Musical Affirmation: 10/20/2016


“Another Park, Another Sunday” by the Doobie Brothers Released in 1974


Yes, that!

Talk about a groove that’s smooth and sincere?

A beautiful composition without a bit of pretension.

Baby, it’s nothing short of DIVINE!

Real instruments and harmonies?


That GUITAR is speaking to my heart y’all!

Peep that bass towards the end of this jam!

Lawd, it’s going all around town!


You know what’s up!

Anyway, on a serious note, from time to time I catch myself feeling a bit blah.

The kids call it “feeling some type of way.”

Basically, it’s one of those emotions that you just don’t quite have words to describe.

Well, whatsoinever (Southern Black colloquialism alert)  you decide to call it, you best believe that there’s an underlying reason for it.

Sometimes more than one 😉

I’ve found, when I take a closer look, that my mood tends to wane whenever I poke around too much in the past AND when I worry too much about the future.

What a nonsensical and impractical approach to time travel 🙂

It goes NOWHERE!

Anywhats, one thing’s for sure, if I allow myself to ‘feel some type of way’ for too long then I’m guaranteed to begin ruminating over all of my life experiences with:







Being overly sensitive








And on and on and on and on….

Don’t get me wrong, I know that as a human being I should display a full range of emotions.  However, ruminating over them is never a good idea.

What’s funny is that some of these emotional states didn’t even necessarily originate with me. In essence, at some point, I wasn’t paying attention so I inadvertently picked them up along the way.

Can you say, “Relationships?”

I think you feel me 🙂

And so…

In order to cut this madness off at the pass, I allow myself to indulge those lowly feelings—ever so briefly.

How long you ask?

Oh…for about five minutes–you know, about the length of an average song 😉

And so…

Today’s affirmation:  Right now, I choose to envelop myself in peace!

Now, you and I are going to take the duration of this song to sulk and coddle our inner wounds.

After it ends, I suggest that we promptly get into that place of peace–you know, over there with the Lord.


Give it to ’em Doobies!

Video Credit:  stlblair

My friends, what do you do to find peace?

I’m open to suggestions!  Meet me in comments 🙂

Much love to you-as always,

Lady G 😘💋


If you’re an R&B/Soul music fan please check out the “My Jams” series under the Category “Music.”  In that series, I highlight my favorite jams from 1966-1996.  Beware, it contains strong language, adult situations and controversial observations.

69 thoughts on “Musical Affirmation: 10/20/2016

  1. Lady G, I hope you don’t mind that I’m not crazy about the tune? I don’t dislike it or anything like that, but it’s not pinging me to the moon and stars. That said, maybe it’s the sort of tune that grows on you so maybe I need to listen to it some more. However the sentiments were fabulous. I agree totally with everything you say about not staying too long in a negative place and the affirmation is great too. Why, you’re not just a dietitian when you’re not handling your cucumbers, but I think you have the makings of a counsellor.

    Things I do to make me feel better:

    – visit Lady G’s blog
    – play some Adele
    – hop on a plane to Portugal (maybe once a year)
    – Count my blessings

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    1. LOL!!! No worries about the song 🙂
      I’m so happy to see you over here this afternoon/evening 🙂
      I am really digging the ways that you use to boost your spirits.
      And, of course, Lady G really likes the first one 🙂
      No, seriously, the idea of hopping a plane to Portugal sounds AMAZING. I’ll be doing things like that when my ship comes in! LOL!
      But of all of the things that you listed, the last one is the most profound; counting your blessings! It’s all about gratitude isn’t it?
      Having lost a parent to a long and debilitating illness, I can tell you that if you are aware, alert and can breath on your own then you should be thankful—I certainly am 🙂
      So good to ‘see’ you.

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      1. I have to keep you sweet Lady G. LOL!! I hope your ship comes in soon. You would love Portugal.
        As you say, itt is all about gratitude: I find the more grateful you are, the more you find to be grateful for. It’s like you’re attracting good things to you if you show how thankful you are for the things you have been blessed with. And I find that if you are thankful for small things, you no longer hanker after money and riches (well most of the time.) LOL
        Sorry to hear about the loss of a parent – that really is a wake-up call: you realise that you have to show love and appreciation whilst they are here, because nobody is promised tomorrow.
        So good to “see” you too, and I hope you have a good weekend doing what you love most. xx

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  2. Lady G- it’s funny that you mentioned feeling some kind of way. I understand all to well ruminating about the past, worrying about the future, regrets, etc. Whenever I find myself entering that space, I try to do yoga. Nothing like breathing and movement to clear the mind. Listening to music is always very soothing to the soul. Everytime I hear the Doobies I think of China Grove, What a Fool Believes, simpler times. When I find myself feeling contemplative, I will turn on some Frank Sinatra or some Nat King Cole and sing along. Thanks for sharing your jams!

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    1. Hi Susan!
      I am glad that you could relate to this post. I agree, yoga is really good for clearing the mind. One of my besties swears by it. And, as you said, music helps to mellow me out.
      Coincidentally, I just saw a documentary on Nat King Cole. It was very interesting. I never knew much about him-other than his music so it was quite nice to learn a bit more.
      Happy Friday 🙂

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  3. A @ moylomenterprises

    I find peace in many ways:
    – Sitting quietly to read
    – Gazing at clouds
    – Looking out to the ocean
    – Reading the Bible (been lapsing)
    – Napping (I deserve a medal for this)
    – A long, hot shower. (changes my mood)
    – Long walks (preferably in nature)
    – Music (soothes deep)
    – Chatting with my best friend .

