Come to the Light


Remember that old saying, “You are what you eat?”

Trust me, that ‘proverb’ is true on so many levels.

It’s not always about what you physically consume with your mouth–though that’s very important.

It’s just as much about what you decided to bring into your life via your eyes and ears.

Think about the things that you look at and listen to all day.

Are those things adding value to you as a person?

Do they add value to others?

Do they uplift?

Do they bring joy?

Do they inspire?

Here’s my take…

There comes a point when you must take responsibility for what you consume.


Because, on some level or form, you recreate all of the things that you ingest.

In a nutshell, if you mindfully ingest positive things, you will produce positivity.

Conversely, if you mindlessly ingest negative things, you will recreate more negativity.

Don’t believe me?

Go watch a ‘reality show’ or a ‘news’ program and see if your mind doesn’t start to entertain some of that junk.

Next thing you know you’ll be cussing out your spouse, mate, sibling, roommate, parent, landlord, boss, teacher, dog, bird or cat–all the while writing a hate filled comment on a random website.

Oh, I hear some of you out there in the ethers saying, “But Lady G, I want to be informed, I want to be in the know about all the goings on.”

I get that.

But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be INUNDATED to be aware.

Do realize, that this whole concept of the 24-hour news and TV programming cycle is a relatively new creation.

There was a time when folks watched the news TWICE –at best!

Once from Walter Cronkite.

Then, again,  from the local 11pm newscast.

That was it!

Wanna know why?  Because not long after that the freaking TV shut down!


Yes baby, there was a time when all of the TV stations signed-off around midnight.

They did not resume activity until the next morning around 6am.

Fancy that?

Oh yeah, by the way, there were others who solely got their news in written form–the newspaper 😉

SERIOUSLY, how many times do we need to see the film, listen to the audio or be verbally assaulted by a myriad of wannabees and talking-heads pontificating about a whole lot of nothing?

What more do you need to know?


You already know everything you need to know in order to formulate an informed opinion about local, national and international events.

Believe me, you do!

And, as for TV programming, do yourself a favor and incorporate other forms of entertainment into your life.

Look for things that improve your intellect, wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding.

Get off Facebook and put your face in a book!

Get off Twitter and go listen to some real birds tweet!

For real!  Let’s do it!

So, here’s an invitation to you to come run with Lady G!

Step away from that electrical hearth you call a TV, computer or smartphone and let’s escape to the light 🙂

Any takers?  Meet me in comments 😉




43 thoughts on “Come to the Light

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I completely agree with you! So many people are completely unaware of how everything around them is influencing their subconscious mind. It’s important for people to recognize what the media’s purpose is so that they won’t become trapped by it.

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    1. You are very welcome Audrey!
      I think you’re exactly on point. We have to wake up and recognize what’s happening.
      Our subconscious mind is way too important to trust to any ‘machine.’
      We should all go and create the life we want to see-never mind what the media says 🙂
      Thank you so much for dropping by and taking time to comment. I hope to see you back 🙂

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  2. Oh wow!!!! You really bring back memories. I remember those days of TV stations going “off the air”. When I saw the flag waving with the Star Spangled Banner playing I knew it was a wrap. Right after that, there was nothing but white noise.

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    1. Hello again DJ KennyMan:
      LOL!!! As you said, after The Star Spangled Banner -it was a wrap.

      I think we needed that break between midnight and 6am. If you had insomnia, your only options were to read something, write something or play some other kind of game. Or if you had a mate…… know the rest 🙂


      Nowadays it’s anything you wanna see at any time of day or night. Too much can be TOO MUCH especially for developing minds 🙂
      Glad you stopped by 🙂

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  3. T. Wayne

    I’m late, but I’m coming to the light! Of course, I just so happen to be in front of one of those LED screens while I make this statement…

    This is a great post. Sometimes, the best way is the simple way. I’m a huge tech fan, and I can’t deny that technology and the internet have made great strides in helping us enjoy things we could only imagine when I was younger. But sometimes, you gotta unplug!

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  4. Lady G- I also remember that special time when all you saw was “snow” on the telly after midnight, the news was not 24 hours, Facebook was a conversation in person, writing a letter or using the telephone, the internet was the library and the incomprehensible Dewey Decimal system, I could go on & on. I have disconnected myself from the bombardment that is our election coverage. I am not on FB or on Twitter. And I am still alive! Imagine that? Inspirational post!

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    1. I’ve never had a Facebook page and probably never will. I guess it serves its purpose for some.
      I just never got into it.
      And yes! letter writing–then physically having to mail it; the telephone with the limited curly cord and My GAWD our dear Mr. Dewey and his system……
      But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
      Frankly, I sometimes I think that GEN X was born at the perfect time so that we could become proficient in the old and the new!
      YAAAY us!
      And you and I are still alive! LOL!!

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      1. Yes, exactly! Whenever I talk to someone in their 20’s, well, first of all, they can’t believe I am 50 and then I feel like I should talk to them about Model T’s, The Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell. Or that when I went to school, I had to walk 50 miles in a blizzard with terrible shoes (I heard that all the time from my parents and grandparents!).

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        1. LOL.
          Then there was the time, during a conversation about the Harvest Moon, that Lady J asked me if I appreciated all that additional light for getting the crops in!!
          I was like no… I was probably inside watching TV.

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  5. Hey Paula:
    The mother ship must be making grand rounds because there is a WHOLE lot of crazy out there! LOL!
    Board games are awesome!
    Lady J and I love to play Boggle. By the way, Lady J thinks that you look like Blair Warner from Facts of Life. LOL!!!


  6. Oh absolutely agree with you Lady G!! No TV for me, definitely no reality shows. I do like alien shows though… I always know when the mother ship is making her rounds because there’s an influx of crazy, hahahaha! 😉 FB and twitter aren’t really my things… relaxation time consists of catching up with bloggers and smashing the hell out of Lego bricks on the Xbox, :D. (We’re gamers in my family… and that includes board games. We have at least 2 cabinets full of games, :D)

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  7. Face–in a–book beats FaceBook hands down! I like that ‘put your face in a book! lol
    Boy, looka heah, if you could get that to happen, we’d have some very informed and educated folks on our hands.

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    1. I know dats right Ron! LOL!
      As you know, I don’t do Facebook, but I know people who use that thing as their sole source of information.
      I just can’t with that!
      Give me a book and I’m good 🙂

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  8. Tareau Barron

    Totally agree Lady G. It is manufactured and remember these corporations Instill products on people to question their self worth and self esteem. I think us humans must get back to finding ourselves without technology. It’s the only way to break the cycle. Great post. Oh btw I liked how you put the part about birds tweeting. I am an intermediate bird watcher. (What kinda brotha bird watches?) I know right. Hahahahahhahaha

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Tareau Barron

        I don’t think it’s preachy at all. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc is dictating alot of people’s emotions. There’s nothing wrong with bs, reality shows, drama shows, etc. It’s just a limit and it should be in moderation. It’s set up for people who likes to read and keeps to themselves to be labeled as boring or dull.

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