In Defense of…


The Department of Accountable Responsibility

March 9, 2017

Please read this letter very carefully. You are required by our laws to respond as advised.

Dear Lady G,

The time has come for you to complete and submit the following form for your annual Right to Remain Hearing.  As you know, every citizen of this land must undergo an annual evaluation to determine if he or she is fit to remain in our society.

Please complete this short questionnaire. Your responses will be used to help us make a preliminary determination regarding your continued eligibility for societal membership.

Circle all of the categories that apply to your current situation:

  • I am working at least 20 hours per week. (Complete and submit Form 405)
  • I own a business or a farm. (Complete and submit Form 406)
  • I am the primary care giver of a child under age 16. (Complete and submit Form 407)
  • I am the primary care giver of an individual with a chronic and/or debilitating condition. (Complete and submit Form 407-C)
  • I am currently attending college. (Complete and submit Form 408)
  • I am currently attending a technical school or career training program. (Complete and submit Form 408-T)
  • I receive recurring income from an inheritance or some other legal and verifiable source. (Complete and submit Form 409)
  • I am a volunteer at a non-profit organization for at least 20 hours per week. (Complete and submit Form 410)
  • I am an artist, musician, writer or entertainer. (Complete and submit Form 411)
  • I have a state approved patron who will sign Form 412 attesting that he or she will assume financial responsibility for my total care.
    • A “patron spouse” is not required to complete Form 412.

***Note:  Your patron must be willing to appear and testify at your Right to Remain Hearing. 

If you have been accused, arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor/felony since your last Right to Remain Hearing please complete and submit Form 187.

Remember, failure to legally maintain sustained housing, healthcare and other expenses required for your own personal care will result in an immediate and negative strike against your Right to Remain.

Important! If you belong to any of the populations listed below, you are NOT required to attend a Right to Remain Hearing.

  • Individuals under age 18, and who, upon reaching the land’s mandated age, are enrolled in a land certified school or an otherwise approved homeschooling program
  • Individuals over the age 65
  • Individuals who are deaf, mute, blind or in any way incapacitated
  • Individuals with a terminal illness or a chronic and/or debilitating condition
  • Active Duty Military and their immediate families
  • Military Veterans and their immediate families
  • Physicians, nurses, teachers, paramedics and members of any other ‘helping profession.’

Exempted populations must sign here and submit supporting documentation.  A list of acceptable supporting documents can be found on our website.

I attest that I belong to an exempted population:


Please mail this form along with Form 323 (Income and Expenses Statement) to your assigned Department of Accountable Responsibility regional office.

An agent will be contacting you in the near term to schedule your appointment for  a Right to Remain Hearing.

Warning!  Failure to submit this form with required documentation within 5 business days will result in your immediate arrest.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you soon.


I.B. Wondering

Chief Inquisitor, 

Department of Accountable Responsibility

I’ve been imagining such a scenario and contemplating the outcome for quite some time so I decided to write this to see how it might look.

That said, how would you respond to this letter?  How would people you know and care about respond?

Based on what ‘appears’ to be the given criteria, do you know anybody who would be in danger of being ousted from such an imaginary society?  Just remember, for the most part, the ‘Department’ did not necessarily offer a clear indication as to what it deems valuable. 

It simply asks for ‘the facts.’

I’d love to chat with you about it….hit me up in comments

Food for thought 🙂

Lady G 😘💋

63 thoughts on “In Defense of…

  1. T. Wayne

    Haha! This one I had to read several times (mostly because I’m reading at work instead of the comfort of my home). The only thing that jumped immediately to my mind was even if I fill out all the right forms, meet all the “qualifications” and whatever else is required, who’s to say I’ll be allowed to remain in society? Lol

    Very thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Twin!

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        1. For the first time in my life I worry about bombs.

          Democracy unleashes the creativity of people who would otherwise live in economic bondage. The rule of law and the idea that all people have the right to equal protection under the law is what allows us to evolve as individuals.

          I’m horrified to see behavior in our elected officials that can only be described as treason.

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    1. I know right? By the way, Animal Farm was my favorite book in high school.
      I often joke that I almost lost it when Orwell was describing the animals as they sang “Beasts of England.” LOL!
      But that quote that you pulled from those dirty pigs was PRICELESS.
      Meanwhile, as we speak, poor Boxer is on the way to the glue factory.

