Happy Anniversary My Jams!

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Diva of Soul, the official “My Jams” mascot!


Message from Lady G

In the event that you were unable to listen to the audio, I’d like to encourage you to please select and share your favorite jam (song) from years 1966, 1976, 1986, and 1996 in the comment section.

Although the “My Jams” series was exclusively focused on Soul and R&B, I urge you to link jams from ANY genre!

***Be aware that certain “My Jams” posts contain adult language and situations.  Also, song dates may vary.  For example, I might have been jamming a song in 1986 that was actually released in 1984.

LOL!  I do that all of the time 🙂

Feel free to use songs from the posts below:

That’s My Jam (Introductory Post )

My Jams ’66-67

My Jams ’76

My Jams ’86

My Jams ’96

Meet me in comments!

Love and light to you all

Lady G 😘💋

For: Gloria, Sandra, Sir R and Lady J for believing that I could do THIS!  YAAASSSS!







62 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary My Jams!

  1. This is great! I like being able to come here and share music. I must bow to superior musical taste – as my knowledge spans only as far back as about 1971ish with Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” album. I cannot think of much before then.

    So please, pardon me, I will have to skip 1966. I can easily do 76, 86, and 96!

    1976 – no doubt – has to be a song from Songs in the Key of Life. That whole album is fire, from back to front, but I will stick with this one:

    1986: people sleep on that Parade album from Prince. This song is bananas. “Under the Cherry Moon” – – only for the lovers!

    1996: this is from the first rap double disc of all time. My favorite rapper, fresh out of prison, recorded both discs in two weeks flat! This is one of the hardest tracks on the CD.

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    1. Chile, if I hadn’t never heard of Big Darryl Walker,Sr. I’d wonder how you knew these jams! Boy were you lucky to have grown up in a home where music was so important.

      Question, going back to your share about the Awesome Jeffrey Osborne, are there any other musical folks in your family–not necessarily famous–but who had musical talents?

      BTW, ALL of these were fire! YAASSSS!
      You would pick three musical geniuses wouldn’t you? LOL!!!

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      1. Lol!

        Yes, on my father’s side (the Osborne’s) there are 3-4 generations of music. My uncle, Billy Osborne, was just inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame. He taught my uncle Jeffrey, he played with LTD, and he produced with Ray Charles for the last 15 years of his life. Have you ever heard Ray Charles’ song about his mother? (“and I sure still do miss my mother, it doesn’t matter how old that I grow..”) well, that song was actually written by my Uncle Billy after his mother (my great grandmother) died in 1994. My uncle Clay was a singer that did shows more on the local scene, and my great grandfather toured with Duke Ellington before he died in 1961.

        My father was a DJ in a band with my godfather, my uncle, and a few of my cousins – and my dad always boasts that he was the “first one rapping in Rhode Island”. I have a few cousins that still perform locally and professionally around – so yes, a very musical family. My mom’s side is just a bunch of negros who figure that because they sound good when they sing in the shower that they are stars. lol. But a couple of my uncles on my mom’s side are decent, no lie, no lie. I’m going to try to inbox you a song from my cousin’s album back in 1995/1996 just to give you a taste..=D

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        1. Darryl,
          I don’t even know how to sufficiently respond. I am so knocked of my feet with this wealth of musical history right there in your family!
          Now I know that I am going to have to double down on my request that you get those stories, take pictures and record as much as you can.
          Man, if only you had been around when LTD and your ‘Uncle Jeff and Billy’ were bosses on the charts!
          I guess, I would liken it to me saying that one of my uncles sang for the Platters; I mean, I get the importance but I wouldn’t be able to comprehend the magnitude because it was so long before my time.
          I think you get the importance but Lord have mercy, you shole missed the magnitude of a DJ dropping Love Ballad at a Fall cook out in 1976!!!! BAMMMM! Do you hear me? Don’t get me wrong, I was a kid but I SAW it first hand.
          Sorry, I just get so excited about music. Anyway, Then your great grandfather was with Duke Ellington? WHaaaaaa!!!
          Not to mention rapping Darryl Walker, Sr.!!!!
          Wow …just wow……..

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        2. You are right! Looks like we both got fam that can sang!!

          Dang, I never thought about rewinding time to when they were killing the charts. That would’ve been epic! I don’t even know how to tell people about this most of the time lol. My Uncle Jeff is still touring too … he dropped an album two years ago that had Chaka Khan on it and it was #1 on the charts in jazz I think. What I like most is that, every year, he organizes a fundraiser in the community here. So a bunch of stars come together and play softball and golf and donate it to local centers around here (he had Cedric, Chris Tucker, maddd stars. .and then giving it to community programs. That is awesome!

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  2. tunisiajolyn84

    Love this idea. Okay I’m going to do 3 songs from each year (based on the most popular songs)

    1. The Supremes – You Can’t Hurry Love [This song always made me happy and a good reminder to be patient with love… Lord knows I need patience in that area. lol]
    2. The Temptations – Aint Too Proud To Beg [Guys need to listen to these oldies and remember how to beg for a woman’s attention lol]
    3. The Capitols – Cool Jerk [Lit.]

    1. Earth, Wind & Fire – Sing A Song [Feels good to the soul]
    2. Marvin Gaye – I Want You [Just sexy effortlessly]
    3. Rufus – Sweet Thing [This song just makes me think of summer and that’s alway sweet!]

