The Flowering Vine: Mother’s Diet, Fashion, and Beauty Tips

My Daddy and my Grandmother (We all call her Mother)  (1992)


Dear Gwin or LadyG or whoever you call yourself when you write,

This is Mother, and I just want to let you know that I’ve been reading those blots that you and Ronnie have and I enjoy them very well.

I’ve also been looking around at other blots and I’ve found people talking about all kinds of things.

So, with that in mind,  I thought I might try writing a blot about how to keep yourself up after you turn 80.

I am hoping that your readers will appreciate this advice as it will stand the test of time.



I keep my meals pretty simple.  You know the doctor said I was borderline diabetic so I have to watch my sugar.  That being the case, I usually eat 2 small cookies with my lunch and my dinner.

Listen now, don’t ever eat sweets between meals ’cause it won’t balance out–your sugar will go too high.  You always need something with it to keep it from shooting up.

Oh and I don’t drink full sugar drinks, I like diet Pepsi with my meals.



Always, always, always make sure your pants and skirts have elastic in the waist so you can be comfortable wherever you go.

A good pair of ear-bobs will help you to look nice and neat.


I bathe with Ivory soap and I always put Oil of Olay on my face; it keeps my skin from wrinkling.

If I’m going out, I use some scissors to cut off any stray hairs that crop up on my chin.

Since my hair started turning gray, I’ve been using V05 hair cream to keep it from going yellow.

Gwin, ain’t nothing worse than a head full of gray hair with a yellow cast to it.

Also make sure you use a good sponge roller for your bangs.

Well, that’s it for now.

I hope that some of your readers will find these tips useful.  I’ll go down in the comment section for a little while to answer questions. Tell your readers to begin their comments with “Dear Mother” if they want to talk to me about my blot.

Otherwise, they can talk to you.




***Any information contained in this post is for entertainment purposes only.  It is not intended to be used as, usurp or supplement professional medical advice.  Please consult your physician before changing your diet or exercise routine.  

These tips are from a CENTENARIAN… there’s that.  By the way, she was 82 years old in the picture above.  Sadly, she passed away a few years ago 🌹







82 thoughts on “The Flowering Vine: Mother’s Diet, Fashion, and Beauty Tips

  1. Wow. I love when you write in this style … from the perspective of an ancestor. It’s genius.

    Thing is: this reminds me of my maternal grandmother. She, too, was a diabetic – and although my mother and my aunts would police her sugar, she would always keep her “stash” of cakes and such. “That being the case, I usually have two small cookies with my lunch and my dinner”. Damn, that was a blast from the past. So reallll!!

    And that V05 …SMH.. my grandma had that in her DAILY! It was like her magic potion! All great advice here! And lol @ blots – I love how whenever you write in this kind of voice you consistently mess up the words lol too real

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        1. Sorry it took a minute.

          Ahh, this is a classic! This may be their biggest song, if I am not mistaken? I have heard this at every black wedding I have been to lol. Hold up, lets play a little game, my friend. It’s a game called “name that tune”. What will happen is I will paste the link to a youtube video below – and the song is a jazz cover of a popular song. I want you to guess the song that the jazz song is covering. Thing is: when you click the link to the video, Youtube will display the title of the song. So I need you to do this: turn the volume up/plug your headphones in or whatever you have to do, click on the link, and then immediately close your eyes and KEEP THEM CLOSED. The video should start automatically so you will be listening to the song without being able to see the title of it. Do not open your eyes until/ if you “recognize” what song it is!

          I play this all the time in my car with people I ride with =D

          okay here is the link. remember, just CLICK it and close your eyes, or copy and paste the link and then close your eyes. do not look at the title of the song by all means!! and then get back to me =D


  2. RIP to your wise Grandma. She had some great advice. There’s something about advice from a older loved one. They always seem to stick with you.. Their love and wise words become everything you do. Loved this so much xo.

