My Jams 1990

My Jams 1990s


My Jams Posts contain adult language, situations, and controversial observations. Song release dates may vary. 

“I knew a little girl named Gwinnie and I guess you could say she was a sex fiend.  Met her in an office lobby mmmmmm with a magazine.”

I’m really getting sick of this guy!  Every morning before we start our workday, he comes over to the table where I am sitting and sings those words.

I’m sure you’ve already recognized that he changed the lyrics of Prince’s song “Darling Nikki.”

Everybody knows that song is very sexually explicit.

Here’s the thing, just like any other girl, I’m used to the fellas flirting and cat calling but this jackass was going too far.

Oh, but today, he took it waaaaay too far.  Y’all he actually grabbed my butt and said, “I always wanted to know what a Black girl’s butt felt like…it’s jigglier than I thought it would be.”

This happened so fast that I didn’t know what hit me!

Anyway, as I saw it, I had three options for a response:

  1. Slap the dog shit out of him!
  2. Have my peoples pay him a visit; yes, Lady G does have peoples-always has and always will.
  3. Fall back and say nothing.

Frankly, only one of these options seemed feasible–given the fact that I am the only Black female working with several White male law school students.  Don’t even mention the fact that I am an undergraduate who is just plain happy to be in this slot.

Just so you know, my professors recommended me for this paid internship based on my academic performance and I didn’t want to disappoint them by starting anything.

Needless to say, after carefully considering my options, I chose number 3.

I didn’t want to make ANY waves.

Now, to be fair, the other two dudes were VERY cool.  In fact, we enjoyed working together.  That said, they had no idea that I’d often stick close to them as a means of shielding and ‘protecting’ myself from Mr. ‘Darling Nikki’ pervert!  

To be blunt, this wasn’t really about race; it was about unwanted sexual advances.

Honestly, the whole situation made me feel kinda helpless.

By the way, Mama said I shoulda picked up something and knocked his ass out.

Eva didn’t play.


Oh yes my loves, as with all “My Jams” lead-ins , this is a true story!

In the early ’90’s nobody was really checking for you if you claimed that you were being sexually harassed.

Hell if they didn’t believe a Law School Professor’s 1991 testimony about being sexually harassed, who in the hell was gonna give a damn about my experience in 1990?

Sadly, back then, folks were still trying to define the concept.

Fortunately, there are now policies in place for the confidential adjudication of scenarios like the one I just described.

But with that said, it still ain’t easy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you feel that you are being harassed, for any reason,  please speak up.

Stand up for yourself!

Stand up for that girl who felt like she couldn’t back in the Summer of 1990😢


Ok, enough of that!

Welcome to the 90’s baby!

According to that great Sayer of Sooth, Prince Rogers Nelson, we ain’t got but 9 more years left on this MoFo!

“1999…Don’t you wanna go…1999!”

And how are you folks doing on this nice evening in 1990?

As for me, this is a year of learning!  Where shall I begin?

How ’bout here:

So….if you’ve ever read the post “The Professor,” let me confirm that this is the year that “Princess Running Mouth” and “The Professor,” reunite as adults!

If you are confused, I am referring to Lady G and Ron; respectively!

You know…those are the two jokers that write on this blog!

Anyway, on any given evening in 1990, Ron and I would cruise around town in his black BMW chilling and vibing to “Private Times… and The Whole 9” by Al B. Sure.

We cooled out to jams like:

So Special  

Just for the Moment 

While cooling, we shared our theories and beliefs about God, man, Earth and everything in between!  I learned so much from my dear cousin.  Those were some good times!

He’s still teaching me today 🙂

So enough with the family reunion!  Let’s holler at these jams!

My Jams 1990

Groove is in the Heart by Deee-lite

Oh no hell they didn’t pull out Bootsy Collins?

Yes, they did!

That fact alone helped them to gain immediate street cred.

With the quickness!

If you need a bass player; don’t mess around!  Go get one of the best!

Poison/Do Me/When will I see you smile by Bell Biv DeVoe

Hell, I forgot Ricky could sing.

What with Ralph whining and Johnny out-singing everybody it’s easy to forget about Ricky.  Oh, but he reminded us with these jams!  YAASSSS!

Don’t wanna fall in love by Jane Child

This chick here looked hella weird.  Ol’ girl had a nose ring that extended across her face and if I’m not mistaken our dear Caucasian sister was rocking braids!! YAAASSS!

