They Came Back in My Dreams


***This post is completely true; it is in no way fabricated.

Alright, I’ll admit that this picture is a bit of a fake out 😉

But look at it though, isn’t it befitting the Halloween season?

Oh well.

While the picture may be apropos for this time of year, it has very little to do with my own personal experiences with the paranormal.

Paranormal?  Yeah, you read that right!

I have had many personal experiences with this subject.

Coincidentally, I completed my B.S. degree at a college that actually offered Parapsychology studies in the Psychology Department.

I did NOT know that before I decided to attend (that wouldn’t have changed my decision by the way). LOL!

Back to my story.

Ever heard of Dr. Raymond Moody?  Go google him!  He taught at this college.

Ever heard of Newt Gingrich?  He taught at the same school!

Now that Newt thing is some scary shit 🙂

Okay, trust and believe that neither of these things have anything to do with my experiences.  In fact, my experiences all began well before I went off to college.


If you read “My Jams ’95,” you may recall my sharing that I come from a family of seers.  You may also recall that my cousin, Ron, confirmed that such is the case. In fact, Ron shared that one of our aunts was born with the caul which, according to Southern folklore, indicates that she can see ‘beyond the veil.’

If you are interested in reading Ron’s perspective, feel free to scroll through comments in “My Jams ’95.”  He does a phenomenal job explaining the details.

Anyway, one of my new blogging friends, Tessa, inquired about my experiences; she was genuinely interested in learning more about it.

Well after I explained it to Tessa, it occurred to me that there may be others of you who are interested in the topic, so I decided to share more in this post.

Before I proceed, let me assure you that I am in no way interested or involved in occult/dark arts.  In fact, I am a Christian–Catholic, to be specific.  As such, I engage in Christian based prayer and meditation on a daily basis.

That said, I also realize that there is more to this world than most people think.

For me, I’ve seen people who have recently passed on in my dreams.

For some reason, they always come to me to let me know that they have made a safe transition.  Sometimes I see them in nighttime dreams; other times I see them in lucid daydreams.

On rare occasions, I have seen them as a fleeting physical presence–and when I say fleeting, I mean nanoseconds.

Most times they talk to me; often times they simply offer a comforting smile.

Now, before we move on, let me be clear, I do NOT see them prior to their passing–I am not psychic in that way and I thank God that I’ve ONLY glimpsed them after they have transitioned.

All in all, I have seen far too many to mention.

However, there are two instances that stick out in my mind.

First, I had a friend who passed away abruptly.  After his passing, I kept having recurring dreams of him asking me if I wanted to take a ride with him.

In these dreams, I’d be walking and he would drive up and ask me to join him. In fact, one night the dream was so vivid that I arose and started sleepwalking to the front door of my home.

My Mama, a perpetual night owl, noticed and asked me where I was going.  I responded, “I’m going with —–.”

At that point, she knew I was dreaming and sleepwalking so she walked over to me and told me to go back to bed–which I did.

Based on her own knowledge, Mama knew that this was not a good sign.

So the next morning she asked me to tell her exactly what I dreamed that night–so I told her.

Later that day, she shared the incident with a family member who interpreted the dream and told her that my friend was actually trying to take me back with him to the other side.

That was exactly what Mama had feared.

The family member then told Mama to pray for his eternal rest so that we both could proceed on our respective paths; him into the afterlife and me in this life.

Sure enough Mama privately prayed about it.

After that prayer, I never saw him again in my dreams.


Here’s the wild part, Mama never told me about the dream interpretation or the prayer until many years later.

All I knew was that I had stopped dreaming about my friend.

Second, I had another friend to die unexpectedly in an accident.  We were very close.  In fact, we had had many deep conversations on life’s big questions.

Well, after she passed, she came back to me in a dream where she gave me a preview of my life and confirmed the existence of life beyond the veil.

Friends, I will never forget this, she said, “Gwin, it’s real!  There is life after you die!”

Believe it or not, she was able to ‘show’ me a scene depicting a beautifully bright and sunny day with people sitting together as if they were having a huge family reunion type picnic.

It was amazing!

Her parting words to me were, “Gwin, you’re gonna have a great life!”  She also said, “I will never come back to you again in a dream.”