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  3. Jet

    Dear Mother,

    This is your daughter Jet, I think you would be proud of me. I’ve mostly followed your advice, even more since I am approaching your age of recommendation. I’m also diabetic. Therefore, in align with your advice, I eat a cookie or two after meals for dessert and eat only other sweets in moderation. I drink Zero sodas instead of Pepsi as a beverage, they are about the same in nutritional value(lol.) Following your advice has been very beneficial. My glucose levels are under control.
    When going out, I always wear “ear bobs”‘ however, I think we call them “studs” or “loops” now. Anyway, they add life and a little attractiveness as you said they would.
    I love your advice on comfort. I wear leggings a lot. They do not have rubber in the waist, but they do have a forgiving waist line. Oh, I almost forgot! I use Oil of Olay. (Oil of Oldlady) cream religiously in battle with the wrinkles.Your advice is marvelous and sooo helpful! Love you!

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    1. Mother

      Hey Baby;
      You know I love you too!
      I’ve been watching you and you just as pretty as you always was.
      I’m so happy to know that you are following my advice.
      You remember how the grandchildren used to look at me funny when I’d get my cookies and eat with my Hartz Chicken?
      But you know Geral, I think the whole thing is hereditary so we probably was blessed with good genes.
      I shole miss y’all but I ain’t in no hurry to see you so you keep taking good care of yourself.
      Kiss the children for me now.

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  4. Oil of Olay is wonderful stuff. I have been using it since I was in my 20s. As for the grey hair, if mine were like Jamie Lee Curtis, I might be tempted to just say the hell with it and leave it go. I do have to ask about ear bobs. Are they earrings per chance? Mother had sage advice. Comfortable shoes are good too. I do love the way you make characters come to life. You have an ear for dialogue.

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  5. So, Oil of Olay is my mom’s tip too. And V05 hair cream plus earrings too. A mother’s advice is often over looked in your twenties and thirties. But as time goes on, you realize how much you’re like your mom. Nothing but pride if I start listing my mom’s diet and beauty tips.

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  6. Dear Mother, I will take to heart the advice of anyone who lives to be 100+! Words to live by! So, Mother, I have to share the similarities of our lives, and this is why I respect what you say…
    …I used to sleep in those sponge rollers every night, so I totally get that!
    …I’ve had sugar issues all my life, and you are spot on about having to eat something else when you’re going to eat sugar… but I just can’t get used to that Diet Pepsi… full-flavored Pepsi will always be my soda of choice, which is why I can only have it about once a month, haha!
    …I’ve used V05 cream in my hair, and Oil of Olay on my face, both of which definitely worked in their time!
    Mother, you are a wise and wonderful woman, and I’m honored to be getting to know you through your grandchildren’s blots! (One favor, though… could you possibly talk Miss Gwin into coming to Seattle in July to see Queen? I’d really love to meet her!) Love from your fan, Paula

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    1. Mother

      Hey Darling:
      You are just too kind. I am happy to know that you too follow the Oil of Olay and V05 routine.
      I am telling you works.
      I just finished talking to Freddie Mercury and we are making a petition to the Lord to help Gwin to get on up there to Seattle to see The Queens!
      Paula, before I go, let me just tell you that I know a lot of people up here who are cheering you on! You can’t hear them or see them but they are there so you keep running baby!
      I’ll be cheering for you from here on out too!

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  7. I can see why ‘Mother’ lived to 100 Lady G! She had it all figured out with her diet, beauty and fashion tips. We youngsters would do well to take heed. 🙂 Now where did I put those scissors for my chin hair? LOL
    Thanks for sharing M’Lady – your grandma was such a sweetheart, bless her! 🙂

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  8. Dear Mother
    First, I must remark on the resemblance of your fine husband to my father’s side of the family. My Grand daddy could easily have been his brother. Any chance that he had some of his family visit in Africa?

    I must also thank you kindly for your contribution through your grand daughter’s Blot. I’m amazed that you recommend Oil of Olay. I used it when I became a teenager and I swear I hardly have any wrinkles. I smiled when you mention those sponge rollers. These young children of mine can’t believe that my grandparents passed that tradition down to us. Of course, I didn’t care for the lines they left in my hair. You know the GHD replaced the iron combs they used in the old days

    Mother, you made me laugh so hard when you spoke of carrying a scissors. I can visualise the black and white photograph in my daddy’s house which includes a great grand aunt of mine who had a full grown beard. My,Oh My. These days, we let the hot wax take care of that problem.

    Thank you for your advice about Vo5 – I didn’t know about that. Though I must say that I would prefer not to be grey at this stage. Pardon me Mother but I suspect that you would disapprove of me wearing a small ear bob on the side of my nose.

