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My Jams posts contain adult language and controversial observations.  Song release dates may vary.


“You have a call Gwin!”

“Okay, thanks!”


“Hi Gwin, Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear Gwin!  Happy birthday to you!”

Damn, these coaches will stop at nothing to try to win me over so I can convince Tack to choose their school.

Can you believe this joker just called me at my dorm to sing the freaking “Happy Birthday” song?

How the hell did he find me?

Honestly, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Tack always does the ass-opposite of whatever I tell him to do!

Sadly, this is an unfortunate trait that runs in my family 😉

We can be quite stubborn when we wanna be.

Anyway, here’s the gag, I don’t have a damn clue as to which school Tack’s gonna choose.

Will it be Georgia Tech? Auburn? or South Carolina?

Trust me, there are others but those are the heavy hitters.

Oh yeah, back to my story.

I think that the coaches decided to try to go through me because Mama and Daddy ain’t even worried about that shit.

No need bothering them.

Basically, they’re just happy to know that their son’s gonna get a full football scholarship from SOME damn WHERE!

🙂 🙂 🙂

YAAAASSSSS!  Your boy Tack was very heavily recruited to play college football.

I know that I haven’t mentioned him lately but for those of you who don’t know, Tack is my baby brother.

Now if you are a regular reader of this blog, you may recognize him as the kid that made my Mama cuss the balloon man’s ass out at the fair!  

If you need a refresher, you can read about that here.

Back then, I used to tease my brother by saying, “Tack, you had it made, you went to college for free!”

That joker got me together with the quickness!

He said,  “That’s bullshit, I worked my ass off on that field for five damn years! By the way, when was the last time 50,000 people paid to see you take a Political Science test?”


And so…

How are you doing on this beautiful morning in 1991?  It’s lovely, isn’t it?

What’s good with you? Do tell!

Either way, I hope it’s all gravy!

Are you ready? Well then, let’s peruse these jams!

My Jams ‘91

I wanna sex you up /I adore mi amor by Color Me Badd

Chile, Queen Diva Betty Wright was NONE too pleased when she found out these whippersnappers had done ganked her song, “Tonight is the night.”

Betty said, “I know you not gonna sing that song!”

Yes they did Betty!

Well, legalities aside, them boys DID that!

Do you remember these guys 2loud2old?

But then they followed up with I adore mi amor!

“You know that I really love my baby, she can give me everything I need…”


Now that jam was FIRE!

Hey B, put down the poetry! Check out that jam.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over by Lenny Kravitz

Y’all, my Mama swore Lenny was crying on this jam!  

I think she was right!

We love you Lenny!

Everythang gon’ be alright!

Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

BAYBEE, Lady G hadn’t thought a thing about these boys since “Brand New Funk.”

You know, that’s the jam where Jeff was actin’ a stone cold FOOL on the turntable!  

Think he didn’t when he did?  YAASSSSS! A backwards sounding scratch?  Whaaaaaa?

Now you know why Jeff’s name came first baby!

Put some respeckk on that!

Oh but sampling Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness” for “Summertime” was ingenious!

Zwanjay is probably tippin’ one of his customized hats to these jams!

“Drums please!”

Uhh Ahh by Boyz II Men

Where shall I start with this one?

I just can’t!

But I must…

This whole damn album was the business!  

How about “Please don’t go,” and “Sympin.”

Back in ‘91, Lady G used to turn that baseball hat to the back and cruise in a silver convertible with “Sympin” blasting in the background!  

Come on Jen and Poley!  Let’s go girls!

By the way, I’m talking about that “James Bond theme” remix for “Sympin.”

Written all over your face by The Rude Boys


Are you lonely for me”


Miss you so much.”


These boys were under the tutelage of Gerald LeVert honey!  How could they go wrong?

Kissing you by Keith Washington

“Kissing you, loving you all through the night..”

‘Nuff said!

Exclusivity and Right down to it by Damian Dame

I loved Damian Dame!

Both of these jams were hotter than Hades!

Friends, when you get a chance, google their story.  

Lady G just can’t talk about it or she will cry…

RIP my sweets🌷

Whatever you want by Tony Toni Tone’

Now this is the type of joker I like.  I want that dude that says, “Whatever you want, girl you know I can provide….”

I want you by Jody Watley

“I want your love, gotta have your love…”

Honey, Queen Diva Jody came up out the box with this one!