No matter, that Queen Diva DID that on this jam!

Then we never really heard from her again.

Alright/Someday is Tonight by Janet Jackson

We all know that Janet ain’t no Shirley Bassey.  That said, she does her Janet thingy very well!  

But baby, when she presented us with the video for ‘Alright’ she immediately got about 10,000 cool points from Lady G.  Why?  

Three words:




The KING of entertainment!  Bow down!

DEAD!  End of debate!

Now, if you need a little romance, holler at “Someday is Tonight.”  Rumor has it that this is the follow-up to her song “Let’s wait awhile.’

Apparently, the wait is over!

Whip appeal by Babyface

But did Babyface give us a video with cool ass LA Reid up there conducting an orchestra?

Yes, he did!

Can’t Stop/ Ready or Not by After Seven

More from the Edmonds family.  We just got through talking about their cute brother, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds!

Clearly, these boys come from a family that can SANG!

Peep the “One world” remix of “Can’t stop.”

Get some business!

You can’t deny it by Lisa Stansfield

Baby, when Queen Diva Lisa finished running all around the world to find her baby she told his ass NOT to DENY IT! 

YAASSSS…tell ‘em girl!

Go somewhere and sit down joker!

Heartbeat by Seduction

Baby these three sisters did Taana Gardner’s classic some justice!

I loved it!

“Can you feel the beat, can you feel the beat, can you feel my heartbeat?”

Living in the light by Caron Wheeler

“Have to sur—vive, living in the light.”

The UK is in the house!  

No doubt about that!

Tomorrow by Quincy Jones featuring Tevin Campbell

You are correct if you guessed that this is the same jam that The Brothers Johnson did all those years ago.  Somebody done added some words to our beautiful instrumental.

I’m good with it.

Where do we go from here by Stacy Lattisaw/Johnny Gill

A bit of a ‘who can out-sing who’ contest going on here but even I cannot dispute the talent of these two!


Good Love by Klymaxx

YAASSSS! Girls playing their own instruments.

“I been waiting such a long time….”

For who? For what?

Where’s Bernadette?

I think she was doing her solo thing by then.  

Honey, that Queen Diva used to bounce all over the stage.  Most of us just didn’t know what to make of her.  She was ahead of her time.

Promises, Promises by Christopher Williams

What the hell?  Al B. Sure can sing after all!!!!!!!

SKKKKRRRT…..Uh oh, whatcha say? That ain’t Al?

Nope, that’s Christopher.  Good Gawd Almighty, the Lordt done sent us a pretty redbone that can blow!

I still love Al more though!  To me, he is an awesome producer.

As for Chris, he DID that!

If I were a Bell/Just us Two/Cupid is a Real Straight Shooter/ The Whole Damn “IVORY” album

Then there was the time Teena Marie sang “If I were a Bell” on Video Soul to sexy ass Donnie Simpson–the TV host with the pretty light brown eyes!  

You gotta check this one out Paula!

Paula pulled a fast one earlier this week when she posted a video of Teena’s Lovergirl on her blog!  YAAASSSSS!! She said, “I knew you’d like that Lady G!”


Anyway, I think I’ll park Lady T in comments!  Do NOT skip it!  Our Goddess kilt it!


Come on Gloria, Sandra and Stephanie…We goin’ on home!

Footsteps in the Dark by Body

An Isley Brothers remake!  Oh yes, and these Queen Divas did that thang justice.

It ain’t easy to redo the Isleys but they DID that.

Sounds like Angela Winbush produced the vocals; them girls could blow!

What can I do by Pieces of a Dream

“I’m lookin’ for a better way to make you stay ‘cause I want you..ooh I want you baby!”


Ladies, when Lady G saw this video she fell HARD for the sexy lead singer with the slicked down perm and ponytail!  

It was Dino all over again! But Norwood was all milk chocolatey–Ummm!

Don’t even try it Lisa A 😉

Anyway, Norwood kilt this jam.  

I don’t think he was ever a true member of Pieces of a Dream–maybe more like a guest vocalist.  Either way, ya girl’s eyes were peeled so hard on that man!  

Hell, I was even willing to ignore the dude who was doing “The Worm” during the keyboard breakdown!

But then….something about Norwood’s appearance changed over the years…

Last I checked, he was getting back to his old self. Google it!