    Mother, it’s been a great pleasure reading your Blot. Before I go, may I ask if you also carried one of those pretty embroidered hankerchiefs and did you also carry mint sweets in your handbag?
    Once again – it was a pleasure to meet you. By the way, I am Gwin’s friend from Africa 😀 (this is just to make sure that you know that I am smiling at you)

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    1. Mother

      Hello Chevvy,

      Thank you for being so kind.

      By the way, that’s my son (Gwin’s father) standing behind me. My husband wasn’t there when that picture was taken.

      So are you saying that my son favors your folks? I ain’t never met none of our kin in Africa but I know we had some.

      Anyway, darling, to answer your question, I used to keep sweet mints in my purse but the doctor told me to stay away from sugary things. But I do have several beautiful handkerchiefs that my children gave me.

      Oh yes, I advise you to keep on using that Oil of Olay and start working with that V05. My granddaughter told me that you are very pretty and that you favor our people so I have to ask, do you have any family in Alabama?

      Well baby, I gotta go now…it was surely nice to meet you.
      Thank you for all the kind things that you’ve been saying to both of my Grandbabies on their blots!

      I’ll have to get over to yours some time 🙂

      Take care now!

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      1. Dear Mother

        Gwin reminded me that I hadn’t responded to your kind reply. Please accept my apologies. Your granddaughter has been keeping me busy entertaining other Blotters with our good Old Skool music, this being the month of love. I’ve also been busy taking care of birthdays in my house.

        My mistake mam, I was referring to your son. I said that he could easily be one of my Daddy’s brothers when they were alive, very similar features and colouring. Mam, there is no telling whether we are related but we believe that mankind had their roots in Africa. So no doubt that somewhere in the distance there may be some common blood.

        No Mam, I haven’t been to Alabama, just watched Dr Martin Luther King always going to Alabama. The closest I came to your part of the world was a short stop over at the Atlanta airport on my way home from Mexico. I would have loved to have spent more time there because it somehow felt like home. I did spend time at the Airport bookshop buying some books. I recall one of them was The measure of a man by Sydney Poitier.

        I will definitely consider your advice about Oil of Olay – It’s now called Ole and I wonder if the ingredients are still the same.

        As for your grandchildren, they have been so warm and welcoming and if I ever could, I would love to meet them and taste all that Southern food that Gwin is always presenting on her Blot. It is not impossible that I might visit in your neighbourhood within this year.

        I must say goodnight now, we are about six hours ahead of you. It has been wonderful meeting you again.

        Best regards


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        1. Mother

          Yes Darling, don’t worry about the late response. There is no such thing as ‘time’ where I am.

          And yes, I read all about the songs that you all listed. I even listened to a few of them.

          I liked some of them fairly well. But I didn’t see “Toot Toot Tootsie” or “T’aint Nobody’s Business” or “Honeysuckle Rose.”

          Now that was good music!

          By the way, you are a very mannerable young lady and I really have enjoyed talking with you. You are such a delight!

          Thank you for taking time to write me back. You be good now!

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        1. OH! I forgot, yes yes, I was gonna say that I pull ’em out with tweezers. But the light’s gotta be just right, or else I can barely see them, let alone line up the tweezers! LOL, notice, u never see/hear GUYS talking about chin hairs! No fair!

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  9. “Blots”! LOLOL!
    Diet: Speaking of “shooting up” – no more drugs now!!
    Fashion: Er, what are “ear-bobs”? (A Southern way of saying “earrings” I’m guessing)
    Beauty: All goooood! And the closer I get to it, the more I think that EVERYone 80 or over is beautiful! Yeah!!
    A funny and poignant tip o’ the hat to your mom, G.!

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      1. Mother…grandmother… ok, but she functioned as your mom and LOVED you as your mom, I’m guessing. I think that in order for us to be lovable and loving, we had to have had at least one parent or parent-substitute who treated us in a loving way and believed in us. That’s the main thing. That builds our self-esteem. ‘Course along with that we also need to develop a good dose of humility – so as not to end up a trump. Ok, see that? I just turned that turd-man into a *thing* – not even a person. Gag. 😦 OMG sorry, didn’t mean to get to that! lol Yikes I’m so bad!!
        Ear-bobs – so cute, I’m gonna use that name from now on! LOL

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        1. You are such a delight! LOL! You make me laugh out loud!
          I agree with you wholeheartedly about parents. I was fortunate because I was raised with both parents AND I was lucky to have my grandparents to visit during the summer months.
          Mother (my paternal grandmother) actually had my father rather late in life. My parents were in their early 20’s when I was born so I got a chance to know their generation and the one before that one!
          Talk about being lucky!
          And YAAASSS! Go forth, be free, and use the term “ear-bobs!”
          Think of me and Mother whenever you do! LOL!!


