Me and My Sky

Lady G has a cold!
Hence, all the reblogs!

Today, I’m sharing more about my obsession with sky gazing 🙂

Ah, but I promise to bring something new for you on “The Flowering Vine” tomorrow!

Love you guys! Have a magnificent day! 😘💋


picjumbo.com_HNCK0852 Photo by Viktor Hanacek

Growing up, I was the little girl who always looked upward. I would stare at the night sky for hours and imagine myself sitting on a star looking back down at Earth. On crisp fall and winter nights I would seat myself on my “tree bench” so that I could get a better look at the moon. By the way, in case you are wondering, I had a “tree bench” because my dad didn’t have the time or the money to build a tree house, so he nailed two 2 X 4 wood boards crosswise on a branch for me to sit on as I gazed at the sky.  Anyway, to say that I was obsessed with all things celestial would be putting it lightly.

As I recollect memories about my interest in the sky, I can’t help remembering the time that my mother’s friend pointed…

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