

Quite well I might add!

Let love rule by Lenny Kravitz

Did I forget to mention that in the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s we all had a thing for the 1960’s?

Chile Lenny was giving us flower power!

“You got to let love rule!”  

That groove sounded like it was straight out of “My Jams ‘68”

Your Sweetness by The Good Girls

Here come Motown with some little light skinded Supremes knock-offs!

Regardless, I love this jam and those pretty girls could dance too.

By the way, they did a very nice job on the late MC Trouble’s jam -“Make you mine.” Don’t fret, that’s coming up in another year or so.

Somebody for me by Heavy D and the Boys

“I want somebody to love me for me.”

YAAASSS that’s Al B. Sure singing that hook! Just don’t ask him to sing it live…you see….er..uh..I saw him singing at the NE Heartbreak Tour and ….well…

Honey, there was no shortage in the supply of women that wanted to get with our dear Dwight aka Heavy D!  But ya boy wanted somebody to love him for him!  

Well Lady G loves you for you Heavy D!

RIP my sweet!

Oh yeah, I’ll try not to cry in the next year or so when we talk about Trouble T-Roy. 

Serious Hold On Me by The O’Jays

Aw shit!  This is one of them jams that snatches you up by the throat the minute you hear the intro!  Chile them jokers went all falsetto and crooned “oooh oooooooooh oooh!”


*Kisses Don’t Lie by Evelyn Champagne King

I don’t know about y’all but I think that this jam was so underrated!

“If you wanna know the answer, kiss and then decided ‘cause kisses don’t lie–they never lie..”

Queen Diva Evelyn KILT this jam!  You hear me?  





Kilt it dead!



It’s the witching hour my loves!  Another decade gone.

Time to bid 1989 adieu!

Now you know the afterparty is just getting started in comments.  Meet me there and don’t forget to bring your commentary, memories and your jams from 1989!  Also, if you got cocktails tell me what you drinking on.

Farewell 1989– may you find rest in the annals of history.

Next Thursday:  My Jams ‘90


94 thoughts on “My Jams ’89

  1. Oh…my…gawd (in my Kevin Hart voice). First of all, why do your high school pictures look like my high school pictures??? the 80s. And in 1989, I had just gotten my driver’s license, so every…single…song that you mentioned was played on my CASSETTE deck (or radio station). Man. Thanks for this lol

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Awww, I was enjoying ‘Home’ and something Skynetti made it go all pixi-lated. I love those interludes where you see someone in the audience swaying and singing along; lost in music is no bad place to be, the lady looked so at peace-lovely!
    So this semi-professional ‘perv’ has young saleswomen dressing up for his delight; then he buys the stuff and takes it home to his wife???? Big Smack-In-The-Mouth for being a perv, and Big-Slap-On-The-Head for being a time wasting idiot too. And then a Big-Kick-Up-The-Backside, because I felt he ought to have that too.
    1989? Yes that one be one of the Strapped-For-Cash years; my two daughters used to put together tapes of selected tracks for my birthday, father’s day and Christmas; always good! I promised a list of songs, I think I’ll dig out one of those tapes.
    Sorry I’m late massive catch up going on after two days when I had to do ‘house-stuff’
    Take care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Roger! Welcome to the party! These My Jams parties seem to go on months. Believe it or not, I often find people rambling around My Jams ‘66,67,68…. and so forth. That said, there have been times when I would have to leave one My Jams year to go entertain comments in a prior My Jams year. But you know what?
      I LOVE THAT!
      This whole thing is so much fun.
      I’ve said this before but you always have a hilarious take on those lead in stories. Aren’t you such the gentleman for feeling bad for calling that dude a perv?
      I am so glad that you took the time to check out the video of ‘Home’ but I am sorry that it starting going batty on you. That said, you got a vibe for what I meant about how emotional that song is. As you said, the audience was really into it. That is such a nice visual when you compare it to what we have been seeing lately.
      I love the idea that you might share the songs that you have on tape from your daughters; that’d be a wonderful slice of your life I’m sure.
      As always, thanks for stopping by Roger 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Woebegone but Hopeful

          Hi Gwin!
          Just visited your 1966/67 James.
          Oh yes indeed!
          ” You keep me hanging on” was blaring out of many a tinny tiny transistor radio in the UK. That driving beat, soaring vocals and the defiant lyrics. And of course being in an all-boys school…oh sigh…..
          Wilson Pickett was something of a role model amongst the R&B fraternity in my school. The man looked and sounded the part and ‘Mustang Sally’ was a low and dirty song to us innocents and so naturally much admired.
          By this stage I was starting to get into the West Coast psychedelic sound but there were times…..