Love and light to ya brah!

Anyway, the intro to that jam gives me my life!!!!  That’s why I freaking LOVE musicians!  Thank you Pieces of a Dream!

The Formula by The D-O-C (I had to get in at least one from the world of Hip Hop)

Ah, but then something went wrong with The D-O-C’s vocal chords and we all lost a wonderful voice. Love and light to you too!

I’m coming back by Lalah Hathaway

“I’m coming back just to give you my love…”

This Queen Diva right here!  This one right here!  HERE!


Ever heard her harmonize with HERSELF?  Go google it!  Freaking amazing!

What do you think about that one Geo Gee?

Something in my Heart/ Silly love song originally by (Enchantment)–Michel’le

Chile when I heard the intro to “Something in my Heart,” I almost had a damn Myocardial Infarction!  That’s a heart attack y’all!  



Whatever you want by Tony Toni Tone

I just can’t!  

Ok, I’ll try…

Do you remember this one K.E.?  Yes, I’m talking to you girl! 

Chile, I simply cannot with Tony Toni Tone on this jam!

I won’t!


And now…

Before I go, let me leave you with a flashback from 1987:  “Your Love Drives me Crazy” by The Force MDs.

And here’s another treat:  My friend Roger’s Jams from 1967….YAAAASSSSSSS! You gotta check them out!  They are the bomb!

Roger’s a great supporter of ‘My Jams!”  

Well, here we are, on the brink of midnight!  Goodnight 1990, I must say farewell.  May you find peace in the ethers of days gone by.

As for the rest of y’all!  Holler at me in comments! The After-party goes on! Bring your commentary, your jams, and your memories!

For Spencer ❤ ❤ ❤

With Love,


Hey everybody how about wishing my Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !🎂


60 thoughts on “My Jams 1990

  1. Nice! Sorry about the sexual harassment. Not cool at all.

    Reading some of the songs on this list makes me realize how much I need to step my game up. I don’t think I have ever (from what I remember) heard Lattisaw!

    I often feel that music is dying. The 90s seems to be the last great decade of music. Ever since then, music has become so commercial and computerized. The soul has evaporated. Other than Mint Condition and the Roots, I cannot think of any black BANDS that are really around (Earth Wind and Fire is still touring but … ). Everyone is just out on their own, doing their solo acts, we need some BANDS again : we need some horn sections, etc. I am tired of a one man/woman show!

    Great work as always Lady G!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAAAASSSS Darryl, when you get really bored, go back through the My Jams posts and learn about some more goodies. I was very heavy on bands like Cameo, ConFunkshun, EWF, Brass Construction, Mass Production, Rose Royce, SOS Band, Heatwave, Lakeside ….I could go on.
      For me, if they had some strings, brass, bass, piano and some rhythm guitar then I followed them anywhere! LOL
      BTW, you need to check out the UK Soul Scene. They stayed with Soul when we went the way of New Jack Swing in the late 80’s early ’90’s.
      Holler at this Darryl from fellow blogger T. Wayne:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, will do! I am thoroughly fed up with my generation’s “music”. Every time I am in the car and turn on the radio, I want to drive straight off a cliff. It angers me to no end! Lol. I only listen to new music so that I can appreciate REAL music more. I will definitely check this out – – I take music seriously, so, I have to be in the right frame of mind, and in a relaxed state to feeeeeel it, you know lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. great cuts that year and so many that i dug. Babyface was on a roll back then. originally Whip appeal was offered to Prince but Prince turned it down. whip appeal was the cut that made babyface a household name as a solo artist.

    poison was a monster hit and BBD were arguably the first act to truly blend R&B,Hip Hop and Pop in a street level. they took the teddy riley formula and went another step with it.
    a cat name Dr freeze wrote that cut and produced and years later he did “Break of dawn” for michael jackson.