        2. Yay, laughing is *such* a fun thing!! Yeah, you definitely were lucky, cuz you got the best of both generations! My mom was almost 34 when she had me, but I still remember *her* mom (we called her Bubby, from “Bubbeh” – a Yiddish word) cuz she was so warm and sweet to me. (Check out “Bubby’s Carpet” on my blog. You might if you’re so inclined see more nostalgic stuff on my blog if you go to my Categories widget and choose 1940s (and maybe 1950s too) which is when I grew up. I was born in ’45. Mind you, because I *think* so young, I always like to say that there must’ve been a clerical error on my birth certificate. 😀 BTW you may especially be interested in a post I did called “Different.”
          I haven’t worn “ear-bobs” in a while… I’m afraid the lil holes are gonna close up!! Ohh nooooo! 😀

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        3. Guess what Ellie?

          I’ve heard a bit of Yiddish here and there. Actually my son’s VERY best friend is Jewish, they are now adults but have been friends since they were about 4 years old.
          We went to his Bar Mitzvah and it was a wonderful experience!
          Years ago, I had a Jewish co-worker/friend who would utter a bit of Yiddish here and there! For some reason, I remember her calling her daughter something that sounded like ‘Mama-la.’
          By the way, she taught me what it meant to ‘keep Kosher.’
          And….my Dad, who is pictured above with Mother (his mom), was born around the same time that you were! Baby Boomers! I was born in the late ’60’s so we kinda grew up together in a way.

          I am definitely going to check out Bubby’s Carpet and the other nostalgic stuff over on your blog!

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        4. Oh wow, who woulda thought it! Go figure! I would’ve thought that in Georga a Jew would be the proverbial sore thumb! lol BTW what city/town are you in? If you’re in, say, Atlanta, I could understand your exposure to Jewish stuff. So cool!!! Mamaleh! 😀 Just BTW though, you *might* know more Jewish culture than I do, since I was raised very secular. Synagogue once a year on the “High Holidays” in the fall. But I know a fair bit from reading. 🙂 Also, I worked in a synagogue office from 2006 to 2009 and picked up some lingo there! lol!
          Oh, and BTW, my daughter was born in ’68 and my son in ’72. Both November babies. You?

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        5. Actually we have very large pockets of Jews in most every major city in Georgia. I’m from Augusta and several of my classmates were Jewish. Surnames: Arshinkoff, Aronow, Toperek, etc!
          My son’s friend is a Hirsch and my co-worker was Lebowitz.
          Your children are the same age as my brother and I. LOL!!! I love it!!!!

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        6. OMG. Omg. ***OMG***!! I love it too!!!! Say hi to the Jews of Augusta! Tell ’em Montreal was home to some of the first Jewish settlers in Canada. I’m talking the 1750s. I just checked with Mr. Google to get it right. 😄😜👍🏻

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        7. You bet I do! Only problem is vocabulary – not so hot. Also, when they answer me I’m usually in trouble! Cuz they speak so fast I can’t tell where a word starts and ends! Also I live in a fairly English area so I don’t get much practice. But we do learn French in school. Best way to learn it, really, is via immersion, so you’re forced to speak it. Yknow? But I can read it quite well! 😁

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        8. Just BTW, my daughter Kathryn’s “gravatar” is on my main page, on the right, down near the bottom of the list of people I follow. (Earliest ones are at the bottom.) She’s wearing a dark blue shirt.

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  10. Tareau Barron

    I never met you or your mother but it feels like you have a lot of her in you. Just from how you describe things and how your mama would describe things (in your words). It’s crazy because you mentioned V05 and my great grandma used that and I actually have a coupon for that right now, lmfao Hahahha.

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    1. Imma need that damn coupon😂😂
      LOL, you know Mother was actually our grandmother so she was old enough to be your great- grandmother for sure🙏🏾 ….it makes sense that your GG had the same beauty routine😂😂

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