Love Is In The Air!!! (The Drops) #RomanticTuesday

Have you ever wanted to hear the voice of your blogging buddies? Well, this post contains a sample of my voice and the voice of my musical twin, T. Wayne.
By the way, thanks to all of those who shared songs with us. One of the bloggers, Darryl Walker, Jr, was so inspired by these posts that he created his own slow jams collection.
You can check it out right here:
in the meantime, let me know if you think either T. Wayne or I could make a go at being a Quiet Storm DJ!
Love and light to you all,
Lady G 😘💋

A Joyful Process

If you saw my post from Saturday, I reblogged the original Love Is In The Air!!! post from the Chevvy’s Studio blog. In that reblog, I noted that the songs that were posted there would make a great Quiet Storm mixtape. You could also use the songs posted as an R&B slow-jam Valentine’s Day playlist. Since that time, Lady G from the Seekthebestblog also got in on the act by reblogging the same post. In her introduction, she uses the phrase:

“Ok this one is for the lovers! (**Said in my best DJ voice).”

Well, yours truly got it into his head that maybe someone should actually say something along those lines for the songs that have been played and shared on both posts. This being Valentine’s Day, it’s supposed to be a day for the lovers, right? So I did one, and Lady G did one as…

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22 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air!!! (The Drops) #RomanticTuesday

  1. Thanks Twin! This was a lot of fun! I’m thinking maybe taking Darryl’s idea for the weekly #RomanticTuesday… or just playing some Quiet Storm music on Tuesday. But I’ll back off if you are going to run with it.

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  2. Thanks for the shout out Lady G! I hear you on that recording .. it was silky to the MAX! That was smoov, that was smoov! *wink* You should have that be a feature of your blog – introduce slow songs every once in a while with a little voiceover like that! Not toooooo often because then you’ll over saturate the matter and kill the mystery. But you gotta make voice appearances every now and again with that tenor you got! =D

    And that Slow Jam was great!

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