Autistic Chores

Thank you for showing us some of the challenges involved in raising two autistic sons, Rayquan and Nasir.
You are a patient and loving disciplinarian!
Any parent can learn a great deal from you!
By the way, did you say you paid $60.00 for 7 bags of groceries?
You need to post on that too! 😂
Love and light to you and your children!
Lady G 😘💋
Friends, please check this out!

Hey there everyone. This morning I went to the grocery store. For those of you who don’t not have the patience to use coupons, I suggest you put yourself in my shoes. Fixed income, with 3 kids, blah, blah, blah. Yea I know right. Tough Shit. But I make it work. San Francisco grocery stores are very expensive so, for $60 I was able to get 7 bags of groceries(the 7th is in my other hand)

Most importantly, I’m teaching my autistic son’s that they have to work hard to get what they want in life. Disability or not, you are a valuable commodity in life and in my heart so they need my discipline. Some people say I’m too hard on them. I disagree. I don’t see their disability (mainly because I’m their dad) but what I see is two young men who want to do things but don’t…

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23 thoughts on “Autistic Chores

  1. Thanks for sharing Tareau’s post Lady G. I cannot access the original post so I’m going to have to comment here and hope Tareau sees it. Tareau, you know we love and support you. You are the best dad for your children and I’m sure they love and appreciate all that you do for them. Looking after two autistic children must be so challenging but also so rewarding. Be thankful for each other and know that you are doing your very best even if some of the time you feel as if you are on your own.

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      1. Oh you darling!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tareau it’s understandable you felt ‘woe is me’. You’re only human after all. Can’t wait to see the videos. Btw what was in the shopping bags? Looked like a whole lot of cereal to me. Where was the HARD FOOD?????!!!!!! LOL

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  2. So amazing 😉 the struggles of some.
    And we walk around thinking we have problems with nothing of urgency..

    Continue to be the dad you are ..
    most only have one special needs child 👶..
    you have two..
    how sad 😭.. but you find a way to deal with them..
    you are so encouraging and inspiring..

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