The Flowering Vine: That Time At Wendy’s… An Audio Episode


This is a true story.

Allow me to present you with a knock-off mini “radio show” re-enactment of an event that took place at Wendy’s in Eufaula, Alabama—Summer of 1987.

The major players were:

  • Grandma, aka Mother
  • Me, aka Lady G
  • Poor random guy at the drive-thru window

The whole thing was poorly written, poorly voiced and produced on the fly by Lady G.


Mother and The Wendy’s Drive-thru Sign:  Run time: 1:48 (Not even two minutes)





61 thoughts on “The Flowering Vine: That Time At Wendy’s… An Audio Episode

  1. too funny….those drive throughs can be so dang tight to drive through, bet it was their fault the sign was too close the elderly turning lane…you know the one where there isn’t one and they run over the curb? ha ha….just joking, I run over the curb all the time. Try the son of baconator next time…..yummy goodness ❤

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        1. LOL!! Love that about your granny!
          Don’t get me wrong, Mother was as feisty as they come; you didn’t want to cross her but she was just too embarrassed to go back after that.

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  2. Why is it that we always get that same person at the drive thru window, Lady G? You know the one that makes us repeat our order 10 different ways and then when we get to them, they present us with something that we didn’t ask for? SMH. I would probably run over the sign on purpose. Funny bit.

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        1. Hello M’Lady! I was just speaking of you in the comments section of my latest post. Good things of course!
          BTW 300 is a conservative estimate. LOL!!!!
          Hope you’re doing well my sweet 🙂

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        2. Your Right Honourable Lady G – what a pleasure to entertain your comments on such a fine day (no! I’m not on anything – yet! lol)
          You did recognise the (well meant) sarcasm of ‘only 300’? hahaha
          Now – let me scroll and see what good things you are saying about me …ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. This sounded like ‘Pinky and Perky’ to me Lady G. It wasn’t very clear at all! lol Anyhow, from reading your’s and Ron’s comments I think I got the jist of it. Memories are precious aren’t they?! Thanks for sharing and I got to hear your voice – YEAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  4. Cuz, that was awesomely funny! So was the dude just trying to get ya’ll on out the way or what? Shoot, I would’ve just drove on up to the window and not said anything. See, the older generation valued things like honesty and integrity. They had good home-training. LOL

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    1. I know right? It was important to her to take ownership. She wanted them to come out and evaluate the situation so that she would know what she needed to pay in damages.
      But it seems that ol’ boy at the window felt so sorry for her that he just said, “Y’all g’won on!”

      You remember she had that long silver Delta 88? That thing was longer than a aircraft carrier!

      It wasn’t funny then but it’s HILARIOUS when I think about it now. LOL!!!
      Thanks cuz!

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