          Liked by 1 person

        2. YAAAASSSS! I figured that you’d like that spot! Who can argue with the Supremes and “The Wicked Pickett?” I really miss the music of the ’60’s and ’70’s; I really do.
          I’d love for you to introduce me to that West Coast psychedelic sound. Is that like “In A Gadda Da Vida” by Iron Butterfly?” I actually dig that stuff too.
          Sometimes I imagine that I was a flower child who left this world in ’67 and reincarnated a few years later. LOL!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Woebegone but Hopeful

          As I type this Good Morning Gwin!
          I was going to ask you which time-slot you’d like me to select from.
          OK 1967 it is; give me a day or two (I have a Writing Schedule that’s building up- house chores ‘stuff’ will have to wait!).
          All the best

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  3. I have to thank you Lady G for what you provided me with my Jams 89 – a re-examination of some of the definitive music of that year that I heard but some of it was like a blur to me until you dialed the year back up here in this post.. After reading the wonderfully written post my nostalgic energy was reinvigorated its repertoire of the new artists that jumped out in 89 as well as some of the established ones that got another hit that year.

    Yess babe – The Ojays, the Isleys, were still knocking and rocking in 89 . That there Spend The Night was a hot “knocking and rockin” jam in 89. Hook em up lock it low was the message this one sent – awesome piece of .music.

    My boyz made your list- EU – Oh Yeah, Fresh of that red hot School Daze hit “Da Butt” the boys from DC dropped A Taste of Your Love. I loved the jam but there was just no outdoing “Da Butt” in DC. Dj’s would load the floor with 15-minute mixes of Da Butt then bring everybody in close, hot, sweaty and personal with A Taste of Your Love. A taste of your love was one of the ultimate intimate tunes of 89.

    You said it for me when it comes to Heavy D and Al BSure hooking up. they did the damn thang with “Somebody for Me”.

    Seeing that song on your list sparked memories of me and buddy of mine meeting three women at a Suitland MD liquor store drive through window one Saturday afternoon that led to a night of playing strip spades (not poker -spades) that didn’t end well for me and my buddy. That’s a blog post I might not ever write because it was a night full of misdemeanors and shenanigans that while harmless to society are damn sure embarrassing as hell to those involved. Case in point one of the stipulations of the game was if we ran low on liquor during the games the one with the least amount of clothing and who was most sober had to drive back through the liquor drive through and get more liquor. Somebody drove through that drive through in some polka dot boxer shorts with a passenger wearing some granny draws and two big gulp cups over her breasts. I’ma leave it at that. We were all lucky as hell we didn’t catch some kind of charges that night.

    Kisses Don’t Lie – Evelyn Champagne King – I loved Evelyn – for her break out hit “I’m in Love” and her natural hair – she had real ass bad ass hair. Not bad because of it’s ethnicity but bad because couldn’t seem to comb it half the time. The sister’s head being all “toe” up on an album cover and on promo flyers didn’t make no damn sense. Pick the stuff out in afro make some puffs, put some lard in it to slick it down, don’t just get up and go. But the sister could sing and I was hoping 89 and Kisses would be the trigger that would get her the run that would keep her around. It didn’t but that didn’t take the shine off of Kisses Don’t Lie.

    You’ve done your usual exemplary level of writing to highlight the music of yet another year where music was essential in the lives of all of us.

    Thank you for this series – it’s so necessary!

    Much Love

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yessir! G is in the house! Glad to see you. I am so glad that I was able to refresh your memory about these Jams in ’89. I tell you, sometimes, I find myself wanting to go back to ‘My Jams 71 through 79’ Sometimes I even want to go back to ’66-’70.
      Anyway, I hollered when you told that dirty cards game.
      Was that you in the polka-dot draws? LOL!!! That story had me over here dying laughing! I can just imagine the ‘shenanigans and misdemeanors.’ G, you too much!
      Now how you gonna clown on Evelyn head? But you was right though. LOL!!!
      Thanks so much dropping by-as always!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Now Lady G you know I’ve mended my wayward strays of the years of dumb stupid, and adventurous and tidied up truth or dare ego to the point I can say with a straight face in regards to who was wearing big draws polka do t boxers and gulp cups that evening – “A gentleman never tells”. LOL ( I hear you already “If he thinks he’s going to get out of this one that easy – somebody done told him wrong. HE WILL WRITE THAT DAMN BLOG POST”.