    1. Janet Jackson – What Have You Done for Me Lately
    2. Anita Baker – Sweet Love [Again, with the sweets… lol]
    3. Zapp – Computer Love [I was only 2 years old but I swear I was jammin to this back then lol]

    1. Aaliyah – One In A Million [This was a game changer in R&B/Pop.]
    2. Mint Condition – “What Kind of Man Would I Be” [I’m sure I could’ve put a million other male group songs but this is one of the ones that stands out, even to this day.]
    3. Mary J. Blige – “Not Gon’ Cry” [That whole soundtrack is the best! Babyface was the man.]

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    1. Thank you!
      GURLLL!!!!! Now that is a classic!!! YAAAASSSS!

      My favorite part, other than the end that you mentioned in your second comment, is when he casually sits at the restaurant table smoking a cigarette while ol’ girl and her dude walk by obliviously! PRICELESS!!!!

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  3. T. Wayne

    Happy Anniversary Twin! Thanks for the shout-out in that great introduction! You may have harassed me, or not harassed me, but once I saw your My Jams series (I think I came in somewhere in the middle), I was hooked! It was an honor and a pleasure to hang around when My Jams was going strong!

    That said I’ll put up some jams from some of these years that I love:





    That last one is with “whine” and all! Hahahaha!

    Thanks again, Twin for the great series and for sharing and spreading the love!

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    1. Awww Twin! Your sentiments really mean so much to me 🙂
      It really was a magical time!
      I can’t see your options because I am answering you from “notifications” but I guarantee you that I will be hollering, “No HELL you didn’t!” in just about 2 minutes when I switch over to the post.
      Twin, thanks again for supporting My Jams! You really took it to that next level!

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  4. Woebegone but Hopeful

    1966 The Supremes and ‘You Keep Me Hanging’… and I’m 15 again!!
    (pleased to say ‘And there an’t nothing I can do about it’!)

    Woo-hoo…. thanks for the trip in Gwin’s Time Machine

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  5. Well, Well, Lady G – we’ve come full circle. This is where I met you SISTA and before I go any further, let’s play this song. I think the lyrics are very apt.

    Staying with Ray,Goodman and Brown here’s one for the lady of the house!

    Now having travelled this journey with you back in your time machine, I have to say that those of us who engaged in those “Round the fire” discussions with your jams as catalyst must have grown from the experience. I certainly have. The interesting thing for me is that for each of us some of your jams brought back old memories, some good, some not so good – maybe even painful but you know what – in the process, we also created new memories. Some songs will now move with us into new memories – certainly for me. After looking back, I also took at my present and considering how all of this shaped my future.So while these songs will always be special for me, I now have added new memories. You did that Girl.

    Of course, though I’m older and wiser for it, the party animal in me says we also gotta dance and make some noise here – so here goes.

    And of course,we want those companion songs!

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    1. You know what Chevvy? I think you’re right. I honestly believe that those weekly chats and reminisces helped up grow in ways that we could not have imagined. I just can’t tell you how happy I am that our paths crossed and I pray that they continue to run parallel for the remainder of our trip!
      But did you just drop some serious jams on this sight?
      Hell to the YAAASSSS!

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      1. Honey, I know I’m right. There’s quite bit you’ve learnt about my country and history that you didn’t know. I’ve learnt a great deal about how similar our lives were despite living so far away. But after appreciating all that good music, I’ve asked myself how much longer I can listen to 40 year old music. Probably, it can last another 20 years at least but as they say, some memories belong in the trashcan of history, and it’s time to move on and make some new memories even with some of these old jams. ( Enough with my preaching already)

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        1. Absolutely! We learned and shared so many good things.
          But that said, some memories do belong in the trashcan of history and sadly, the songs that are attached to those memories often have to go with them. I remembered sharing a tragic memory that I have that is associated with a song by The Main Ingredient. I might devote a post to that story but I’m not sure what format it will take.
          I’m trying to be more versatile 🙂 Aren’t you proud of your Sis?

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  6. Happy Anniversary to My Jams!!

    OMG, I got so caught up in 1976, I could post the entire Billboard Top 100 from that year! What a flashback, I loved that year! But, lemme see what I can do here:

    1967: Gotta go with “To Sir With Love.” One of my all-time faves!
    1976: I am seriously cutting this to a minimum: “Boogie Fever,” “Kiss and Say Goodbye,” “Something He Can Feel.” I just have to stop there. Just. Stop.
    1986: “Say You, Say Me,” “Word Up,” “Love Me Down.” Oh, the memories of Love Me Down… on the dance floor… lol! Nevermind. 😀
    1996: Nobody by Keith Sweat. OMG! Bang.

    Okay, if you need me… I’ll be watching You Tube for the next 3 hours… 😀

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    1. I know right? It can be very tempting to get caught up listening to these old grooves.
      To Sir is an awesome pick! And did you holler “Something he can feel?”
      LOL!!! I almost got my butt whipped about those lyrics! LOL!
      But Paula…”Nobody” by Keith Sweat really was a BANG BANG! Gotcha!
      Loved all your picks!
      Thanks for stopping by girl!

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  7. Tareau Barron

    96 jams
    1. Tha Crossroads Bone Thugs
    2. Nobody by Keith Sweat
    3. Sitting up in my room by Brandy
    4. Hey Lover by LL Cool J
    5. Soon as I get Home by Faith Evans
    6. Hey By Crucial Conflict
    7. Pony by Ginuwine
    8. You’re the one by SWV
    9. Down low remix by R. kelly
    10. Getting it by Too Short

    Thanks for the shout out

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