Happy Birthday to Us- Pt 1


Lady J (October 2016)

Greetings friends!

January is a month of birthdays around here!

First up is Lady J.  

She turns 11 this week.

If you guys follow this blog then you already ‘know’ her as my youngest child.

Talk about a spirited chick?

That’s our Lady J!

Not only is she feisty, but she’s a smart and witty one who enjoys cooking, crafting, writing, reading, drawing and playing piano.

Wise beyond her years, Lady J is, as many of you know, a self proclaimed “Protector of the Animals.”

That said, she knows just about anything that can be known about pretty much any animal you can think of.

Trust me on that one 😉

I’ve heard it all!

Naturally, she wants to be a Veterinarian.

Of course, some of you may remember this post where she staged a school bake sale to raise money to help support dogs awaiting adoption.

Poor baby, I think the final tally was only about $25.00…

But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, please join me as I celebrate my sweet daughter, Lady J.


Baby Lady J
Lady J creation (age 7)
Lady J’s current work (in progress):  A hand knitted winter’s scarf
Practicing for Winter Recital (2016)
Baking Brownies
One of Lady J’s many sketches


With love,

Mom 😘💋

68 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us- Pt 1

  1. Sorry I missed the opportunity to wish your little one a Happy B day. She’s beautiful, creative, and has a great heart for trying to put a fundraiser together. Sounds like she has an incredible mom as well. 🙂 I hope she had a special day. – Ellie

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  2. Hey Sweetheart – I’m sorry to be joining the party so late, just returned home yesterday. So here’s my special message to Lady J. ” Stay as gorgeous and talented as you are. You are really lucky to have such a great Mama and I know that you will make her proud. I’m wishing you happy birthday from South Africa which I hope you’ll visit one day. Now that I know you are so smart and that you are 11, tell me which route you will take to get here and how long it will take – Yes, I know it’s a bit of homework but I just wanted you to know how cool it is that I can wish you for your birthday from so far – it’s like magic. Hope you had an awesome birthday!” 🎈🎈💥💥✨🎈🎈

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    1. Sooooooo sweet!
      I am going to give this little quiz from Auntie Chevvy to Lady J to work on!
      But…I suspect she already has an idea because she knows all about our dear Chevvy in South Africa!
      Remember, we intentionally look to your direction whenever we sky gaze 🙂
      Thank you for all this love for my baby!

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  3. Happy Birthday to Lady J! She is adorable and looks just like you! 😀 She is talented. I am glad to see she plays piano – as so much of today’s music is all computerized and these art programs are being cut in a lot of places.

    Protector of Animals? Too cute! She has the spirit of a leader … staging the fundraisers, intelligent, and feisty! Good work on your part cultivating her passions! I hope she enjoys her special day!

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    1. Aww thank you Darryl! Lady J will be tickled pink to read these kind words 🙂
      Yes, she has been playing piano since age 7. She still sees it as a chore but she recognizes the importance of sticking with it 🙂
      Again, thank you so much!
      I guess I can let you slide now–you are now safe to proceed in these streets! LOL!!

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      1. Lmao @ being safe. I know you living that *2pac voice* “thug life bayyyyybeee” so I gotta make sure I’m certified *throws up gang sign*. 😂😂

        That’s great! She will grow to appreciate it more as she gets older. She will be one in a very small crowd of people to be doing that in the future! Glad you ain’t feeding her all that radio garbage!

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          “Run quick see..Hail Mary..what do we have here now…” LOL!!!
          I don’t think she can name you one song on the radio 🙂
          She knows Mama’s old jams tho’ ! LOL!!!

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        2. Lmaooo Hail Maryyy!! That’s a classic! My niece is 10 and we don’t feed her any of that radio stuff either. Whenever I drive her to school I turn on the radio and let it play for 30 seconds and then say “you see, that’s garbage…THIS is real music” and then I’ll put on some Stevie Wonder. Now she is at the point where whenever she hears a radio jam she’s like “garbage!!!” Lmao.

          We gotta do it! Lol

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  4. Happy Birthday Lady J! I hope you have the most wonderful day. Continue to love and respect and listen to your lovely mom, and you won’t go wrong. ‘Auntiie’ Lady Marie. By the way, I was just plain Marie, until your mom conferred this title on me. I deserve it and I wear it well – not braggin’ or anythin’! LOL

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      1. You wouldn’t have conferred it on me if I wasn’t worthy. hahaha You know good breeding when you ‘read’ it!
        It’s a pleasure re Lady J! Hope you are all having lots of fun on your big days!:)
        Lady M XxX


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  6. Tareau Barron

    Happy bday Lady J. This is awesome news today. A vet makes more than $100k here in San Francisco. Just saying. Also Lady J could help me with this red tailed hawk that gets sick near my job.

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    1. You can be so freaking sweet when you want to be! LOL!
      Hey, I was peeping the vet salary in SanFran; but doesn’t cost about that much to live there? LOL!
      You have such a heart for birds.
      What led you to be so fond of those guys?
      I am being very serious; I want to know.

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      1. Tareau Barron

        Yea San Francisco rent is no joke. And I’m always sweet you just don’t respond to it. Hahahaha. My liking for birds came in 2011 when I became a bus driver. I was driving a bus from Washington to California and I saw a bald eagle on Interstate 5. Since then I’ve been hooked.

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        1. LOL!!! I still find them all over the place! She used to make them left and right. This one (in the pic) was defective because the strips came out of the loops so she had to make do. LOL!!

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