        I have too much fun at your My Jams I really do. I love your readers too – they be coming up songs and experiences that wow me. You’ve cultivated quite the interesting community – they are awesome. But the apples don’t fall far from the tree – do they? Ergo You’re awesome yourself!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh give yourself some “speck” too lady. In case you haven’t noticed you keep the people when they enter. That the result of a damn good product – damn good writing. You got me over heah chasing Thursday nights like a crackhead chasing a chip of soap. I’m all over WordPress trying to sell one dead “AA” battery to cop some of the latest My Jams. My Jams is the Chronic I tell ya. ” Hey I got that Batman VHR – two dollars bro okay 99 cents…..

          Liked by 3 people

        1. Imma talk about that grudge for years to come so you better stay prepared. LOL!!!
          I mean, your folks are such good people too, really they are! They just didn’t deserve it. LOL!!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. LOL yeah it’s him! I had a BIG crush on this guy. This song came out in ’88 though. OMG. LOL.
          Think Tracy and Vanessa type crush, but Lisa and Luis crush! LMAO! He’s amaze balls in concert!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Ha ha ha! He’s like in his late 40’s now. I would fight for him! LOL. Well pfft back in the day! Now probably not so much. For real though, he puts on a great show! I even took my grandma one time. Lol. She was completely thrilled. I’ve never seen her so excited in my life!

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Now that’s saying something if Grandma liked him like that. Girl, Grandma’s do not lie! They’ll be like; this is some bullshit!
          I’ll go back and check out his stuff. Thanks for the introduction.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. T. Wayne

          I had to take it back to the beginning! I didn’t think I had read the complete, unedited My Jams series! Plus, I’ve been thinking about compiling these classics in a playlist.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I think I’d wanna know what you would add; especially for the early years before you started following the series. Talk about a good ass list. My stuff + your stuff!

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  4. The collage at the beginning of the beginning of this post was great and the entry story was, once again, masterful. However, I had the dude pegged for a freak from the start.

    In December of 1989, I was visiting Mom in Montgomery, getting ready to head overseas to Balikesir, Turkey for a one year assignment there. On my way from Montgomery to Cuthbert, with a car full of Christmas presents for my family in Cuthbert, GA, an old white dude totaled my new Mazda MX6 when he ran a stop sign and T-Boned me in the driver’s side. No injuries but, kinda messed up Christmas. The old guy was driving a 1978 land yacht, and was able to continue his trip to wherever it was that he was in such a hurry to get to.

    In Balikesir, I met; “Maria, Maria, She reminds me of a Westside story. Growing up in Spanish Harlem. She’s livin’ her life just like a movie star. Oh, Maria, Maria she fell in love in East L.A.
    to the sounds of the guitar, played by Carlos Santana”. That song didn’t come out until 20 years later, but She’s haunted me for the 26 years since.

    That year and ’90 we listened to:

    1. Back to Life, Keep on Movin-Soul II Soul
    2. All Around the World-Lisa Stanfield
    3. Shower Me With Your Love & Closer Than Friends-Surface (loved these guys)
    4. Dreamin-Vanessa Williams
    5. Don’t Make Me Over-Sybil
    6. Tender Lover-Baby Face (love this guy)
    7. Can You Stand The Rain-New Edition (Johnny Gill, really made a difference)
    8. If I’m Not Your Lover-Al B. Sure

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hey my love! Glad to see you back on the block!
      Thank you for your kind words. So are you saying that you knew ol’ boy was a freak from the word ‘go’ huh? Yeah, I shoulda known sooner but I was young and dumb and I might have been full of —but not for him. LOL! Ooooh Lady G, you so nasty.
      Anywhats, all I gotta say is that you were born under a lucky star not to have been harmed by an old ass man in a ‘land yacht’ I like that term; it made me laugh. I happen to know that you were able to escape harm from another major accident . And then there was Saudi Arabia; but we’ll talk about that in 1995-if we make it that far 🙂
      My cousin still carrying a torch for Maria:) I sure would like to meet her one day. Maybe I will.
      Oh yeah! Your list was the bomb. I can’t argue with any of those picks. As I was telling T.Wayne, I am having to cut the list shorter so that means picking my top ones.
      Were you aware of the whole controversy about Aaron Hall saying “dumb bitch” on Guy’s “Piece of my love?” What do you think?

      Liked by 2 people

        1. LOL!!!
          He did say “dum dum ditty” on ‘Teddy’s Jam’ and a few other places but that joker called that girl a dumb bitch on “Piece of my Love.”
          By the way, somebody thought that one of those pictures in the collage was Tack; it’s not, that was my cousin Brian. They kinda favor though.

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  5. T. Wayne

    So, here we are in 1989. Fresh out of college, waited six months after graduating to find a job. Went all over the DC metro looking, just couldn’t find a job or get hired. Turned out the job I got was right back home all along! I was hired two weeks before Christmas in 1988…and I was so glad I could get people Christmas presents! Before 1989 could get going good, I bought myself a brand new car-I made a promise to myself that my old $250 car was going away as soon as I could afford something better. Plus, I needed a better car so that I could make those trips to Richmond to see my friend in law school! All the while singing along with Vanessa Williams’ first album and….