    Teena Marie was sizzling on Video Soul. vocals and playing were soulful.

    pieces of a dream had the cut. loved that keyboard vamp and Norwood vocally was point. cats like him and eric gable i thought would have had a bigger presence in R&B.

    stacy lattisaw retired from the business and Johnny Gill a year later hit his peak and prime.

    klymaxxx underrated, unsung and in a fair world would have gotten as much or even more love than the go go’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know I could see Prince turning “Whip appeal” down BUT could you imagine if he had taken it? Stratosphere baby!
      That’s an absolutely excellent description of BBD and what they did with the Teddy Riley formula.
      BTW, I loved “Break of Dawn” by MJ-that and “Butterflies” which I know the songtress from Floetry wrote.
      And yes, the keyboards on “What can I do?” YAAAASSSSS!
      I listed Eric Gable in another My Jams post when he did “Remember the first time.” I think that’s the title; I forgot but that thing was hot. I feel the same about his presence in R&B.
      And you really called it with Klymaxx! They SHOULD have been as big as the gogos.


  3. …girl you know I can provide…I do remember girl! On a serious note, it’s funny how far sexual harassment laws have come since the 90s. Most men wouldn’t even try that nowadays. Hate that you even had to go through that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A @ moylomenterprises

    Wow that was pretty over the top. Nice that you kept your cool. The last thing the office needs is to see a sister be ghetto. Always rise above. Be classy. You did good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to see you Sis! Glad you liked it! Yeah that was kinda jacked up. Surprisingly enough, most everybody has acknowledged understanding why I stayed quiet. I was slightly worried about push-back.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Morning Gwin
    Another interesting collection, reminding what I had been missing….
    I must have heard most of these at some time being played in retail outlets or in someone’s car as they sound familiar.
    Now I know who Klymaxx were, and whose tune I had been listening too!

    So sorry about you experience. What a complete jerk! (tosser- UK-ism). It’s easy to give advice after the event but it’s damn difficult for the victim during the there and then. Angry and sorry for you.

    All the best and take care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello again Roger!
      You’re right, you probably have heard some of these in your local retail store. I guess people got tired of listening to that run of the mill Muzak stuff.
      I can just imagine you standing in line to buy a sweater as “Good love” by Klymaxx plays in the background. LOL!
      Hopefully some folks followed the link from My Jams to your Jams. I know that they will enjoy it 🙂
      Hey, do you remember that Jam “She’s not there?” I love that one and “Lazy Days!'”

      Oh and one more that I LOVE is “The rain the park and other things.”


      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        “She’s not there”- The Zombies!…waaayy!
        “Lazy Days”….ah now which one; the one that springs into my head is by Enya. Funny how those two words bring out a good song.
        “The Rain The Park and Other Things” Cowsills; that was a sweet happy song amongst all the angst that was coming out. WE all need sweet and happy songs.
        But check this one out for goosebumps!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Woebegone but Hopeful

          Ah-ha! Found it Gwin.
          Wordpress has this quirky ‘thing’ about replies…sometimes it likes me to guess what the half of the reply it’s not showing might be!!
          Another gentle easy going song, all those ‘innocent side of 60s’ themes such as picking flowers, happy people!
          and balloons

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Tareau Barron

          Lmao true story, I was teddy p for Halloween of 2012. I’m from San Francisco Ca so a lot of soul music was performed here in the bay area

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Tareau Barron

          It’s crazy because we grew up from the radio station. My sister childhood crush was Tevin Campbell and she bumped into him one day. Literally bumped into him because she was joggingm

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes, 1990 and I was back in the world. Hooking up with my little Cuz Gwin! We indeed, had some fun times. I’m glad you picked up a couple of things from old Cuz. I definitely learned some things from that wise young lady of 1990!.

    I love all of the songs on your list, quite a variety of styles and tastes. I’ll list a couple that were particularly memorable to me, some may be on your list, some may not.

    MARIAH CAREY – Vision of Love (Maria/Mariah) You know what’s up. She and I listened to that Mariah album over and over again, and again.

    MC HAMMER – U Can’t Touch This (The video was awesome. This man could dance!)

    PEBBLES – Giving You The Benefit (Crush)

    BABYFACE – Whip Appeal

    LISA STANSFIELD – All Around the World (I felt like I’d been around the world. Spent a year in Turkey).