Do me again by Freddie Jackson

Yessir!  Mr. Jackson will always deliver something good for bed time. 

I didn’t get enough, can you do me again?

I don’t wanna lose your love by B Angie B

B Angie B had to be a bad girl to remake the Emotions “I don’t wanna lose your love.”

Girl, you better bring it if you gonna mess with Wanda!

She DID that!

But Queen Diva Wanda remains Supreme!

Baby I’m ready by LeVert


“Baby not just a little bit, I’m gonna give you ALL of it”

Aw shit now!

Lady G is ready too!

Keep On Loving Me by The O’Jays

I done told y’all…The O’Jays ain’t never going nowhere!  

And you know it!

“Keep on lovin’ me baby, keep on lovin’ me right, keep on lovin’ me baby…all through the night!”

After the dance by Fourplay featuring El DeBarge

Oh baby this Jazz All-Star Quartet which, I believe,  was comprised of Bob James, Lee Ritenour, Nathan East, and Harvey Mason, showed the hell out on this remake of Marvin Gaye’s classic!

Peep the video and watch Bob James banging on them black and whites!

That whole crew kilt it!  

Let us not forget Mr. DeBarge and that sweet falsetto, “I’m walking outta here with you baby!”

Do me right by Guy featuring Heavy D

Take one gallon of Teddy Riley, add a tablespoon of Heavy D and stir!  

That’s ALL you need to make you some New Jack Swing!

Once upon a time it was delicious 😉

Stay this way by the Brand New Heavies

This jam right here is STILL in heavy rotation in Lady G’s world!  


If you don’t know it, you need to ketchup —mustard!

Let the beat hit ‘em by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

This is a message from the STBB Emergency Broadcast System:

Lady G has, dammit, logged off and walked the hell out the room!


See y’all,


Blue is the colour of pain by Caron Wheeler

Yessir, Get it Queen Diva!

You called and told me by Jeff Redd

This jam was slammin’ on the dance floor back in 1991!

“You called and told me that you wanted to leave, but it seems…”

Aw hell yeah!


Ok guys, bear with me but I had to holler at these couple two or three rap jams:

You can’t play with my yo-yo by Yo-Yo featuring Ice Cube

Are you peeping this Dave?

When Ice Cube hollered, “You can’t play with my YO-YO,” we DIED!

“Don’t try to play me out! Don’t try to play me out!”

Tonite by DJ Quik

Hey Tareau!  Remember this one?

Babies, as you can see, Quik ALSO borrowed from Queen Diva Betty Wright’s “Tonight is the night.”

But a brother was decent enough to be straight-up about it (cough, cough …Color Me Badd).

I still love you tho’ CMB!

But did Quik kill it?

Indeed, he came to slay!

Pop That C****** by 2 Live Crew

Ok, here is a jam that my 22 year old son can point to and say, “Mama y’all music was just as nasty as ours is!”

Hell, I can’t even argue with him on that.

Uncle Luke!  Whaaaat!!! Nasty as he wanna be 😉

Treat ‘em right by Chubb Rock

Now that we all know that this is NOT Dwight aka Heavy D we can move on!

Please believe that this jam was the shizNit back in ‘91.

“Kids in the crib want dibs on the big man

Can he come out? Can he come out and slam a jam?”

YAAAASSSSS……. he —-unequivocally —-can!

This one is for them Ques at Morehouse College (PSI Chapter).

TOTO 24!

What’s up number 6 dog?  

The number 6 dog went on to become the Basileus in that joint!  

He was my beau!

Don’t get it twisted Lady G is a proud GDI (Gotdamn Individual)!

Nevertheless, I’ve kicked it with them Kappas…twirl that kane (cane) baby!

Sounded off with them Sigmas,

Got intellectual with them Ice Cold Alphas….

Hell, Lady G even had TKEs and Pikes rolling up on her!  Don’t act like you don’t know!

Can’t Truss It by Public Enemy

Apart from Chuck’s lyrical flow, that song was the literal definition of a freaking CACOPHONY!

Go google it…I’ll wait!

Chile, one night it was playing on the radio and Mama came in the room and said, “What in the hell is that shit? Sound like a bunch of damn cats yowling!  Turn if off right now!

Okay, back to the matter at hand….

