Musical Affirmation: 9/29/2016


From the “My Jams” Archives

L-O-V-E (Love) 1975


I just can’t say anything else that hasn’t already been said about Rev. Al Green as a singer.

But, what I will say is that this is a spiritual kind of jam!

Clearly, he’s talking about something DEEPER than romantic love.

“It’s all in the heavens…can’t you see…?”

And now…

Today’s affirmation:  I open my heart to LOVE!


Video credit:  Sun, Hutchney

Y’all let me know if the video owners take this joker down 😉

Enjoy your day friends and don’t forget to open your hearts to love!

Lady G 😘💋


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40 thoughts on “Musical Affirmation: 9/29/2016

  1. LOVE THIS!!! And as we said earlier this week…it IS about the LOVE.
    As my firstborn reminds me, there is no one like the Rev Al Green to make life better.
    On a side note…my brother and I always watched Soul Train! ALWAYS! But we somehow missed this one. Glad you shared it.

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    1. Thank you Tessa Gurl!
      Glad to see you!
      I take it you’ve been off somewhere contemplating a good tawdry tale. LOL!!!
      Oh but Lady G cannot leave the party without acknowledging the musical wisdom of your firstborn! YAAASSS!
      BTW, nobody here remembers seeing this performance, granted it was 1975 so most of us were far too young to remember it firsthand. I sure’s heaven don’t! LOL!!!
      Come back soon!

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  2. I love Reverend Al! What a voice. When I was a page for the Tonight Show 20 years ago, they used to play music when seating the crowd. “Let’s Stay Together” was a regular staple and I couldn’t help but sing along. As Armand from the “Birdcage” would say, “On the inside.”
    Thanks for the lift, Lady G!

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    1. OMG!!! That is one of my FAVE movies and definitely my favorite scene. “Madonna, Madonna, Madonna…” I’m nearly in tears just thinking about that!
      I sure do miss Robin Williams.
      Do you remember him as John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt in To Wong Foo? Too funny!
      You know Ms. Vida Boheme, of the Manhattan Bohemes is my cousin (in my head!)
      BTW, being a page on the Tonight Show must have been an amazing experience. Would love to learn more about that.
      Thanks for reading Susan😂
      You made me laugh waaaay too loud!

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      1. Glad to hear that, Lady G! I cried when I heard about Robin. He was always one of my favorites. To think, he was getting ready to film Mrs Doubtfire 2 before his untimely demise. Eupheginia (sic) Doubtfire and her drive by fruitings……To Wong Foo is a really good movie. It came out right around the time Priscilla, Queen of the Desert did. Another fun flick!

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    1. Thanks Twin! Me and you both! I know I was young then but, like you, I am usually pretty attune when it comes to musical performances; especially one like that. So I guess I truly did miss it.
      But I can see it now ! YAAASSS!!!

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