    BABYFACE – Tender Lover

    QUINCY JONES/AL B. SURE/JAMES INGRAM/EL DeBARGE/BARRY WHITE – The Secret Garden (I still love this. I wish El could get it together and keep it together. )

    AFTER 7 – Ready Or Not

    TONY! TONI! TONE! – It Never Rains (In Southern California)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haaaay Ron!
      Happy to see you here cuz! And yes, I learned a whole lot from you; most of which I carry to this day.
      I will treasure those times until the wheels fall off!
      I love your list! What’s up Maria? LOL!
      I hope that lady is reading this blog so she UNDERSTAND that you still carry a HUGE torch!
      Haaaaay Maria!!!!
      Anyway, I’m with you about El. I just wish that for the whole DeBarge family. I really hate the fact that Bobby couldn’t fully step into his greatness when he walked the Earth.
      Good to see you my love!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for leading into My Jams 1990 by addressing a very important issue. Sexual harassment in the work place comes in many forms and often times gets downplayed or bought off by the green which does nothing to stop repeat offenders.
    one should never be in the position to choose between working in a normal environment vs a sexually charged environment (unless they’re selling hunches or stripping).

    Now for My Jams 1990

    You had me laughing at your look at Christopher Williams and his Promises Promises. I heard that “Where in the hell are these singing redbone pretty boys coming from?” Nino in New Jack City added weight to view when he cut off William’s character hand citing “I never liked you anyway you pretty muther****. Christopher could sing though.

    Good Love by Klymaxx was much anticipated by me. The “Meeting in The Lady’s Room” divas showed up and showed out with this one in ’90. Two words – Joyce Irby – the sexiest bass player I’ve ever seen. And she played the instrument with sex appeal and talent.

    The Staci Lattisaw Johhny Gill “Where Do We Go From Here Collaboration was one I found myself playing a lot. I was a fan of both Staci and Johnny so to me that single was one made to be heard.

    I see 1990 as the year that began ushering in some heavy hitting acts that would only survive a short while but nevertheless leave their mark in the annals of music. Hammer was busy in 1990 with three drops Technotronic followed up their “Pump Up the Jam” with “Get Up (Before the Night is Over)”. After7 gave us some awesome music but they always impressed me a “niche” group that would fizzle later on..

    Overall 1990 gave us some awesome music that still does stand alone today.

    You’ve done your usual outstanding job of giving us an awesome ride back down the memory lane of a wonderful musical year.

    Enjoyed the ride!

    Thank You – G

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No you did NOT holler “selling hunches or stripping.” ROTFLMAO!!!

      G, I don’t know how but we all gotta get together in real life. Talk about side-splitting laughter? I can see it already. Lisa A says that there is a blogger convention going on in Chicago next September. I told her that I plan to manifest myself a trip to that mamma jamma! LOL!

      Anyway, Joyce Irby was no joke on that bass! You got that right!
      You are so right about good groups that ended up fading out; so sad because many of them had lots of talent.
      Nino wasn’t even playing was he? I never saw the movie but I heard all about it. He ain’t had to cut that dude hand off! LOL!
      Thanks for stopping by G! Glad to know that you are continuing to enjoy these jams.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh my good gawd, that Teena Marie song! That woman is amazing! She’s one of those that are better live than recorded, holy cow! Thanks for popping that one up!! And thanks for the fun music trip back to 1990! Love this mix! 1990 was around the time I started clubbing and learned what “hellion” meant, haha! I was totally out of control and loved every minute of it (…for awhile anyway, :D)!! I’d go out dancing on Whiskey Wednesdays, get home at 2, get up at 6 to go to work… then do it all again on Friday and Saturday. And those slow groovy songs on those night outs… well, I just won’t go there, 😉

    As for that jerk who totally ruined Darling Nikki… I absolutely get why you said nothing. But I really like what your mama said… I would’ve wanted to do the same thing and probably would’ve found some special way to make his life miserable from that moment on, hehe.

    A big Happy Birthday to your Dad!! I hope his day has been beautiful!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See you’re my kinda girl!!! I am so glad that you came by to check me out again. I just had to give you a shout out after you posted Lovergirl.
      Thanks for your sentiments about that crazy dude. Like I was telling some of the others, he was a real jerk. His dad was prominent in his hometown so he was accustomed to treating people however he wanted to. He wasn’t much nicer to the other interns either.
      Hellion? Now that was funny! LOL! Thank God for bringing us through all of that stuff huh? No matter how you slice it those were some GOOD TIMES!
      Thanks for the birthday wish to Dad!
      Hugs and Kisses to you Paula!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. T. Wayne

    First, a very happy birthday to Lady G’s pops!

    Second, this post….ooh. I was about to get heated for a second! Who gon’ be grabbin’ on my Twin’s behind unwarranted and unwanted? Your mama was right, you should have knocked his ass out. But I understand that discretion is the better part of valor.