I can hear you guys asking, “Which school did your brother choose Lady G?”

(Drum roll)

Gamecock football

By the way, Tack is the one on the left! He looks a lot like Lady G!

Uh oh!  I think I hear the clock striking 12!

Much love to you 1991; may you rest in calendar year glory!

But wait, everybody else needs to meet me for the After-party in comments.  Please bring your commentary, stories, memories and jams from 1991!

-Lady G




184 thoughts on “My Jams ’91

  1. Tack

    How the hell you got a Jam blog about 1991 and don’t have Jodeci. “How you gone call yourself a respectable business and you ain’t got no malt liquor!” Thats a movie line by the way. I’m sure you won’t know what movie because it wasn’t bridget jones or some shit. I think im going to respond to your blog posts with a relevant or irrelevant movie line in the future. It’s what I do. 🙂

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Gwin
    (On a massive catch-up after three days of talking Olympics, Graphic Novels, History, Films, & Politics with my grandson- he’s 18).
    I can remember some of these from my daughters watching all sorts of music programmes on tv; but they were becoming ‘Grunge’ & ‘Shoegazing’ at this time so their up-dates to their dad on the latest music was highly selective. (I was also in a perpetual ‘serious’-grumpy- mood in those days, so would never listen to any music programme on TV or Radio on my own)
    25 years eh?
    Where did that go?
    Thanks again for the time-travel
    All the best

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    1. Hey Roger! I actually like grunge. Loved Nirvana, “Lithium” was one of jams. I also liked The Red Hot Chili Peppers!
      It sounds like you and Grandson had a ball.
      I’ve discovered that grandchildren have a way of mellowing people out😉
      Enjoy your day my friend.

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  3. Oh yes, I remember Color Me Badd and I am sorry, they were just that…BAD!! I hated them. Love Boyz II Men and many others on your list. I also loved your 2 Live Crew mention. I haven’t thought about them in years or heard them in years. They were so controversial and of course every kid wanted the album.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I appreciate that. 😀. I like that style of music, just didn’t get into them. I was a big Boyz II Men fan around that time. They could sing like nobody else. A little factoid, CMB got their big break thanks to Bon Jovi, but that didn’t help me like them.

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  4. Those were the glory days! I was dating a finance major from USC in 1991! He was such a nice guy…lived on the horseshoe. Didn’t last…poor guy was too nice for my wild ways.
    Kissing You. Treat Em Right. And….Can’t Truss It. AWESOME MEMORIES! (I met Chuck D in 1993…but that’s a whole new story)
    Loved this! Will be reading more of you, Lady G.

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  5. “ASS OPPOSITES”? Girl, where do you get these “nidioms”?
    I totally agree with Tack, even though, I’ve never really thought about it like that.

    1991 found me wrapping up a 12 month tour in Balikesir, Turkey. I woke up in a hotel, early on the eve of President Bush’s act of keeping his promise to bomb the hell out of Iraq, if they didn’t comply with his wishes. I turned on the Turkish news station to see thousands of rounds of AAA flying off into the dark, like neon streams like some sordid fireworks display. Tiny missiles seeking a target which was no longer there, the USA’s “F-117A)” stealth fighter/bomber.

    Maria and I decided that I should get the hell out of Dodge. I done it!

    A couple of the songs that I was particularly fond of are on Lady G’s list:

    1. Boyz II Men Ooo Uhhh song
    2. Four Play–After the Dance. My boy El is a bad man. I once heard him tell an interviewer, quoting Usher, he said, “Don’t leave your girl around me. True player for real. Ask my nigga Pharell). You have been duly warned
    3. Chubb Rock-Treat Em Right. (I love some Chubb)

    4. The First Time Surface
    5. Love Makes Things Happen Pebbles (with the able help of BabyFace, of course)
    6. You Don t Have To Worry En Vogue (These girls were the best ever, in my book)
    7. I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) Hi-Five (Kinda juvenile sounding, but I liked their style)
    8. It s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday Boyz II Men (They did a great job on this classic)
    9. Emotions Mariah Carey (Reminded me of Maria)
    10. Forever My Lady Jodeci (These here boys had potential. Drugs got em)

