Real Good Food: Greedy Girtie!


Cubed Steak with Gravy, Cornbread Dressing, Collard Greens and Tomatoes


You’ll have to blame Mama for the title.

Go on, she won’t mind.

But to be honest, she probably can’t be bothered.

Fact is, she’s chilling out on a distant celestial cloud.

Go ‘head  on Mama!


When I was growing up, Mama gave me several nicknames; each representing a different aspect of my personality.

One of my nicknames was Lady Di.

We’ll have to discuss that later….

Back to my point original.

One of the other names Mama called me was Greedy Girtie!


Well…if I had to hazard a guess, I’d have to say that it might be because I never really met a good meal that I didn’t like!

Hence, the moniker Greedy Girtie!

But hey, I’m not the only Greedy Girtie or Gus out there am I?

I simply CAN’T be!

I know I’m NOT alone in this!

And so…

Today, I decided to tantalize my fellow greedy foodies by posting a few random pics of all the different dishes that I have enjoyed over the past couple of months.

Of course, I prepared most of these.

One or two of them are from restaurants.

Oh! For my fellow lushes and barflies, I included a couple of cocktail pics  😉


Enjoy my loves…



85 thoughts on “Real Good Food: Greedy Girtie!

  1. I am trying to be good Lady G. I try to police my caloric intake by telling myself …: “Self, you just need to stick to your regular diet and you will be fine”. And then I hop on your blog and see all of this deliciousness TEMPTING me lol. I never thought a caesar salad (if I am not mistaken) could look so good! What is that in the bottom right hand of the collage? It looks like pasta with alfredo sauce and … mushrooms?

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  2. Okay, I guess my mom should call me Greedy Ellie. I love Good Food, and your dishes look amazing. Especially those collard greens. I know they are not healthy with a ham hock bath and a little butter. But it’s my motto to enjoy life, eat out, cook with friends, and enjoy a cocktail or two. 🙂

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    1. Hi Greedy Ellie! LOL!
      Actually, I usually use 2 or 3 slices of center cut bacon to season my greens.
      Especially when I am trying to keep the fat to a minimum. Ah…but then…sometimes only a ham hock will do! LOL!!!
      Clearly, you and I have the same motto 😉

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      1. My cousin from North Carolina makes hers with Prosciutto. My granddaddy used bacon like you. It’s so funny how personal it gets with collard greens. I don’t even bring it up with my family from the South. Everyone has a recipe that they swear by.

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    1. You are so right Sis! You see that I am just as comfortable talking about food as I am talking about music.
      We will eat and listen to music together someday! I’ve already put it out there 🙂 💞

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      1. By the way, I forgot to comment on the cocktails, was that a Cosmopolitan I saw? Before you hook up with me, be warned – I am dangerous. I don’t drink much but I’ve been known to embarrass a couple of waiters when I would insist on having “Sex on the Beach” Of course one day a waiter in our Winelands was very accommodating and said that he could even offer me “Sex in the forest” I’m still talking about cocktails right! 😀

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        1. LOL!!! Hey Sis! That’s hilarious! Yes, that was a Cosmo. I labeled it as a Martini by accident. I guess I was focusing on the glass shape.
          Hey, I wonder what ‘Sex in the forest’ tastes like? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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        2. Chevvy! ‘Sex in the Forest’? – I thought you were a good catholic girl!!!! LOL Sex on the beach/forest always gives me a headache – the cocktail, I mean!!! LOL I always missed out on a night out, I find all those mixtures play havoc with my system – so I pretty much had to stick to soft drinks as they call them- boring, huh?! 🙂

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        3. Emphasis on “was” Marie. I had to rebel at some time hahaha!. But I like cocktails best – though I have a friend from Venuzuela whom I like to share Taquilas, Mojito’s and Caparinhas – all the white spirits that do give you a headache. Fortunately, I don’t depend on alcohol to have fun.😀

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        4. Oh! It’s the white spirits that give you a headache?! I always thought it was the red ones – the tannin (I think that’s the correct term) is what gives me a headache, so I try to avoid all red wines, spirits etc. But I had no idea that white spirits did that too. The last one I had was a Slow Screw Against the Wall and that nearly killed me – I had the worst migraine ever and have not tried cocktails since. As you are such an expert Chevvy (lol) can you recommend something that won’t make me ill. I feel I’m really missing out here.:))
          And of course your comment begs the question: what other things do you depend on to have fun?!!! LOL

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        5. “A slow screw against the wall” heavens – you’re lucky you only ended up with a headache, that sounds like crucifixion lol!😀 Yes cocktails do have the strangest names but I haven’t had that one. I’m not sure that all white spirits are bad but I guess too much Tequila or Cachaca (A Brazilian white spirit) or perhaps anything not done in moderation will affect you. Problem is that cocktails disguise the taste of alcohol and therefore can go to your head very quickly. Perhaps best to stick with soft drinks.
          As for fun – I love life, people,deep and frivolous conversations, humour,family and friends and all my creative pursuits that I showcase on my blog.😀

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        6. Hahahahahahhhaaahhhaaaa!!!
          Actually in my enthusiasm to relate the story I spelt ‘slow’ wrong – in this instance it should be ‘sloe’ – one of the ingredients in the cocktail. And I hesitate to say, but the crucifixion might have been a tad better than the migraine – boy that was a migraine plus all the other types of headaches out there – I won’t forget that in a hurry! 🙂
          All your ‘fun’ things are much, much better than a cocktail induced migraine any day!! LOL

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        7. Well you walked straight into the alley of my wicked sense of humour. As I said though, you don’t need alcohol to have fun but I’m an extrovert so I realise that it’s not the same for everyone.

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  3. Mmmm, now I could really go for that shrimp and pasta of course, and a coctail too of course to the palet. Nothing wrong with being a Greedy Gertia at all love, food fills the soul, last night I made blackened scallops in coconut oil. Yummmm, and healthy….but it wasn’t shrimp. Sigh….tomorrow butcher shop bought chicken shepherds pie…..wonder if there’s shepherds in there, God I hope not😊💕💜

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    1. LOL!!!!! “Please hold the Shepherds!” LOL!!!
      But you know what Kim? I actually like scallops better than I do shrimp! But, that said, Argentinian red shrimp are to die for!
      And yes, I am a firm believer that food fills the soul 🙂

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  4. Lady G you have to excuse me, but I’m getting a very faint impression that you like food. Now I don’t know why that is, because there is very little here to suggest such a thing. LOL
    C’mon, spill the beans, why did Mama call you ‘Lady Di’? Dying (get it?) to know! 🙂

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    1. Whatever gave you that idea M’Lady? LOL!!!
      I am a food fanatic! I love it.
      As for the Lady Di thing…well….it could be the whole delusion of grandeur that I had growing up! Imaginary royalty… my mind!

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