Walking Dead


This morning while cleaning up, I overheard Oprah on TV asking her guest, John Kabat-Zinn, what happens after we die.

I immediately put the dishrag down and turned toward the TV because I wanted to hear this.

Surprisingly, Kabat-Zinn flipped the proverbial script by answering her question with a question.

His question was, “Is there life BEFORE death?”

Okay, for those of you who just woke up, let me try that again.

The man asked the woman if there is life BEFORE death.


He went on to say that he’s known many people who appear to be alive but who have, figuratively, died a long time ago.

Wow! I thought.

I know people like that too!

You’ve seen them!

They’re easy to recognize because they tend to walk around carrying on and on about their reasons for hating, resenting, ranting, railing, worrying, mourning and not forgiving.

Where is the life in that?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we’ve all had these experiences/emotions, but there comes a time when we must process them, let them go and begin living life.

If we don’t, we become the walking dead.

And so…

If you fear that you may be an animated corpse, consider changing that.

Frankly, it may take professional help to return you to the world of the living.

There is nothing wrong with going that route; in fact, I think it’s admirable.

In the meantime, whether you need to be resurrected or simply reminded, consider living by Paul’s advice to the Phillippians:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.–Phillipians 4:8

Have a beautiful week!

Love and light to you all!

Lady G 😘💋






35 thoughts on “Walking Dead

  1. My fault – I am soooo behind on reading. *sigh*

    That was a great way to flip the script. I am glad he did not answer in the typical cliche manner. There is life before death – if you choose to live it. A lot of times, it takes a near-death experience (whether it be physical or psychological) to “wake up”.

    I often think that people do not study philosophy enough. Some of the ancient greats defined philosophy as “learning to die”. This may sound nihilistic and depressing – but when we confront the unavoidable fact of death, then and only then are we able to LIVE. We need to live like we know we are going to die. We cannot take life for granted by being angry, etc all of the time.

    And I like your phrasing of being an “animated corpse” – you should write more about this with that title. Great post!

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    1. Thank you my love! And yes, this is a topic that could use more discussion.
      You supplemented my point very nicely.
      I had not heard of the “learning to die” concept—but that’s very interesting and apropos–confront it and move on.
      There are so many folks just walking around waiting for heaven which can be just as bad. Live life now! Don’t ‘die’ before your time. Heaven or whatever awaits us will come eventually but, for now, all we have is the eternal present.


  2. I, of course, think that my beautiful and talented Cousin is absolutely and positively right! Any disagreement, probably comes from a failure to realize that there are several different types of “DEATH”. Lady G clearly defines: the type of “death” she is referring to; its effects on the individual; and actions that may be taken to either, avoid, or be resurrected from it.

    The following are several examples of various types of “death”:

    • Physical death-Physical death is the separation of the soul from the body. (Biblical explanation) Below are two more “scientific” descriptions of physical “death”.

    a. Clinical Death- Is characterized by the stoppage of heart beat, pulse and breathing. Most organs (eye, kidney) remain alive after clinical death. There is still brain activity. If this condition is not corrected, it leads swiftly to the next type of death…

    b. Brain death/Biological- The death caused by degeneration of tissues in brain and other part is called biological death. This type of death is often terminal. Brain activity ceases.

    • Spiritual death- This type of death is described in the Bible as “Separation of the soul from God”. Isaiah, 59th chapter, verse 2 reads, “Your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He does not hear” (Isa. 59:2). It is this “separation” that is viewed as a type of death, even though the person is still alive physically. It is “death” in the sense that it is a loss of life, the abundant life that comes from being in spiritual contact with the grace of God.

    I would also add that, even though the Bible mentions “being in the presence of God” as life, a person of another spiritual belief may suffer this same type of “separation” from whatever their “higher power” might be.

    a. Walking death-A large portion of the Walking Dead, described by Lady G, may be found in this category. These people are walking around. They have physical life, but they are spiritually dead.

    b. Eternal death-This type of death is when one dies a physical death while already in the throes of Spiritual death.

    • Social death- This type of “death” is describes the condition of people not accepted as fully human by wider society. It is used by sociologists like Zygmunt Bauman and historians of slavery and the holocaust to describe the part played by governmental and social segregation in that process. Examples of social death are:

    a. Racial and gender exclusion, persecution, slavery, and apartheid (Wikipedia)

    • Psychological death-Is described by uldissprogis.com (on WordPress) as the end or death of a relationship and/or reputation and/or possession. Fear of psychological death or fearful anxiety is based on knowing in our mind that we have a relationship, reputation, and possessions and fearing that we will lose that relationship, reputation, or possessions.

    a. Walking Death-Some of our “Walking Dead” victims might also be found in this category of death.

