Today’s question:
Are we gon’ be alright?
Hats off to my son, to Mr. Kendrick Lamar, and to all my favorite Millenials who are asking this very question 🙂
Peace, love and light to you all!
Lady G 😘💋

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Updated 3/30/2016 at 10:47 am

“I am a full grown woman, what in the hell do I look like listening to some Kendrick Lamar?”

Yes friends, that was my exact response to my dear twenty-something year old son who had tried his absolute best to convince me to check out one of his favorite hip hop artists.

Now let me level with you.  Even though I opted NOT to listen to Mr. Lamar at that specific point in time, I did keep the idea under my cap.  Frankly, I felt comfortable doing so because I happen to know that my son is quite discriminating when it comes to music; best believe I raised him to be that way.  As the mother of a young and beautiful black man, I simply refused to allow him to listen to BS lyrics even if they were attached to a funky track—and you know…

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9 thoughts on “Alright?

  1. Two things Lady G: 1) I ain’t know we was middle age girl…like I never thought about it, but I guess, well, um…okay. I need to think about it. 2) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kendrick Lamar. He’s definitely in my top 5. To answer your question, we are indeed going to be alright. In fact, I always like to say, we already are.

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    1. ROTFLMBAO!!!!
      K, you are hilarious!!
      I’ll let you get back to me on the middle age thing.
      I don’t know about you but I am sitting damn near right on top of the middle! LOL!!
      And yes, I find Kendrick Lamar to be quite deep. Bro. Darryl mentioned J. Cole and I think that he has so very deep lyrics too.
      There is hope girl because rap had done ran off the rails for a minute!
      That said, I love your take: “We are ALREADY alright!”

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  2. I never stopped believing that we were going to be alright. I still believe it. ❤️

    And…my son played in hardcore punk bands for years…I always embraced their music, no matter what it was. I even found myself in a mosh pit once. ☺

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