It has been almost 30 years since my friend came to me in that dream and I have NEVER dreamed of her again.

Not once.

Are you still there?

Did you log off?

Gone over to another post or blog even?


By the way, based on these experiences, my friend Tessa asked me if I thought I was a medium.

I laughed and answered, “No.”

Being a medium is not in my wheelhouse.

But with that said, I do have the gift of discernment and I am HIGHLY intuitive.  Some have said that I am clairsentient–meaning I am able to sense the present inner states of a person without any prior knowledge. There are people who are clairsentient that claim to be able sense a person’s past and future states.  I do not.

I stay in the present.

Because of this my friends often ask my advice.

Sometimes I see and say.

Sometimes I see and don’t say.

Never do I say without seeing.

In any case, I stay strongly connected to “Christ who strengthens me.” (Phillippians 4:13).

Oh yeah, here’s something interesting for seekthebestblog and The Time Tunnel followers.  My cousin Ron, is working on a book about a girl who once was.

It is set in Rural Georgia in the mid/late 20th Century and it is steeped in the paranormal.

I can’t wait until he completes and publishes it.

Hopefully, I have ignited something in him to encourage him to get moving with it!  LOL!!!

Now it’s your turn!

Have you had things happen to you that you can’t explain?  How about paranormal experiences? Let’s talk about it in comments.

In the meantime, I’ll park these right here:





28 thoughts on “They Came Back in My Dreams

  1. dragonmother3

    I do not know where to begin, but here it goes!

    When I was young, like, way before 8yrs old. I used to live in a haunted apartment in New York. I wasn’t sure that the dreams I had was spirit related or not, but i remember that the dreams was VERY vivid to the point I still remembered them to this day. I will tell you the dreams I remembered, because I feel like I can trust you, Lady G.

    There was a woman running with her family up the spiral stairs of the apartment I lived in, but it has more levels. They were chased by tall men that was too dark to see their faces. You know most dreams people have, they watched from the side or above. Well, apparently I’m not most people, because I was seeing it through her eyes and I could feel the desperate need to protect her family. I remember there was a hidden stair case that leads to the attic. Its was so well hidden that most people would has missed it, if they didn’t know about the attic. It was small but it was enough to fit them, but still worry about the tall men fine her family. The women left and lock the door behind her. she hears her family on the other side saying not to go. She ignore them and ran down the stairs hoping to draw the tall men way, but as she reached the last step. She saw the tall men around the corner and one of them spotted her. She ran, hoping they follow, until she hear screaming. The tall men saw the place she ran from and went to the attic. The women ran back trying to reach them, but she was firmly grabbed by one of the men. Than I woke up, heart was racing, and it was hard to breath at first…suddenly feeling that rush of her fear woke me up from dead sleep. I am 22yrs now, but I never had that same dream again but I can still remember it in detail.

    There are more vivid dreams I had in the past but I feel like, I typed a little too much already. I am glad to know that I’m not the only one who get these dreams. Now that I’m older. I don’t have spirit dreams anymore (THANK GOD), but I do get very Very VERY weird dreams that I feel like its trying to tell me something but not getting the message. I was hoping you can help me figure them out. Because I can’t help but feel like there important some how.

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    1. Hello my friend,
      This is very interesting and I soooo understand the whole vivid dream thing.
      Frankly, I believe that sometimes our dreams show us scenes from who knows when–I’ve heard these called residual energies, where energy from past events remain. Clearly folks like you can pick up on that–albeit in dream state.
      My dreams were more like visitations from those who have passed on. I’ve only had one incidence of seeing a friend who had died while I was awake-and that was for a split second.
      As for the meanings of dreams I simply try to recall how the dream made me feel emotionally and what each person, thing or place means to me personally. From there I try to piece together a meaning.
      Thanks for commenting. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one.
      Take care love 💖

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  2. I LOVE coming across fellow intuitive and kindred folks!!!!! Had I know about your degree I would’ve done that for my undergrad instead of Administration of Justice lol! I just love what you have to say and your writing style! I hope you enjoy “me” just the same 🙂

