Imaginary Germany

Come join me in my ‘imaginary’ Germany!

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Imaginary Germany Somewhere in ‘Germany’

Alright, I’ll admit that the picture above was NOT taken in Germany-at least not the real Germany.  Of course, If you are familiar with the flora and fauna native to Germany then you probably already knew that. Now, if you feel that I led you astray, please accept my apologies.  Maybe I can make it up to you later.  So, with that said, I hope that you will indulge me a little bit and join me here as I tell you about my imaginary Germany.  

Now, you might be wondering why I created an imaginary Germany.  Well, in order to answer that question,  I’ll need to offer a bit of background.  By the way, now is a great time to go get a beverage to enjoy while I regale you with this nostalgic tale.  Anyway, when I was a little girl, my dad used to tell…

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9 thoughts on “Imaginary Germany

  1. Hey Lady G – I was wondering why you picked one European country out from a whole continent but then you explained. Thanks lol. I like the way you talked about the connection to your dad and what you were told/envisioned when you were younger. Interesting that some of our fantasies are rooted in childhood and we never fully “outgrow” them. I would love to go to any African country – but primarily, the English speaking ones like Nigeria or Kenya.

    I hope you get a chance to go!

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    1. Hey there Darryl!
      Glad you stopped by 🙂
      Yes, my imaginary Germany was co-created with the help of my Dad and my neighbor.

      Now if Daddy had been stationed in Japan and we had a Japanese neighbor this could have been a totally different post! LOL!!!!

      As for Africa, since we did DNA ancestry, I would like to go to the home of my ancestors: Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal.

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      1. Hey Lady G! It is always a pleasure to read your work! It is authentic and written in a way that seems very close to your speaking voice.
        And nice! Seems we are on the same wavelength because I am writing a piece about those Ancestry websites and kits as a follow-up to my medicalization piece. We can have an interesting convo about this soon! It is nice to be able to trace where your ancestors are from. My cousin did some research and found that my maternal fam is from Cape Verde and has some Jewish roots as well.

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        1. Awwww….
          Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I really try to keep a conversational tone-I want my readers to feel me.
          I can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up on the whole ancestry testing thing.

          Cape Verde? You are in very good company; there are lots of celebrities that can trace ancestry to that isle.

          In our results we came back with DNA connections to damn near every country on Earth! LOL!

          Hell, we all hail from African when it boils all the way down to it 🙂

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        2. Yes! I would love to take a trip to the islands. I wish I learned Portuguese Creole!

          Sounds like you know where I am going with this piece already lol! Having connections to damn near every country is exactlyyyy the point!

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