Real Good Food: BREAKFAST!


It’s what’s for dinner!


Sometimes dinner needs to be super simple.

And there’s nothing more simple than a couple of eggs, slices of bacon and some toast.

Of course, if you live in one of the Southern states like I do then grits are a must.

If you have never heard of grits, all I can tell you is they come from God’s magical corn machine.

Other than that, I got nothing.

Anyway, today, I am featuring a basic, run of the ‘meal’ omelet.

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that the one I made here  is not really that amazing but BAYBEE there are people who can turn omelets into masterpieces.

I’m serious!

I can’t tell you how many crawfish, cheese and green onion omelets I ate whilst I was in The Big Easy.

There are also some awesome makers of great omelets happening up in St. Louis too!


Sadly, my omelet eating days are pretty much over.

I have found that egg and milk products don’t really like me very much 😦

Lady J, however, has no problem with them so the omelet pictured above was her breakfast.


Before I go, let me step back to grits.

Grits give me LIFE!

They are a fine canvas for all kinds of merriment!

My granddaddy taught me that!

You see, to him, everything was just a base for his favorite additions like sliced tomatoes and peppers.

But that had more to do with his giving nature than anything else.

Friends, this might not make much sense to you now, don’t worry, Ron or I will elaborate one day on The Flowering Vine.

Until then…

Enjoy watching this omelet mature before your very eyes!

Oh yeah, notice the fact that it looks like a frowning yellow crescent moon!


I guess I would be frowning too if it were me!


Have a blessed day, sweets!

LadyG 😘💋



75 thoughts on “Real Good Food: BREAKFAST!

  1. I have never had grits!!! And between you and me, while I am talking about other “black” foods that I have yet to check off my list … I have never had collard greens, either! lol

    I love breakfast for dinner! I have always been a cereal-at-any-time-of-day kind of person, but eggs and bacon for supper … that’s my kind of language! =D

    Nice pictures =D

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  2. I liked to have missed this one Cuz…You snuck it in on me. I love omelets; lived on em for the 6 months I was in Egypt. My girlfriend was a cook. She hooked a brother UP!

    I recently rediscovered breakfast. My current daily fare is: grits, scrambled eggs, biscuits, salmon croquet or patty sausage.

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  3. Tareau Barron

    Wait a minute, this dam WordPress app. I was the first person to comment. I said shout out to your granddaddy. And then to be petty I said that’s a penitentiary looking omelette hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah. You and Mrs. Williams EGGING me on, huh? See how y’all need the T-Money validation? Hahahahah

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  4. Lennon Carlyle

    Hey G, I was hungry before reading this but now I’m starving! You know I love me some grits….with butter, salt and pepper, or just cheese, or with garlic or with some shrimp, I just love me some damn grits! Ha!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. nom nom nom….love omelets….extra cheesy with a side of cold ketchup. And grits….even better…expecially with some blackened shrimp to decorate their loveliness ❤ You are one fine cook my friend. Now stick some in an envelope and mail it down here please ❤

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I’ll bet Lady G can make some sugar-less grits that you would LOVE! LOL!!!
          I’d love to cook a meal for all of my blogger friends so that we can just sit, laugh, drink and socialize! Wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂

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        1. Woebegone but Hopeful

          It’s a cool way to travel. I’ve met all sorts of good folk (looking your way Gwin f’ example). And now I’ve worked out that using Microsoft Edge rather than IE 8 (or whatever) gives me an easier journey time I’m happy again! And it’s nearly 11pm (Wrexham-time) so I shall wish you a good-night and speak with you tomorrow!

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  6. The picture on the top right looks like a face with eyes and mouth. So you can turn eggs into a work of art😀 But seriously, your omelette looks good. I made one for lunch yesterday, but I never get it quite right.

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  7. Oh, I miss grits since leaving the South. Never on the menu here in PA, not even at local diners. I often have breakfast for dinner. I saw Julia Child make a simple, perfect omelet years ago…been doing them her way ever since. Yours is lovely.

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  8. Anonymous

    Niiiice! Love omelet, especially with baked beans and some salad. Up here in Canada grits aren’t a “thing” but we manage. 😁 My late mom used to make delicious onion omelets. I’m drooling with that memory! Thanks for this.

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  9. I love breakfast for dinner, I’ve been doing that a mighty long time. I have to laugh when the fast-food joints advertise it these days like it a new idea! haha They’ve been missing out all these years, while you and I have been eating well!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Paula 🙂
      Apparently, you and my Dad are taking a page from the same play book because he says, “They don’t agree with me but I just power through!!!”
      I actually used 2 eggs on this one since it was for Lady J–I didn’t want it to be too thick 🙂

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