The Scalloped Potatoes Standoff

This is what happens when you challenge Mama!

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Warning:   This is a 20th century parenting strategy that will land you in jail if you tried it today. Also, be aware that this post includes a whole lot of Southern vernacular/ dialect or whatever a linguist might call it! 😉

I love scalloped potatoes!  I can eat them on any given day of the week.  I like them with cheese, chives, cheese and chives, onions-whatever.  Any iteration of scalloped potatoes is all good with me 🙂

But it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, when I was a kid, I HATED scalloped potatoes!!!  Baby there aren’t enough exclamation points to help me stress this point.  Now, do you think that this fact mattered to my mama?  Ummm…NO!

Note:  If you don’t know my mama, go back and read the post “Mama and the Balloon Man.”

Anyway, I grew up during a time when you ate whatever your mama cooked.  There…

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19 thoughts on “The Scalloped Potatoes Standoff

  1. Two things: Scalloped potatoes are delicious and my daughter tried this with me over some carrots! She threw then on the trash though! Since it’s the 21st c I didn’t beat her but I did make her dig out every last one and eat them smh I think I know exactly what your mama was saying lol

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    1. ROTFLMAO!!!
      Girl you killing me!
      Hunty, you don’t challenge Mama—And I mean that!
      I bet your baby learned a lesson; she won’t try that with you anymore 🙂
      Scalloped potatoes? The business!!!
      Oh, if you haven’t, you should read what Infinite zip (Kim) said happened when she tried that with her Mama about some chicken 🙂

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  2. Scalloped potatoes are bomb! There are a number of things I didn’t like that much when I was younger and love now. Mustard for example, I would only eat ketchup on my hotdogs. Now I only eat mustard and relish on them. I like ketchup, but it tastes funny on certain things now.

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  3. Lady G- I love scalloped potatoes. As a matter of fact, it’s 2 am and you are making me hungry, LOL! Unfortunately, I never had to stay sitting because I was a clean plate clubber. Thank God for sports. I am thinking that perhaps your mother made that statement that she couldn’t let you win to teach you a lesson. The lesson being that life will not always go your way. And that is my two cents….. great post!

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  4. Tareau Barron

    Hey at least you had a great dish for me it was Chiterlins and Pigs feet. Yuck. I think all black mama’s did that. Hahahaha (See the movie crooklyn. Nate and them damn black eye peas). Now it’s only 530am here in California and I want some damn scalloped potatoes. Thanks alot Lady G.

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