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    1. What’s up Cuz?
      If you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, never know me…oooooooooooh!
      How you gon’ ask me about my wording? You know how we do.
      Naw, just kidding, I think I got “ass-opposite” from Mama; though it could have been Daddy. At one point them two jokers merged into one parental entity.
      Did you see all those people up there talking about “trying their parents.”
      Well, you know your Auntie wasn’t having that shit. LOL! I might need you to testify.
      Anyway, I think you brought along some great picks and of course “Maria, Maria!” LOL!
      I’m telling you, one day me and you going to TX to find that chick!
      But let me level with you. I never liked “So hard to say goodbye.” I didn’t like it from GC Cameron and I loved GC Cameron (w/ the Spinners) on “It’s a Shame” and I don’t like the one from BoyzIIMen. I guess it’s the dirge-like quality that turns me smoove the hell off! I mean, if I want to hear music like that I would go to Cominbatch&Cominbatch Funeral Parlor.
      Yes, I realize I spelled it wrong. How do you spell it?

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  6. A @ moylomenterprises

    I have no idea how your brain remembers all those details from so long ago. My wonky brain can barely remember what I did yesterday. 😁
    Back in 1991, I was fresh out of high school and planning my escape from being under my parents roof. I was sooo ready to be ‘grown’ and independent!
    Love your jams. Those are some great songs.
    I’m always quite entertained whenever I stop by. Good stuff. Hugs 🌷

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks A! I can only remember events from certain days in a year; don’t ask me to remember the next day or the one before! LOL!
      YAAAASSSS…1991 brought you your independence! Independence was really cool, or so we thought! LOL
      Glad you came over.
      Hugs right back at ‘cha!

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  7. I was definitely tipping my cap to this one! Loved your music selections and your bro’s story (My brothers and I are a football family: Bowling Green, Louisiana Tech, and a plethora of semi-pro teams throughout the years). You made me hook my ipod up to the home stereo so I could blast some of my 1991 Jams. I was in 10th grade — hadn’t really tried to test my parents yet — they deposited an adequate amount of fear into my soul (I waited until I went off to college 😉). Anyway, I digress. Here’s some additions to your already phenomenal list:

    Main Source — Looking at the Front Door

    2Pac — If My Homies Call

    A.B.C — Iesha (My little sister’s name so I heard this one endlessly)

    Main Source — Live at the BBQ (first time I heard Nas; changed my life)

    Geto Boys — My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me

    Tevin Campbell ft. Chubb Rock — Just Ask Me To (Every song on the Boys N The Hood soundtrack was banging. This was one of my favorites though)

    A Tribe Called Quest — Scenario (Busta Rhymes made everyone realize he was a solo artist)

    Thanks for this one, Gwin. Awesome.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. What’s up Zwanjay?

      Thanks for the compliment brah! Let me tell you THIS, you made me sit straight up in my chair when you hollered Main Source! Whaaaaaaaaa?
      Ok, so I’ll go ahead and tell you that you will see them next year because “Fakin’ the funk” is STILL my jam! My son and I rock that bad boy all the time!
      A football family huh? So I guess you understand my brother’s point that college football is hard work.
      You guys could probably swap some good stories.
      By the way, I loved the rest of your list too! These are the years when rap was crossing over into R&B so the lines often got blurred. I really do try to keep my focus on the R&B end but even I can’t leave off a jam like “Tonite” by Quik!

      Thanks for dropping by Zwanjay.
      Be sure to come back next Thursday for “My Jams ’92!”

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  8. I don’t know what was more enjoyable, your stories, your music picks, or the ongoing conversations!! 😀 Love it all!! And you’re still in the great years!! Loved Color Me Badd (gotta add that one to my playlist!), and Boyz II Men, Jody Watley… all of them really!! I really enjoy taking this ride back in time!! And the stories about your mama are hilarious, bless her! She’s now become my hero (speaking as a mom, of course, lol) 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Awww…Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. Just remember, it goes down after 5 on every Thursday! LOL!
      Thanks for mentioning Mama! I am sure she would have loved to have seen that compliment.
      But then again, I think she did! 😇

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  9. T. Wayne

    Ok. First of all, I gotta shout out my Twin for the choice Jams. They are all good, so much so, I really don’t have anything to add, other than this: No Jodeci? Whaaa? I swore that some Jodeci was gonna be up in here!!

