On Grandparents, Sages and Ancestors

Granddaddy (My Dad), circa 2004, watching over my son at a school camping trip. (Excuse the imperfections in the image.)


Every time I see folks taking care of their grandchildren, I always make it a point to say to them, “Thank God for Grandparents!”

No doubt, Grandparents can be a child’s guardian angel materialized on Earth.

Trust me when I tell you that I enjoyed interacting with my own Grandparents–when they were alive–and I’ve enjoyed watching my children do the same with my parents.

Grandchildren:  Always be a blessing to your Grandparents, just as they are or were to you!

Ah, but wait, I can hear somebody in the ethers hollering, “But Lady G, I’ve never had a relationship with my Grandparents.”

To that, I say…

Seek the Sages!

Sages are easy to find–if you’re willing to look around you.

Sometimes they are sitting next to you on the bus.

Other times, they are standing next to you at the library.

Or in the line at the coffee shop.

Interactions with Sages need not be unnecessarily long.

Sometimes, Sages offer a quick word of advice or wisdom that can take you ten steps further down the road.

Sadly, many Sages are slipping away in:

Nursing homes

Back bedrooms

Small apartments

Unattended to…


Find the Sages I say!  Talk to them!  Learn their stories! Take pictures of them! Bestow them with accolades!

(It should go without saying that this advice also applies to Grandparents.)

Treasure them…they deserve it!

For tomorrow you will look and they’ll be gone.

Finally, let us not forget…

The Ancestors!

For the purposes of this post, Ancestors are defined as all of the Grandparents, and Sages who have ‘shuffled off this mortal coil’…having ascended to higher realms.

Remember and honor them!

They are watching!

Make them proud!

Love and light to you all!

Lady G 😘💋

Dedicated to My Grandparents:


Leroy and Annie Maude

And to my Parents, Sages and Ancestors!

62 thoughts on “On Grandparents, Sages and Ancestors

  1. Jerry Peri

    Eye opening and touching post. Will start paying more attention when my son is together with my mom. Or when her other grandchildren come to visit. The sages and ancestors? Guess I have crossed paths with many without understanding why they acted the way they did! I will remember to pay more attention, next time!!!

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  2. tunisiajolyn84

    Love this! I remember reading, I believe, in a book by Osho about the way families should naturally function and it’s a bit controversial but it kinda made sense. He basically said the young men and women are responsible for having the children and then their parents (Grandparents) are responsible with raising the children. This way, the grandparents are able to keep their energy and learn from the young while the young learn from the elders and the ones in the middle, keep the family flowing and enjoying life to the fullest. Of course, it would be hard to adjust to this way of life but I do think it would be great if more children spent more time around their grandparents and sages in general. They can learn a lot of wisdom from them and they can gain a lot of energy from the children and no one would be neglected.

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    1. Now that’s very interesting.
      Frankly, it’s not a bad idea considering the fact that Grandparents are much more mellow and not on edge about things–they’ve had enough life experience not to be so pressed about every little thing.
      And of course, as you said, the wisdom that could be passed down would be priceless.
      It’s just sad that our family systems are so broken that a lot of children do not have the option to have that luxury. It breaks my heart whenever I think about that.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by, love!
      It’s always very nice to ‘see’ you 🙂

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  3. Very true Lady G! We must seek wisdom everywhere. In my lifetime, I have had many adoptive grandparents through the church. These beautiful souls take me under their wing and give me precious words of guidance. Indeed, such people are starting to die off – and that is why it is important to document the words they have given us.

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  4. One of the things I love about you my dear is how you raise topics for us to reflect on and hold up as mirrors. I think you are lucky to have great memories of your grandparents and recognise the value they bring. I don’t have much to tell about my grandparents since some passed on when I was little and what little I remember of them was that they were very strict. Still, we hold very strong cultural beliefs about Ancestors and I know that some of those grandparents must be angels watching over me. I guess you remind us also of both the value and plight of older folk which we will be too one fine day😀

    But in speaking of sages, you remind me of a older lady I once sat next to on a plane from Atlanta. We talked for most of my way home and I swear, she was planted to be in my life for that trip. I learnt more from her than I could from many people in a lifetime. I guess we have to walk around mindful of those Sages who might even be strangers.
    Now the sage in you has given me something to ponder long after this.💞

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    1. Thank you my sweet! This post was based on thoughts that have been circling around my brain for years.
      I probably could have taken a deeper approach to such a serious matter but I felt like, “Hey, let me just get the message out!”
      I appreciate you so much and I am honored to be a reminder of your co-passenger. As I said in the post, connections with Sages do not have to be long in order to be impactful!
      By now you know that you are counted as one of my most dear Sages! 💋

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    1. Thank you Lisa, believe it or not, but you came to mind while I was writing this because I thought about those wonderful pictures of your mother and your grandmother cooking during holidays and special occasions. You’ll remember that we already talked about how important it is to honor them 🙂
      They are so valuable!

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  6. I love this, Lady G! The ‘Sages’…
    My Grandad meant the world to me and we weren’t able to know each other for long. He was the one person in my family who really wanted to get to know me. Grandparents are Gold.
    I like the idea of getting to know other Sages. So many of us live alone and would appreciate some company. 🙂

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    1. A thousand thanks and blessings to you my friend! Naturally, your wonderful experience with your Grandfather will live with you for years to come 💞
      As I tell others, I still miss my Grandfather and he’s been gone for more than 20 years. Even though I didn’t get to see or spend much time with him, the time that we did spend was awesome.


  7. Once upon a time, I was blessed to have all sets of sages and ancestors. Now, I do not. I often think of them and hope that I am the person that they helped to mold. I miss them all and think of them often. You are so right, Lady G. Treasure every minute that you get on this earth with your loved ones for they can be gone in an instant.

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    1. Hey B! How are you? I am doing fine, just extra busy trying to get my son settled back in at school for his last semester and with my daughter starting her new session.
      Are you busy at work? If you are, take it easy! We cannot have them trying to drain one of my favorite poet’s brains! LOL!!!

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        1. YAAASSSS! I’m just telling the truth!
          But what’s this?
          B has an off day?
          Those are kinda rare during the week huh?
          Moving is a wonderful reason for taking off though 🙂
          The weather is very nice 🙂

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  8. Thank you for reminding us that we need to honour the lives of those who have made it possible for us to be here, because without them, there would be no-one to write such heartfelt, humbling and wise posts. Lady G you are a product of the love, wisdom, life-experience, spirituality and physical essence of those we call the ancestors, sages and grandparents. Through your voice they still speak and will continue to speak. I only hope that we have the grace and the wisdom to listen and appreciate the treasure that they are. Lady G, yet again an excellent post!

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    1. Thank you so much for that Marie. I enjoy reading your warm and kind comments 🙂
      I really hope to be a good representative of my parents, grandparents, sages and ancestors.
      By the way, you, my dear, are a sage for ME! And that’s a fact!

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      1. Aww Sweetheart come here – let me give you a BIG hug!!! Me, moi, a sage?? Too wonderful!!!!
        Yes Gwin, you don’t need to ‘hope’. You’re already doing a brilliant job of allowing the ancestors to still speak down the ages – well done!

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  9. Great post Lady G. I know when I was at Alcorn, our graduation audience had as many grand folks as it did Daddys and Mamas.

    I also remember talking to a “good ol’ boy” who was moaning and groaning about the passing of the good ol days, e.g. pre-Rosa Parks, and suddenly he said, “I just wish we white folks could get together the way the black people do.” He then went on to some other subject. I don’t think he even realized what he had said. It was a truth that he couldn’t understand. But I did.

    Great post, thank you so much!

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