Musical Affirmation: 10/6/2016


“Beginnings” by Chicago (Originally released in 1969).  Re-released in 1971.

“Only the beginning…only just the start”

Today’s MANTRA!!!!

Make no mistake brass fans, Lady G is bringing you LIFE today!



I go to sixty-seventh heaven EVER-Y-TIME I hear the horns blasting on this jam!

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time-best believe that!

And so:

Today’s affirmation:  I now welcome new and positive beginnings!

Yes baby!  Fall is in the air!  The possibilities are endless!  A new start!

It’s ONLY the beginning!

Come on y’all!  Let’s rock this jam right into a new beginning!


Video Credit:  MsDreamscaper

Chicago!!!  ‘Rock with Horns Band.’

I just can’t with Robert Lamm on this jam!  Sorry y’all, I had to throw that one in for old times sake 😉


Remember to check out “My Jams” for years 1966-1996 under “Music”- “My Jams.”

41 thoughts on “Musical Affirmation: 10/6/2016

  1. T. Wayne

    Reblogged this on A Joyful Process and commented:
    My musical Twin Lady G has started a new Thursday music series (and I’m a bit late with the reblog since this is the second post of the series), but it features a song that we share a extraordinary musical bit of synchronicity with, and a song that I absolutely adore.

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  2. LOVE Chicago! You picked a great one.
    The very first song I played on the air, when I worked at the oldies station was Chicago’s “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is” To this day, when I hear that song, I am transformed back to the station and the nervousness of my first night on air…solo.

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      1. Wish I did…but they’ve gotten lost along the way!
        And my other faves: Feeling Stronger Every Day (that plays in my head a lot…oh yeah…oh yeah)
        And Color My World…my last ex-husband would play that on piano and sing it to me, after we had a squabble…hate to say, it usually worked..but that’s the power of CHICAGO!

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        1. Aww man. I know you hate that.
          And yes! Chicago is fire!
          What woman wouldn’t give in to a man playing piano and singing “Color my world?”
          Baby, you never stood a chance 🙂

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        2. Nope, not a chance. When shit went waaay south, he would sing a stripped down acoustic version of “Nights in White Satin” and EWF’s “Reasons” but alas…he ran out of songs and I ran out of excuses. All for the best. But that damn Chicago lured me in more that I’d like to admit! LOL!!!

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      1. A @ moylomenterprises

        Thx, so far it’s a bit iffy!

        I may have to resort to locking myself in the bathroom at some point just for a bit of peace and quite!

        Unfortunately that may only be for 5 glorious seconds 😂

        Oh the joys of parenthood!

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  3. First I have to say I love knowing how you and T are twins! It’s so cool to have an inside look! Thank you for sharing!

    Love this song! Chicago definitely changed their style from the 70s to 80s, but it totally worked for them. Yet always great!

    So, were you in the band in school? Do you play an instrument? And if so, what did you play? 😀

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    1. Hey Paula!
      Thanks for reading about that crazy cool musical coincidence.
      What am I saying?
      I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in MAGIC!
      I played violin for about 2 years in grades 4-6 grade but it was moving too slow for my taste so I quit and became a majorette!
      Go figure! Talk about priorities.
      My parents, bless their hearts, were like whatever. My dad was just happy to sell the violin 🙂
      Were/are you a musician?

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      1. Omg, your story is too funny! (I wanted to be a majorette too!) I started playing piano in 1974 and the violin (!) in the 4th grade as well! My piano got practically destroyed in our move from Arizona to Washington 10 years ago, so it had sat in the garage all this time. It’s one I got in 1988. And my violin has sat in the coat closet for the past 10 years as well (shame on me). I do have a keyboard I mess around on from time to time.

        But I was thinking that, yes, you had to have had some music history because you appreciate the brass so much, and I think that’s cool. Have you ever concentrated on an instrumental piece and focused in on one particular instrument? I can do that better with strings than horns, but I love doing it. (You probably think I’m weird now, lol)

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        1. Awww! I pray that if you desire, you’ll get another piano to replace the one you ‘lost.’
          I often think about going back and taking violin lessons. Lady J has been taking music (guitar for a year and piano for 3 or 4 years).
          I am very adamant about her sticking with it. I truly wish my parents had made me stick with.
          And YAAASSSS! I do listen to instrumental and other songs and solely focus on one particular instrument. The instrument varies but there is a song by Earth Wind and Fire that was released several years back that uses the cello in ways that just send me right up to heaven! I can just sit there and listen to that part over and over 🙂

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  4. T. Wayne

    YASSS! Ok, now that I got that out of the way….

    Twin! I was waiting for the day you would feature this song in a post of its own! I kept ducking around it over at my place, because I knew you would give it the tribute that it deserves.

    Yes, YOU did that! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Now THAT’s really a compliment coming from you Twin. YAAASSSS!
      You know how much we love that brass.
      When you get a second can you attach a link to your post about our musical coincidence relative to Chicago and EWF in comments on this post?

      That might help some of our new mutual peers understand why we call ourselves Twins.
      Thanks for stopping by Twin 🙂

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    1. Hey B! What’s up?
      Now that’s a GOOD question.
      I think I’m gonna have to go with late 60’s and 70’s.
      But don’t get me wrong, I love those Peter Cetera jams like Stay the Night and Hard Habit to Break.
      But then I have to think about:
      Wishing you were here
      25 or 6 to 4
      Does anybody know what time it is.
      I could go on……
      Chicago is one of my favorites!!!

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      1. B @moylomenterprises

        They are a band who do a superb job with ballads. You hear more instruments from them in the 60s and 70s. The sound is different from the 80’s but all the decades are great. Chicago is up there as far as one of my favorites too. ❤️

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        1. Me too.
          I can remember being a heartbroken teenager listening to “Hard Habit to Break” Over and over and over and over…
          Every time I played it I would just drop ‘dead’ when they’d say “I’m addicted to you…such a habit to break…I’m addicted to you baby!!!”
          So much soul in that caucasian persuasion!

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        2. B @moylomenterprises

          That’s hilarious but it’s true lol, I always loved Air Supply – talk about gut wrenching theatrical ballads. They had great voices. Groups like that inspire my lyrics.

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        3. B @moylomenterprises

          That is a great song! It would be a good post idea to list the bands that made the best ballads of all time. You mentioned some of them lol

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        4. Yep it would be.
          I was just listening to this song and I almost hollered when I heard that dramatic drum pattern near the end.
          Well hell, besides the obvious Greek Mythology reference, they don’t call themselves Styx for nothing. LOL!!

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