    So, the 1991 story that I hinted at in 1988 can now be told. I’m minding my business one day at work and the guy that helped me get into college for free came to my job to ask if I was interested in being on the local school board. I had no interest at the time, but then he mentioned (though it had been in the local news and I had heard it) that the local high school was closing unless they could get a board member to join in to keep it open. I truly had no interest in being on the board, but the more I kept hearing the more I became convinced to throw my hat in the ring. So, after writing a letter to the Governor of Maryland (in those days, school board members were appointed by the Governor), I became a candidate for school board.

    What became apparent however, was that there was a process in place to select a school board member. The Democratic Central Committee in the County had a process where they vetted potential candidates for the open seat and they had picked a nominee. They were a little miffed that I managed to become a candidate, because I hadn’t “followed the process.” By bypassing the Central Committee, I became something of a Public Enemy #1 to both the Central Committee and the NAACP, who was invested in the Central Committee nominee, who also happened to be African-American.

    Well, lo and behold guess who the Governor chooses as the new school board member? That’s right, me. I served a five year term, but wanted no parts of a second term, knowing that everything that happened would be brought up in a Central Committee hearing. But I have my plaque and my certificate signed by the Governor that says I did it. But I never had any interest in politics again.

    I knew you would be all over Rude Boys, Boyz II Men and LeVert…saw them coming a mile away. As for that Tony!Toni!Tone! song…didn’t Babyface trump them a few years before with “Soon As I Get Home”? LOLOL! Of course, a lot of brothers within the sound of his voice was trying to end him for that!

    As always, a great post! It’s the best throwback party on the interwebs! Thank you Twin!

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    1. Thank you my Twin!
      Whoa, that’s a deep story. So somebody had basically tried to use you as a pawn in their little game.
      Man I can’t imagine how I would have felt. Frankly, I might have felt bad but, like you, I would have served my post. I guess I woulda kept a permanent look of “The hell you say!” pasted on my face. I ain’t going nowhere until my term is up. I ain’t mad at you NAACP but I am not a quitter! LOL!
      So the story has been told; and told well I might add!
      So, just to be clear, was the State of Maryland threatening to take over the school? Were y’all able to turn things around?
      Do tell!
      As for Jodeci, I do like them but they don’t really come on my radar until 1992-1993. I really didn’t like “Forever my Lady.”
      But I LOVED “Stay!” YAAAASSSSS! But I’m getting ahead of myself. I also liked “Lately.”
      Yeah, you knew I was gonna be all over the usual suspects.
      Ok, so you know you kilt me when you went and dug up Babyface’s “Soon as I get home from work.” I knew that joker was lying! Dudes will say anything to get into some……
      Anyway, I know one thing, Mama HATED Can’t Truss It! LOL!

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      1. T. Wayne

        After I got the position, they NAACP and the Central Committee both apologized and used that phrase, “nothing personal.” Of course, that was after the one held a hearing about my appointment and how “wrong” it was, and the other wrote a letter denouncing my appointment for not “following the process.”

        As for the school, which was my alma mater by the way, it is still open today. So I guess I played a small part, but the vote to close the school never came up. Moreso the people in the community stood up for the school, and the motion to close was tabled. The hubbub about me died down, eventually and my term continued without incident.

        You sure ‘Face was lying? I’m sure women were falling all over themselves trying to take him up on that offer…or finding some brother who would offer to do the same as him!

        I was a MAJOR PE fan back in those days. Your mama would have been yelling at me to turn that shit down too!

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        1. Very interesting political dynamic! I was studying that shit and you were living it! Amazing!
          I remember my Poly Sci. professors always said that local government has the greatest immediate impact–Everybody be worrying about the Federal government and forgetting to watch State and Local Politics; that’s not to say we shouldn’t look at national events-especially with the foolishness that is currently going on.
          Chile, I know your Mama told you to turn down “Can’t Truss it!”

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        2. T. Wayne

          What’s that they say—all politics is local! LOL But yes, you have to watch all of it, even as much of what affects people the most happens locally.

          Not just Can’t Truss It, just about any Public Enemy track! You know the Bomb squad had them tracks on some next level type stuff!

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        3. Yep, squealing saxophones and all kinda mayhem.
          Would love to have seen an “unplugged’ version of some of that stuff. Have you seen one? Is it even possible?
          I remember LL did an unplugged version of “Mama said knock you out.”
          Do you remember that? That shit sounded like Thunderclouds rolling to the funeral home!


