“Blackie” the dog


Ok, let me hang on to my integrity by admitting that I never learned the dog’s real name.

That said, he will forever be known to me as “Blackie.”

Anyway, many long years ago, when I was about six or seven, Mama would take me to my bus-stop every morning to catch the bus for school.  Honestly, the stop was very close to where I lived—but it was at the top of a rather steep hill.  Mama thought it would be better if she drove me to the stop in the mornings; that way I could start my school day looking nice, fresh and clean.

She said, “I’ll take you in the mornings so you won’t have to go to school all sweaty– looking like a field hand.”

And with that, a deal was made, Mama would drive me to the bus-stop in the mornings but I would walk back home each afternoon.

Well, the first couple of days, my walk from the bus-stop was rather enjoyable; I liked the independence of it all.  Besides, I didn’t have far to go and it was completely downhill.  This was going to be a breeze! No problems!

The deal between me and Mama worked out fine!

Until it didn’t.

Enter “problems!”

One day, as I was making my usual trek home, I came upon a little black dog who started barking at me from a yard across the street.  Naturally, this startled me since I had never seen him before.  At any rate, although I was startled, I was not afraid because I had been raised in a home with all kinds of dogs. In fact, my Dad rescued and trained hunting dogs. That said, a barking dog was a non-issue to me.

By the way, you can read more about me, daddy and our dogs here.

Anyway, as I was saying, I wasn’t scared, but I was on guard so I did my best to quietly walk past the dog’s ‘dominion.’

When I got home, I didn’t mention this to Mama, because, after all, apart from all the loud barking, the dog had kept his distance.

Until he didn’t.

The next day, after I got off the bus and commenced to walk home, I noticed that same little black dog in his yard barking like he was one of my Doberman Pinschers.  Again, I was startled but not too concerned so I just looked straight ahead–kept my stride and walked past.

Friends, the next thing I knew, that little joker had crossed over to my side of the street and had begun biting at my heels!

And we were off!

Me and the dog–both ‘flying’ down that hill like two bats out of hell!

Y’all I was in a race for my life!  In fact, I was sprinting so fast that I could barely stop myself!

You may recall that I was coming down a steep hill.  A steep hill that, by the way, ran perpendicular to a busy thoroughfare.

Had I kept running, I might have crossed directly into the path of several cars.

Good thing I was able to stop and catch myself!

Needless to say, by the time I stopped, I was totally breathless and scared out of my wits!

When I looked down, I noticed that the little black dog (whom I later named “Blackie”) had already turned around and was making his way back home.

Enter Mama!

After somewhat gaining my composure, I walked the last few yards home.  Mama was standing there as I entered the house through the kitchen.

Having noticed how disheveled and discombobulated I was, she asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

I said, between wheezes, “A dog chased me home!”

Mama asked, “What dog? Where?”

I said, “Up Wycliffe Street.”

Mama said, “Come on let’s go!”

And with that, me, Tack and Mama jumped in the car!

Mama drove up Wycliffe and said, “Show me the house!”

I pointed to “Blackie’s” house.

Mama pulled up into Blackie’s yard, parked and said, “Y’all wait right here!”

Folks, Mama got out of the car, strutted up to the front door and started knocking like she was the Chief of POLICE!

Within a minute or so, a man came to the door and said, “Can I help you ma’am?”

Mama spotted Blackie standing behind the man and said, “Your dog chased my daughter home.  She almost ran into traffic! Now look, she gon’ have to walk down this hill everyday after school so you gon’ have to keep that dog in the house!”

The man said, “Ma’am I’m so sorry about that.  I’ll make sure he stays inside when your little daughter comes by.”

Mama thanked the man, bid him a fond farewell, got back in the car and drove us home.

The next day when I passed “Blackie’s” house I noticed that he was not in the yard barking but he was peering at me through his front window.

I imagined him saying, “You so lucky I ain’t outside!”


All jokes aside, Mama was bold!  You have to remember, this all took place in Georgia in the early 1970’s and “Blackie’s” owner was an older White man.  At that time, most places in the South were newly integrated so Mama, who was only about 29,  was gambling with her life when she decided to approach that man about his dog.

But, as they say, don’t mess with a Mama bear’s cubs!








50 thoughts on “Blackie

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  3. WOW!!!! Um, yes, the man was white, but the dog was black!!! 😀 Just joking! Holy geez what a story!! You must’ve been terrified!!! Your mother – indeed a force to be reckoned with. Soooooo brave!!!! Where’d she get this nerve from?!?

    Oh, BTW, G., my first pet was a kitten I named: BLACKIE!!!!! I was six! I swear! Do you have chills goin’ up and down your spine yet? I do!!!


  4. Had this happen but with a chihuahua…talk about what a great YouTube video it would have made…teen girl running like a fool down the street…nasty little beast at my heels…I only own large dogs now…no nippy things…your mama is a brave lady….bet you take after her too 💜😊


    1. LOL!!
      I think you’re absolutely right! It’s those yappy little dogs that bark and chase the most. I had a Rottwieller that would let you come into the yard and nearly walk up on him before he’d ever bark at all.
      By then it’s too late!!!!
      We always had German Shepherds and Dobermans mostly but we’ve also had a Cocker Spaniel, 2 Beagles (Which is why I love Snoopy too and pretty much ANYTHING Charlie Brown).
      I now have a Pomeranian and she is a bossy little something! LOL!! She barks like she is the biggest dog in the area.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. All I can say is hahahahahahaha. On a serious note, I have a similar story. My big sis and I would walk back together from school. On a almost everyday basis, this big german shepherd would bark and chase us home. My big sis is four years older than me, so shed take off and my poor 5 year old self had to pump my wee little legs so hard to up.

    To this day; she still laughs at me. P.S. your mom is an original gangster.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A @ moylomenterprises

    There’s nothing more fierce than a mom protecting her young. You see that in nature all the time. Your mom was just operating from natural instinct. She rocks!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nice story! I had as similar experience with a neighbor dog once. I didn’t like him and the feeling was mutual. He ended up coming in my yard and nipped at me, so I kicked him pretty hard. He didn’t bother me again. I never told his owner or my parents.

    P.S. I do not condone kicking dogs…very bad. Now, I would just shoot it!! Kidding!!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Tareau Barron

    Wow that was very vivid. I pictured I was there. Punk ass Blackie. Hahahaahahaha. That toughness your mother displayed is a dying trait today. And as you mentuoned, this took place in the south in the 70s lmfao. Courageous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tareau! Mama wasn’t having it! That’s right! Punk ass Blackie!

      You know, it’s wrong of me, but I sometimes wonder if somebody in that home had sic’d that dog on me. I hate to think that was the case but I can’t help wondering.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tareau Barron

        You never know. You know what the crazy thing about that story is right? Your family grew up with dogs even your father was training and teaching dogs how to hunt. You have the instance to know that the dog was not a threat until it approached you. I am no means a dog lover. I do like dogs but I prefer cats. My point is that even as a child growing up with dogs you have the same instant that I had as a kid growing up without dogs. To run. Also to our dog loving friends I have to say that as a person who do not love dogs I don’t like when your dog has jumps on me. How many times have we heard oh my dog doesn’t bite or a he or she is a nice dog don’t be afraid. Plus I might be allergic to some type of dog species.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. YOU SOUND JUST LIKE MY BROTHER! He does not like dogs! Never has!
          When our little dog tried to jump in his lap he said, “Naw playa!” and moved her away.
          A dog jumped up on him and he told the owner, you better get your damn dog!
          I love dogs! We are the total opposite. But I respect the fact that some people don’t want your dog on them.

          Liked by 2 people

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