    Then, you had to bring up Teena and drop that video. I loved her Ivory album; hell I loved every album, but some were better than others and Ivory was a lost masterpiece. I still feel it didn’t get the attention it deserved; maybe that’s why the next Teena album was on an independent label.

    As for me in 1990, still grinding at the local government job, still wheeling in that new car I had to buy back in 1989 (though I guess it wasn’t new then). Still making trips to Richmond to see my friend in law school down there. Still something of a homebody…but working on actually buying a house! Yes, my family was getting up out of the “projects” and getting a home, and I was proud I was able to help them do that. That was one of my proudest achievements.

    And because you mentioned it:

    YASSS! YASSS I say! Oh this was my favorite.

    Some comments: You had me dying when you were describing Christopher Williams as Al B. Sure can sing!!!
    Yesterday I had Bootsy featured (I know you couldn’t load the site). Today he’s in the first jam on your list. >>><<<
    Yes to "Whip Appeal"…always! The D.O.C. was in a bad accident, that's what I heard as to why his vocal cords changed. Bernadette had left Klymaxx to go solo by the time "Good Love" came out.

    A couple of my favs: "Ghetto Heaven" by The Family Stand, "Just Call My Name" (technically 1989) and "I Need Your Lovin" by Alyson Williams, and "Don't Be A Fool" by Loose Ends.

    The undisputed queen of throwback parties! Thanks Gwin/Twin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s my Twin right there! Thanks for having my back! Yes, that guy tortured the hell out of me that summer. He was also an a-hole to the other interns. He called them Frick and Frack. Some people!
      Anyway, I just KNEW you were gonna be right there with me on the Ivory LP by Teena Marie—“Just us two” was my absolute favorite; that and Cupid was a real straight shooter. Thanks for posting the video! YAAASSSS!
      Did I make you laugh talking about Al B Sure and Christopher Williams? Hell you know I was telling the truth! Al was good with music. He produced and or wrote some heavy hitters like “Stay” by Jodeci and Alone with you by Tevin Campbell–I can guarantee you knew that but I am writing it for other readers.
      But when it came to the voice…Chris was the shit!!!!
      On a personal note, I just love the fact that you helped your mama move on up. You will have a long and fruitful life for being such a blessing to her. I firmly believe that.
      By the way, you already know I love your picks!
      Thanks for the title Twin! I’ll wear that one with pride! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Times were definitely different back then. But those songs could help you through it. Great stuff. I didn’t know them all but loved Bel Biv Devoe, Lisa, and anything Janet. I remember listening to Darling Nikki and was shocked how obscene that songs was. I love the song now..well up until that story about that jerk. I am going to have to play my 90’s playlist tonight when I go to sleep to hear these songs. Darling Nikki won’t be on it since different decade, but a lot of the others will be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right my friend. Things were different but the music was good 🙂
      And yes Darling Nikki was very explicit so I hated to hear that dude change the words to my name 😦
      Anyway, I’m glad that you dropped by. Enjoy that 90’s play list!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. B @moylomenterprises

        I like hip hop/r & b from that time period.

        Jody Whatley – Real Love
        Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity
        Johnny Gill – My, my, my
        House of Pain – Jump
        Wrecks n effects – Rumpshaker

        I could go on….

        Liked by 1 person

        1. B @moylomenterprises

          I know my music Lady G! I can rap a little I am the Great White!

          Are you ready for the next sensation?
          Are you ready to join the Great White Nation?
          Drop me a bass!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. You sooooo crazy!
          Go ahead B! Drop the beat. I know you can rap; I’ve read your poetry and you definitely got skills. It would be interesting to peep your rap flow! LOL.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. B @moylomenterprises

          As long I made you laugh lol.
          You are the first follower to know that I can rap and gave my name away.

          I use to help my brother DJ at clubs.

          Liked by 1 person

        4. See, you was trying to be all secretive and everything!
          You can’t hide from Lady G! 😅
          So you really actually remember some of these jams on my list. Which ones on my list did you really like?

          Liked by 1 person

        5. B @moylomenterprises

          I truly like it all – I think that’s when hip hop/ rap was at its best.
          You mentioned Bell Biv Devoe – loved them. Plus I love to dance

          Liked by 1 person

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