    As for music, the right song at the right time certainly can soothe a wounded, weary soul. Nothing wrong with wallowing for a bit, we need to give ourselves time to just be in the moment. Pushing it to the side just makes it come back more forcefully next time. It’s the equivalent of satisfying a craving. Deal with it and move on.

    Great affirmation. Be blessed! ☺ 🌷

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    1. Hello A! Happy to see you here! Those are some great suggestions! This world is just too much sometimes and we’ve got to have ways to keep our mind right!
      And yes, we do need to allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions. We just have to remember, as you said, to “deal with it and move on.”
      Goodnight A!
      Sweet dreams 🙂

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  4. T. Wayne

    Somebody wanted to know if I liked this song in this musical affirmation. The answer is yes. No, wait. The answer is YAAASSSS!

    Love the Doobie Brothers…I have a post somewhere buried about one of those Albums That Forged The Path one day about them. I’ll give you so much credit for picking a song from an album that I feel is slept on, mainly because all anyone seems to remember from it is “Black Water.”

    But even greater than the music are the sentiments contained in this post. As someone who has at one time, and still can do it from time to time, wallow in all that has gone wrong or didn’t go the way I thought it would in my life, it is important that I don’t do that, that I give myself time to be at peace. To find that level where I’m not sulking and stewing about what might have been, while worrying and fretting about the future. It’s all in being in the present moment, and being mindful. It’s something I try to work on daily, and while I don’t always succeed, I think I’m getting better at it, day after day.

    Thanks Twin, for the reminder, and the song. 🙂

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    1. Yes, because ‘somebody’ always wants to know if her Twin is in agreement! LOL!
      You know that I am known for pulling a jam out the box. Actually, I don’t pull them out of a box, they just flow right to me while I’m doing something random like wiping down the kitchen counters! LOL!
      But seriously, you know I’m glad you liked it but, then again, I just knew that you would.
      I love that this post touched you in some deeper way. We all wallow; it’s just our nature to do that. But I am so happy that you have come to realize the importance of keeping a ‘set point’ that is more geared toward the present–and toward peace.
      I agree with you, it’s a daily task that we have to work on.
      Hey, look at it this way, there are some people who haven’t even gotten to the point of recognizing the importance of refraining from entertaining those low energies. God bless ’em! Come to the light I say.
      Thanks for stopping by tonight Twin!
      You already know 🙂

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        1. T. Wayne

          YASSSSS! I’m listening to Slave. But I’m not using them for Funky Friday…not yet anyway.

          Since I didn’t answer what I use to get me in a place of peace, I meditate. I read. Of course music figures in somewhere, especially smooth jazz.

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        2. You know, Kim (Infinite Zip) and I have talked a bit about meditating. And, as I’m sure you’ve found, it’s a great way to stabilize your mood. Quite addictive once you get into it 🙂

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        3. T. Wayne

          I can imagine that Kim does meditation, just from the poems she writes. It definitely does, and I try to do it first thing in the mornings, and other times as necessary.

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        4. T. Wayne

          Absolutely…he’s tearing up the bass strings. Listening to the Stone Jam album; my favorite of theirs. Fun fact: Adams was in his teens when he started with Slave. He wasn’t even twenty years old when Stone Jam was cut.

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  5. Woebegone but Hopeful

    “I’ve found, when I take a closer look, that my mood tends to wane whenever I poke around too much in the past AND when I worry too much about the future”
    Listen to Gwin’s wise words’ folks
    And music to match.
    This simply has to be re-blogged!
    G’night from the UK Gwin
    Best wishes

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  6. B @moylomenterprises

    That’s a great song and love them. I find peace in several ways…my writing, a drive, music (lyrics). I don’t write too much about myself and there are reasons for that. I just don’t think people really care and write to entertain more than anything. There are pieces about me but most wouldn’t know.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it B! Ain’t nobody like the Doobie Brothers.
      By the way, those are some really good ways to find peace.
      And, I’ll bet more people would be interested in personal pieces about you than you might think 🙂
      But I can dig not wanting to go there if you don’t want to 🙂

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      1. B @moylomenterprises

        It’s not that I don’t want to, I have a very colorful past. I don’t want to people to feel sorry for me. I look at a lot of things very differently…Money, death, love…so the older I get I know I’m in the 1% in how I look at things.

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  7. I take off my glasses, massage my eyeballs, and speak to myself, or God. I go within myself where it is so peaceful that I it scares me and I have to come back before I go as far as I think I can go. One day, I’ll find a quiet place and go within and see where it takes me.

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  8. I adore this song, always lifts the spirits…I write to get out of my funk or I just meditate after a few minutes of wallowing, remembering all the wise things I’ve read about all that matters is now….not then…not whats to come, but right this very now 🙂 It always works….and perhaps a glass of wine underneath the stars…that helps too 🙂 peace and love Lady G, K

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      1. I love music, and although sometimes I find certain songs can trigger me into the blue mood, I try to intersperse the sad with the damn glad and it often works. Especially Happy from Pharell, most likely spelled wrong but what the hey? Good times indeed….and wine tonight to go with the Alabama game….(I only like them because of the Steely Dan song….crimson tide…call me Deacon Blues….yeah baby) peace and love and good tunes always. Kim

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        1. LOL!!
          I soooo get the blue mood thing and it’s for that very reason that I don’t listen to music as often as one might think.
          I like quiet and/or uplifting podcasts.
          Enjoy the game! Cheers!

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