Love is in the air!!!

Ok this one is for the lovers! (**Said in my best DJ voice).
If you are a fan of Soul and R&B, then you MUST check out Chevvy’s post!
What started as a friendly invitation turned into an all out battle royale with bloggers going head to head with their favorite soul jams.
It kinda reminded me of Lady G’s “My Jams” series! LOL!
Anyway, the following bloggers, outside of me and Chevvy, were the most vocal:
T.Wayne: A Joyful Process Blog:
Susan Leighton: Woman on the Ledge
Please go check out this massive romantic song list! Also, check out T. Wayne and Susan’s blogs πŸ™‚
Hey wait a minute…Lisa A? Where were you girl?
Saturday Song 2-11-17, #Loveuary Challenge (Cupid)
Oh, and don’t forget to check out “My Jams” in the Music category here at seekthebestblog. (Shameless plug!)
RIP: Al Jarreau 🌹

212 thoughts on “Love is in the air!!!

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  3. Oh and considering it is close to the anniversary of her passing, I must pay homage to Ms Whitney by allowing her to check you low down jokers that don’t know how to treat your lady!

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    1. Tracy you’re right, how could we ever leave out Luther. I love both your choices. That man was made for love. In fact, he was the first man I fell in love with (musically speaking) So here’s my contribution to the lovers in the house:

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      1. Lady G, I’m so glad our lives have crossed paths and thank you for your warmth, your love, your laughter and somewhere in all of who I see in you is a wild flower and so this is my Valentine’s song to you!

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        1. You know, sometimes it’s like that Chevvy. How about a song that reminds you of that time?
          This is one that reminds me of dancing with my baby boy the week after he was born. I would sing to my little dreamer:

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        2. Oh Girl, you’re tempting me nowπŸ˜€ Yes I remember the Brand New Heavies. This was mine that worked well as a lullabye – I swear I was his greatest fan. GIRL,I’m picturing the seen – you’re taking me back in time if you could just see the images in my mind. Anyway, here goes:

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    1. Tracy, thank you for this beautiful song. You know how to pick them. I have such a wide ranging taste in music, that picking something out special is a rare skill you have.
      I know that you are a Nathan East fan and while this song does not have Nathan East so much in the forefront, it feels like the right song for me to conclude with because in as much as this has all been great fun, it has been a soul connecting experience for all of us and I appreciate how you make us feel at home in your presence. Hope you like this.

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      1. T. Wayne

        Yes, Chevvy I do love it! Thanks for your pick. It is so good to hear Yolanda Adams singing again. I have heard Nathan East’s album and it is very enjoyable.

        Thanks also for your compliments, they mean so much to me.

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  5. T. Wayne

    Guess I’m allowed to drop a few songs here…is that ok?

    (seeing no dissent)

    Ok. Let’s go. This is for the lovers! Starting with Maryland’s own Starpoint…rest in peace Ms. Renee Diggs.

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    1. Whaaaaaa???? Watcha doing whippersnapper! You just showed out tho!
      DAMN Darryl! No you didn’t! DEAD!!! Killing me!
      Big D would be so proud! You need to show him this! You just made your Daddy proud!

      Here’s my answer……

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    1. Ahhhhhhhh I know this song – not by title, but definitely peeped this before! Look at you all on this blogs dropping gems! This song is a classic. It is going on my playlist! Whyyyyyyyyyyy have i lost youuuuuuuu?! And lol @ you saying Will Downing can be your Valentine anytime.

      Now you KNOW I need a piece of this action! I am going to come back and drop and song .. I might even do a post of Valentine jams on my page. This is fun! I am going to take a ride to make sure I am choosing songs that are at the same caliber as the jams you are dropping lol. I’ll be back in a few =D

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      1. You should do a post!
        I ain’t gonna lie! It would be interesting to see what those kids post on there. You’ll be like WTF because I know how much you love old school!
        They be posting shit like Lil Wayne slow rap jam with Nicki Minaj…… LOL!!!!!!!
        Glad you added that Cameo to your playlist!

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        1. LOL – I got you! I am gonna do a post in a little while and tag you in it! I always get ideas for posts by talking to you! I am hoping people have enough sense to post REAL music lol. You’ll see what I got up my sleeve. I see you ain’t come to play lol

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        2. No sir….Lady G don’t be bullshitting when it comes to these jams.
          And you and Darryl, Sr just reminded me of something! LOL!!!
          Always nothing but love and light to you from your Southern Girl:

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        3. That song is fire!!! That bass was just downright NASTY. The digital remaster has the song so crisp too! Lady G I am soooo excited to do this post. I can’t even contain myself right nowwwwwwwwwww. You’ll see it in a few!

          PS did you ever hear the Frankie Beverly and Maze tribute album? Here is my fav song off that:

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        4. SHUT UP!!!!!
          “Golden time of day” is one of my favorite songs by Frankie B and Maze! Thanks amazing that you would post this! LOL!
          That is crazy!
          No lie, my ‘brother’ (close friend) is Frankie B’s personal body guard!

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  7. Thanks for spreading the love here Lady G.
    When I started out, I was pretty much minding my own business then Cupid gotta hold of me and shot me right between the eyes. What a rocking party we had, I’m still recovering from the hangover.
    So let’s take the party right here for those who want to make the list even longer. As you get into Valentine’s day, take your pick of songs to woo that guy or that girl.
    Better still if you find or add a song for that first date or that wedding.
    To my brahs, T. Wayne and Lady G. – you were both the BOMB!!! Lady G, you just have that energy you bring and Tracy you know how to dance toe to toe as I call it. So I welcome Lady G’s admirers to post your Valentine dedications right here. Here is my contribution to the extended list!! And as T.Wayne says – better still if we have our own Quiet Storm playlist y’all. Love and Peaceβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’–β€οΈ

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    1. Think she didn’t when she did! Yes ma’am, yes ma’am!
      And it is my pleasure to entertain all those lovers that you got stirred up over at the studio!
      T.wayne and I may have a surprise for everyone!
      You’ll love it πŸ™‚

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        1. Just after 11 p.m. here. But,I’m listening to one or two of the songs I didn’t get a chance to listen to. I’m on Shadow lover – so to all the shadow ladies out there, don’t lose hope – there gotta be a shadow guy out there!

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    1. YAASSSS Girl I LOVE THAT!!!!
      You can add it here in comments:

      To share songs just find your song on youtube and click on the share arrow, copy the link that appears and then paste it in along with your comment πŸ™‚

      I’m looking forward to it!


  8. T. Wayne

    I had a ball on Chevvy’s post, though I didn’t know it was getting competitive until I had waded into it. Then I guess I couldn’t help myself!

    Thanks for the shoutout, Twin! I hope everyone had a lot of fun putting their favorites up and discussing those great songs!

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      1. T. Wayne

        Truly, I was digging what everyone posted. All I kept thinking was, “this would make one hell of a Quiet Storm playlist!” And so, I made one at Amazon’s Music Unlimited. I took every song (or just about every song) we all posted and made a playlist. I haven’t played it yet though!

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  9. Aww man, I missed this! I was out of town at a writing workshop so I wasn’t blogging too much! Hopefully I can still contribute to it…or we can always use the Cupid post I did too! Thanks for the shoutout, Lady! ❀

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      1. Lol ok! Damn, I missed a good party! I’ll think of some other songs to include here. The workshop was a ton of work but I learned some new things and met some new writers. The lady who had it is one of the best Hispanic writers in the U.S. It was an honor to be there with a select few. My aunt and her go way back πŸ™‚

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