    • Political death- Watch Donald Trump!

    I believe that Oprah’s question was in reference to “Physical death”, Kabat-Zinn’s pivotal answer was probably in reference to a combination of Spiritual, and Social death. Kabat-Zinn used the opportunity of Oprah’s question about “Physical death” to express his own, more esoteric, ideology.

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  3. The “Walking Dead” brah? I thought that was the name of a heavy metal band hahaha! 😀 I get you though. This is why I like to speak of “Living your life in full colour ” This is why I post the variety of stuff I do – as encouragement that if you can dream it, you can do it. I like to think I’m a long way from the little girl who loved walking with no shoes because she didn’t have many – to the one who now has too many.
    I’m not ultra religious though I was once a good Catholic girl, but I do remember the story of the talents. I’d like to give an account of what I did with mine one day. Of course the question of what happens upon arrival is a different question. Still what if God forbid, you end up at a Cul de sac? More reason to not be part of the Walking dead – then you’re DEAD DEAD! Chile.

    On another note though, we all go through downtimes and I try to spread some empathy in case I need some of that stuff or even if I don’t. I better shut up now. Hope you are having a gorgeous morning Sweetheart. 💞💞

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    1. Girl, no you didn’t holler “cul de sac…” “DEAD DEAD Chile”!
      Yes, that could, indeed, be a real issue! LOL!!!
      I want to live life to the fullest while I’m here.
      I’m pretty convinced that when we die, we will see beyond the delusion/illusion of our separation and it will be a beautiful thing.
      But for now, I plan to do all I can not to die before I die 😉
      I hope that you are enjoying a restful sleep beautiful 😉
      We’ll talk soon 🙂

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  4. Life is too short Lady G to spend it ranting about things that you can’t change and carrying anger around like a lead weight. You are right. There is no stigma in getting help if you are in a funk and need to get back to living. Inspirational post, my friend!

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  5. Adults , at least , are supposed to have already thought about this theme….
    The response is much more problematic.
    I happen to consider human life as a voyage , ( long/ short/ easy / uncomfortable/ brilliant or dull)
    through which we try to survive , escaping dangers , enjoying what’s good etc etc.
    Then we get to the ARRIVAL…………

    Will something start , at this point?

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    1. Hello my friend 🙂
      I believe that you and I are on the same page. I just think that some of us ‘die’ before we can experience the journey that you speak of.
      And yes, the question still remains…What happens when we ARRIVE? 🙂
      Your last question is a very good one 🙏🏾

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  6. Powerful stuff Lady G! I can’t say I agree though. I don’t personally believe in the ‘walking dead’. But I do think that circumstances can hold you back from living your own authentic life. Too much emphasis is placed on people ‘getting over’ bad things and ‘moving on’. I think there is more need for compassion in this world on how people got the way they did. It’s not that easy to move on, move forward, get over it, even with professional help. People need to grieve their loss in whatever way they feel and when they have done that there should be more understanding. That said, it doesn’t do to dwell on bad stuff because it is crippling and it stunts your growth in the ways that you can grow when you manage to put it all behind you. I think balance is needed. Sorry Lady G – I don’t often disagree with you on certain things. Still friends?:)

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    1. Thank you M’Lady for chiming in!
      I never meant to imply that this process was easy and I know, from experience, that people who have suffered serious traumas cannot ‘just get over it.’ There is a process to that.
      I am more speaking of people who continuously ruminate in a space of hatred and the like. To me, that is not a matter of failing to live an authentic life, that, to me, is a from of dying or death.
      As for loss, I know a little something about that, so yes, people must and should grieve.
      And YAAASSSSS! We are still friends as we converge on your point that dwelling on the bad cripples and stunts your growth.

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      1. YAAAASSSS! Friends forever, M’Lady!!!!
        You know me Lady G – always like to stir it up a little! I completely agree with you about those who dwell in a place of ‘hatred and the like’ – they need to get real. Life is precious and when we ‘live’ like that – well, as you say it is as if you are already dead.
        I suppose where I’m coming from I’m a little sensitive when others suggest that if you’re not ‘happy’ all the time, you’re a pain to be around.
        Your post was really good and the quote from scripture is so uplifting. Thanks Lady G, and have a good week now! Bless you. x

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