        4. T. Wayne

          Oh yeah, I remember that LL Cool J unplugged show. His underarms were caked with Sure deodorant LOL! That version of “Mama Said Knock You Out” was dope though!

          No, I haven’t seen an unplugged version of PE. Like you, I think it would be way too difficult to pull off.

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        5. Honestly, as for the unplugged version of “Mama,” without the lyrics and the “AHH AHHH” I wouldn’t have know what it was.
          In the words of the great Archie Bunker:
          It sounded like New Years Eve in the Nut House!

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        6. T. Wayne

          I showed up at happy hour (not sure what’s happy about it) and had a vodka and cranberry and the Sam Adams. After I drank the vodka switched strictly to beer. Pacing myself now. Feeling fine. Plus my friends are keeping an eye on me.

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        1. B @moylomenterprises

          I just sampled a song or two from each artist on YouTube – I like the Internet the best but all 3 are very good.

          I stumbled upon a artist in iTunes, Eric Lindell and have been listening to a lot of that.

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        2. Cool! I really do like The Internet. If you haven’t already, listen to Curren$y’s “Breakfast.”
          It’s good too. I’ll check out Eric Lindell.
          There are a couple of other good groups out there that I like; mostly from the acid jazz or neosoul genres.

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  10. Tack

    Here is something funny that you may not know. I actually committed to Auburn in Pat Dye’s office. I changed my mind after I saw that they were headed for trouble. I’m sooo glad I chose SC.
    BTW, it was a SC coach that sang to my sister. I guess it worked lol!
    Also, the story is a bit inaccurate. My example was “when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a chemistry class lol! But my sister is a beast on this blog! I think I’m done seeking because I have found the best blog!

    Liked by 3 people

        1. B @moylomenterprises

          I love CMB! You are commanding me? Lol….are you we there yet?

          “I want to sex you up” “”All for love” and song you mentioned.

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  11. Ooh you picked some GREAT jams, Gwin. Let’s see where do I start? Lenny Kravitz, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Color Me Badd, Boyz II Men, Toni! So I take it your brother went to South Carolina?? Hmm, I was 10 in 1991. Lol. I still wasn’t really doing anything exciting! I didn’t try drinking/smoking until 13! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. HAAAAYYY Lisa!!!!!!!!
      I’m so glad that you were able to make it! Also glad that you approved of these jams!
      Yeah, he went to SC! Go Gamecocks!
      Girl how you gonna holler that you didn’t start drinking and smoking until you were 13!!! ROTFLMAO!
      Please stop! You kill me Lisa!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. A Michelada is a beer mixed with lime, Clamato, chamoy and tamarind. This bar I like also includes mangoes in it. It’s the BOMB! I’m not that crazy about Clamato so sometimes I just have it with chamoy, tamarind and mangoes. You can also include Tajin on the rim and/or in the drink.

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        2. Damn, I just learned something. But it leads me to my next question, “What is chamoy?”
          Girl you know I’m all about the Tajin! You turned me on to that earlier this summer.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. T. Wayne

          ROTFLMAO!!! I didn’t get any concussions…but my rear end took its share of beatings!

          I notice you said “that time”….that means there must have been only one! You were one of the good ones!

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        2. You just don’t even understand!
          My Mama didn’t play!
          Mama jacked my 6’3 brother up by his collar and pulled him down to her 5’3 eye level.
          My mama would jump up a bullfrog’s ass!
          No….you don’t mess with Mama!
          I’m still traumatized ’bout it! LOL!!

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        3. T. Wayne



          Whooooo! No she didn’t play. It wasn’t my mama I had to worry about. It was grandma. She would cut you quick! With a belt in hand, it was like Death Valley Days! She was quick off the hip, I tell ya!

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        4. There we go! I knew somebody in that camp kept peace and order! So for you it was Grandma. Is she still alive?
          I had my mama’s mama wrapped around my finger. I could do NO wrong.
          Oh but not Mama…no,no,no!

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        5. T. Wayne

          No, grandma passed away when I was thirteen. But I had already decided before she left us that I had enough of her beatings. When I had to hand over my own belt to get my ass whooped, I knew the game was over!

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        6. T. Wayne

          Oh, but she was! There are quite a few grandma stories I can tell…at least now that she’s at rest and there’s no statute of limitations on the dead…

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