    Hold up, wait a minute! That wasn’t ALL I was listening to in 1989. I was listening to a lot of these songs on this list!!!!

    My friends say that Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” is where I really started doing “The Tracy” if not necessarily the two-step. I had so much fun dancing to that at parties and in clubs with my friend, and others too! Soul II Soul was great, a breath of fresh air from too much New Jack Swing. De La Soul…nice…I was all into Public Enemy…especially “Fight The Power” from Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” movie! It Takes A Nation Of Millions…is still one of my favorite rap albums to this day.

    Don’t get me started with Stephanie Mills! You already know how I feel about her as being seriously underrated. That whole first half of that Home album is priceless. From “Something In The Way (You Make Me Feel)” through to “Comfort of A Man”, she is straight blowing! I listen to those songs just shaking my head at how good she sings them. At least two of the five on the first half were written and/or produced by Angela Winbush.

    I’m dying at you and Lisa going back and forth on Dino! I think I’ll chill in the background on that one!

    Some of my favorites that aren’t listed from that year:

    “Tribute (Right On)” by the Pasadenas
    “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown
    “It’s No Crime” and “Tender Lover” by Babyface
    “Friends” by Jody Watley with Eric B. & Rakim
    “Like A Prayer” by Madonna
    “Here And Now” by Luther Vandross
    “Closer Than Friends” by Surface

    Another great party this week, Twin! I think I’ll bow out now before the questions begin…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The birth of the Tracy two-step! Who’da thunk it was born in 1989. Well I did but I thought it was born to “I like.” Hence my mention of a certain two-stepping blogger who shall remain nameless. By the way, what say you about the whole ‘dumb bitch thing?’ Do you think Aaron said that? Sure sounded like it to me.
      I know what you mean about finding work after college. It took me something like that long too. I can tell you I was so happy that I had a real job where I could make some money and have some benefits. It had been 4 long years of Ramen noodles, soup and Deviled ham! LOL! No shade, I still love certain Ramen Noodles. YAAASSSS!
      As for Stephanie Mills, everything that you listed was the bomb, but as you can see, I have decided to cut back the number of songs that I list so that meant picking her top jam and that, my friend, for me, was ‘Home.’
      I started to put some “Every little step I take” by not the James, not the Jim but the Bobby Brown! You know he was good to good to good to go solo! LOL!!!!
      Yes, Lisa is a mess; she had to put me in check about Dino; here I was thinking he was an Italian Stallion but it seems that he might have been a sensual Latino! Either way, I dug him! But the poor thing couldn’t move nothing but his shoulders–he was rocking ’em though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. T. Wayne

        No need to worry…I was stepping to “I Like” too! You know I played it before I sat down to write my comment, right?

        As for that long standing rumor, I never believed it. My sister, though swore that’s what he said. We had that debate for a good while! We finally agreed to disagree. She’ll tell you she’s right, and I’ll say he didn’t say it. Hahaha!

        Yes, I saw your list was shortened; that’s fine! Gave me a chance to list a few favs of my own! I always like to do that of course! 🙂

        And I’ll say I was singing along to “Dreamin'” and “He’s Got The Look” by ‘Nessa while I was on that corner waiting for the BMW…or driving to Richmond in that brand new car! Couldn’t tell me nothing either; had my cassette tape deck with auto-reverse, so I wouldn’t have to turn the tape over when it ended!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL!!!!
          I hope you not still waiting on Nessa! She been standing you up for years! LOL!
          I am with your sister —Aaron called that girl a dumb bitch! Lady G has declared it to be so–So let it be written, so let it be done!
          You had it going on if you had a car with the cassette tape deck with auto reverse! You go boy!
          How about Today and their reworking of our jam “Show me where you coming from?” You know I got some strong feelings about Queen Diva Carrie Lucas–don’t be messing with her music.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. T. Wayne

          I know…I gotta let her go! But the pull is so strong! LOL
          I loved that song by Today! It was a weaker version of “Show Me Where You Coming From” for sure! Maybe that’s why I loved that song from Today so much!
          Okay, I’ll go with your decree on that Aaron Hall business. I still say he didn’t say that. But it was written and so it is! LOL

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh wow that male customer was a pig! Lol. Good song choices Gwin! Dino! Ha ha ha! I like your description on that one. Mullets and rattails! Eww. Lol. I saw a man here with a rattail the other day! He looked all gangster! 😂 I think he was wearing Nike Cortezes. I had some of those myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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