    Love & Light,
    Amber Choisella

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    1. LOL!!! So nice to meet you Amber. Sadly, my undergraduate was in Political Science but I did take quite a few classes in that Psych department so I knew the ones who taught parapsychology 🙂
      Thank you so much for your warm compliments and I am sure that I will enjoy you just as well.
      Peace, love and light right back to you my friend,
      Lady G

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  3. As a Christian Catholic, I too believe in the spiritual world and see the family members who have passed in my dreams. They are usually happy and reassuring. Enjoyed your blog and liked the
    resource list. Nightmares wake me up calling Jesus.
    Good job Lady G

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. And I am glad that you enjoyed this post 🙂
      Sounds to me like you’ve found the supreme solution–call on Jesus.
      Nothing works better than that 🙂
      I hope to ‘see’ you again soon 🌹


  4. Lady G,

    (Punctuality is not my strength…forgive my late arrival to the party, m’Lady)

    Thank you for writing this and sharing this part of yourself with all of us. It is who you are, and there are some who “get it” and others who don’t understand it…but regardless…it’s real. And it is a gift. And I know you don’t feel that you are a medium, but you are providing a conduit of peace…when you are able to share that someone has transitioned and are at peace in the next life, that gives the bereaved a sense of closure and comfort. This is a beautiful thing you do.

    I am honored to be mentioned in your post and am so thankful our paths have crossed. As you know, I was accepted to the college you attended and had a change of plans at the last minute (yet another connection between us). When I researched Dr. Moody, I discovered that his visions have often come from reflections in a mirror. When I read that, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Most of my visual experiences have been from a mirror…where I’ve caught a glimpse of someone or something not of this plane, in the reflection. Because of that, I don’t like looking in mirrors for any length of time. It makes me uneasy. (And that may explain why my makeup looks crazy sometimes!)
    Embrace your gift, my friend.
    All my love

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    1. Awwww! Thank you so much Tessa. If I were you I would avoid mirrors too. But if you look anything like I imagine then your make-up is flawless! YAAASSS!
      My life tends to take me to places that embrace ‘the other worldly.’ Many years back I worked in Virginia Beach, VA and if you know anything about that place, you know that it is the home to Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. Lot’s of research into the paranormal going on there.
      By the way, I don’t know if you knew this but Dr. Raymond Moody was either going to school or teaching in our hometown back in the 1970’s. He used to live right behind one of my closest and dearest friends.
      You might say that I was inexplicably right on his tail! LOL!

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      1. Edgar Cayce is a fascinating man. I read my first book about him when I was about 10 years old. OF all the books in the library, I picked that one. Knew nothing of him before that, but felt drawn to that book.
        And yes, Dr. Moody received his MD from our hometown! But how interesting that you had friend who lived close to him. There are no coincidences in this world. As we’ve both said before…and as we’ve typed at the exact same time!
        And did you know that he now lives in the state I am visiting right now…the one that took me 5 hours to get to!

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        1. Wow! That’s interesting about your early interest in Edgar Cayce and how that came to be.
          I did not know that Dr. Moody was in that state now.
          Here’s something interesting. The same bestie that I mentioned who lived behind Dr. Moody gave me the book The Celestine Prophecy to read while I was a senior in college. Well if you know anything about that book, you know that the author talks about there being no such thing as coincidences.
          Well….wait for it….
          How ’bout he listed one of my professors at my college in his acknowledgments and I was taking that professor that VERY quarter!
          I put that book down and never picked it back up! It freaked me out.
          My friend had warned me by saying, “You cannot finish this book if you are not ready.”
          I once saw a documentary on Edgar C. and the voice over guy said, “Edgar had a dream that he was a little boy who would go outside to the beach and play every morning. That’s not so strange is it? Well it is when you consider the fact that Edgar dreamed that he lived in Montana.”

          Now, I might have the state mixed up but it was either Montana, Idaho or something similar! Basically a state that is NOT on the coast.
          Now ain’t that some scary shit!

