Some Things I Was Thinking About

This piece by my Twin, T. Wayne, is so true and so powerful! Please take a second to check it out.
Be sure and leave your thoughts and ‘likes’ on his site 🙂

14 thoughts on “Some Things I Was Thinking About

  1. Lady G you were absolutely right to re-blog this, not only because the writer is an important part of your life, but also because it is an awesome post. The points were valid and wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone started to behave the way he suggests? Lady Marie is always here to spread the love. YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS! That’s my first screech today Lady G. BTW, Can I say how impressed I am by your achievement? A Political Science degree is fabulous! Brains as well as beauty – you must have jumped in front of me in the queue. LOL

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  2. I hate to sound pessimistic but I can’t see a united way forward. To me this doesn’t appear to be an American issue only. It’s global and there is a way to move forward, but the problem is that the human race is not made up of like-minded people. We all want different things and we all see things differently. I think this is an idealistic post which is exactly how I’d like things to be: co-operation, co-operation, co-operation. Sadly not everyone wants this. If people upset each other, nobody wants to sit and discuss the problem and reach an amicable agreement. They’d rather fight, shoot, kill you first. So sad.

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    1. I understand exactly what you mean; it does feel pretty dire these days.
      That said, I reblogged this post because I felt that the writer, one of my closest blogging friends, did an awesome job of articulating some very valid points.
      I’m glad you checked this one out and took the time to express your thoughts dear Lady Marie 🌷

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        G’morning Gwin (8.00 uk)
        I’ve been reading some of T Wayne’s thoughts on your blog and have been meaning to visit for a while.
        Glad I did.
        Best wishes
        (Getting ready for a visit today from two small hurricanes know as Caleb & Caius- our son Ashley’s boys)

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