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  2. Smart Girl you – your mind works in mysterious ways. When I look at your criteria for possible inclusion or exemption, I think in our society, at least half of the people would be ejected from both groups. But who gets to decide on the corrupt people in power who lead us the wrong way anyway? The idea though is to ghastly to contemplate but this satire can so easily become a reality. I love Ron’s first response with all those questions hahaha! Great post Gwin!

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    1. Thank you Chevvy.
      As I was saying to a few others, I have been thinking about this for awhile and I eventually decided that this ‘letter’ was the best vehicle to bring my concern forth. It makes you think don’t it? LOL 🙂

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    A classic old school Civil Service form in style. Comprehensive, Clear and Concise. Go to the top to the class Gwin (it’s those 40+ years in the UK Civil Service, it did ‘things’ to my mind I tell you!!).
    Chillingly plausible though, which makes it all the more vivid and astute.
    My humble suggestion as addition:
    Question.1- Is your net worth a minimum of $5,000,000 dollars (You need only sign the authorisation for us to contact The IRS- ignore all other questions)
    Keep up the good work My Lady Gwin (Of Mathilda)

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    1. Thank you so much my friend. Like I was saying to someone in comments, this whole scenario has been on my mind for quite some time.
      And I think your addition is even more plausible. The millionaire crowd moves to the front of the line! LOL!
      And I love my new title! I am so proud to represent the house of Mathilda!

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  4. So last night we had a breaking news that ATT wireless customers were unable to call 9-1-1. That if there was an emergency to contact your local sheriff’s office. And I thought “aww hell, ‘The Purge’ is happening!” Then I was all, what would I do if…..
    and now here you go with this “what if”…
    If I got such a letter/notice, my first thought after reading it would be ‘do I really need to stay?…am I willing to go through this annually?…of course a couple of the first set of options apply to me, but is it worth staying in this particular society? Can I just pack up my family and head out, or is my stay mandatory? and if not, -as Mr. Brownx asked- what are the consequences of my departure? Grand Cayman sounds better and better with each of these questions/scenarios.
    Thanks Lady!!!! 🙂

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    1. THIS:
      “aww hell, ‘The Purge’ is happening!”
      I was rolling on the floor when I read that.

      But my friend, I would have thought the same, exact thing! I sometimes worry that we’ll look up and the internet will be blacked out! What then?
      And YAAASSS…..Grand Cayman sounds divine!

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      1. LOL! I am glad to have been able to add to your smiles/laughter for the day!
        In regards to your ‘what if’ about the internet…isn’t is strange how the internet has become so ….life-giving -for lack of a better term? I spent the first ten years of my life in the beautiful island of Jamaica, the next ten I spent in NJ and the internet held no importance to me during these first twenty years. Even during the first couple years of college, I used the computers simply to write papers. I don’t know at what point the internet became so important. But somewhere between then and now, the internet has become this life-giving beast. What would we do if “the people” hacked in and knocked out our internet? We’d HAVE to go back to having face-to-face conversations again. And writing letters and wait DAYS for a reply. You should post a what if regarding internet loss next and see the interesting things people would come with… how many of us would go back to literally writing/journaling in a book? Our thoughts/poetry/prose… People would lose FB “friends” and Instagram/Twitter followers, so how many FRIENDS would we truly have? OMG look what you’ve done? got me thinking all far and wide. I gots to go do di people dem wuk before the company truly revokes my “Right to Remain” in this job! LOL!!!

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        1. So very true.
          Actually, I think this would be a good post for you my friend as your reply was so awesome!
          Girl, g’won back to wuk 😂😂😂
          Enjoy the rest of your day, love ❤️ !