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      1. lol Cray! I actually do visit mediums and psychics (haven’t been in a while), but one time the lady was like, “Do you have a lot of free time? Cause a boy has latched on to you” So she said something similar to what your mom did…like “we release you lovingly to blah-blah-blah” and she said he went away. Girrllll…

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        1. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
          That is hilarious.
          One of my besties reads tarot cards. Well one time, many years ago, she forgot her cards so she said, “If we can find a deck of regular playing cards, I’ll do a reading for you.”
          I rummaged in the house and found a deck. So she shuffled the cards, I cut the deck, and she laid them out.
          Homegirl sat there for a few minutes and looked at the cards then at me and back at the cards. She then said, “Gwin, I thought I knew you, but I guess not because these cards are saying that you are torn between two women, one light skinned and one dark skinned.”
          I was like WTF?
          She said, “Wait, where did you get these cards?” I said, “They belong to my brother!” She said, “Holy hell, I’m reading his stuff!”
          Apparently HIS issues were coming through during MY reading because they were his cards. LOL!!!
          Another time, at her house we were playing with a Ouija board. We said, “Is anybody here?” The pointer made our hands move to “NO!”
          We put that damn thing down!

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  6. I believe things happen for a reason and as they should. I believe that I waited to read this post until today for a reason, even though it’s been in my inbox for a few days (a reason unbeknownst to me until now). I believe in your gift. And I think it’s awesome.

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  7. Awesome post Cuz! Thanks for the shout out about “Eliza”. She’s literally “screaming” to get out.

    What my modest Cuz did not say is how much she’s contributed to “Eliza’s” story.

    Here’s a thought, “Time is a creation of man, God exists outside of time. Time is irrelevant to the spirit world. This world “behind the veil” exists the linear, one directional perspective MOST living humans know, but it also exists laterally on what we commonly call dimensions. However a more thorough description is that of an infinitely complex “web” of which our earthy lives are but one short, uni-directional strand.”
    ~Obsidius II

    (by the way, don’t bother googling this guy, he’s one of 27) lol

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    1. My cousin DID that with this response. Seriously, I can’t wait for the book to come out!

      Thinking about dimensions reminds me of something. I heard that some ‘ghosts’ are merely residual energy from a person who is actually in a different dimension or timeline!
      Folks better peep what the Physicists are saying about the reality of this world.

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  8. When I was in college, my parents had bought a house in the suburban Ohio town for me to live in while I was in school (they were planning on relocating there eventually). This house only had one previous owner — a lady who had been one of the first female pilots in the air force. This lady had the house built and was still alive when my parents were considering buying the house. There were several bidders, however, from her senior living facility, the lady told my parents that she wanted them to have it, and she gave them a great deal. Shortly after that, she passed away. Now, I never saw this lady; however, ALL of her things were still in the house, and although I lived there alone, I often felt someone else in the house — like when someone is in another room and you can’t see them, but you know they are there. One night, I actually called my parents in Michigan in tears, because I was in bed, and I could feel this lady standing over me — the feeling was inexplicable — I was scared out of my mind, but I never felt like I was in danger. It almost had a maternal type of feel to it — like she was looking after me. Long story short, I moved back home, and my parents rented the place out to a married couple with no kids. Before renting out the house, we had gotten rid of all of the lady’s things, so that the new tenants could furnish the home as they pleased. These people ended up being terrible tenants who were destroying the house and my parents really wanted them out, but they were in a lease. One day, the husband called my parents saying he wanted out of the lease. When my parents asked him why, he said that he had gone in the basement, and when he turned on the basement light, there was an old lady standing there telling him to get out of her house. Never seeing the lady before, the husband described the old air force lady to a T. She never showed herself to me, but I guess that’s because I was respecting her home. Lady G, your story reminded me of this. I hadn’t thought about this in years!

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    1. That was an amazing experience. It’s very touching because I believe, like you do, that the lady really was watching over you and she never meant you any harm but her presence did make you feel fearful.
      For the most part, I don’t think they ever mean us any harm . Especially knowing the fact that this lady hand picked your parents prior to her death. Clearly she had some kinda affinity or love for your folks.
      You notice that she didn’t start ‘acting up’ until those other tenets starting disrespecting the home.
      Thank you so much for telling that story. A lot of people won’t talk about it because they are scared that folks will say they’re crazy.
      Thanks again friend.

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