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        2. LOL!!!
          Well if you write it I will reblog it for you and maybe that will get you some more followers as a result.
          I often do that for bloggers that don’t have as many followers; especially if I like what the blogger has to say.
          Bigger bloggers did that same thing for me so I’m happy to pay it forward 🙂

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        3. Hey, I wouldn’t be talking to you beautiful people from my corner of the world if it wasn’t for the internet. But I also don’t mind the face to face encounters and the personal touch of a letter. I guess it’s balance in all things if we can. I know that I don’t like people scrolling their cell phones when we’re out for lunch and my family don’t like me blogging when they want my attention. Having said that, this seems to be the next economic revolution and we have to adapt or die or create the next wave. For some reason,I think we’ll want some of the things back that we have lost 😀😀

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  5. I agree with all you’ve said. The tone of the thing is chilling, and, like Ron, my first thought was “dystopian”… then other words/phrases came to mind, like fascist… 1984… Big Brother… Herr Trump… and: What the hell are the right answers??? Things are edging closer and closer to this. G, what a nightmare you’ve conjured up, hidden within the banal bureaucratese of the “form.” For a little comic relief, see the wonderful cartoon, Bizarro, on my FB page, posted at around 11:25 this a.m. – … if necess’y, send me a friend request. ❤

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    1. This thing has been on my mind for quite some time and I just had to find a creative way to release it.
      All of the scenarios that you listed are definitely possible.
      And the right answers? Who the hell knows what they are looking for?
      Things that you might swear are positives could be DEADLY negative.
      Crazy huh? Thanks for reading this one Ellie 🙂
      I will try to go to the link but I don’t have FB.

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  6. Hey Cuz, this is a great thinking thing!(can’t think of a big word for that)

    Also, it appears to be tool useful to a dystopian, or should I say “Trumpian” society. (remember, the jailhouse philosopher, played by Damon Wayans on “In Living Color? Well, I’m using his voice here😎:-)

    My first notion/question is this: “Do I even WANT to remain a part of this society?
    I mean, it sounds like one might, more likely, be making a conscious effort TO get out/escape!

    Next question/consideration: What are the consequences, other than simply getting ejected, to not meeting the CRITERIA? For instance:

    1. Is it safer within than without(e.g. are there zombies or something outside, waiting to eat us)?

    2. Are there, Lions, Tigers, and Bears and shit out there?

    3. Death awaits?

    4. Or something South of Death😈👹👿?

    In other words, what are the advantages of being in such a “Trumptopia”?

    #B-The first set of CRITERIA doesn’t state definitively, whether they weigh positively or negatively in THE DECISION.

    The letter states: “Please complete this short questionnaire. Your responses will be used to help us make a preliminary determination regarding your continued eligibility for societal membership”.

    Not knowing which way the first set of CRITERIA swings the pendulum, it would be hard to say whether anyone I know, not fitting into the EXEMPTED POPULATION, would be in danger of getting the boot.

    However, I and my immediate family, fall into the EXEMPTED POPULATION, so I would therefore, I would promptly submit my form, with required attachments, to the proper authority.

    THEN I would head back down into the basement and continue digging my tunnel, JUST IN CASE!


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    1. LOL!!!!!!
      I knew you would catch the fact that we have no way of knowing how things are weighted; positive of negative.
      And yes, what is the alternative to this society? Could it be better? Are most people even brave enough to take that chance?
      But you know what cous? I prolly would have just completed my form and turned it in like you said– all the while thinking of a masterplan.
      In my mind, even if the intention of this organization is to force people to become more accountable and responsible (both of which are great traits) I still feel very wary of having to defend my right to remain anywhere…..even if I don’t necessarily meet somebody’s capricious criteria.
      Hey, but I know some people who would be straight up S.O.L. if this scenario were, in fact, reality.
      The way things are going, we ain’t too far from seeing this happen.

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      1. Yes, like: Is the society actually the “Society of Accountability and Responsibility”, and Accountability and Responsibility it’s primary purpose, or only purpose for existing? If so, it would be too restrictive, too authoritarian. It would be an Republicanism ideal of what an Obamacare Society would be, obstensibly, a Society with INDIVIDUAL MANDATES which demanded that all members meet the society’s ideal of what is “Accountable and Responsible”.

        Many freedoms that we now enjoy, would be taken away.

        On the other hand, if the Department of A&R, was just a component of the government, like, the Dept.of Labor, or Dept. of Education, then it’s powers would not be as far reaching and oppressive, in that, A system of Checks and Balances would, presumably, exist to set boundaries.

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